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to WhiteKing on 7 August 2019

This guy is so full of muscle power he blows your mind. He is bigger than at his pics, and pumps huge. He is also very easy to communicate and gets you to the point. I can't wait for him getting even bigger and better every week. Will definitely buy some more videos from him. Take care!

to Calin God on 23 May 2019

This guy did 2 great videos for me before. The third was not as expected. Now I asked for another and he said the vid would be done the next day. Now he doesn't answer. I asked for my money back. Not reliable

to John Hun on 21 February 2019

John is simply spectacular. He delivered everything I told him and even better - mind blowing video and attitude. He is bigger by the day and really nice person. Something I disliked about one video and he just did another one for me. He is really the best performer and will be getting more videos from him!
Keep working out dude ;)

John Hun replied...
Thank you!!

to Clark Kent on 7 February 2019

One of the best experiences I had with his video. He is so big and has an amazing attitude and very nice guy to handle with. He keeps growing his muscles huge and delivers great alpha videos. I'm looking forward to having a new video with him soon! Take care!

to Calin God on 7 February 2019

Just had my second show with him and I'm just speechless. Calin is really a muscle god with a truly and unique attitude, growing bigger by the day. He delivered everything I asked. He's definitely worthy! Keep working out man!

to Calin God on 21 November 2018

Just had a custom video with Calin and I'm just amazed. He is so muscular, so huge, it's crazy how developed his body is for his young age. I can tell why he has so many good reviews, he is just a god. Very nice and easy to contact with, I just have to recommend him and probably will get more videos from Calin. You are incredible dude, keep growing!

to Muscle.warior on 29 October 2018

Just had another Video with Kiril and probably will buy another ones. He is just amazing, nice and always alpha. Cant say more! Speechless. Keep growing!

Muscle.warior replied...

to MuscleKing on 14 September 2018

Not very trustful at all. I've sent him money and received a video from another person.

MuscleKing replied...
that you did not like the video I'm not your guilty pederast

to Muscle.warior on 19 May 2018

Kiril is very nice, just received the video after it was paid. He is incredibly cocky and has antes astonishing huge body that seems to grow with the time. I'll probably buy new videos from him, he's just a true muscle god! Keep going with your workout!

Muscle.warior replied...
Thanks :)


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