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to Muscle Nik on 18 January 2020

This guy is magnificent attentive easy negotiation agile and quick to respond He is very beautiful and has a wonderful body. Produces a high resolution video that met all my expectations.I will definitely buy more videos I highly recommend Nick you are to be congratulated continue always so you will get better and better

to EvanHoti on 6 January 2020

Evan is a very considerate man fulfills everything he promises made me some custom videos sending me the same payday. Your videos are of excellent visual audio quality.He is very interesting man handsome strong i recommend this guy. It's hard to write about Evan summarizing he's perfect

EvanHoti replied...
Thank uou

to Aesthetic Body on 7 November 2019

Adrian is divine perfect humble polite considerate kind I really get no words to describe. Made me two excellent videos of ultra qualities showing every detail of your body.Adrien is able to take anyone in paradise in fractions of minutes. Congratulations Adrian you are getting better every day you deserve 1000 grade and more.Thanks for listening...Thank you for existing...

to Aesthetic Body on 13 October 2019

This boy is so much more than handsome. I am speechless to describe. Very polite and considerate your video has a very good quality . It has a wonderful body. Congratulations you deserve so much more than 5 stars. Thank you very much. It always goes on so you will get better and better.

to Gunnar Stone on 4 September 2019

I was wrong about Gunnar due to a failure in my communication with him. We communicate and I take back everything I said. I apologize.Due to Gunnar's many appointments he can't answer me before. Thank you for your attention and understanding.

to Blondmuscle on 26 August 2019

This boy is beautiful, very polite and super reliable. My God you are to be congratulated I would give you 10 stars .... always go on like this for sure you will go very far. I recommend this boy

to EvanHoti on 26 August 2019

Ivan is very interesting and considerate. A great man beautiful sex and hot. Deserves much more than 5 stars ..... my congratulations Ivan you are wonderful

EvanHoti replied...
thank you so much)




23 y/o

187cm (6'2")

110kg (242 lbs)

Aesthetic Body

The youngest and most pleasing physique you will find!

21 y/o

183cm (6'0")

100kg (220 lbs)

Muscle hunk 3

Alfa muscle stud

18 y/o

184cm (6'0")

112kg (246 lbs)