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to Kanyebieber on 17 September 2019

very friendly, smart guy and he delivers quickly and professionally. Excellent guy

Kanyebieber replied...
you are welcome, thanks for trusting me and my services I hope to be of help for future videos and fantasies

to David Soldier on 17 September 2019

This guy does great videos and goes that extra bit further to be a professional. Buy videos from hm and it wont be a disappointment

David Soldier replied...
LA vos de la experiencia, muchas gracias un abrazo

to John Muscles on 6 September 2019

Ignorant guy with a huge attitude problem. Models who are so abusive shouldnt be allowed on the site. Beware everyone

John Muscles replied...
You make me laugh, idiot! People like you should not be here, who only degrade models’s image when they know they cannot get attention! We barelly spoke 20 seconds and u think u know me. I don’t care about this site or your review or people like you who are cheap idiots. So in the end.. go fuck yourself. Peace

to Narcissus on 28 April 2019

This guy looked really good in video he made with Anton for me

to SuperShape on 28 April 2019

This guy has not done my video and I have been waiting two weeks. He has put me off everyday and now he has starting ignoring my messages. He promised a refund but nothing.

He also lied to me saying he could do a duo video and the other guy accepted. But now he says he can’t do it as the other guy won’t accept. Still he won’t refund.

Avoid this is a very bad experience to dela with him.

to Master Alan on 6 April 2019

Alan has still stolen my money. The weekend that the below review claims he was in Paris he told me that he has shot my video in Bucharest. He sent me a video for 15 min long that was just a black screen. Wetransfer contacted me to say it’s a suspicious file. So no idea what he was doing. Be careful the guy steal, lies and send suspicious video files to his customers.

Master Alan replied...
thios guy is the most frustrated person ive ever seen in my life. he keep posting bad review at all the models. without any reason. i have all the prove that he lies. i spoke with the ADMIN too. spam or fake acount i dont know. anyway. all my customers know me. im a fair guy. not a idiot like u

to Clark Kent on 3 April 2019

Awesome guy

to Musclefreak1234 on 3 March 2019

I was due a video from him and his brother. They stole my money. Each of them blame each other. But I have $100 less. Family of thieves.

Musclefreak1234 replied...
Hey your idiot you never text me !!!! You contact some other guy that said that knew me and your dumbass pay him , your a fucking idiot

to Master Alan on 24 February 2019

I paid for a video in December, he has not delivered it since and he has not refunded the money. He claims he is too ill to do the video, but as you can see below he is doing shows for customer. He is a liar and a scammer. He ignores me if I ask him for the video or refund. Also he admits many of his reviews are posted by a "friend". Dont trust him

Master Alan replied...
this is not true i have sent u the video. i have the proof of wetransfer video that i sent to ur email adress and that u download it. i have the conversation with u on skype .i made print screen at all of them .also u have blocked me on skype after i sent u the video and u started to post those review. all my customers know that i deliver my videos in maximum 20-30 minutes. so stop eating shit here u are a frustrated guy who deserve to not be on this site. u post coments and reviews at all the models . rate them with bad and u didnt buy from them . u are a fake and a frustrated person. i have all the prove that u lie!

to David Soldier on 24 February 2019

David is an excellent model and actor in custom videos. He is good looking with a great body and big legs and ass

David Soldier replied...
thank you very much. it's an honor to learn by your side. it was nice to meet you.

to Viktor Baili on 22 February 2019

Great video, I really like his style and delivery

to Niko on 22 February 2019

cool guy with good video and body. I like him a lot

to Clark Kent on 6 January 2019

Great videos, he is flexible and good on delivery

Clark Kent replied...
Thank you dear

to Bigvin on 5 December 2018

This guy is a huge thief and scammer. He took a lot of money for a video and pretends that he has done the video. Then he cuts you off. When you complain to PayPal. He claims he gave you the video and you are stealing from him. He is a disgusting thief. The below review is obviously real. He is to be avoided.

Bigvin replied...
its really bad request and I don t why.

to Rippedreaper997 on 25 November 2018

This guy just gave me second custom video, he is the best actor on here. If you want professional videos. he is the guy. I like his style and I recommend

to Rippedreaper997 on 24 November 2018

One of the best cam guys. He is a real athlete and has a great friendly personality. I recommend as he is patient with his customers too and flexible too.

to Jhony on 23 November 2018

I agree he stole money too

to handsomeguy on 20 October 2018

Nice guys, nice body, nice videos

to Handsome Fit Stud on 20 October 2018

Very honest guy and does his best to do good videos

to IronArms on 13 October 2018

This guy is good performer and he does what he says he will do

to Jhony on 9 October 2018

This guy took the money for my custom and stole the money last year. Since then he refuses to give it back. All can be proven. Avoid him to be safe this dosent happen to you

Jhony replied...
i have tried to make you the video and you just avoid me and keep giving me bad reviews here ... It seems your just a frustrated guy who only likes to give me bad reviews !

to ScottAmbrose on 9 October 2018

Rude promises custom videos and then just ignored customers. Dont waste time

to Handsome Fit Stud on 1 August 2018

This guy did an amazing roleplay video for me. He works with a stud partner and they are the best performers. Recommended highly. Long overdue

to MuscleGod11 on 21 June 2018

This man is amazing at his art. He is creative, open minded and a good actor. Recommended. Also very straight forward and honest. I do not think you can do better on best flex.

to MuscleStud93 on 5 June 2018

This is an amazing guy. He looks great, hairy chest, big muscle, handsome face and nice cock. He is a talented video maker. One of the best cam show guys

MuscleStud93 replied...
Thank you for this, I do appreciate alot your support. Hugs,Mike

to AngelinoBoy on 3 February 2018

Very trustworthy! He is open to fresh ideas and recommended. Great body and great looking!!! Buy from this guy as he acts so well in roleplay videos and looks great. Very friendly and polite too

to MuscleGod11 on 10 December 2017

Another amazing video. I have now got three videos from this guy. Never get tired of him. Sheer professional. He is truly a find and no surprise the guy is number 1. Try him you won’t be disappointed.

to MuscleGod11 on 23 November 2017

This guy is just so good at understanding his clients fantasy and acting it out. A talented guy as an actor and a strong character that can adapt to any role. Also great body and looks

to MarkFlexberg on 22 November 2017

Honest guy. He failed to deliver a video, as the request was not easy, and still refunded me. This is a guy who can be trusted

to Jhony on 22 November 2017

This guy took my money for a video 7 months ago. He never gave back a video, nor any money. I complained to him and he claimed he sent me video, when I ask him he dosen't even know what the video is about. The guy stole my money and he does nothing to fix this.

to MuscleGod11 on 17 November 2017

This guy is such a find just an amazing performer. He has a very strong character and personality that comes through in the confidence he shows when he acts. However, he also has true strength that he dosent try to bully people but acts politely and nicely. Just a great performer with a great body. Recommended for some great shows and acting. This guy is top rated for a reason

to MuscleGod11 on 15 November 2017

What a lovely man this guy is, so warm and friendly. he is genuine and super good at what he does. definitely a great guy and you wont be disappointed if you chat to him. He speaks English, he is funny. He is open-minded and interesting. Dream man for anyone looking for everything from the muscle guys

to Italian Muscle on 8 November 2017

This guy called me a fucking weird faggot. All is backed up on skype if you want to verify feel free. Please be careful

to Roland on 21 October 2017

This guy gave me a shorter video than was agreed and then never offered a refund as he said he had no money. He also didnt follow my request. Very bad and well overdue bad review

to AngelinoBoy on 21 October 2017

Really impressed with this guy

to Natural on 20 October 2017

Super strong big and masculine. Very honest and he delivers videos fast. He can act well

Natural replied...
thank you :)

to Jhony on 16 May 2017

He never did my video. Said he would do it and the. Stopped responding. Doesn't refund money. He took my money like a thief.

Jhony replied...
Contact me ! i want to speack with you !

to Roberto on 19 February 2016

I had terrible experience with this guy. He agreed to do a custom video for me and I paid in advance. He then cut off communications on skype and no video. He has just kept the money.

Muscle Gods Wrestling

to Muscle Gods Wrestling featuring MaximusSteel on 21 February 2016


Excellent wrestling. Especially Maximus


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