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to Peter Russell on 11 May 2019

Great body and great guy

Peter Russell replied...
Thank you!! :)

to Roy Morris on 18 August 2018

I have too sent him money for a custom video some months ago, i have never received. When i contact him on fb no reply.

to Roy Morris on 6 January 2018

I sent him money for a custom video and i have never received it.

to Zeecko on 2 October 2017

A very serious guy and a really great body.

to Roland on 4 June 2016

i really recommend this guy. Serious, very good and sexy

Roland replied...
thank you! :)

to Dorian on 26 October 2013

This guy is a liar and a thief. Ce gars est un menteur et un voleur.

Dorian replied...
lier because i keep my word . From now on i will be more careful with guys from France . They are always not happy and ask for what they did not pay .


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