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to JhonMuscleForFun on 13 January 2020

What a great guy! I bought a custom video from him and he delivered exactly what I asked for. He was very friendly and polite, he could not have been easier to deal with. A really first class person who I would happily recommend to anyone looking for a good show!

to Nick Masterfield on 1 August 2019

One of my favourite guys on this site, it's great to see him back making videos again. The customs he made for me were fantastic and I'm looking forward to seeing more from him!

to 4King on 24 February 2019

I bought a custom video from him and made some very specific requests which he was able to fulfill perfectly. He's one of the best guys I've ever bought videos from, always delivers his videos quickly without any problems, and is excellent at taking all kinds of requests and then delivering exactly what's been asked for. It's a real shame that a lot of people have left such negative reviews - especially the ones saying they sent him money on PayPal because he doesn't use it, so they're either lying or got scammed by someone pretending to be him. Just make sure you're using the correct Skype or email when you contact him and you won't have any problems. Definitely worth it! Highly recommended.

to GeekPhysiqueZeke on 15 December 2018

I bought a custom flexing video from him and he did an excellent job with it. He gave a great show in the video and delivered exactly what I asked him for. I was really impressed by how quickly he was able to get it made and sent to me too - he couldn't have done it any sooner. First class from start to finish and I would definitely recommend him to anybody.

to Jay Tee on 4 December 2018

I had a great experience buying videos from him. He was really easy to deal with and he couldn't have been any nicer during our conversations which is always a huge plus for me. I was sent a video the same night that I paid him - literally within two hours. There was a little bit of a mix-up with the video he sent me first of all but he corrected it straight away with no issues whatsoever; he was really generous and said the wrong video he sent me would just be a "freebie" before he sent me the one I'd requested! I can honestly say he's one of the nicest people I've bought videos from and he is definitely going to the top of my list for recommendations. I would love to get more videos from him, he delivered an excellent show and he really deserves a lot of support!

to Bicep Bryce on 24 November 2018

I bought a video from him and he was a really nice guy to deal with. The flexing show he delivered was very good and he sent it to me within 2 hours of receiving the payment - super quick! He's great and I hope he has a lot of success on here. Definitely recommended!

to Nick Masterfield on 22 October 2018

I bought a custom video from him and he did an excellent job with it. He was able to include everything I wanted to see. The communication was great too and I was really impressed how quickly he was able to get the video made and sent to me. Definitely one of the best guys I've seen and I'd want to see more from him for sure.

to Mike Long on 4 May 2018

I bought a custom video from him and he did a fantastic job. He delivered everything that I wanted to see. And the communication was great, he let me know exactly when I should expect the video to arrive. Absolutely first class. He could not have done a better job. Highly recommended!

to 4King on 6 September 2017

I've bought a lot of custom videos from him recently and he's delivered above and beyond my expectations every time. He's very reliable and has sent every video within a day of making the payment. Best of all he's really nice and easy to deal with, and open to most ideas for custom videos. Definitely one of the very best guys I've ever bought a video from and I'm sure I'll keep on buying more from him!

4King replied...
thank you very much for that review !

to Mike Jones Magic Mike on 13 August 2017

I just had a custom video from him and he really could not have done a better job! He was very friendly and made sure to find out exactly what I wanted in the video then delivered it the same day that I made the payment. Absolutely first class and I'll definitely be coming back to him for more videos.

to Austin Cooper on 8 August 2017

I'm a big fan of his wrestling videos so I was really thrilled to see he was now doing customs. And I was not disappointed at all! Every custom video I've had from him has been amazing, he's delivered exactly what I've wanted time and again. And he could not have been nicer to deal with. Definitely recommended for anybody looking for a fantastic show from a great guy.

to Tom H on 8 August 2017

I ordered and paid for a custom video back in May. Unfortunately I still haven't received anything at all from him. It's a shame and I really hate to leave a negative comment because he seems like a pretty decent guy but the fact is that I didn't get what I paid for.

to Apolllo on 12 May 2017

I bought a custom video and he did an excellent job with it. Everything I wanted to see was included. Definitely recommended.

to HornyIrishStud on 7 May 2017

I got a custom video from him. It was perfect, exactly what I had asked for. He could not have been nicer or easier to deal with. Definitely recommended for anybody looking for a great show!

to Caleb on 29 March 2017

I was so impressed with the video I received from Caleb. Not only does he look phenomenal, his personality really shines through and makes it so much fun to watch. He was fantastic to deal with and delivered the video within a day of making the payment. I can't even think how he could have done a better job, everything went so well. HIGHLY recommended and I'll definitely be going back to him for more.

Caleb replied...
awesome:) thanks so much :)



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