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to Mountain Dog on 9 April 2020

ordered several videos of him in the past and was always satisfied. unfortunately he decided at one point of time to become an asshole. Took the money, never delivered the video and made fun of me requesting the paid video.

to Mike on 11 February 2019

he's a very nice guy with a great body. he delivers fast and has amazing posing skills. also he's very handsome. won't be the last time that I will order a video of this hot guy.

Mike replied...
thank you i am here for you

to Delz on 2 June 2018

He is a very nice guy and easy to deal with. He's very reliable and delivers fast. His body is great and he loves to flex.
I highly recommend him.

Delz replied...
Thanks!! Did a long break vendo of my competition. Now I'm bigger and heavier than I've ever been!

to Roland on 5 April 2018

scammer. sent him the money, then I just got some excuses why he couldn't record the video. now he doesn't respond any more.

Roland replied...
it was not me,someone was maked a fake profile with my name and details.this is the reason why i write in my main page to ask from me a 10 sec prew verification!

to Bigvin on 2 April 2018

Impressive body and easy to deal with. He deliveres very fast. I whish more guys would be as reliable as him.
highly recommended.

Bigvin replied...
Thank you for the review .

to Flexmode on 30 December 2017

His physique is amazing and he really likes to show his muscles. He's easy to deal with. He sent the video fast and the video was exactly as requested. Highly recommended.
Looking forward to following his progress.

Flexmode replied...
Very kind words . Thank you!

to Jack19 on 20 August 2017

after receiving the money he hasn't answered anymore. scammer!

to Danbodybuilder on 4 July 2017

very nice guy and he know how to flex. he sent the video very fast after receiving the money.
highly recommended.

Danbodybuilder replied...
Thanks man

to Jack19 on 5 November 2016

Got a great video of him. He's very good looking and has great muscles, especially considering that he's only 18 year old. He's like to flex and has a great attitude. He's very easy to deal with and deliveres fast.
I highly recommend him!

Jack19 replied...
Thanks So much😊

to The Big Biceps on 2 October 2016

after sending the money he didn't reply anymore.

to JayFlexCole221 on 8 September 2016

really great guy: hot body. great posing attitude, nice to chat with and totally trustworthy

to Italian Strength on 8 September 2016

sent him the money but never received the ordered video. first he found excuses for not sending it, later he didn't reply any more.


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