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Reviews and Comments

to Jaysen Warner on 14 July 2019

The guy tried but he is boring as hell. His body is not up to the standard as many on here. If you're looking for someone dynamic, move on. If you want to pay for a nap, he's your guy.

Jaysen Warner replied...
I don't ever remember having a cam show with you.

to Lijunfan on 14 July 2019

I live in Nashville and know this guy. Total douchebag. Keep your money guys, he's dishonest.

to themind on 14 December 2018

Definite scammer. His profile should be removed.

themind replied...
Skype name?

to Tatted Athlete on 26 August 2018

Total smartass and here to take money with no guilt. AVOID!

to AlphaJ0n on 29 January 2018

No accounting for taste. If you charge for a cam show, know what you're doing. Not my type at all. Alpha and egomaniac are two different things.

to Body and Soul on 12 November 2017

If this is who I think it is, run to get a show. I had one a while ago from another site. The guy is kind as extremely good at shows.

to Willy on 12 November 2017

Brody will never be as good as his brother. His brother is also a class act. Brody us too childish.

Willy replied...
Haha nice. I must not of wanted to do what you asked. Sorry.

to Teenmuscle18 on 30 September 2017

The kid has changed. Used to be a real nice guy, now just a dick. Takes the money and runs.

to Alexander Steel on 30 September 2017

Not only does he have a great body and face, he's genuinely a nice guy. Has limits and makes those clear up front. One of the top 3 on this site.

Alexander Steel replied...
Thank you very much buddy - appreciate the honesty! :) x

to Sixpackswagg on 30 September 2017

Amazing attitude and body. His show was one of the best as far as realistic. This kid has it.

to FitnessFreak96 on 17 September 2017

Save your time and money. Guy is a disrespectful waste. It's called business and this guy is a bad businessman.

FitnessFreak96 replied...
We never had a chat together. So why are you giving a bad review with daily new accounts?

to Beautiful Keith on 9 July 2017

Scammer. Do not deal with this person.

Beautiful Keith replied...
Just because someone doesn't give you a free cam show doesn't mean he's a scammer

to Mike Jones Magic Mike on 7 July 2017

I did not get a show but could tell from his responses on Skype he was a scammer. Too many questions on this one. I am staying clear.

Mike Jones Magic Mike replied...
Cant beat my reviews mate ;)

to Davidflex07 on 18 June 2017

The most boring cam guy ever. Has no clue what he is doing.

to Brett Mycles on 31 May 2017

I didn't pay you? Delusional us the word to describe you. You contacted me wanting to make things right. I am done.

to chocolate thunder on 29 May 2017

Guy gets it. Truly wants the customer to experience something memorable. Not your typical cam show. One of the best in a long time to come on to best flex. Worth every penny.

chocolate thunder replied...
thank you, and thank you for your review

to Brett Mycles on 26 May 2017

Kid has real issues. Buyer beware. Mood changes often and plays the poor ole me card but his true colors always come out. Once a scammer.....

Brett Mycles replied...
You didn't give me any money.... you just kept busting my balls not even trying to do a show.

to chocolate thunder on 23 May 2017

This guy may be new but he is exceptional when it comes to hearing what you are looking for and performing it exactly as you specify. Not typical to have a guy on here be new and open to doing the things you want and doing it well. His body is off the hook and he knows that and uses it to draw you in. This guy is one of the best to come along in a long long time. If I could give him 10 stars I would.

chocolate thunder replied...
thank you for your review, i will be more active this coming week so hopefully i can get more positive reviews like this. thank you again

to Brett Mycles on 22 May 2017

The kid contacted me and said he had the flu so he could not do the show. I'm moving on but, give him a chance if you want a good looking kid.

Brett Mycles replied...
You contacted me I didn't contact you

to Brett Mycles on 22 May 2017

No change in this guy at all. Says he wants to make it right with me then pulls the exact same shit. He probably just was in need of money so thought he would try to hit the guts he has scammed before. Wanted to give me a free show if I would retract my negative review. Free.....interesting since I laid him for nothing before. The correct thing for him to do is provide what was paid for, not claim to make it up to the people he scammed with a "free" show.

to Aesthetic prince on 20 May 2017

doesnt keep his word, lots to be skeptical about with thus one.

to Jacked Jake on 28 March 2017

One of the coolest guys I have had the privilege of talking to from this site. Dude took me places I never expected.

Jacked Jake replied...
That's what I do best, always looking for more :)

to SexySpartan616 on 28 December 2016

Great guy and 100% hotter on cam than in pics. Amazing guy.

SexySpartan616 replied...
Thankyou Dude!

to Marcowrestler on 28 December 2016

I have to agree with the other reviewer. Do not waste time. Too many real guys on here that do decent honest shows.

Marcowrestler replied...
Never did a show with BDson. He persistantly would message me when I said I was in available to do a show. My shows consist only of flexing

to Joshua Armstrong on 28 December 2016

I finally was able to get a show with Josh after wanting one for a couple years. The best show inhale EVER had. No wonder he is considered one of the best around. Nice guy and very professional. I will be doing business with Josh again.

Joshua Armstrong replied...
Hey man, Back online again alot more now.. And loving every minute of it. Thanks for taking this show, mate. I'm glad i was able to nail it for you :) makes me happy when i get it right ;)

to daniel carter on 24 December 2016

Sometimes Dan and I hit it off and sometimes we don't but he ALWAYS gives 100% in cam shows. Very likable and very realistic. Body is second to none.

to Liam King on 31 October 2016

Did a great cam show. He knew exactly what to say and took control of the show, the pace and direction. A nice guy as well. Hit him up.

Liam King replied...
Thank you for the kind words!

to Riley Jackson on 22 October 2016

Realized I never reviewed Riley and have had several cams. Although we didn't really mesh, the guy tried and is honest and a real nice and handsome dude. I cannot say anything negative.

Riley Jackson replied...
Hey man! I appreciate the review. I'm not sure who you are but I'm sorry you feel that we didn't mesh!

to Cameron Walker on 21 October 2016

This guy is top of the line. Amazing body and even better personality. If you pass on him, you might as well give up getting cam shows because you'll miss out on the best.

to Malachifit on 17 October 2016

Great guy and a gat cam show. He cares and is very talented.

Malachifit replied...
Thank you so much hope to see you soon

to Jake Daniel on 11 September 2016

Took money, no show then says he will go to Dan if I review him. Who is Dan and why threaten to stop a review? Do the right thing and you will get fair reviews.

Jake Daniel replied...
dude this was from like a year ago . why did you now just write it. to everyone seeing this. i do my shows! hit me up on Skype and you will get your show

to BgBarbarian on 9 September 2016

I've had shows with this kid in the past through another venue. He is build very well, attentive and a badass in general. Highly recommend.

to Mr Latz on 7 September 2016

Kid is absolutely amazing. Really good guy and amazing show. Aesthetics are fantastic.

to Brett Mycles on 15 August 2016

Although this is actually the guy in the picture, he scams people and does it making them feel like it is their fault. I paid for a show and was put off, then agreed to do the show the next morning, only to be put off again and he became unresponsive. Probably does a good show but I am not going back after being played. The $50 lesson has been learned again. Too many honest guys on the site to try a scammer.

Brett Mycles replied...
I sound like such a twat from your review. I have shaped up dramatically and would love to make things right to change to scammer label.

to BigYoungBoi on 4 August 2016

This kid is amazing. You will not find anyone any friendlier and willing. One of the few on this site that I could see being friends with. A great build and amazing attitude.

BigYoungBoi replied...
Thanks man :)

to blackceejay91 on 2 June 2016

Great guy and fantastic show. He is a really cool guy who enjoys what he does. Highly recommended and accommodating.

to Dimitri Valentino on 19 December 2015

This guy is not only the real deal he asks questions so he knows he is giving you just what you want. I could easily get addicted to this guy. He's a great performer but a nice guy to boot.

Dimitri Valentino replied...
Thank you!

to Solid352 on 16 December 2015

Not sure who you all talked to but the guy I talked to was anything but friendly.

Solid352 replied...
I'm a straight cocky jock as stated on the description, not your boyfriend.

to daniel carter on 5 April 2015

Rip off artist and total scam. Interesting how all his negative reviews are erased on the day the site starts selling a new video of his. I'm sure I'll be banned after this but if it helps one person not get scammed by this jerk it is worth it.

to JayFlexCole221 on 30 March 2015

Great cam show by a great guy. Hard to believe this guy is just 20. He knows how to prep for a show by finding out exactly what you want. He previewed his cam and was very accommodating. Amazing show and he knew just what to do.

Lil Monster

That's a pretty intense pic

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