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to Nick Masterfield on 13 August 2019

Nick is an amazing model. I agree with other reviewers that he looks even better on cam than in the pics here. This is because the photos don’t capture his alpha presence and attitude. The guy is a muscle god and he knows it. Very easy communication. He did and wore exactly what we agreed. He went out of his way to meet my specific suggestions. Stunning looks (I like the long hair but man bun is also hot!), incredible arms and hot voice. Very good flexing, long peaks. He loves to show off and be worshipped. Not shy with verbal. Highly recommended!

to AlexBoons21 on 8 August 2019

Had my first show with Alex for a while and all I can say is make sure you try a show or video with him!
Like other people leaving reviews here I had a mixed experience with him in the past mostly due to poor communication. I’m so glad I saw other reviews and contacted him again. He more than made amends for our past misunderstanding and his show was unbelievable. He is 100 jacked, thick hard muscles all over from neck to toe! He knows how to show it off and did exactly what we agreed and more. Amazing, alpha voice and attitude but friendly in his approach too. I can’t praise him highly enough. He’s a muscle god who clearly enjoys showing off and drive us crazy. What a MAN!

AlexBoons21 replied...
Can’t wait for more shows man. You my guy:)

to benmuscle23 on 31 January 2019

I agree with the reviews below that his guy is amazing and looks way better than in the pics! He has a sexy voice and Canadian accent. New to the scene, I found him slightly shy to start with but he quickly understood what I wanted and delivered in spades. Incredible biceps and jacked forearms. Good video resolution and lighting. He’s also very honest, offers verification call and was very easy to deal with and talk to. Highly recommended

to Chad on 28 January 2019

Had another amazing show with Chad today. This guy’s body is off the charts. His attitude is off the charts. His voice is off the charts. One of the best cam shows I’ve ever had, probably since my last show with ... him! He knows what you want and gives it to you in spades. And then some more. OMG! Check him out!

to Bicep Bryce on 28 December 2018

I agree with recent reviews that this guy is a bit delusional asking for so much and offering so little. My show with him was ok in so far as he does have an amazing body but he hardly said a word even though he’d agreed to talk in the show. He is very new so he might still change and maybe adapt his rates to the real world too

Bicep Bryce replied...
My apologizes for the rates. I'm very negotiable with my rates. I hope to get a show with you again soon

to Chad on 23 December 2018

I had a few amazing shows with Chad months ago (see previous review), but was unable to track him down since then. Different time zones didn’t help and he was too busy for cam shows. Just like q Christmas gift he reappeared online this week and apparently he intends to be on often. Chad is even in better shape than before. Really thick and yet cut to perfection. His arms are off the charts and, boy, does he know how to show them off! He held a single arm peak for most of our show like it was zero effort for him, using the other arm to make me worship his insane forearm. Add the sexiest, most alpha voice you’ve ever heard and you are in for a treat! I wanted to focus on arms but he removed his shirt at the end and, and I’m simply lost for words. I hope he’s here to stay. Second to none. What a god!

to Chad on 14 March 2018

What a man! I’d added him to my Skype a while ago and he didn’t seem to be around much, so I was delighted to see that he was doing shows again since last week. I was curious as to why there weren’t more profiles and video content of him out there. I can now see that his low profile online may just be a safety measure not to break the internet or to cause serious global warming because he’s THAT hot! Communication in the build-up to show was exemplary: he responded promptly, was more than happy to hear about what I wanted to see and delivered the show of a lifetime. Not only is he the most jacked guy on thebestflex. He is sexy, has a real alpha attitude, hot, masculine voice, great energy and willing to please. He really went out of his way to make my muscle fantasies come true and then made a point of asking for feedback afterwards to do even better next time. I know he looks and sounds almost too good to be true, but he’s real. And the real deal too. Prices are reasonable considering the quality of what he delivers. He’s not obsessed with money like so many models out there. He really seems to enjoy the worship! I hope to be fortunate enough to get many more shows with this stud! Highly recommended. Give him a try!

to Big Kenny on 18 November 2017

I’ve had about 10 shows with this stud. I’ve been getting cam shows with amazing alphas for years. This guy is exceptionally good. He is super handsome, super tall, huge wide back and shoulders, amazing muscles and the attitude to go with all of that! Incredible, commanding, authorative voice. So hot you can’t but do as he says. I personally love his hairy jacked forearms and currently chest and abs. He’s THE man. I melt the moment he opens the cam and he sure knows how to handle you! Amazing flexing, poses, lighting, cocky talk. He is happy to wear gear that I suggest and emphasises poses and verbal stuff that he knows make me wild. Very reliable too. He’s busy but when available he is always on time and always delivers 100% if he was in more often I would never get a show from anyone else. If you haven’t tried him yet you are missing out big time! Best guy here hands down


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