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to Bigvin on 15 March 2018

Very big, beefy and handsome. A please to deal with too.

Bigvin replied...
Thanks a lot, it was a pleasure for me too.

to gigathew on 15 March 2018

Incredible show. Amazing physique. Very handsome and masculine. I could watch him all day.

to darkjack on 23 January 2016


to Marco Vegas on 4 September 2015

Great cam show!

to HornyAlphaBoy on 22 July 2015

Amazingly handsome and big. HD cam. One of the best cam guys around!

to Zeecko on 3 July 2015

WOW. Is all i can say!

to silverback on 12 June 2015

Very cute guy. Amazing lean tattoed physique. Good quality cam too.

to JayFlexCole221 on 9 March 2015

Great show from this guy. Very beefy and masculine.

to HairyMuscles on 2 November 2014

Great show. Massive guy.

to J on 1 November 2014

Great show. Very beefy man!

to HUGESHREDDEDIRISH on 24 July 2014

Had another great show with Aaron. He is just huge!

to RealMuscle on 8 May 2014

Great show. Huge guy. Very masculine.

RealMuscle replied...
My pleasure. Thank you.

to Luke on 30 April 2014

Nice guy. Good show. Will be back.

to Roberto on 1 April 2014

Had another show with Roberto. He looks amazing and is such an nice guy. Great quality cam too - HD and best quality I've seen.

Roberto replied...
Thanks buddy !

to RimondMuscleArt on 16 March 2014

Really nice guy. HQ cam. Great chatter and speaks English very well. Very cute and handsome. And of course - amazing body.

to Roberto on 15 March 2014

Nice guy. Really good show.

Roberto replied...
Thank you Andy !

to Adryano on 10 March 2014

Really nice guy.

Adryano replied...
thank you BigAndy :)

to DomMuscles on 30 December 2013

Very beefy, very handsome. Great price and video quality.

to HUGESHREDDEDIRISH on 10 December 2013

Great camshow. Aaron look amazing. Very solid and thick. Cam quality was excellent. Very cool to chat to as well.

to Jack Stacked on 20 November 2013

Had two cam sessions with Jay and having another today. He's a great guy, cool to chat too and looks amazing.



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