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to Romeo on 22 September 2021


to Teddy Iron on 21 September 2021

Wow such an amazing man!!! So cut and lean, one of the greatest models on here wow!!! And so hot!! Anyone would love a show with him!!!

to Romeo on 20 September 2021

Wow!!! Such an amazing guy, he is so huge, very nice to speak with, wow hard worker, I recommend him to anyone and everyone, he will show you anything!!! Wow such a great guy!!!

to MrButtCheeks2 on 26 June 2021

Wow such a huge guy, amazing body, just wow!! Dang!!! Works hard at what he has ive seen him in video a couple times and photos, such an amazing guy, great to talk to and work with wow!!! I definitely recommend him!!! One of the best on here

MrButtCheeks2 replied...
Thank you so much! Love to please as much as possible. I am going to get get even bigger now ;)

to Youngncharge on 16 June 2021

Such an amazing guy, great to talk to, such an amazing body, is such a hard worker, love seeing this guy, so amazing!!! Wow!!! P.S. I emailed you! Love seeing you man!!!

to Handsome Fit Stud on 14 June 2021

Wow!!! Thats all I can say, such an amazing man, very cut beautiful body, so veiny and hot, WOW!!! SO BEAUTIFUL!!! KEEP UP THE WORK!!!

to Teddy Iron on 14 June 2021

OH WOW!!! TALKING AND DOING A SHOW WITH HIM, WOW!!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! SO MUSCULAR AND RIPPED!!! He has such an amazing body, oh wow!!! Please check him out and get a video show what ever he is amazing!!!

Teddy Iron replied...
Thank you!!

to Titan on 19 May 2021

WOW TITAN IS AN AMAZING GUY!!! YOU CAN DEFINITELY TELL HE IS A HARD WORKER!!! WOW!!! such a great body a genuine guy. Very respectful, wow!!! Just got some videos from him, wow great guy hope to do more with him in the future, definitely recommend him to anyone, looks like anyone can have a bad period in their lives, but he bounces back, Wow what a great guy!! Anyone deserves a second chance. Wow!!! TITAN IS SUCH A NICE GUY

to Justin King on 4 May 2021

Wow!! I got a video from him looks great, such a hard worker wow!! Amazing body, veins!! Wow!! All I can say is wow!!!

Justin King replied...
Thank you so much, hope see you soon for the next one.

to Jacob Greene on 23 April 2021

Such an amazing man, ive gotten a video and hot photos of him!!!! And WOW WOW WOW!!!!! WHAT AN AMAZING BODY!!! He works so hard on his body, he is only going to get bigger!!! Definitely recommend him to all wow!! Great to speak with Jacob is the man!!!

to Kosmos666 on 21 April 2021

Wow!! He has such a great body. He is a hard worker!!! The tattoos look great with the art, so much potential to be big wow!! Such a great guy to speak with too!!

Kosmos666 replied...
Thx you so much ma man!!

to Justin King on 13 March 2021

Wow this kid is crazy vascular!!! Definitely recommend him for shows and videos, seeing the content he sent me, wow just mind blowing and I know we can expect more greatness from him!!! Wow!!! He will be a beast!!!!

Justin King replied...
Thank you so much, i aprecciate it.

to Gato2510 on 13 March 2021

Oh wow!!! What an amazing guy!!!! He is strong, allot of potential to be even bigger!!! Works hard on what he has, amazing video I got from him, definitely recommend him to anyone!!!

Gato2510 replied...
Oh thanks I feel glad playing with you I hope keep doing it

to Jacob Greene on 11 March 2021

Wow!!! Such an amazing guy, huge muscle!! Awesome video he made for me, both videos, wow!!! So huge, veins popping everywhere, what an amazing man!! So muscular!!!!! WOW WOW WOW!!!!

to David Biceps on 31 January 2021

WOW WOW WOW!!!!! LOOKS SO AMAZING!!! SO MUSCULAR, LOVE THE BICEPS!!!!! Such an amazing man!!! Very nice and kind, looks so hot i got a video and wow!!! Just amazing!!, so muscular, I recommend him to anyone and everyone!!!! WOW!!

David Biceps replied...
Omg, thank you Brouny12. Hope you liked my video and see you soon with next video my dear. Hope you you have a nice day ????????????????????

to Igor Adam on 16 January 2021

Wow such great guy, looks amazing!! Hard worker on his muscle, wow!!! Amazing to work with, great potential!! Wow this guy is great!!

to Igor Adam on 15 January 2021

Igor is such a nice guy, and looks amazing, so vascular wow!! I would definitely recommend him to anyone, very personable, great to speak to!! Wow what a great guy!!

to TheLittleRock on 27 November 2020

Wow!!!! What an amazing man!! He has amazing potential, and he will continue to grow and get bigger, looks amazing now, only going to get better from here!!!! Wow wow wow!!! Can't wait!!!

TheLittleRock replied...
???????!??? ????? ???????!

to Tony Mo on 31 July 2020

Wow, wow,wow!!!!! What an amazing guy, great to work with, great body, he does a great job with poses, Tony has allot of potential and will do an amazing job!! I recommend him any time WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!

to MartinezFame on 6 July 2020

Great guy, good to talk with, great body, you can tell he works hard at it!! Had a great experience with him!! Allot of potential!!

to MrDon92 on 21 June 2020

This guy is such an awesome person to talk to, looks great!! Does a great show wow!!! Wonderful to see and great to talk to!! I recommend him to any one!!

to The Beast on 18 June 2020

Wow, what an amazingly awesome guy!!! He works so hard on his body, awesome to talk to, so easy going!!! Wow such an awesome guy, sent me pics even recent ones!!! This guy looks amazing!!!! Very honest too!! I definitely recommend him to any one!!! WOW!!!!! Not sure what went wrong with the person above but his Skype works just fine as well as his IG, not sure if they went to a fake account, but this guy is the real deal!!!! WOW, WOW,WOW!!!!!! THATS ALL I CAN SAY, I RECOMMEND HIM TO ANYONE!!!!!

to Den Murphu on 29 May 2020

What an awesome guy!!! He is a hard worker on his body has a great shape, i would recommend him to anyone!!! Great to work with!!

Den Murphu replied...
thanks man i do always at highest level

to Mobster Muscle Don on 19 April 2020

Such a great kid!!! So much potential!!! Wow!!! Great to talk to, very large chest!! Dang!!!! I recommend him!!!!

to Johnjonnov38 on 6 April 2020

Wow what a great guy!!!! Easy to work with lots of potential and looks amazing!!! Very nice, definitely would be happy to support him!!! He looks like a hard worker!! I would recommend to anyone!!!

Johnjonnov38 replied...
Thank you, happy to try

to Johnjonnov38 on 4 April 2020

Wow, what a very nice person, he's a hard worker on his body, great guy to work with!!! What a great person, looks great, I would definitely recommend him to any one!!

Johnjonnov38 replied...
Thank you very much)))

to Flexmanross on 17 March 2020

Wow!!!!! What an amazing guy!!! He is a hard worker definently shows!!! Great to speak with looks amazing wow what an awesome guy, I recommend him to any one!!!!

to KingD on 1 March 2020

Wow!!!! What an awesome guy!! Definitely a hard worker, you can tell he puts allot of time into his body!!!! What a great guy tut o talk to!! I recommend him to any one!!!

to Geordi Colombo on 24 February 2020

Wow what an amazing guy, his body looks great you can really tell he is a hard worker on his body wow!!! Not sure what the other person is saying maybe 400 pesos but such a nice guy really great body and amazing to talk with wow!!!! I really recomend!!!

to Big Cristi on 9 February 2020

Wow what an amazing guy!!! He is so huge, works add o hard on his body!!! Great guy to work with, wow!!! His photos he made me were amazing I'm going to get a video sometime too, because wow he is so huge!!!! I definitely recommend him!!!!

to Jayden on 8 February 2020

Wow, what an amazing person so nice to talk with when the language is good!!! What an amazing guy bought some pics from him, he made them!!! Looks amazing!!!!! What a great person to work with. Just told him what I wanted came out with a good price on the photos and he made them!!!! He is such a hard worker you can really tell looking at his body!!!!! I definitely recommend him!!!! There must have been miscommunication but with patience everything was great!!!!!

Jayden replied...
You were not a serious person

to Black Panther on 4 May 2019

What an amazing guy!! Definetly recommend him he Definetly works hard, does an awesome vid and show!!!! Wow what and awesome guy!!!!

to Body and Soul on 18 December 2018

wow, what a great guy, does an amazing show, wow, is very massive and muscular, he could work on his legs, lol jkjk but for real, no one once to see those legs, I mean does he even work them? lol ok, done with jokes, haha, but seriously he is an awesome person, great body, he works hard at it, wow!!!!!!

to AlexTopaz on 24 November 2018

wow, such a nice guy, does an awesome show with different fun things in it, makes it really interesting, and has the muscle to back it up, great video!!!! I'll buy from him, he is great to talk with!

to craving4power on 22 November 2018

wow such an awesome guy, I would fully recommend him for any show or video you want, he is such an awesome guy, I support him. Great personality wow!!!!

craving4power replied...
Highly appreciated buddy. Thanks a lot for the support

to boy.king1 on 14 November 2018

wow, what a great guy, nice and shredded, wow, what an awesome video he made me!!!! He has a great shape, wonderful man to talk to, wow, great to work with, so friendly, nice personality. WOW, he works so hard on his body to making it look great wow!!!!! loved every min of that video he made me!!!!

to BeardKing22 on 14 November 2018

wow, what an amazing man, he is a hard worker, works hard on his body, great shape, so ripped, wow!!!!! He is a great guy to talk to, would be awesome to meet him in person wow!!! He is a good guy to support and buy videos and shows from, I will help support and buy videos and shows from him more and more, he looks great and such a kind person!!!!

BeardKing22 replied...
thank you)

to RyanMoon2 on 10 November 2018

what an amazingly sexy huge beast!!!!! wow!!!! He works so hard on his muscles and makes great videos I will buy more from him wow!!!!!!

to John guccione on 2 October 2018

WOW, such an amazing man, great body, slim and ripped body wow!!!! great guy does a great video, wow!!

to Max Flex God on 2 October 2018

bought a video from him wow he looks awesome dang!!!! i do recommend him to any one great shape wow!!!!

to King Artur on 22 August 2018

wow what a perfectly balanced guy dang he is big and i will buy more vids from him and he is shredded wow!!! Great guy to work with!!!

to Rauls Muscle Daddy on 22 August 2018

Had and awesome video from Rauls Muscle Daddy, WOW WHAT AN AMAZING GUY!!!!!! dang he is definetly a hard worker and I can see it in his body wow!! i will buy more vids from him wow!!!!!

Rauls Muscle Daddy replied...
I appreciate the support and I love doing these videos for my fans.

to Teenmuscle18 on 17 August 2018

Sexyiest man alive, amazing muscles, love seeing him wow, what a great kid, he will be huge when he gets to his goal. I fully support him wow, he is awesome!!!!!

to Madison on 12 August 2018

This guy is so amazing, wow must see, I have bought a video from him, best money I have ever spent wow!!!!! such and amazing guy!!!!!!

to Armi Hammer on 3 August 2018

Oh my Gosh, this guy is huge, wow he looks so amazing, what an awesome person, great personality, amazing body, he works really hard on it it looks like, but what an awesome person wow!!! I will get my videos from him in the future!!!!!

Armi Hammer replied...
thanks )

to michaelmuscle on 2 August 2018

this guy is amazing I know he would never scam anyone, who ever thinks he did, I think you may have the wrong person, or a scammer that looks like him, but this guy is great he does what he says he will do, make sure you have the right person before you send out money, because I know this guy is true and does an amazing job!!!!!!

michaelmuscle replied...
Thanks :*

to michaelmuscle on 19 July 2018

What an amazing Guy, looks great, works hard on his muscles, he does a great show, and does awesome videos, he is sexy hot!!!!! I definitely recommend Michaelmuscle!!!!!!

michaelmuscle replied...
Thanks !

to michaelmuscle on 18 July 2018

What an amazing Guy, looks great, works hard on his muscles, he does a great show, and does awesome videos, he is sexy hot!!!!! I definitely recommend Michaelmuscle!!!!!!

michaelmuscle replied...
Thank you very much !

to KevinMuscle12 on 21 May 2018

Great guy easy to talk to, awesome show, looks great, body is very symmetrical, strong, has allot of potential to look and do great! I will definitely do another show with him!!!!!

KevinMuscle12 replied...
Thank you Sir!!

to Body and Soul on 17 April 2018

AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME, Just had a show with this guy, such an awesome person, great guy to talk to, does a great show, his body looks awesome, looks like he works very hard on it, and he dosent skip leg day, but i'm not much of a leg person tho, it happens, I definetly recommend this guy to everyone, wow!!!!!!!!!!!

to Narcissus on 5 March 2018

WOW SUCH AN AMAZING GUY!!!!!!! wow great guy, wonderful to talk to, fantastic body, powerful looking legs for a man like him, definetly worth getting videos from and shows, such an amazing looking man!!!!!! I recommend him to anyone!!!!!!

to Tyson Carter on 19 February 2018

Wow and amazing kid, great potential, he will definetly make if very far, I would love to support him in his endevors, great guy, wow!!!!! I will get more vids from him, and I do recommend him for anyone who wants a great video and he is fast at getting them to you!!!!!

to LordZian on 19 February 2018

great guy, bought a video from him the other day, wow, the muscle and power, dang, so huge, great guy to work with and great to talk with. what an amazing body!!! I will definetly get more videos from him.

LordZian replied...
thx alot man !

to Musclefreak1234 on 19 February 2018

wow what an amazing guy, awesome person to talk to, great video, I was lucky to have his first video made from him, he did an awesome job, what an amazing body, just wow!!!!!! I will get more videos from him and some shows, I recommend him to any one.

to Muscle.warior on 8 January 2018

great guy to work with, you looks great!!! I will definitely do a show or video with him soon, great guy looks wonderful, lots of poetical

Muscle.warior replied...
Thanks bro

to Jhony on 12 November 2017

What an amazing sexy man, I have bought many videos from him, such a great guy, goes above and beyond what you ask of him, I will always help and support him, great guy to talk to!!!! I definitely recommend him to anyone and everyone!!!!!

Jhony replied...
Thank you very much dear :x im always greatful for your support and cant whait for our next private show !!

to RomanMuscleGod on 23 October 2017

what an awesome kid, great potential and as far as I know, he is just going to get bigger and bigger all the time, great guy, he has an awesome physique looks amazing will definitely support him more in his training, Awesome guy, definitely recommend him!!!!!!!

RomanMuscleGod replied...
Thank you ;)

to Young Markus on 28 June 2017

wow, this man, is an amazing kid, he looks great, strong man, and does what you want to see, a wonderful guy, and will make you happy, will definitely buy again.

Young Markus replied...
Thank you a lot, you're welcome anytime man!

to RichardDarell on 27 May 2017

wow this guy is such a great guy to talk to, he makes exactly what you want, and does a great job with the video, wow he looks amazing, so hot wow, definetly recommend him to all.

RichardDarell replied...

to Joshslone on 3 May 2017

Wow, this guy is such a great guy, he does what you want him to do, he looks great, I highly recommend him, oh wow, such a great guy. He works hard at his body, just wow does a great job. I hope I get more shows and or videos if the internet will cooperate with us lol. Josh is a great guy he works hard for you, in what you want him to do.

to CrissMyke on 13 March 2017

Such an amazing man, body looks so wonderful, wow, such a great man, he does what ever you want, such and amazing body, will definitely do more shows and videos with him!!!!!

to Elliott on 7 January 2017

Just so people know, I emailed him, he got back to me, and he actually added me, because I wasn't sure which one he was on skype, so people might what to have him add you, might be a little easier.

to Elliott on 7 January 2017

What a great guy, did a show with him he looks great, I definitely recommend him, great guy does what you like, and looks great doing it, and great body, wow, and a cool person to know, definitely people go and see him.

to SexySpartan616 on 12 December 2016

OH WOW,having a show with this man, wow, thats all I can say, his pictures do not do him justice, yes he looks amazing, but once you go live with him, OH MY GOSH, SO AMAZING, PROBABLY ONE OF THE BEST SHOWS I HAVE EVER HAD, WOW!!!!!! I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THAT ANY ONE WILL DEFINITELY GET THEIR MONIES WORTH. OH WOW!!!!!!!! MOST AMAZING SHOW EVER, SO SEXY, SO HOT!!!!!! MMMMMMMM WOW MAN!!!!

SexySpartan616 replied...

to SexySpartan616 on 8 December 2016

This guy is such a nice person I cant wait to have a show with him he has a great body, great guy, and i'm sure an amazing friend. would be awesome to meet him in person.

SexySpartan616 replied...
Aww such touching words, thankyou my friend.

to Malachifit on 23 October 2016

Great guy, he does a great show, looks amazing, I will definetly get another show or video, very kind and fun person, a great additude, would be awesome to meet him in person some day. He is such a hard worker for what he does, wow, I can really look up to him, even though he is younger than me, haha, just an awesome person, and great muscularity. People you have got to check him out, just a wonderful person and great guy.

Malachifit replied...
Thank you so much bro i really apperciate it your a great guy i hope i can do another show soon!

to Roland on 16 October 2016

Roland is such an awesome guy great to work with and WOW BODY IS AMAZING!!!!!!!! He is huge everywhere, really enjoy working with him, speaks great English, very nice man. I really do want more from him, he's great guy, amazing body, and wonderful man. I recommend this guy to anyone, he will show you wonders. Love his veins, muscles, and just huge everywhere.

Roland replied...
thank you bro! :) you a very great guy! :)

to frazermusclegod on 4 July 2016

He, is back, and looking great, and he tells me that he is going to get bigger, and looking better, I can't wait to see what he will look like, because I just saw two videos that I bought from him, and he looks great, he can only get better, because he is an amazing person, just a wonderful guy.

frazermusclegod replied...
Added a good amount of size since this review buddy; get in touch for an update!

to The Beast King of Aesthetics on 11 March 2016

what a wonderful guy, he does a great video, slash videos, he looks amazing, and such a nice guy, i'm happy to get these videos from him, he is a wonderful man, and looks amazing, so big, such a BEAST!!!!!!

The Beast King of Aesthetics replied...
Thanks i'm happy to hear this :) :) I'm always ready for flex my big muscles contact me again

to markusshowcam on 30 August 2015

just to let you know, there is more than one person for your Skype name, if you could make your Skype name more distinctive, then you wouldn't have problems with people being scammed, by other people pretending to be you just to get money. just to let you know.

markusshowcam replied...
my skype: Dany rimini (bodybuildingmotivation) other accounts other than that, not me

to frazermusclegod on 26 May 2014

I sent him money for a custom video, and he never made it, or sent it to me, so i'm never paying anything else to him, until I get the video I paid for.

frazermusclegod replied...
I only accept payments AFTER I've made custom videos, so I'm making the assumption you were talking to a scammer under my alias.

to MuscleMountains on 30 December 2013

you are amazing at what you do, you do very well at making sure my needs are being met, you get really into your flexing, and you just love to flex its just amazing how you do it, and you do a great job at pleasing, an amazing man right here.

to MuscleMountains on 28 December 2013

What a nice guy to know and talk with, and he will do anything to make you feel comfortable, he even looked after my every care and need.

MuscleMountains replied...
Thanks man. Always looking to flex and please!



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