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to Tyson Carter on 12 February 2018

I've gotten several videos from Tyson. He's always been very responsive and easy to deal with. I was most impressed with the JO video; I've gotten a lot of these over the years and his is certainly one of the best. He's a very impressive young man, smart beyond his years, very customer-oriented.

to MuscleGod11 on 2 April 2017

I got a video from MuscleGod11, which was exactly as promised and arrived quickly. He's a gorgeous young man, a great new cam guy.

to teenbodybuilder on 8 August 2016

David is a total doll, so cute and youthful. He has a flawless muscle bod with a gorgeous boyish face. I purchased a video from him, which was excellent. He is also an honest young man.

teenbodybuilder replied...
Thank you so much !

to Radim on 20 April 2016

Radim is such a doll. He's super cute and has a hard, compact body. He is a real joy to deal with, very easy to talk to and deal with.

to Adrian Steel on 18 April 2016

Adrian is a really hot young man, very intelligent, deep, thoughtful. Completely trustworthy, not a clock watcher.

Adrian Steel replied...
Thank you for the kind words. :)

to AnthonyFlex on 3 April 2016

I had a great experience with Jerry and I submitted a very positive review on March 13. Unfortunately, that sort of experience didn't continue. I paid him for another video on March 13. I messaged him in subsequent days and he said he was about to do the video or had done the video. On March 20 I asked him if I gave him more money would he do the video and he replied 'Yes, absolutely !! How much money are you willing to give me?" So I sent more money. The next day he sent another video to me supposedly by mistake. On March 22 I told him that I wanted a date when it would arrive or I would file a complaint through PayPal. He finally admitted that he wasn't going to do the video but offered to do others instead. I wasn't very interested in other vids, but since it was unlikely I would get money back, I said sure. He did one and sent it on March 24; it was a good video. After repeated prodding he sent another one on March 29, which was not what I asked for. But I was tired of the runaround. He even asked me if I would continue to give him business after this nightmare - "Will you give me anything after this? I want to continue to make videos for you".

So from my last experience, he is untrustworthy and will agree to anything to get money.

AnthonyFlex replied...
I'm very trustworthy and I deliver what the customer wants.

to Harry Hotfist on 28 March 2016

I had a show with Harry. He's a hot young man with a large tool. He's really easy to talk with and answered all my questions about his alpha male life with no problems. He's a smart, grounded, trustworthy young man who's serious about the future.

to CuteCamBoi on 28 March 2016

I just had a show with this young man. He's very easy to deal with and really cute. He has a great ripped bod, beautiful pecs and hot V line. And he really likes to pose and entertain.

CuteCamBoi replied...
wow such awesome words of kindness thanks!

to Revalyx on 18 March 2016

I purchased some videos from Revalyx. He is very easy to deal with and honest. He sent the videos right after I paid for them, I didn't have to remind him to send them. He is very cute and is putting on more muscle. Also, his 'tool' is very big.

Revalyx replied...
thank you very much :)

to AnthonyFlex on 13 March 2016

This good looking young man oozes masculinity, a real muscle stud. He has a great personality and is very laid back. He asks what you want to see and doesn’t have a canned routine that he does for everyone. And he doesn’t badger you for money either.

to AestheticTeenTiger on 24 February 2016

I got a video from this young man. He is a GREAT poser and knows how to show off what he has. He has a huge package and has a beautiful face. He is also a great guy to talk with, a serious young man. Highly recommended!

AestheticTeenTiger replied...
Thank you! Waiting for more guys like you to join the Dominus club!

to Poseidon on 6 October 2015

I had my first show with Poseidon. He's a gorgeous young man, probably the best looking cam stud available.

to Dreamcaster234 on 19 August 2015

I purchased several videos from Jan and he is very easy to deal with and trustworthy. He is extremely vascular and has wild veins popping out on his chest and biceps. He has it all, a great guy.

to SexyMuscled on 8 July 2015

I had a cam show from SexyMuscled and was very pleased. He has a great body, and his legs are unbelievable. He's also a great guy, not a clock watcher.

SexyMuscled replied...
Thank you Very Much

to Tom H on 28 June 2015

I love this guy. I ordered a custom video and he delivered in three days, without me having to remind him. He really wants his customers to be satisfied. And of course he is drop dead gorgeous. A+++

to Tom H on 17 June 2015

I ordered several videos from Johnny. He is the best out there, unbelievably gorgeous, ripped body, wow. And he is great to deal with, easy going and not money hungry, although with what he has, he could be. He is a gift to mankind, the perfect example of masculinity.

to Aanor muscle on 17 June 2015

I purchased several videos from Aanor and was very pleased with his responsiveness and professionalism. He already had a list of videos to choose from, with prices, which was very helpful. He combines a cute boyish face with a superb hard body, which is a very hot combination.

Aanor muscle replied...

to Handsome Fit Stud on 12 June 2015

I love this guy. He is so nice and really cute. And he is big everywhere. He wants you to be satisfied. Definitely worth it.

Handsome Fit Stud replied...
Alexanderalpha7 skype new

to Jacked Jake on 13 May 2015

Hi Superduperbooster, you aren't the only one. I posted a review in late April that apparently disappeared. Here it is again:

This guy is a real jerk. I asked about his private videos, then he asked what I was looking for. I told him and he doesn't do it. So, I replied 'Ok, thanks for the info' and he responded 'Thanks for wasting my time.' The entire episode took two minutes and he wrote 13 words, apparently enough of a strain on his time resources to warrant complaining.

I had qualms about contacting him in the first place because he has in his Skype DO NOT ADD ME IF YOU ARE GOING TO WASTE MY TIME.

For his sake, hopefully he will get an attitude adjustment.

There are a few other negative reviews of him on YoungMuscleStuds board:

Jacked Jake replied...
Have you ever thought that it might just be you? Look at all my other reviews. I'm doing this to get my name out there and motivate and sell videos, not to have my time wassted by the likes of you. Thanks for the review buddy, I have thousands of fans that will take your spot lol No need to get mad because I didn't talk to you. Later

to Jonnylepo on 29 April 2015

I have paid for two videos. After he received the money, it took three days and numerous messages for him to send a video that he already had, it wasn't a new one. Despite that, I purchased a custom video. After more than a week and frequent Skype messages, I still don’t have the video. He even tried to sell me another one, apparently forgetting that I was waiting for one. He seems like a nice guy, but may be really busy or disorganized. Regardless, he shouldn't take money and then not do what he promised.

to theSituation on 25 March 2015

I have purchased numerous custom videos from thesituation and he is my favorite performer. He has a combination of movie star good looks and a muscular, ripped body. It is difficult to overstate how beautiful he is. He is also a real pleasure to talk with and is very down to earth. He is a real sweetheart.

theSituation replied...
I can't find the words. Hope we talk soon! Thank you very much :)

to CockyBoy on 26 March 2014

In addition to ordering one of his videos on this site, I contacted CockyBoy about purchasing a video from him as well. It was great to talk with him. He's very personable and easy to deal with. His personality matches his gorgeous body. He's a good guy and deserves our support.

CockyBoy replied...
Thank for this nice coment,so happy that you enjoied .see ya soon and hugs from me

Muscle Encounter

to Muscle Encounter featuring David King on 27 December 2015


A gorgeous young man. Hopefully he will do more videos or start doing shows and show more of his beautiful body.


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