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to Muscle Nik on 18 January 2020

Nik is a fucking beast, muscle good, monster and the nicest guy to work with! I ordered a custom show and he did everything I wanted and more, wasn't keeping an eye on time and did everything to make me want more! Definitely coming back for round 2, 3 and even more with this stud! His pics don't do him justice, incredibly hot, buff, ripped muscle god and the tats are an added bonus to show off. Definitely worth every penny!

to ApollonFox on 21 June 2019

This guy is fucking incredible! Did the best show of my life. Pictures don't do him justice, incredible body, well endowed and built. Ripped stopped, sweetest guy ever and does everything you want and much more! Definetly a repeat customer--he's like a Russian Superman, blond hair, blue eyes, deep sexy accent, and aiming to please and go above and beyond . . . and what a load!

to HardRocker on 26 February 2019

The guy is amazing and a total find and keeper! Incredibly swole and huge! Massive anatomy and pump, big and packing to give more. But a perfect gentleman making working with him a breeze. Gave me a performance of a lifetime so I"m coming back for more!

HardRocker replied...
Thanks for your nice words

to Viktor Baili on 3 February 2019

Bought several show and vids from him, he is fucking amazing!!!! mazing body and attitude and does more than what I asked for. Incredible physique and masculinity--like looking at a Roman solider ready for battle. Definitely worth every cent and coming back for more from him!

to EvanHoti on 6 September 2018

Awesome guy did an incredible show--worth every penny. Did way more for than I ever dreamed off--amazing body and great personality. Definitely a repeat customer here!

EvanHoti replied...
Thank you

to Biceps GOD2you on 3 July 2018

Got another show from him and this guy is unbelievable--when he does so much to impress you once the only thing left for him to do is out due him self and make a spectacular performance!! One of the best and definitely want more from him!! Highly recommend him!

to Biceps GOD2you on 20 June 2018

This guy is fucking incredible! Got one of the best shows in a while from him--totally worth it and great guy to work with. Incredible body and physique and did exactly what I wanted! Will be back for more for sure!

Biceps GOD2you replied...
i am glad you enjoy the show ! always when you will have time for some i will be here for you ! many kisses and hugs !

to Dante on 27 May 2018

He did it again!Gave me one of the best videos I ever seen! total muscle alpha god, took control and hit every point and then some more. Made the vid within an hour and gave me so much more that I asked for in content, length and what he showed. Definitely hit up Dante for a good time and to be fully satisfied. For sure I will be retiring to get more and more. Simply amazing to work with and delivers way more than you ever ask or even think possible!

to Blond Muscle on 21 May 2018

Just bought a few more vids from this guy and he totally delivered on everything I wanted!! incredible alpha, dominant, perfectly sculpted physique and so easy and great to work with. Definitely one of the great guys out there to work with!! I'm hooked and coming back for more for sure and cannot recommend him more!!! You won't regret dealing with Blond Muscle!

to Blond Muscle on 16 May 2018

Awesome guy, just had a great show with him and he ticked all the boxes, hot, ripped, masculine and totally approachable. He's got a perfecta and amazing body and worth every penny. Definitely coming back for more with him.

to Dante on 21 April 2018

This guy is amazing! Did an amazing show and even more and aims to please. Really easy to work with and goes above and beyond to deliver exactly what you want. Coming back for more sure and definitely recommend him.

to Muscle.warior on 5 April 2018

He did it again! Amazing show and worth every cent. Muscle god and total alpha--total catch and will guarantee to impress you!

Muscle.warior replied...
Thanks bro

to Markus on 22 February 2018

Such a fucking awesome guy! Did everything I wanted and more and made my fantasy a reality--and what a body--a total Greek god and would make them jealous too. Definitely coming back for more from him and recommend others to do so too.

to Muscle.warior on 19 January 2018

This guy is fusing awesome--did a show I asked for an ddid even more than I wanted. Amazing bod, cut, ripped and bulked--total muscle god and has everything! Definteily coming back for more with him.

Muscle.warior replied...
Thanks bro

to Jonny Hards on 16 October 2017

This guy is awesome, got a show from him and he did more than I ever expected, and god what a body! Definitly worth it and super friendly and does everything I want. Coming back for more for sure.

to MuscleGod11 on 6 October 2017

This guy is fuckin amazing. Got a video from him and he did everything I asked and more. Total alpha dominant, but so easy to work with. Watched his video over and over. Total epitome of masculinity--definitely coming back for more from this guy.

to AmazingBoy on 22 September 2017

This guy is incredible, so friendly, and so sexy. Amazing body and did everything I wanted and more--definitely worth every cent and I'm coming back for more with him!!

AmazingBoy replied...
Many thanks

to Nick B on 9 August 2017

This guy is fucking awesome!!! got custom vids and shows from him several times and did an amazing job!! Super friendly and did everything I wanted and more and aimed to please big time!! I'm definitely coming for more and can't recommend Nick more!! This guy is a fucking Greek god and makes you feel so good to see his adonis good looks and physique!!

to Natural on 17 May 2017

This guy is fucking awesome. Gotten so many shows and vids from him before and every time he delivers more and more. He is always willing to please, incredibly friendly, alpha, masculine, ripped, hot and makes me shoot my load without even having to try. Definitely coming back for more shows and vids--satisfies you to 200% if not more!! Just one word can describe him--PERFECTION!!

Natural replied...
thanks :)

to Natural on 30 March 2017

This guy is fucking awesome!!! did a great show, amazing body, super friendly and did everything I wanted and more! highly recommend him!! And will come back for more.

Natural replied...
Thank you Dave :)

to BeaztBoy on 14 November 2016

This guy is incredible. Great physique,nice and incredibly willing to please. Recommend him highly and will definitely be coming back for more?!!

to Atomisk on 6 July 2016

What's your Skype bro?

Atomisk replied...
Hello DaveDe, I now have my skype listed in my current profile, thankyou

to Jason Genesis on 30 June 2016

this guy is fucking incredible. incredibly easy to talk to and does fucking awesome shows and his physique is like a greek god. highly recommend and i'm definitely coming back for more.

to Peca0073 on 24 April 2016

This guy is fucking incredible. His pictures don't do his physique justice. Did the perfect show and everything I wanted and more. highly recommend him, and the sweetest guy you'll ever meet. Don't miss him at all--he's worth every penny spent.

Peca0073 replied...
thank you for the positive review

to HornyIrishStud on 13 February 2016

Couldn't wait for the second time around so I got another show just half an hour later and boy was it better than the first. His endurance and physique and incredible combined with his boyish good looks and sexy Irish accent. Definitely coming back again!

to HornyIrishStud on 13 February 2016

Super nice friendly guy willing to please and definitely worth every cent spent on him. Does amazing shows and is always delivering just what he promised if not more! Highly recommend him.

to DarrenMichael on 19 January 2016

This guy is fucking incredible. Amazing physique and super nice. Willing to please for any cams how or videos you get. Definitely coming back for more from him.v highly recommend, he'll make you extremely satisfied and wanting to come back for more.

DarrenMichael replied...
Thank you very much for the positive review and I wait you for more videos and hot shows !!

to Alec possum on 21 October 2015

This guy is incredible--worth everything u spend on him. does fantastic shows and vids exactly what you ask for. i'll be back for more and if you're smart so will the rest of you.

Alec possum replied...
:D yay! thankyou

to youngmuscles10 on 1 October 2015

This guy is incredible. probably gave me the best fucking show of my life. highly recommended and does everything u can ever dream of and ask for. super friendly and willing to satisfy ur every need and desire.

to KAIN on 25 September 2015

this guy is fucking incredible. did the best show of his life for me--did everything i ever wanted and dreamed of and made it worth ever cent. super nice and friendly and approachable and very easy to talk to. definitly recommend him for anyones entertainment

to Flexstud269 on 17 August 2015

This guy is fucking incredible. Can't believe how pump and ripped he is--total muscle god and a real gentlemen too. does everything you ask and is totaling willing to please. i've done a few shows with him and he tailors everything to the way i want. can't ask for anyone better. I'm definitely coming back for more from this guy--total alpha hunk of man!!

to JhonMuscleForFun on 14 May 2015

Amazing overall, go for him!

to Aesthetics on 24 September 2014

Good muscle show.

to Roy Morris on 11 September 2014

Guy scammed me, tok my money and never did the show, don't trust him. He's never on and when he is and forgot who I was he said he could do a show and when I jogged his memory about paying for one and never getting it he said "in an hour" and never showed up. Don't trust him, he'll just take your money and run.

Roy Morris replied...
Lol , who are you?

to Roland on 10 September 2014

Guy does some amazing work on cam. super friendly and at tentative and willing to please. Defintiely recommend him to anyone.

Roland replied...
thank sir!:) see you next time ;)


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