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to Operator93 on 8 December 2020

Yes, It was a bit hard to schedule a show. But he was not unresponsive. And all the time waiting was totally worth!! What show! And UNBELIEVABLE man! Beautiful, manly, funny, strong! Of course, I already scheduled a new show for tomorrow!

Operator93 replied...
Always a pleasure!

to Juicy Jake on 27 November 2020

My experience with Jake was great, he is not just a kind man, but he is very open to my ideas and gave me one of my best moments ever! He is beautiful (what face!), with huge muscles (specially after pumping them) and flex them incredibly! I am happy about how all the thing was amazing!

Juicy Jake replied...
Good to hear!!

to Father Ivan on 22 September 2020


The only wrong thing about Father Ivan is the first part of his nickname: "fat". He has nothing fat! All what you will see is hard, dense and lean muscles! Beside his cute face, the body is unbelievable!

Father Ivan replied...
Thank you so much my friend!

to AestheticsBoy on 22 September 2020

Unfortunately, AestheticsBoy needs to update his pictures again... his current look is even better than the pictures here! I keep buying shows and lots of videos of this incredible man and all what I can say is: he is outstanding!!!!!!!!!!

to AestheticsBoy on 2 September 2020


If you want to see the perfection itself, ask for a video or cam with AestheticsBoy. You won't believe in the muscles of this amazing and handsome man! I strongly recommend you contact him!

to Max Viera on 20 August 2020


I second every word, Fede93A! Max is really very beautiful and has one of the most perfect bodies around, with an incredibly wide muscular chest! I also highly recommend him for everyone!

to AestheticsBoy on 9 August 2020


I am sure I will never get enough videos from AestheticsBoy! They are all amazing!

to AestheticsBoy on 1 August 2020


Video after video, show after show, I get just more and more addicted to this beautiful and strong man! Everything about him is outstanding!

to Drew Harper on 28 July 2020

I definitely agree with Alex0721 and that was what I said to Drew... need days to think about a review that gives a pale description about how great was the show! And same like gigator39, I could not resist and had to ask a second show right after! I even asked him to update the photos... his body is FANTASTIC!

to AestheticsBoy on 25 July 2020


I have been buying videos and doing cams with this awesome man for months (possibly years by now) and at every show or video, I am always 5000% satisfied! No review is enough to say how amazing is his cams or videos!

to AestheticsBoy on 10 July 2020


One of the great things about this handsome man is his videos just get better and better! I have bought dozens of videos and he always find a way to surprise me! Always there is something spetacular about his shape and muscles! Fantastic!

to AestheticsBoy on 27 June 2020


I have many many videos of this stunning strong man! And even now, they all are not enough! Always requesting more, always needing more! AesthericsBoy is absolutely addictive!

to Father Ivan on 21 June 2020


For cams or videos, Ivan is FANTASTIC! Recommend for everyone!

to Father Ivan on 14 June 2020


I can not say enough great things about Ivan! I have done a few shows and just got a incredible custom video from him! They are all absolutely amazing and have been exactly what I requested. Ivan is always willing to please and offer the best you can wish! He is totally reliable, trustworthy and has a killing smile. Shape is even BETTER than in the pictures here, I highly recommend Ivan to everyone!!!!

to Arthur Herid on 12 June 2020

I had some unbelievable moments earlier, today, thanks to Arthur who gave me the privilege to see him in action! It was fantastic!

Arthur Herid replied...
Thats what i always enjoy!

to Father Ivan on 5 June 2020

I had my first experience with Ivan just two days ago and I am already totally addicted! Everything was great since the first contact! He is very kind and made sure to do everything to make the show perfect! His physique is fantastic, incredibly ripped, strong and (wow!) so beautiful! I am sure everyone will fall in love for his muscles! Don’t wait, you will be just hypnotized!

to Chad Hawth on 27 May 2020

I have had my three first cams with this awesome man in the last two days. Body is exactly what you see in his pictures here: muscular, strong, hard, ripped and vascular. Face too: beauty, charming and manly at the same time. A true model. He is friendly and easy to deal with. I will come back for many, many more, I am sure! Recommend you all too...

to AestheticsBoy on 16 May 2020


This man is fantastic! Extremely reliable and delivered right on time and he goes out of his way to delivery what you want. He is also the nicest athlete around and loves to show off. I ordered dozens of videos and all of them are incredible! I highly recommend him to everyone!

to ClassicPhysique on 13 May 2020


Great flex show!

to AestheticsBoy on 10 May 2020


I bought 4 more videos from this stunning man and each one is better than other! Incredible how he always looks better everytime you see him!

to AestheticsBoy on 15 April 2020


Coming again to say how happy and thankful I am for every opportunity to cam with this stunning handsome man! His symmetry, strength and power are the best! And his courteousy, hotness, and beauty make him a true muscle god!!

to AestheticsBoy on 1 April 2020


I just bought 4 more videos of Viktor and he sent them all in less than 2 days! All videos are recorded in high-quality and good light! I have watched the first one and Viktor is more than... incredible! It is impossible not want more!

to BackGuy on 28 March 2020

I just had my first cam with this man and I can say I was very impressed. He is really a very beautiful man and spend a lot of energy on the cam! Recommend him for everyone!

to AestheticsBoy on 22 March 2020


I have bought shows and videos from this handsome man faster than I can write how amazed I am by everyone! I am more than satisfied in every opportunity and can just recommend him more and more!

to AestheticsBoy on 26 February 2020


Long time since my last review. Not because I stopped of buying cams and videos - that would be impossible, since we are talking about the most perfect man ever! Face, body, voice... everything is perfect!

to Aesthetic Body on 3 February 2020

First cam with this guy! The only problem was I almost lost my mind in that range of huge (and very very hard) muscles, those veins in everywhere and contemplating the most beautiful and manly face aroud! Of course, I was fast asking for a video and a new show (maybe I can recover my mind there)....

to Alex Hale on 31 January 2020

Great man, great body!

Alex Hale replied...

to Jon Fisher on 30 January 2020

Never enough to say how INCREDIBLE is an experience with Jon! Not just a incredible hot muscular ripped body, but a sexy demeanor and an irresistible face! Every single moment worths a lot!

to Jonnylepo on 30 January 2020


For years, I have never seen this outstanding man out of shape! Aside his handsome face, there is a strong, manly and huge muscular body! Fantastic shows!

to Jon Fisher on 24 January 2020

So, he came again, after his shower. Hot, like if he just was coming from the fire! His strong muscles shining, hypnotizing me with all his masculinity! At every minor flex, the fibers of his hard muscles tensing, taking my breath and dizzing mt brain! Jon is pure testosterone! I could not take my eyes from him, even for 1 second, and I was totally amazed by his body! Every detail of this god is pure perfection and seduction! I was immersed in a dream!

Jon Fisher replied...

to Jon Fisher on 24 January 2020

I write this review while this stunning man is taking a shower and getting ready for a second time tonight! He made me a special session right after his workout and came all pumped! People, you can not believe the hardness and strength of this handsome man! When he flex, I just stay there, staggered, unable to anything except to watch all these rips and ridges! Don't miss the opportunity!

Jon Fisher replied...
Keep coming back!

to Jon Fisher on 23 January 2020

I just had a AMAZING first show with Jon! Payment method was easy, and he was very quick to respond! He has a great beautiful physique already at such a young age! His hard strong muscles stunned me! Already scheduled another show for later and definitely I will be back for more and more wonderful shows!

Jon Fisher replied...
Thank you!

to HardRocker on 22 December 2019


Just finish another cam with this awesome guy! His shape keeps improving, now leaner, but still with that huge chest, thick traps and pumped arms! Flex all the time! Amazing show!

HardRocker replied...
Thank you bro

to Xander on 11 December 2019

I just finished a cam with this man and it was a great time! Muscular, ripped, easy to deal and very professional! The quality of the show, image, light and sound were all great! I took the opportunity to ask for a custom video... :) Recommended!

Xander replied...
Thank you man!

to AestheticsBoy on 1 December 2019


Just another stunning cam with Aesthetics and once more amazed by his ripped, strong muscles! Of course, another video will be on the way! Never enough!

to Jonnylepo on 24 November 2019


I can talk just about my experience. I have done cams with Jonnylepo and bought videos for years, even before he comes to TBF and every experience was much more than outstanding! Aside being one of the most beautiful man ever, he is ALWAYS in that incredible shape! A dream!

to AestheticsBoy on 8 November 2019


I know I have writen about this incredible man a lot of times, but I don't stop of buying his videos and also I don't get tired of saying how amazing all of them are! He is just so handsome, muscular and huge in every video and he is everytime better!

to AestheticsBoy on 30 October 2019


I just can not stop ordering videos and doing cams with him! He is absolutely irresistible! A great man wiht a dream fantastic muscular body!

to KevinMuscle12 on 26 October 2019

I had cams with Kevin for the past two days! He is in a VERY amazing shape! All those ridges on abs, the chest absolutely sculpted, the arms thick and full of veins almost exploding... wow! just for remembering i almost fainted!

KevinMuscle12 replied...
I appreciate that

to Atlas on 29 September 2019

I just had a cam and I was absolutely stunned for seeing how HUGE he is! I think I never saw this man so BIG, VEINY and RIPPED! It was just unbelievable! It was so incredible than I asked for a custom video!
Hurry, people! If you appreciate muscles, you wont get disappointed!

to Jonnylepo on 27 September 2019


One of the greatest things about doing cams with Jonny is you alwyas know that he will be in the best shape ALL the year and you will see a lot of flex! Perfect!

to AestheticsBoy on 14 September 2019


I just bought a few more custom videos from AestheticsBoy and like all the others, they were absolutely amazing! Hot, incredible, perfect, huge, ripped body and cuttest face!

to Bryan Long on 10 September 2019

Amazing! So, this true Muscle God did a wonderful show and I can’t say enough! His beautiful face, his huge muscles, his attitude, everything incredible! Sooooooo sexy. If you haven’t booked one don’t wait. He took my dream and made it a reality. Bryan is magnificent! Far the hottest man ever!
Don’t miss out!

to AestheticsBoy on 7 September 2019


Once again, I got a fantastic hot video from AestheticsBoy! Always beautiful, always huge, always ripped, always hard, always nice! I am addicted!

to Ripped Riki on 26 August 2019


Just had another amazing show with this awesome man!

to AestheticsBoy on 24 August 2019


I just had another show with this amazing man! He is absolutely incredible! Always huge, hard, ripped and handsome! I will ask for more very soon!

to AestheticsBoy on 16 August 2019


I think I willl never have shows and videos enough from this stunning man! Every video and every show is just better than the previous one! Absolutely amazing!

to HardRocker on 30 July 2019


He is getting bigger, but still with great definition, same cute face and awesome smile! Hard flex all the time! Amazing show!

HardRocker replied...
All time here :D

to FlexMasterJoe on 13 July 2019

I just received new video and it was exactly what I asked for! Amazing experience!

to FlexMasterJoe on 26 June 2019

I second the last reviews. This man knows how to please and you really can get addicted easily (I did :p ). After my first show, I ordered quickly a video, which he recorded in the next hour and he did exactly what I asked. I could not be happier with the result and I am sure all of you will have a great time with this muscle god!

to AestheticsBoy on 10 June 2019


If there is anything comparable to a show with this handsome man, that is possibly just a video. His performance is incredible! The reason why I am completely addicted!

to AestheticsBoy on 9 June 2019


I have done countless cams with this handsome incredible man and I am still here coming again and again for more... of course, just because he is the best!

to HardRocker on 30 May 2019


Just had another show with this awesome man! I think he is adding some more muscles! But his flex skills are still amazing! Recommended!

HardRocker replied...
Thank you for this feedback

to Latinbrah on 26 May 2019

I just had another incredible show with Latinbrah. A very polite man, sweet and the body you all know! The pics do not do justice to him! He is stronger and more ripped than you can imagine. And when he flexes that arm... wow! Highly recommended!

to Ripped Riki on 25 May 2019


I got another great video of this amazing man! Handsome, strong, ripped and a unstopable flexer! Absolutely recommended!

to AestheticsBoy on 24 May 2019


A dream that came true, a god who came down to Earth... impossible to translate into simple words what AestheticsBoy is...

to WhiteKing on 5 May 2019


Incredible!! I requested a video from this amazing, sexy muscle hunk and he did everything what I asked for! Truly, nice and outstanding guy that will give you the best custom videos! I will truly want another video from, because he really loves showing his incredible huge and muscular body! Highly recommended!

to AestheticsBoy on 3 May 2019


Just passing here to give another 5 (there is not option for more) stars for AestheticsBoy! He is again in competitions! So, try to schedule a time with this perfect man! You all will be overwhelmed by his beauty and his hard and huge muscles!

to AestheticsBoy on 28 April 2019

Right now, I am having the best experience of my life! Yes!! I am just in the middle of a short break of a long cam with the most perfect, handsome, amazing, athletic and strong man ever! I am totally fascinated by AestheticsBoy! He is incredible! Just let me go back to all those huge and hard muscles!

to Ripped Riki on 19 April 2019


Just finished another cam with Riki! He is the man! Beautiful, confident, strong, ripped, with a smile to die for and flex like nobody else! Of course, I have videos of him too! Trustable and friendly and highly recommended!

to AestheticsBoy on 14 April 2019


And here I am to say how amazed I was by this incredible, beautiful and strong man! He is still bigger and more chiseled than in pictures! His sculpted perfect body is a dream that you will believe just if you see for yourself!

to Bryan Long on 14 April 2019

I KEEP COMING BACK FOR MORE! Bryan's perfection can not be described! You will have to experience some moments with this god to believe for yourself! The lines of his manly face, his deep voice, his huge hard pumped muscles work all together to give us the most incredible and unbelievable experience of life! I just had to start asking for more shows because one a day was just not enough! And I will continue to keep coming back! Anyone who hasn't tried Bryan yet what are you waiting for! You are doing yourself a disservice to not do so

to Bryan Long on 14 April 2019

The Bryan's perfection can not be described! You will have to experience some moments wirh this god to believe! The lines of his manly face, his deep voice, his huge hard pumped muscles work all together to give us the most incredible and unbelievable moments of the life! I just have asked for more and more, doing 3-4 cams per night, lately that I can not even sleep! And I will keep coming back as much as he wants!

to Bryan Long on 7 April 2019

Well... I just had another experience with Bryan... if the pics don't talk by themselves, I will have to say this man is absolutely outstanding! First, and obviously, he is one of the most beautiful and manly men around! His body is not just a sculpture, but a muscle masterpiece, totally carved in the hardest steel and built from the most amazing dreams! Every minute with Bryan is like to be in the Paradise! I have already schedule my third cam (just one more in a future long, very long list, i hope)! I highly recommend everyone to ask for a time with him!

to AestheticsBoy on 5 April 2019


Again and again, this handsome man bless me with a glimpse of his god-like physique! He is absolutely perfect in every aspect! I am forever addicted!

to AestheticsBoy on 2 April 2019


This handsome man is always going beyond my expectations! Either on video or cams, he is always more and more beautiful, and more and more ripped and more and more fantastic!

to Bryan Long on 28 March 2019

My first experience with Bryan was very positive. After a short conversation, he gave me a previous and we could go to the real action! He is in the same condition than the pictures, solid, great definition and big! The man is really big! His shoulders are very broad and his body very muscular! He is new, but knows how to flex! I recommend him for you all!

to Latinbrah on 14 March 2019

he is back and in amazing shape! hot, strong and ripped!

to Viktor Baili on 12 March 2019


A very beautiful man, with a strong body! He puts a great show! I highly recommend!

to HardRocker on 8 March 2019


I have already done many cams and asked for many videos from this fantastic man! His face and his muscles are incredible! After a few seconds facing his impressive muscles and you all will know what is a true man!

HardRocker replied...
Thanks man

to AestheticsBoy on 8 March 2019


It is impressive how this man can be so addictive! Every show, every video is MUCH better than the other! He is not just strong, polite, ripped, hard and unbelievably beautiful, he is out of this world!

to Niko on 8 March 2019


Words are enough to describe this beautiful and muscular man! And one show will be not enough, after you doing it! Get yourself intoxicated by his masculinity! Dont waste your time and ask for a show!

Niko replied...
I am very glad about the result we have;)) Let’s collaborate for more videos!;)

to ClassicPhysique on 8 March 2019


I just got two amazing videos from ClassicPhysique! His shape is incredible, almost impossible to believe! He is absolutely gorgeous, huge and strong! Also, if you like a colossal chest, you will find yourself hypnotized by the one (49 inches) of this handsome man!

ClassicPhysique replied...
I am happy that you liked it! Thank you!

to AestheticsBoy on 6 March 2019


The speciality of this awesome man is making his fans stunned while he flexes his huge, hard and amazing muscles! If you are looking for a few moments at the Nirvana, ask him for a time!

to ClassicPhysique on 6 March 2019


After a long time (few weeks), I had another cam with this man. And I could not be happier with... he is the same handsome man, but has added some mass in the right places! He is stronger, ripped, incredible! Still during the show, I asked for TWO videos! It was fantastic!

ClassicPhysique replied...
Thank you! Looking forward for more!

to Jonnylepo on 3 March 2019


Jonny is amazing! Always the best shape, always the best mood, always the best!

to Ripped Riki on 3 March 2019


Once more, this awesome man made an incredible flex video! His beautiful, his strength, his power, his muscles are all outstanding! I highly recommend you all get in touch with him!

to HardRocker on 2 March 2019


The problem about this beautiful strong man is he is absolutely addictive! When I do a cam with him, I have to ask for a video and ANOTHER cam! He is INCREDIBLE!

HardRocker replied...
All time for you bro

to Niko on 28 February 2019


Always in amazing shape and great look! Incredible muscles!

Niko replied...
Thank you so much’

to Sixpackswagg on 24 February 2019

Incredible body! He is so huge! Love when he flexes his +18 inches arms!

to HardRocker on 23 February 2019


This was my first experience with HardRocker. And I say it was VERY VERY positive! Beside being a VERY hansome man, he is nice, with a sweet deep voice, his muscles are amazing! I already asked for a video and schedule a new cam! I can just highly recommend him for everyone!

HardRocker replied...
Thanks so much!

to AestheticsBoy on 21 February 2019


Last video (yes, another one) I asked for was very hard to accomplish, but this amazing man was through to make it! And the final result was not just incredible, but also very surprising! AestheticsBoy does not just look strong (and beautiful), he IS very strong (and beautiful)! Again, no words to describe how amazing he is!

to AestheticsBoy on 18 February 2019


I agree with Ethan TK. I think the photos do not live up to him! AestheticsBoy is, for sure, one of the best men in everywhere! The way how he makes his muscles get harden is phenomenal! He can be dominant and soft! A very professional and gentle guy! Highly recommended!

to Viktor Baili on 5 February 2019


This man is amazing! Handsome face, muscular body, full of energy and loves to show off! The last cam was incredible and I already schedule a new one of course!

to AestheticsBoy on 3 February 2019


Yes, I am here again... Watch the photos above... No, that is not him! AestheticsBoy is MUCH BETTER! Huge size, all ripped, whole hard, and unbelievably beautiful and kind! Probably these words are not enough... so, I recommend you all take a moment with him to get a glimpse of the perfection itself!

to Viktor Baili on 31 January 2019

just a word: F A N T A S T I C !

to AestheticsBoy on 30 January 2019


Show after show, video after video, this FANTASTIC man does not stop to amaze me. Think about every good quality and you will find all of them together on him! Thanks for all the incredible moments, AestheticBoy!

to SimbaFlex on 20 January 2019


Great body and face

to Jonnylepo on 20 January 2019


I had great cams with Jonny. But seems he was not available recently.

Jonnylepo replied...
thankyou m< friend

to AestheticsBoy on 16 January 2019


Once again, this awesome man makes another fantastic flex video! I can not stop of buying cause every video is different and better! If you look for a cute, aesthetic, and wonderful man, you will find him here!

to Ripped Riki on 16 January 2019


I just bought a flex video from Riki. The quality is perfect, light, focus, etc... and obviously he performs greatly! I was very happy with the video and I recommend to everyone!

to Magic Maki 1 on 12 January 2019

I agree with TM95

to Drake96 on 6 January 2019

I had already 2 shows with this AMAZING man! He is not just very very VERY beautiful, but also lean and ripped. He said he is not in his best shape, but... well, i think he is AWESOME! Very easy to deal with and to schedule the shows! I can just recommend him!

to Apolllo on 6 January 2019

No stars are enough to him! He is incredibly beautiful and the body is so massive! Just caught him online, asked for a show and... wow! I was amazed by that huge body and cute face! Try a show, people!

to Markus on 5 January 2019

I had a great interaction with this man. He is educated, polite and was very kind on my first contact. He even gave me a short preview, with some few details that I asked. Also, he is in great shape! I recommend him!

to Mr Latz on 3 January 2019

After a long time waiting for a video, he wanted to send some pre-made one.

to AestheticsBoy on 1 January 2019


This fantastic guy is all the time surprising me! Every video, every show is different and much better! I can not say how incredible he is! Just get a show and be amazed, people!

to Mr Latz on 1 January 2019

I must agree with soulboy87. More than 3 weeks waiting for a video, that should be made in "1-3 days". I am done with him too.

to Niko on 29 December 2018


Niko is just one of the BEST guys around! Not just he has a INCREDIBLE body, as he is CUTE, CHARMING and incredibly SEXY! A session of flexing with this guy will take you all, guys, to the paradise! Ican just give him 5 stars everytime!

Niko replied...
Thank you a lot!;)

to AestheticsBoy on 27 December 2018


AestheticsBoy sent me another AMAZING video... His performance is everytime better. But that is cause it is impossible for him to look still better! The man is just the most beautiful one with the most sculpted perfect body that you guys will find out! His soft voice is incredibly sexy! In shows or videos, this man is FANTASTIC!

to ClassicPhysique on 20 December 2018


ClassicPhysique is always in perfect shape, but it never hurts to say how incredible is his perfect muscles when he comes before and after a contest! I highly recommend you all ask for a time with this kind and fantastic man!

to AestheticsBoy on 20 December 2018


I just did another cam with AestheticsBoy! Every cam seems to get better! I think I never get enough of this ouststand man! There are not enough words to describe how amazing, sttrong, cute, ripped, strong, proportional and every possible good adjective existing! He is intense, fantastic in everything he does in the shows!.I asked for a video and even before downloading it (yes, he sent me in just few hours), I asked another one! He is unbelievable!

to ClassicPhysique on 13 December 2018


Always putting amazing shows and fantastic videos! The quality of the image is always impeccable!

to AestheticsBoy on 12 December 2018


He did not just send me a video, he sent a MASTERPIECE OF MUSCLES. Everything about this man is nothing less FANTASTIC! Highly recommended!

to AestheticsBoy on 10 December 2018


I got - today - a cam and a video from this STUNNING man. I have no words to say how BEAUTIFUL, CHARMING and GENTLE he is! Also, his god-like body is totally out of this world! His shape, size (and what size), proportions, hardness, striations, lines, EVERYTHING about this man is MORE THAN PERFECT! I can just be thankful for the opportunity to know him!

to AestheticsBoy on 9 December 2018

Not just an awesome face, but also a stunning huge ripped body and a friendly way!

to Ripped Riki on 9 December 2018


Ripped Riki is really ripped!! I loved the way how he showed himself, flexing all the time! He is so huge and hard! His big and cute smile and the vein on the biceps take me to heaven! I was absolutely stunned watching this amazing and beautiful man!
Everything was amazing in the show since the first moment! He is honest and willing to please! More than highly recommended!

to AestheticsBoy on 7 December 2018

I think I am getting addicted to this awesome man! He is so cute and muscular! Flex in so amazing and sexy way! After the first cam,I asked for a regular schedule and videos! Highly recommended!

to ClassicPhysique on 4 December 2018


He was just after his victory in the competition and - again - made an amazing custom video! Perfect!

to Niko on 26 October 2018


Again and again, this man surprises me with outstanding shows! Incredibly cute, very strong and the most kind possible! Recommend him!!

to Master Traps on 21 October 2018

Master Traps made me addicted! He just gave me another AMAZING time! He is TOOOOOOOO hot! I love the way how he flexes his incredible powerful strong muscles! I love his cute manly face! He is the best! Already scheduled another show!

to Master Traps on 7 October 2018

Well, I had my first experience with Master Traps. It was easy to schedule and he came right on the time. The quality of the image and the light was very good. But none of those details can be compared to the show itself! He is INCREDIBLE! Flex from the first second until the last one, his huge hard muscles, he took me to a dream world! His performance is unbelievable! You will be intoxicated by his masculinity! I almost fainted at the end of the show! HIGHLY recommended!

to Niko on 27 August 2018

This beautiful muscle god is stunning! Nothing I can say will be enough to describe his chiseled ripped hard thick huge extraordinary perfect muscles! I could not even take a breath for all the cam! He literally almost made me to faint! I begged for extending the cam (for more 20 min) even before we were at 2 min! And he did! <3

to BrutalMuscleGod on 26 July 2018


This was the first time I could see BrutalMuscleGod and I must say I was amazed by him from the first second! He is more than I can describe in words! Even his accent is awesome! Everything about him is outstanding: his cute face and colossal muscles! I almost fainted while he was flexing those wonderful muscles! Can not recommend more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BrutalMuscleGod replied...
Thank you my friend . always progress always flexing and always positive ))

to SimbaFlex on 26 July 2018

great look, great face, great body, great man, great show, great great!

to ClassicPhysique on 12 May 2018


Always in perfect shape, amazing looking and unforgettable videos!

to ClassicPhysique on 10 May 2018


Got a great video from him! As usual, he looks amazing and is huge and ripped! Recommend him highly!

to Jonnylepo on 7 May 2018


Got some awesome videos! This man is fantastic!

to Sixpackswagg on 30 April 2018

I am glad to say Sixpackswagg is still improving! Getting more and more definition and losing no mass! His hot muscles are sharped and so hard! He is so addictive! Highly recommended!

to Sixpackswagg on 9 April 2018

Sixpackswagg is, for sure, one of the hottest men you can find. With his huge hot definied fantastic pumped muscles, he will stun you at first moment! When he flex his huge arm and chest, you will be taken to heaven! And, please, dont forget to ask him to make some curls... you wont believe what you will see! If you are looking for a moment to remember forever, just ask a time to this incredible man!

to Niko on 8 April 2018

I think every visitor to this site should be dealing with him. Very good body structure for his 20 years old: beside his cute face, he has a huge ripped chest, shoulders like cannonballs, great strong traps, well-developed arms with thick veins running like webs, triceps are like horseshoe, beautiful eight pack muscle abs and shredded legs with protruding muscles. EVERYTHING on him is natural and amazing. Highly recommended!

to Jonnylepo on 6 April 2018

I have no words to describe how amazed I was by the last videos that Jonny recorded to me! Day after day, month after month this incredible handsome man keeps his body in the highest perfect shape! Absolutely ripped, huge, strong and muscular in every part of his god-like body!!

to Rob Mathis on 3 April 2018

Not just videos, he is a great performer on cams! Amazing ripped, hard body and handsome man!

to Mr Latz on 3 April 2018

I bought a custom vid from him and it was much more than i could imagine! I had already many cams, but the quality of the videos is awesome and all those details were incredible! Not just how I wanted it, but MUCH MUCH more! He really goes above and beyond! Amazing muscle beautiful sexy god! Perfect ripped huge muscles! Also he is very good with communication, no delays, no doubts! Go there, fast, guys! You wont want to waste the oportunity! Highly recommended!

to Jonnylepo on 20 March 2018

Well... I can not say the same thing about Jonnylepo... I know him for many years and he was always kind. Sometimes, I got a delay on videos - I admit, but he was always so reliable that even when I was waiting for a video, I paid for new cams or videos. In fact, he always rewarded me for the waiting! Also, the man is SO manful, beaautiful and strong than every new ffantastic experience just made me forget any possibility of the memory of a bad past time. He is worth it FOR SURE!

to Sixpackswagg on 14 March 2018

I have been following this man for years (in countless shows and videos) and his body has only improved! your muscles are almost exploding and everytime more and more ripped! you will be charmed easily! Not just a huge hard ripped sexy strong body, but a cute manly baby face! the best!

to Atlas on 3 March 2018

The problem about doing shows with Adam is you can not do just one! Right after finishing a cam, you will want one more and even that won't be enough! His perfect hard huge ripped muscles, his cute face will make you addicted! He is absolutely perfect!!!!!!!!!!

Atlas replied...
you get addicted to me, i love that :)

to Atlas on 23 February 2018

I just got another video of this incredible man! His shape is still hard, lean and huge! His muscles are perfect in every detail! His flex routine is impeccable! His deep voice and accent is sexy! wow! Awesome to deal with as always! Of course, I recommend him highly!!

to Atlas on 17 February 2018

Well... I could say this man is cute, sexy, strong, huge, ripped... I could say he gave me a FANTASTIC time in the last (and all past) cams... I could say I am fully hipnotized by his hard colossal muscles... but EVERYONE who has a cam (or gets a video) with him already know that... So, dont waste your time reading one more review and get a show or ask a cam and came to his legion of addicted fans!

Atlas replied...
Always here to make you Hot im added now a new size!

to Jonnylepo on 12 February 2018

Just had another awesome show with this god! His cute face and muscular body amazed me once more! Of course, I have asked for another costumer video! A collection with this fantastic man is never really completed! Recommend!

to Jonnylepo on 8 February 2018

After so many years, Jonny keeps amazing me! His perfect carved muscles, cute face and killing smile are not from this world! Again, thank you, Jonny!

to Atlas on 29 December 2017

I have had many cams with Adam and I have bought many videos from him. Well.. I can say that each one has been better and better. Since I know him (few years), his condition and look have just improved. Right now, you won't be able to believe how this muscle-god is looking! Ripped, veiny and huge are all pale descriptions for this incredible man! Always willing to please, he is able to go from a professional flexer to a dominant muscle-god if you like! You will be able to track all the veins on these hard huge muscles and he will take you to the paradise! Highly recommended if it was just that, but he is also absolutely trustable, punctual and a fast deliverer. Dont waste your time and contact him!!!

to Jonnylepo on 22 December 2017


Beautiful man with awesome muscles! Incredible show!

to Jonnylepo on 5 November 2017

I just had another amazing show with Jonny! Well... what could I say for you, guys? At first, it was very easy to schedule a show. He is kind and was very punctual. The payment was done hours before - cause I wanted to do (and, yes, he is very trustable). He showed exactly what I asked him and he was very comfortable showing his muscles (those hard, ripped, huge muscles...his arms are like rock! and his abs... wow! that washboard!). He is not a time-watcher and gave me another FANTASTIC show! He is with the same shape you see in the pics (maybe a little better), and he has been in this way for a long time, since i can remember! I highly recommend a show with this incredible cute, kind and strong man!!!!!!!!

to Atlas on 22 July 2017

I have bought another show and another video. They were awesome! Adam is bigger, ripped and stronger! Great time!

Atlas replied...
Thanks you, and welckom any time.

to Mr Latz on 18 July 2017

I just had a show and, right after, I asked for a video! His size and shape are incredible! Very friendly!

to Ryan Hoover on 23 June 2017

Great show!

Ryan Hoover replied...
hi dear, do you still have my contact ?

to MuscleGod1212 on 2 May 2017

Unfortunately, Ruan became into a scammer...

MuscleGod1212 replied...
How is that?? I have never scammed anyone, please email me

to Davidflex07 on 1 May 2017

i am still waiting for a video and he stopped to answer my messages on skype

to ClassicPhysique on 22 April 2017

I keep buying videos of this man and they all have been amazing! Now he is getting ready for another competition and he is looking still better!

to MasterAres on 18 February 2017

I had MANY cams with Master Ares. He is perfect! Strong, cute, dominat, sexy, intelligent, ripped, lean, funny, what more can we ask? Go and worship this god!

MasterAres replied...
Thank you a lot. I am sorry that my previous review guy "DragosDimitri" had bad experience. He added wrong Skype and got scammed. Someone used my pictures and made fake Skype to trick ppl. I reported his Skype and he got banned. Note to everyone reading this - PLEASE RECHECK Skype ID every time you add me and ask for VERIFY, just in case !

to Ryan Hoover on 18 February 2017

I just had my FIRST show, cause for sure, I will ask for more! He is fantastic! Stronger and more ripped than in the pics above! Trustable, friendly, manly, amazing! Flex his hard huge muscles greatly! Baby cute face and strong (and huge) manly body! Perfect in every aspect! Loved and I already managed to do more! HIGHLY recommended! I will post my future experiences too!

Ryan Hoover replied...
hello friend, do you still have my contact ??

to theghostmuscle on 5 February 2017

one word: PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

theghostmuscle replied...
Thanks, man!! :*

to mrnaturalmuscle on 1 February 2017

Joe was really friendly and he did everything he could to cater to my every need! Great cam quality, huge package, cute face, sexy demeanor and incredible toned muscular body! I would strongly reccomend him!

to MostMuscular84 on 11 December 2016

Perfect!!!!! <3

to The Beast King of Aesthetics on 11 December 2016

Fantastic body! Easy to deal and fast to deliver! Great video!

The Beast King of Aesthetics replied...
Thank you so much man :) If you want others amazing videos contact me again

to ClassicPhysique on 10 December 2016

Just had another cam with him. His current shape is incredible! It is hard to say if he is cutting or bulking, cause he is huge and sharp! Awesome man!

to bestflex1 on 5 December 2016

two profiles here, but the same scammer.

to DanielMuscleMen on 3 December 2016

scammer. though not fake, he is a scammer.

to CockyBoy on 26 November 2016


CockyBoy replied...
Thanks buddy xoxo

to Zeecko on 26 November 2016


to Atlas on 26 November 2016

fantastic shape and great video!

Atlas replied...
Im happy you enjoy it!!

to ClassicPhysique on 26 November 2016

awesome man!!

to Gain Bulk on 22 November 2016

If you like muscles, this is the guy.

Gain Bulk replied...
Thank you!

to ClassicPhysique on 8 November 2016

I had another great show with ClassicPhysique! He keeps improving his shape and he knows how to show each part of his hot body! Very recommended!

to AlleksFlex on 8 November 2016

I have had many shows with Alleks! He has a cute face, ripped muscles and an amazing chest!! I recommend him!

AlleksFlex replied...
thank you)

to ClassicPhysique on 3 November 2016

Another great show!!

to MasterAres on 25 October 2016

Most shredded and aesthetic guy I ever seen with 10/10 face and jaw. A true Greek God!!!

MasterAres replied...
Thank you ;)

to Zobistone on 21 October 2016

Just two days and this Alpha man made me his slave (my first time) and I am sure I dont need anyone more. His muscles are impressive, his face cute. He made me to buy a lot of cams (luckly) and I could worship him a lot! If you want to be owned (and after watching him, I am sure you will) he is the best. I am ready to do everything and give my life for him!

to Zobistone on 20 October 2016

Fantastic! Beautiful, strong, manly as hell and a nice person! You will be amazed! Incredible muscles!

to Mr Latz on 14 September 2016

I had my first show with Mr Latz! It's not possible to write here all good things I should say about him!! Awesome show? VERY huge biceps and chest? Chiselled abs? The most very handsome face? After watching his man in the cam, you will realize that is just a pale description for the most incredible experience that you can have! If you trust on pictures when deciding about asking for the show or not, then you already have the best reasons to cam with Mr Latz...but, like me, you will find out that any pic can be so sexy, fantastic, amazing, wonderful, incredible, or awesome as Mr Latz can be in the cam! Should be a duty do cams with him!!

to MuscleStud93 on 14 September 2016

Mike has became a lot stronger since we started doing cams, but he is still sharp and those abs are just stunning!! I can not recommend him enought!

to Jhony on 13 September 2016

Funny guy with a great and hot body, come and play with him u don't regret

to benjamin kline on 11 September 2016

Well... I am having good experiences with Benjamin... I just asked him for a specific video and he delivered the video in less than 24 hours and he sent it to me, BEFORE i pay for... and considering his huge body and great look, the video was fantastic!!!

to benjamin kline on 9 September 2016

I had my second show with Benjamin (plus the video). Very easy to deal with... just caught him online, said what i would like to see (and he provided it, even the angle of the cam), schedule, sent the payment and we started. He flexed ALL THE TIME those massive body. I even could breath! And he did not stop even one minute! What you see in the pics is exactly what you will see in the show! After the show, I asked for another video and he said to send the money just AFTER he had recorded it. I recommend to everyone who like a cute, huge, massive and ripped young muscle god!

to The Big Biceps on 8 September 2016

I had another cam with BigBiceps! This time, he had another cam and the quality of the image was REALLY perfect! If you like to see the details, like me, I recommend his shows! Hard, ripped muscles! Great show!

to The Big Biceps on 7 September 2016

I just had my first cam with this man. All what I can say is he is HUGE! Carved, strong, massive and colossal! Great poses and awesome muscles! I recommend him for all of you!

to benjamin kline on 5 September 2016

If you like big guys, tall, with big bodies, big muscles and big dicks, you are in the wrong place... cause this man is not big: he is HUGE in all these aspects! Amazing performance! I bought a video and it was PERFECT! You will be addicted after the first sight! I can not describe how great he is cause you wont believe... better you see him! :)

to MuscleStud93 on 1 September 2016

I just had another amazing cam with Mike. The man is growing. Stronger than in the pics in his profile, but absolutely carved! Stunning look, awesome performance, hard muscles... the best! Another video is on the way... Highly recommended!

to YoungKris on 31 August 2016

just asked for a short preview and Kris nicely give it... but at the first moment, I was already addicted... the curves of his huge and hard muscles, his awesome face made me captive of his manhood... so, I had to ask for another cam and I already asked for the third cam! This guy is one of the sexiest and hottest man alive! Face, body, show... everything is perfect. The cam is still not the best, but definitively worths!

YoungKris replied...
thank you :)

to MuscleStud93 on 27 August 2016

I am still getting videos and cams from Mike! I ca n not recommend him enough! Everyone should do a cam with him and fall in love!!

to Tyler King on 24 August 2016

Sent money and no cams

Tyler King replied...
I don't know who this is you never sent me money

to Muscular Titan on 19 August 2016

I just had my first show with Muscular Titan. Just few momments talking about the show, a short preview and we went into a hard long flex cam. His shape is very close to the pictures and it was really easy to deal with. A pleasent and hot surprise. I recommmend him for everyone, if you like a strong and carved mman!!

Muscular Titan replied...
Thank you very much! Chat soon.

to German4ek on 16 August 2016

Yes, good shows! And trustable!

German4ek replied...
thank you

to molertm on 13 August 2016

If you are looking for a guy flexing very hard, you got the right place. Trustable and recommended.

molertm replied...
thank you buddy!

to MuscleStud93 on 11 August 2016

I just had one momre cam with Mike. What more can i say? Beautiful? Nuscular? Lean? Sexy? All of this you, guys, can see in his photos... so that would be not new. But the way how he flexes those hard ball biceps, that you will see just when he turns on his cam... and wow! you can lose yourself in those muscular arms... and time flies when he does that!!!!

to Mobydick on 8 August 2016

I got my first video from Mobydick! He is amazing!! He is absolutely charming! Fantastic body, huge arms and great performance! After watch the video, I was sure it will be just the first one of a huge collection!!!

to MuscleStud93 on 8 August 2016

Here, I am back to give a review of my second video from Mike. Think about a video where the light, the colors, the reflexes, everything is perfect. Now, put a perfect man in that video and you will get a pale glimpse of what I get in my email. Even his deep voice is perfect! His body is absolutely carved, probably in real stone, cause it could not be harder! If I had no words to describe him before, now I have no breath too! I think EVERYONE should have at least one opportunity to see this god in the life!

to Tommy on 7 August 2016

we can not find a way to do the cam, but he was honest. so, I think he worths a good review.

to MuscleStud93 on 5 August 2016

Oh... i have writen in a preview comment that he is trustable. Just to let you know, I have paid for the cams in advance (days before) and he never failed! Right now, I bought one more cam AND one video... :)

to MuscleStud93 on 5 August 2016

Well... I am back to describe another incredible cam I had with Mike. Believe me, people, he can amaze you in many ways. I was breathless for almost all the time! He really know how to flex and show off! There are no bad angles for this god! Every part of his body and face is absolutely perfect! I really really recommend him for EVERYONE!

to MuscleStud93 on 4 August 2016

I just had another cam with Mike and I was again amazed even before he lifts his shirt! His huge, hard and rounded biceps worked greatly! I was stunned since the first minute! And when he asked me if I would like to see him again tomorrow... well... you guys can imagine that, tomorrow, there wll be another review here... :)

to MuscleStud93 on 3 August 2016

I just had my second cam with Mike and I was amazed. Trustable, honest, friendly, easy to deal. And what you see in the pictures is just a pale sample of what you will see in the video! Huge, lean and hard! I can not write good enough things about this guy, but I highly recommend him!! Loved!

to Mobydick on 30 July 2016

wow! i just became a regular addicted costumer. beware all of you! :)

to Mobydick on 30 July 2016

i asked for 10 min and at the end, i did another cam and another one. absolutely fantastic!

Mobydick replied...
Thank you

to Edmond on 20 July 2016

good show

to Martini on 25 April 2016

good show!

Martini replied...
thanks :-)

to youngmuscles10 on 3 November 2015

awesome man! muscular, strong, wide, broad shoulders, pumped chest, cute, sexy, amazing... few words to describe this incredible man!

to BigBoiChoi on 7 October 2015

great body

BigBoiChoi replied...
thanks bud;]

to Jonnylepo on 4 October 2015

I havedone cams with Jonny a lot of times and he is everytime better than in the last one. One of the most beautiful man I have seen and right now, he is very muscular and ripped! I can not say enough now amazed I am in our cams, but I can say he is handsome and INCREDIBLE! A cam with Jonny is an unique experience I wish for everyone! Words are not enough to describe a time with him! FANTASTIC!

to Flexstud269 on 14 September 2015

still learning somethings about cams, but definitivvely interested in to please the costumers.

to Tomas Sirinek on 14 September 2015

great flexer. great show. worth.

Tomas Sirinek replied...
Thanks you man!

to Shady on 10 September 2015

bad moods.

to Leo Banck on 20 August 2015

i had my fisrt cam with him and it was amazing! he is very cute, friendly, manly, with a very ripped and strong body, willing to please and he is not a time watcher! i can not wait for the next opporunity! highly recommended!

to 18 YEAR OLD RIPPED BEACHBOY on 1 May 2015

just had my first cam. and it was a very great experience. nice man, willing to please, good muscles and absolutely honest. i recommend him to everyone

to Jonnylepo on 23 April 2015

Just had another amazing cam. He is going to a competition on Saturday, so looking incredibly ripped. Trustable and friendly! Highly recommended!

to Jonnylepo on 20 April 2015

Very beatiful man, with a great body right now. Really knows to flex. Highly recommended!

to JhonMuscleForFun on 14 April 2015

i just had a good show with him!

to Beef Castle on 27 March 2015

Great show! So cute man and with amazing muscles!

to IronArms on 26 March 2015

Great show, cute man, strong and ripped body, flex like none, highly recommended!

to Atlas on 13 March 2015

i just had another incredible cam with Adam. He says he is in offseason, but you all should check him... big ad still with rips and all definition!

to MuscleGod1212 on 12 March 2015

great body and great show

MuscleGod1212 replied...
Always :) my pleasure!

to MuscleGod1212 on 11 February 2015

Yes! Cute, massive and ripped! Energic, intense and and flex all time! For sure one of the best flexers online.

MuscleGod1212 replied...
Hell yeah thanks DB's !!!!

to CuteCamBoi on 21 January 2015

i just had another cam with this man! and i am lucky enough to cam right after his cardio. Seeing him coming on, still sweaty, full of energy and all pumped was more than i could dream. Aside being the hottest man in the face of the Earth, he is strong, with muscles ripped and swollen, hard and so lean! There are more than i could even describe about the show! all what i can say is go and get a time with the most amazing, fantastic and incredible man in the world!

CuteCamBoi replied...
Love our times together. ;)

to CuteCamBoi on 21 January 2015

This is the man! I was more than impressed about his shows! He is SO sexy and his boddy is SO incredible. He is too beautiful and strong and hard and ripped and he flex in so awesome way that you will be amazed! His arms are perfect and they are all time pumped with a natural net of veins that you will fadewhen you see! Go to him as FAST as you can! He is perfect!

CuteCamBoi replied...
Sweet review man! I gotta give you something special to say thanks ;) haha.

to Roland on 4 January 2015

I have bought cams and videos from Roland and I could not fail to come here and share my experince, since I was amazed by this cute man, his huge and hard muscles and his incredible performance! I have already ordered more cams and videos, but I was so impressed that I think evveryone should have the oportunity to be so amazed as I was.

Roland replied...
Thank sir!:) see you soon! ;)

to muscle dave on 4 January 2015

same here. i asked for a preview and he said he was not "in mood".

to Jacked Jake on 2 January 2015

in the middle of some scammers and bad guys lately, here there is one you can go on without risk. the man is THE god! amazing face, amazing body, amazing performance, amazing show!!!! firstly i was spechless, so i almost faded in the show! he is not just THE god, but he is really masculine and put so much energy in the show that... wow! i would recomend a million of times, but it is better if you dont waste much of your time reading my lines and ask for a cam ASAP!

to Atlas on 17 December 2014

i had just good experiences with Adam. He has a very amazing body and does a great job showing it off. Strong, big and ripped! Can not recommend more!

to MostMuscular84 on 29 October 2014

great show!

to Roland on 6 October 2014

Incredible body, ripped muscles, hot show, really huge (every part) body! The best show and the most amazing man I have seen. Highly recommended!

Roland replied...
Thank! see you in the weekend! ;)

to LightingLee on 15 September 2014

Awesome man! He alwasy does his best to bring the best show for you! Beautiful, sexy, athletics, proportional, friendly, honest and pleasant! No enough to say about him! Amazing time with him. Recommended!

LightingLee replied...
Thanks Denio! I`m waiting for you to have another show, to please you :)

to theSituation on 31 August 2014

i had another great show with this guy. honest and amazing. recommend him.

theSituation replied...
Thank you for your kindness! You are an amazing guy too! See you next time!

to theSituation on 24 August 2014

Good show.

theSituation replied...
Thank you :)

to Alexander Steel on 25 July 2014

Unfortunately, i
I have to agree with "M.". Luke has changed and not for the best. I have done many cams with him in the past, but for some reason he became untrustworthy. Beware!

to LightingLee on 3 July 2014

yes. honest, pleasant, cute, natural bodybuilder, proportional, great definition, sexy... there are just a few words to describe this man. but they are very few ones to make a good picture of him. if you want to be really amazed, ask a time with him and you will find out for yourself!!!

LightingLee replied...
Thank you!

to CockyBoy on 2 July 2014

It is never enough to say how great this man is. Either with shows or videos, he always will make you happy. I have done deals with him for a long time and he always fullfilled the agreements. Honest, cute, strong, ripped as hell and... wow. Ask a time for him and you will be forever trapped! Fortunately, I am... =)

CockyBoy replied...
Oh thank you,so nice words from you my friend and so glad to have you as my friend.Chat with you soon and thank you for this amazing review

to LightingLee on 2 July 2014

Same opinion, paul duchai... it was an amazing show! he is cute, fiendly, willing to please, great body and he knows how to show it! recommended!

LightingLee replied...
Thanks, I hope you liked the show!

to markusshowcam on 27 June 2014

Amazing show!!! Not just fantastic muscles, he know how showing every inch (snd many inches) of his incredible body! If you are looking for perefection, you found out it! One of the most awesome men in the earth!!!

markusshowcam replied...
Thanks very good!

to CockyBoy on 27 April 2014

Highly recommended in EVERY aspect!

CockyBoy replied...
Thank you so much!:*

to Alexander Steel on 8 January 2014

Had another great show with Luke! Awesome man, bigger and ripped with huge chest and amazing washboard abs! Highly recomended!

to CockyBoy on 16 November 2013

I just had my first cam and I was amazed about him. Great body and cute face. Flex all time! He got another fan!

CockyBoy replied...
thank you for your kind words,and im really happy that you like it ,hope to see you soon Kisess:*

to Claudiu on 16 November 2013

Great body!

Claudiu replied...
i am glad that u like it:D

to AngelinoBoy on 8 November 2013

Great show. Cute, strong, sexy, friendly.

AngelinoBoy replied...
See you next time :* i.m happy you enjoy that

to Kane on 1 November 2013

Great bodybuilder. Recommended.

to Alexander Steel on 1 November 2013

Good shows. Always willing to please.

Alexander Steel replied...
Thank you for the comment :)

to HUGESHREDDEDIRISH on 1 November 2013

Good shows. Always willing to please.

to Zeecko on 1 November 2013

Good shows. Always willing to please.

to Dennis on 1 November 2013

Good shows. Always willing to please.

Dennis replied...
welcome friend :p

to Kane on 10 August 2013

Perfect in every aspect. Highly recommended.

to Alexander Steel on 3 March 2013

Good show and nice guy.



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