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to HornyIrishStud on 7 October 2019

I've gotten several custom videos from Niall. This guy is amazing. He really puts his all into every performance and goes above and beyond. He's honest, easy to work with and responsive. He's open to a variety of ideas and his physique is absolutely amazing. He's one sexy stud. And his voice is going to drive you insane.

to Jaysen Warner on 3 August 2019

I had a really good experience with him. He's got a great physique and went above and beyond for my video.

Jaysen Warner replied...
Thank you for that awesome review! Love my clients!

to Steven C on 3 August 2019

He's made a few videos for me at this point and they've all been great. I highly recommend.

to Muscle Ricky on 3 August 2019

We had a good conversation on Skype, then he ghosted me after taking my money. I've messaged him over the last week to see what's going on but I've gotten no response.

to Lijunfan on 11 July 2019

I would beware of this guy. After having good conversations over the holiday weekend, he said he would deliver on Monday but then hasn't and has ghosted me all week. Happy to revise this review if he refunds me.

to HarryPower on 5 July 2019

I got my first custom video for Harry and I'm on my way to my second one. He was a pleasure to work with and delivered a good video that required a lot of detail. Two thumbs up!

to Daniel_fit on 21 June 2019

I love this guy. The videos he’s done for me were fantastic. He’s open minded, a pleasure to work with and looks amazing on camera. Hire him!

to JohnnyCreator on 21 June 2019

I ordered yet another video from Johnny. He is the real deal. He goes above and beyond to make sure he delivers a video his client will love. He’s open minded, a pleasure to work with and looks amazing on camera. There aren’t enough words to describe how great he is.

JohnnyCreator replied...
Thanks for your support! Hope to see you again soon!

to JohnnyCreator on 8 June 2019

I've ordered two more videos from him. He truly cares about delivering the best video possible and making sure his customers are happy. His videos just keep getting better and better.

JohnnyCreator replied...
I would like to do my job well. And you helped me in this. Thank you

to JohnnyCreator on 30 May 2019

I bought a custom video from him and the process was smooth. He's good at role playing and delivered a high quality video. His physique is amazing. I'll definitely order from him again.

JohnnyCreator replied...
How nice it is when you are rated very well, and so well treated. Thank you very much!

to tigerross on 9 May 2019

He has quickly become one of my favorite models. He's open to ideas, extremely easy to work with and his role playing is great. He's got a great, lean physique that he is adding muscle to which makes each video even better. I can't get enough of this guy.

tigerross replied...
Thanks for appreciation!

to Roland on 9 May 2019

I just ordered four more custom videos from him. Roland is absolutely amazing and easy to work with. His physique is fantastic and he's very open to ideas. I highly recommend this stud!

Roland replied...
Thank you cant wait the next video ;) :)

to Clark Kent on 9 May 2019

I just ordered my sixth video from him. And he did an AMAZING job. His videos just keep getting better and better. His role playing was phenomenal. This guy is a rare find. Great interaction on Skype. Great camera work, video quality and performance. Clark Kent is my kryptonite!!!

to WhiteKing on 7 May 2019

He made a custom video for me that involved role playing and he did a fantastic job! He was a pleasure to work with. His body is absolutely amazing and he loves showing it off. I highly recommend.

to Clark Kent on 28 March 2019

I can't get enough for Clark. I've ordered four videos from him and each video has been better than the last one. The video quality is really good. His role play is great. His performances bring my stories to life. Clark Kent is a rare find.

to Mark Summers on 28 March 2019

This guy is absolutely amazing. He's friendly, accommodating, professional and his physique leaps off the screen. I ordered a custom video and he did a great job. I immediately ordered another video from him. I don't know where Mark has been but I'm glad he found his way to The Best Flex.

Mark Summers replied...
since we are in the market of selling a product, I take great pride in making sure my product is top notch and my customer service is commendable.

to Marc105100 on 13 March 2019

I sent you money and I have the PayPal receipt to prove it.

Marc105100 replied...
Sir I'll check and if this is how I send you the money, understand a lot of people, I might just not notice

to Max Flex God on 9 March 2019

He's really good at roleplaying. He got into character and delivered a cool video. I highly recommend him.

to Marc105100 on 9 March 2019

Said he would do a custom video for me. I paid half upfront as we agreed but he's gone radio silent the last few days. Keeps saying he's going to deliver but as of yet he has not.

Marc105100 replied...
I apologize again but I'm not ready to record you a video, and the money I did not get any from you, if I check that you sent I will return, why lie

to Mattybladez on 17 January 2019

He was a pleasure to work with. He delivered on time and looks great on cam. I high recommend him.

Mattybladez replied...
Thank you

to Clark Kent on 12 January 2019

I've ordered a few custom videos from him and I have to say that he's a really great guy. My video involved a lot of role playing and he did a phenomenal job. The only thing that out weighs his amazing personality is his physique which is spectacular.

to BrutalMuscleGod on 9 November 2018

I bought a custom video that involved a lot of role playing and he did a fantastic job! He really got into the role and delivered a video that exceeded my expectations. He delivered on time and was professional every step of the way. And his muscles are huge. This is one thick man with a gruff voice that knows how to use both to satisfy his customers. I highly recommend him.

BrutalMuscleGod replied...
Thank you for your feedback ,I always try to do my job as much as possible

to HornyIrishStud on 9 November 2018

He's absolutely amazing!! I've ordered several custom videos from him. Each of them involved role playing and he was fantastic. He brought the story to life and has exceeded my expectations every single time. He's an honest and professional guy who wants to deliver a great product. His body is out of this world and his voice is going to leave you wanting him even more. Don't walk... RUN to this guy. You won't regret it.

to Handsome Fit Stud on 9 November 2018

I've ordered from him before and had a good experience. This time not so much. It's been almost three weeks and he still hasn't delivered the video. He said he's had some personal issues but already spent my money so couldn't refund me. He sent a few shorter pre-made videos to make up for the delay but that was almost a week ago and don't cover the amount I paid for a custom. Be careful with this guy.

to Tommy flex on 20 October 2018

I bought another video from Tommy. The video itself was absolutely amazing but the experience of working with him is equally as great. Chatting with him over Skype is easy and fun. You can be open with him about your desires. He keeps in touch with you throughout the entire process. Tommy gives his all to every project and really wants to deliver a video that's even better than his last one. I can't recommend him enough.

Tommy flex replied...
Thank you for these words my man! Thank you for all your support, you are appreciated! I will continue to go above and beyond with our projects!

to Tommy flex on 16 October 2018

Tommy is absolutely amazing!!! He really knows how to take your fantasy and give it life. I've ordered a few custom videos from him and each one has been incredible. He pays attention to detail and gives 110% to every project he does. He really cares about making his clients happy. He's a great guy and his body is to die for! He is truly one of the best flex!

Tommy flex replied...
Thank you my man!!im here to provide nothing short of excellence! I appreciate your support!

to Jacked Jake on 14 October 2018

I've had a bad experience with this guy as well. It's been six months and he still hasn't sent the video he said he would. Yes, he's got a great physique but he's not worth rolling the dice to see if he's going to cheat you.

to GinD on 30 September 2018

GinD was easy to work with. His response time is great. He delivered on time. The picture quality was good and as you can see from his pictures he's got an amazing physique!!!

to handsomeguy on 15 September 2018

This guy is absolutely amazing! I’ve ordered two custom videos from him. They involved a lot of role-playing and he did a phenomenal job. He was professional, easy to talk to any delivered on time. The quality of the video and the camera work were great And he’s got an amazing physique! There were some technical issues on the first video but he made it up to me on the second one. You won’t regret ordering from him.



The One And Only Irish Muscle God!

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Raw muscle ready to be worshipped.

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Tyler King

Young alpha stud.

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II am a professional bodybuilder.

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William Clark

William's Muscle Worship and Flex Shows

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i am a person that like to comunicate and have fun

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Simply the best.

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tattoo muscle hunk stud man

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Young Muscle God

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