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to biceptoris on 29 December 2019

Yet another amazing show from an amazing man with a super hot body.

Those biceps are just incredible.

But not just those, lats pecs etc are awesome.

Treat yourself to a great show with him as I have done many times

to Peter Russell on 29 October 2019

Ive had yet another show with Peter.

I'm running out of great things to say. What more can one say about a muscle god like him. He has the goods to back it up. Man does he have the goods.

But also as I have said before, super NICE guy and NO ATTITUDE.

I will continue to come back to see him!!!

Peter Russell replied...
Awww thanks again man. compliments like this are fuel for my fire!

to Tony D on 26 September 2019

Tony has the body, no doubt !! Those biceps are amazing!!

However presentation during cam show sucks. He moves too quick for the viewer to enjoy. He is like a squirrel running around. I was chatting with him telling what I (the person paying) would like to see, but all of that was ignored. I even told him to slow down, nope didn't happen.

It was just too difficult to watch and follow.

Then when the time we agreed upon was done he simply quit the show without a thank you, bye or anything.

I gave him a 2 only because of his body. Else it would have gotten a 1

Sorry Tony.. Hope you can learn from this. I know i'm in the minority based on other reviews. I'm simply stating my opinion which i'm entitled to.

Best wishes

to ClassicPhysique on 8 September 2019

Had yet another amazing show with him.
He never ceases to stop impressing me.

The muscle control he has and shows is awesome..

But don't take my word for it alone, book yourself. You will see.

I will continue to come back to him :)

to WhiteKing on 20 August 2019

Had a great cam session!!!

Really great body!!!!! Loves to flex and it shows !!!

Super nice friendly guy too :)

to Peter Russell on 11 August 2019

Had yet another amazing show.

All the other comments are understatements. Peter is freaking amazing !!!!

If you like bicep peaks, look no further !!!!!

He is super ripped and jacked too

But above all he is a super nice guy. NO attitude like man others !!!

This is why I will keep coming back to him

Peter Russell replied...
Biceps for dayzzzzzz lol thanks man!!

to AlexTopaz on 4 August 2019

I have done a cam show with him before and it was great.

We were talking last night and agreed to do a show. He sent me info for payment. I immediately sent him money. Then he went silent for at least 15 mins.

I actually submitted a request to PayPal to cancel the payment. Then finally he replied back stating he had gone to bed. I was like WTF dude, you agreed to a show. He asked if we could do it the next day. I said NO we agreed now and thats when I wanted to do it.

He reluctantly agreed and we did the show. It was good, I will say that.

We actually talked just now (<12 hours later). I asked if we could do another show. He said yes. I asked if he could give me any break on a show since we had done one less than 12 hours ago. He said NO. He said the rate from last night was less than what he wanted (which btw is the rate he gave me). He said that price should be cheap for Americans.

Needless to say I won't be returning to cam with him after this

to Armando on 16 June 2019

WOW what a great show !!!!!

Sure he has the body and knows how to show it off for his client. But he has an amazing friendly no attitude personality. These qualities make for a good show and will get me to come back again.

Thanks for a great show !!! You look amazing !!!

Armando replied...
Thank you very much ;)

to biceptoris on 12 June 2019

Another GREAT show from a GREAT and MUSCLED man !!!!!!

to biceptoris on 6 June 2019

Have camped with him a few times now. Each time is amazing!!!

His body is just awesome. He knows how to flex and show it off !!!

Great show, Thanks !!!!!

to ClassicPhysique on 4 June 2019

Just had another cam show!!!!

Just as amazing as before. Perhaps better.

This man is handsome, has the MUSCLE for sure and super nice. NO attitude with him.

This is what will keep me coming back.

Great show !!!!!!!! Thanks again my friend!!!!

to Jack King on 19 May 2019

Had another amazing session with him and those killer bicep peaks !!!

Man he commands those biceps. Fucking HOT !!!!!!

to WhiteKing on 8 May 2019

What a purely awesome show !!!!!

He has the body and personality to give a great show. Damm he has a nice body !!!! Super friendly and nice too :)

Will come back again for sure :)

to Jack King on 28 April 2019

Just had a cam session.

DAMMM those biceps are f-in amazing !!!!! Can't get enough of them :)

Great show man... Thanks

Jack King replied...
Thanks brah until next time!

to Jack King on 28 April 2019

Just had a cam session.

DAMMM those biceps are f-in amazing !!!!! Can't get enough of them :)

Great show man... Thanks

to ClassicPhysique on 31 March 2019

Just had another cam show !!!!

WOW this man continues to awe me with his size and muscle control. Slow motion pec bounce and vacuum are amazing. Biceps are incredible too.

Super nice guy - ZERO attitude!!!!!!

That is why I will come back again

to craving4power on 28 March 2019

Just had a show; WOW is all I can say

This man has some BICEPS !!!!

But sure he has the muscle and yes very attractive. But he is also a super nice guy. ZERO attitude (unlike many on here). This is what will make me come back again.

I really enjoyed the show alot !!!!!

craving4power replied...
Glad to hear that, thank you

to Stud Max Teen on 27 February 2019

Just did a cam show with this massive muscle god !!!!!!

Holy ____ was he impressive. His size and flexing was off the chart!!

And one hell of a NICE guy. NO attitude at all.

Check him out for yourself. You Won't be disappointed

to BrutalMuscleGod on 30 January 2019

Yet another show yet another great experience....

Others on here with attitude simply won't get my money or review. He will because he is the best - body and personality wise !!!

Keep up the good work

BrutalMuscleGod replied...
Thanks . big muscles and big power!

to BrutalMuscleGod on 6 January 2019

I just can't get enough of this guy. He is FREAKING HUGE, Loves to show off and SUPER friendly/NO attitude..

There is a reason I have had several shows with him and will continue. He is the best !!!!!

BrutalMuscleGod replied...
Thanks )

to daniel carter on 30 December 2018

Have had many shows with him. He has always delivered.

He is super HOT, great body, VERY friendly and puts on a great show.

Well worth it !!!!!

daniel carter replied...
dm me on skype and let me know who you are. thanks for the review! always appreciated

to ClassicPhysique on 29 December 2018

If you a great chiseled body, go see this man
His body is amazing. Great posing too
Ask him about his ab/vacuum pose - very NICE

Great Show

to BrutalMuscleGod on 26 December 2018

He was so amazing last time, I had to come back and see him again!!!

Well worth it !!!

Amazing size, great personality, friendly and did I say amazing size !!!!

BrutalMuscleGod replied...
Wait in all time ))

to BrutalMuscleGod on 24 December 2018

I have done a few cam shows on here with big guys.

But NONE come close to him !!!!!!!!

Holy ____ he is HUGE!!!! He poses well too. And what a super friendly guy with an amazing personality.

Did I mention how HUGE this man is !!!!!

Definitely will be doing more shows with him !!!!!

BrutalMuscleGod replied...
Thanks for review . always best of the best )

to Peter Russell on 10 December 2018

Just had another amazing cam show with this muscle god.

First show focused on those amazing bicep peaks. This time I got to see more - lats, quads pecs. He has it all. He is the real deal !!!

So worth seeing him and will be back again!!!

Peter Russell replied...
Peaks on peaks! Thanks!!

to Calin God on 27 November 2018

Great Show !!!

Man does he have some nice peaked biceps. Totally shredded too. Nice abs and killer lats!!

Nice and friendly too !!!

to AlexTopaz on 25 November 2018

All the reviews are accurate.

Alex is amazing. Not just a great body.

Super nice guy as well. Very outgoing. He loves to flex his body and it shows.

I very much enjoyed the show and look forward to more.

to Peter Russell on 25 November 2018

Seriously one of the best cam shows I have had in a long time.

Super nice easy going guy. NO attitude (like many on here). Didn't watch the clock. Super personable, friendly. We communicated well together.

Now lets not forget the elephant in the room - those biceps !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!

HUGE peaks !!!!

Definitely will go back to see more!!!!!!!

Peter Russell replied...
Thanks so much!! ????????????????

to biceptoris on 26 May 2018

I had yet another amazing cam show with him!!!

He is freaking amazing!!! Those biceps are awesome. He loves to flex and very good at it. He has some incredible muscle control.

Defiantly recommend and will see him again !!!!

biceptoris replied...
Thank you for the compliments!

to Jake Daniel on 20 January 2018

Dude is amazing... Great shape and size. Knows how to show it off for his client. Plus super handsome. NO attitude at all !! Highly recommend him !!!!

Jake Daniel replied...
alpha all the way. yea man try to be as nice as I can

to HUGEALPHABEAST on 17 January 2018

HOLY CRAP doesn't even begin to describe the size of this muscle beast!!!

There is NOTHING small about him. His body (all of it) is HUGE. He loves to show it off too.

What an amazing show, probably the best I have had on here :) I will be coming back for more, that's for sure.

to Danbodybuilder on 9 January 2018

Had a great show with Dan...

Super nice guy, very great body and put on a good show.

A min or two into our show my internet dropped. I didn't come back online for 5-10 minutes later. He understood and didn't penalize me time wise. I appreciate that.

Thanks Dan

to RussianMuscle on 30 December 2017

I contacted him for a show. I asked about his rates etc.

He responded with 50EU for 10 mins. For me personally this was high. I asked if he did less time shows. His response was:

"Or ure a broken cyber fag wasting my time?"

I proceeded to block him on Skype. Needless to say I didn't and won't do a show with him. There are much bigger/better guys who charge less and do NOT have attitude.

RussianMuscle replied...
The price is standard. I was sure you were one of those guys who like rough play fantasies and strong language plus financial domination. I apologize if I was mistaken and hurt your feelings buddy.

to robertinho on 29 December 2017

I came across his profile. From the pics I was very impressed. Then I got to read all the bad reviews, so I wasn't going to cam.

However, I talked with him. He did a preview with me to prove it was him. He said all the bad comments was from fraud people.

So I went ahead and did a show. He connected with me. Itwas amazing. Very nice person, great body and overall great show. I"m glad I did the show with him.

Oh and he is quite the handsome man too :)

Posting this so others can see a positive review for him.

robertinho replied...
Guys they stole my account because of that oll the bad reviews Trust me please Im real

to HornyIrishStud on 28 December 2017

Had a great show with him. He did a video preview as stated in his profile.

Super nice guy with a great body to match :)

Good to know there are some good cam folk out there vs. the jerks with attitude.

to Flexmode on 26 December 2017

Had a great session!!!! He is very built /thick and knows how to flex !!!
Very glad I cammm'ed with him and look forward to doing it again !!!

Oh and he is so easy to work with and a nice guy - which makes it nice. Some on here can have some attitude, NOT him.

Great show - Thanks again

Flexmode replied...
I'm also looking forward for more shows my friend


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