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Reviews and Comments

to Juicy Joe on 13 October 2019

Awesome cam. He's a beast

to Liam Becks on 13 October 2019

Super hot show. He's awesome

Liam Becks replied...
Thanks :)

to Jonnylepo on 6 May 2019

Amazing cam show. He is perfection

to AlphaJ0n on 21 April 2019

This guy used to be great, but he now believes his own bs and has become an egotistical jerk. I paid him, then we went silent for 20 minutes so I figured he scammed me and I left. When I logged back on a few days later he said "I told you I was in the bathroom" which was a complete lie that he then admitted when I showed him his own chat back. He then said it didn't matter, that if I wanted the show I had to pay again, that was his "rule". Told him no, I was not going to be extorted. He then went on some self serving rant about how great he is. He started out like many cam guys do, nice and treating the payer as a customer. Then they start to believe their own crap and think they are owed everything. When you forget that we are customers and can take our money elsewhere, and that a reputation will stick, you are soon doomed. Jon Sidoti has gotten to that point. AVOID. he's a disrespectful thief.

AlphaJ0n replied...
mind taking this down and messaging me on skype

to GeekPhysiqueZeke on 15 December 2018

Great cam show

to KevinMuscle12 on 9 December 2018

Big hot muscle god

KevinMuscle12 replied...
Thank you

to Bicep Bryce on 22 November 2018

Nothing less than amazing. Bryce kills it and it a pure alpha beast. Don't miss out

to Jacked Jake on 18 September 2018

I made the mistake as others have and did another live cam. We had done one earlier this year that was good so I figured he had mended his ways. Hardly. Paid him for a cam over a month ago and the same usual bs about being busy, but mostly just does not respond. This is the reality, while he has a killer physique, he has the ethics of a worm. He just refuses to honor his commitments and is NEVER to be trusted. If you are the lucky few to get what you paid for, you are just that, the lucky one. It won't happen twice. Avoid this jerk at all costs.

to KevinMuscle12 on 25 May 2018

One of the best cams ever!!!!

to ClassicPhysique on 22 April 2018



to MysteriousMuscle on 3 February 2017

this guy is awesome

MysteriousMuscle replied...

to robertinho on 31 January 2017

he is a complete jerk, rude and a thief. I paid him on paypal, then he claims his account is blocked and demands to be paid again on skrill, without refunding from paypal. He is real, but a thief and completely arrogant and rude- AVOID

to Jacked Jake on 27 February 2016

I have done many cams in the past and all were good. Then in November i paid him a lot in advance for a cam and over a 3 months period i never got what i paid for. There was always an excuse, or dodge or times he would go weeks without responding. Finally in February i just told him forget it, i was tired of waiting and waiting and keep the money - my time is not worth being jerked around. Instead of doing the decent thing and doing the cam then and there or returning the money, he just kept it and never did anything. Total lack of ethics - when you dont do what you were paid for, you return the money. As i said, had many cams wit him, but he is flakey and not respectful of the fact that wasting the payers time is just as f-ed up as people wasting his.

to CuteCamBoi on 30 January 2016

hey bro, can u add me, the skype you have above isnt working, my id is dman123dman

CuteCamBoi replied...
Add me cutecamboi

to theSituation on 22 March 2015

this guy is totally awesome!!! Dont miss out on the best cam ever

theSituation replied...
Thank you:)

to muscle dave on 3 January 2015

AVOID!!! Scammer. Takes your money and does not do the show. Strings you along then just stops responding.

muscle dave replied...
I'm not a scammer, tell me ur skype id and we talk there.

to theSituation on 18 October 2014

awesome shows!

theSituation replied...
Thank you :)

to CuteCamBoi on 14 September 2014

great cam shows, he is amazing. U must get a cam

CuteCamBoi replied...
Enjoying our cam sessions together!


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