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to Jay Fit on 19 May 2018

Had a few meet ups with Jay. he's the real deal. A really genuine guy, amazing physique, very accommodating, great pricing and super cool all round guy - highly recommended, and if you can meet in person, also well worth the experience too!

to John Waynesman on 7 May 2018

Great Meetup with him, and an awesome physique and personality to match.

Highly recommended for anyone interested in seeing and experiencing perfection in every detail.

Most enjoyable experience indeed!

to Logan Lowe on 2 May 2018

WOW, WOW, WOW what an incredible experience it was meeting Logan - WOW If you have the opportunity and are in teh NY/NJ area - I highly recommend making contact with him. Was amazing, and what an incredible physique to match his enduring personality. HIGHLY recommended!

to Teenmuscle18 on 3 April 2018

Have done shows with Brady in the past, and they were all superb. Just done one now, and WOW. He has a great physique that has gotten even better over time. He is professional, responsive, and and great value for money. He is well worth a look, and comes highly recommended!

to Atlas on 27 March 2018

Holy moly, what a truely awesome experience a cam show is with this guy. Incredible physique, and great personality and amazing shape and definition too.

He is extremely responsive, and loves showing off his hard work.

He is absolutely awesome and I would recommend giving him a chance to work his magic on you too!


to Niko on 12 March 2018

Great showman, awesome physique, and all round great guy who i highly recommend

to Tommy flex on 5 March 2018

What a fantastic guy. Great vids, awesome physique and great personality. Have purchased numerous shows and vids, and have never been disappointed.

Well worth a look!

Tommy flex replied...
Thank you so much!!

to Flexmode on 26 February 2018

What a find, great physique, great personality and great guy. Super pecs, traps and delts and all round good fun.

Highly recommend him - i have now done my first of what I hope will be many, many more shows with him.

to Atlas on 26 February 2018

What an incredible experience - highly recommended this young man. Amazing physique, so huge and ripped, and what a great guy too.

Super personality, very responsive, very accommodating, great quality for the show too - lighting, sound and video quality is fantastic

Recommend this gent - 5* quality all the way, will for sure do more shows.

Incredible, and superb value for money too - he is MAGNIFICENT!

to AlphaJ0n on 28 January 2018

Had y 2nd show now - and wow - what a treat, fantastic physique - incredible arms, pecs, abs, shoulders and legs.

Great personality too, and what a bod for such a young guy. certainly will be going places and someone to keep an eye on.

Cant wait to se what he will look like for his november show - he will kill it on stage for sure and blow the competition away.

Highly recommended for a show to help with his sponsorship for his competition

to Tommy flex on 17 January 2018

What a treat - do yourself a favour and ask to arrange an eastcoast duo show with Tommy and Rick - WOW

So much to see on a split screen, but the energy and rapport between the two guys is great

Reasonable rate too, and well worth the experience and was a lot of fun

You can also decide who is the bigger guy - but they both looked amazing in the late night show and are both great guys too

Highly, highly recommended.

Tommy flex replied...
Thank you so much!!!

to Jason Genesis on 4 January 2018

Over the past couple of years that he & I have done business (both as his previous BigDaddy Alpha and now his new person), I have never ONCE been disappointed with custom videos. He will meet & exceed every single detail you ask for in a custom video & may even surprise you as well. Very quick turnaround on any video including some requests to display his strength and muscle size. His awesome body and personality do all the talking. He is the REAL DEAL!! Highly recommeded! Great physique, great personality. Cool setups in the videos and also great quality of the vids too, and pretty good turnaround time as well! WINNER!

to MuscleGod11 on 4 January 2018

This guy is one of the best. He isvery accommodating into the requirements and needs. And he pays attention to details of whatever you want. I have had a camshow with him - very satisfied indeed. Great physique, great personality and highly recommended. Video and audio quality is good too. Winner all the way!

to Niko on 3 January 2018

even at his young age, Niko has an awesome physique, ripped, shredded and amazing! Does his best to please you and is able to read your mind and tease you more than you could expect. completely satisfied by his show. very polite and kind person too - highly recommeded. Videos are great quality, lighting is good, video quality is good and he is great too. Great value from such a young guy. Good for him!

to HornyIrishStud on 26 December 2017

Great performance, and super guy. ordered a custom vid from him and it was great.

Superb physique, great personality, very responsive and super humble and honest too.

Highly recommended

to Tommy flex on 24 December 2017

Tommy is the man! He was a pleasure to work with and the videos are awesome - so hot! If you want your "fantasies" fulfilled, Tommy is your guy...amazing physique and everything about him is huge!

Awesome video quality and lighting and very professional

Highly recommended!

Tommy flex replied...
Thank you so much!!

to Tommy flex on 30 September 2017

WOW, just did my first show with Tommy


What a physique, and those pecs, arms and abs - standout

Would highly recommend him to anyone - great personality too, very responsive and through gentleman too

No hesitation for 5*

Tommy flex replied...
Thank you so much!

to Cameron Walker on 25 September 2017

What a fantastic physique, personality and guy.

True performer, great aesthetics, and awesome to have a show with. Good quality lighting and sound.

We worth a look, and a show, and you will not be disappointed.


to Willy on 11 September 2017

What a great show. Awesome physique, great quality, incredible personality and superb shape and definition. For sure someone to look at for going forward, Incredibly vascular too - my word - like road maps. Amazing for someone so young. Ask for the most muscular - its his money shot for sure in my books! Well done man - keep it up!

Willy replied...
Thank you so much!

to Teenmuscle18 on 11 September 2017

Have done shows with Brady in the past, and they were all superb. He has a great physique, and i am sure that its gotten even better over teh time we havent done any shows. I do look forward to the next show that we are planning, and look forward to writing a great review here too based on that experience, as i am sure it will mirror those of the past with him which have been professional and value for money.

to Jake Daniel on 22 June 2017

Still waiting for my cam show after some months...

See he has made a comeback now - buyers beware.

Made contact with him on Skype, paid over money, never ever saw a single show - lots of promises and the apologies about all sorts of personal issues, and then back to the same old tricks

Happy to retract this negative review once he makes good on the shows paid for.

Else for now, stick to the guys who have integrity!

Jake Daniel replied...
this is the same guy who is posting the rest of the bad reviews ... beware of him. I'm golden lol just hit me up for a show

to Justinherring on 1 June 2017

When I walked into his apartment, I was overwhelmed by how much better he looked than his photos. His superhero body in a pair of underwear . He immediately took control, then guiding my head down to take care of his nipple.

The following hour was amazing. His body and attitude are amazing, but he does an amazing job of making sure you're satisfied.

His body is a rock-hard and is always ready to go. His nipples are perfect: pink and gorgeous, and the one break in his dominant demeanor was the pure pleasure he took in having his nipples sucked on.

He gave me exactly what I wanted. I left feeling electrified. I was only in New York for 4 days, but I realized I had to go see this guy again. I will go back for a second session.

to CockyBoy on 23 May 2017

What can i say - great all round guy and awesome personality and physique

Worth the money spent

Great show, very responsive, super physique and all round nice guy

Hope to do more shows with him soon!

CockyBoy replied...
Thanks you alot for the amazing review, had a big pleasure and great time with you, kiss and hugs

to DarrenMichael on 22 May 2017

He is one of the sexiest guys I have ever seen. Real Stud and do anything for his fans! Unlike other guys I have dealt with

Great personality, great physique, very responsive and super friendly too

what a stud!!! Highly recommended.

DarrenMichael replied...
thank you . I appreciate it .

to HornyIrishStud on 21 May 2017

What an incredible experience!

Great guy to deal with, great personality, great physique and very responsive and well worth the money spent.

Awesome video from him, great quality, good sound and lighting and the content top notch!

Highly recommended - any doubters should not be worried at all!

to JERSEYSHOREGOD on 21 May 2017

Great show! Highly recommended - we got cut short - too much muscle for my PC to handle, so it bombed out through the show, but what I did see was truly incredible and for sure a top notch performer and physique

Thanks for calling back too to continue - true professional, and well worth it!

Hope to catch another amazing show soon

Thank you!

to Handsome Fit Stud on 22 April 2017

Just had a show now - WOW

He was even nice enough to do the show as he woke up - i wish i looked like that at any time of the day never mind when i wake up!

What an awesome show, and an awesome guy too. Great personality, and easy to chat to, and very responsive, and he has an amazing physique as well

Shredded to the max, and great definition, even did some tricks with his muscles which were amazing. Superb traps, pecs, abs and arms.

All round great guy and well worth it - super value for money!


to DAVIDSWEET23 on 25 March 2017


All i can say is what a treat!

Perfect all round - looks, physique, personality and honest

For sure a star in the making

Great interaction and great show had by, and with him.

Highly recommended!!!

to Dennis on 17 March 2017

what a treat man
super physique
super personality
what amazing size and definition

Highly recommended!

to rdy2flex on 15 March 2017

What an incredible show you can have here. Amazing physique, great personality, very responsive, and great guy to chat to as well.

Amazing shape, size and definition in his physique

Very open and responsive to recommendations, questions and queries

Highly recommended!

to DylonSC on 11 March 2017

Fantastic cam show, great physique, great personality, and very responsive

Good command of English, and very nice guy to chat to as well.

Amazing shape, definition and size for such a relatively young age, really works hard on himself

And does it for a hobby and to keep in shape, doesnt even compete.

Highly recommended!

to CockyBoy on 8 March 2017

What an amazing experience, and what a cool guy.

Superb quality, great physique, impressive show, and a personality to match what you see.

All round 10 out of 10 here!

CockyBoy replied...
Thank you for your time and pleasure to see you, big muscle hug from me

to Roland on 7 November 2016

What an awesome experience

Great personality, even better physique, and very cool to have a show with.

Amazing to watch and see what he has achieved

Really a treat, and very worthwhile

You wont be disappointed!

Highly recommended - great value for money

Roland replied...
Thank you, see you aoon again! :)

to molertm on 10 September 2016

WOW, he looks even better with a sharper image. he puts on a good flex show he is in great shape. His vascularity and muscle size is amazing, and he is also a real nice guy to deal with. I recommend you give him a try and see for yourself.

to Roland on 3 July 2016

absolute stunner - WOW! happy to hear requests. his body is in competition shape and his definition is top class - an anatomy textbook come to life

Awesome physique, and great personality and good to chat to as well.

Very professional, and very reliable!

Great Show

Roland replied...
Thank man!chat soon! ;)

to Roland on 12 June 2016

Holy Moly

What more is there to say!

What a fantastic physique, and boy does he know how to show it off too!

Awesome personality, and very ameable, and responsive to requests too (within reason of course) and did i mention he has an incredible physique as well.

Great shows, great value for money, really worth the experience, and teh visual feedback is amazing.

Great guy too to just chat to and get tips (pardon the pun) and tricks on working out too

Overall very very pleasant experience

definite two thumbs up!

Roland replied...
thank you so much friend! :)

to Roland on 28 April 2016

What an incredible performer, and what an awesome body too. He will do well in his upcoming show and competition. truly amazing size and definition, and a great personality too!

Just had a cam show with him, and his is massive and shredded and very accommodating with poses and requests and has a great physique which is worth admiring from all angles and the quality of teh video and lighting is top notch

He is a massive guy and has great definition and you could use him in an anatomy class as a text book!

Will be back for more

Roland replied...
thank sir!:)i always try to do my best-!:) cant wait until next show :)


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