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to youngmusclestud on 25 October 2019

Youngmusclestud is spectacular. He owns me, and I find it very difficult to stay away!

to MuscleGod11 on 11 October 2017

MG11 is just perfect. He takes control of me from the first second. Watching him flex his perfectly sculpted muscles is just a wonderful aesthetic experience, and he instinctively knows how I like to be treated.

He has great control of his perfect muscles - when he flexes his perfect arms, I am just putty in his hands! And his pecs, abs and legs are just as awesome!

There really is nothing to compare to being dominated by such an ideal man: he is masculine, confident and creative, and his body is a dream come true!

to MuscleGod11 on 15 April 2017

What a God! Strong, confident, dominant and addictive. Whether he is being kind and seductive, or vicious and dominant, I just can't stay away. His body is just heaven-sent to drive me nuts!!
He is the most dominant man I have ever encountered, unlike any other, and I just can't say no to him! Just a glimpse of his handsome face or awesomely sculpted body lets me know that i'll never get enough of him.
He knows the effect he has on me, and seems to enjoy it, which is just unbelievably hot!

to Caleb on 6 April 2017

I was lucky enough to find Caleb's profile three weeks ago and he has already blessed me with 6 videos. I honestly cannot get enough.

Wow, this man is hot!!!! Like, scorching hot!!! I know I sound like a helpless fanboy, but it is impossible to exaggerate what a stunningly handsome man he is. From top to toe, his physique is just the stuff of dreams: large muscular thighs, tight defined abs, a chest and shoulders which make me drool, baseball biceps. He has worked hard on his body and the results are a joy to behold. I don’t mean to be crude, but his ass….just unbelievable!! He flexes and shows off the superhuman results of his hard work, and it leaves me speechless.

He has a fantastically seductive voice, which drives me nuts, and he has taken the trouble to get to know what I like. He pushes every button I have and keeps me coming back begging for more! I could watch his handsome face all day, and when he comes close to the camera and smiles his cocky smile, he just owns me…

Caleb has to be seen to be believed. Just sheer perfection. The most perfect man I have ever seen. Don’t hesitate to contact him. There is no-one better to make your fantasies come to life.

Caleb replied...
Best review ! ;)

to MuscleGod11 on 2 April 2017

How do you describe perfection?! This man has everything: a sensational body - he is obviously strong with solid, perfectly formed muscles. His abs, shoulders and chest need to be seen to be believed!! Just pure solid muscle.

His handsome face and deep, masculine voice just add to his appeal! And the great thing is that he knows the power he has, and obviously enjoys his dominance! With just a flex of his baseball biceps, he took ownership of me and put me on
my knees where I want to be!

I've just received my third video from Musclegod, and each one is better than the last! - I'm already eagerly awaiting the fourth! Every video from him is just an amazing experience, a perfect treat! Don't hesitate to contact him - he will bring your fantasies to life!

to Logan Lowe on 22 March 2017

I was lucky enough to be allowed to buy Logan's Victim video, and all I can do is urge you to go down on your knees and BEG to be allowed to buy it! It is just explosive! Logan is perfect, with an amazing body, big muscle,and a cocky mocking attitude which makes you just want to bow down to him! The things this man does with his hands and his body need to be seen to be believed! I only wish I was close enough to worship him in person, but even on-screen, he completely owned me!

to MuscleGod11 on 18 March 2017

I got my second video from this god-like man yesterday, and I am now eagerly awaiting my third! Just perfection, with chiselled abs, huge pecs and beautifully muscled arms. He understood exactly what I like, and he used that to own me completely!! Don't hesitate!

to Apolllo on 18 March 2017

How lucky I was to find this man! He is a tall bronzed Adonis, with perfectly formed muscles and an exquisitely handsome face. His photos on this site are great, but they do not do him justice, He knows the power he has, and his laid-back cocky attitude is just mind-blowing. I just want to worship him, and he accepts that as a natural result of his muscle and dominance! What a man! I'm already craving a second scorchingly hot video!

Apolllo replied...

to Caleb on 16 March 2017

I came across Caleb's profile last week, and the amazing pictures prompted me to ask for a custom video straight away - and I have already gone back for more! Unbelievably, I immediately noticed that he is even hotter than in his pictures. He looks just perfect, with beautiful skin and an amazingly handsome face. And his body is just crammed full of perfectly formed muscle. When he poses, he looks like Michelangelo's David brought to life, and he has perfect control over every muscle. It's just a joy to watch him move gracefully from one pose to another. On cam, he is as mean and dominant (!), or as friendly and alpha, as you want to be. When dealing with him off-cam, he is totally trustworthy and reliable. Sorry for the long review, but Caleb is just amazing. He is probably the hottest man I have ever seen, and when he filmed himself working out on a pull-up bar, I knew I was hooked for life!

Caleb replied...
wow. thanks so much ! :) ur awesome

to MuscleGod11 on 14 March 2017

I had my first video from MuscleGod11 yesterday, and I have already ordered my second. He is just perfect! He picked up on what I wanted from the beginning, and just took control. So, so hot! His body is just awe-inspiring, rock-hard muscle upon rock-hard muscle, just flawless. His deep voice and alpha attitude are addictive - you will not be disappointed!

to Flexstud269 on 13 March 2017

What amazing good luck I had when I found this man! He's everything you could possibly look for in the perfect dominant male: handsome, powerful, verbal, confident, and determined to bring you to your knees in worship! He looks fantastic as he towers over you on cam, flexing his beautiful biceps. He's such a manly, handsome guy! Off-cam, he is totally professional and trustworthy. He delivered the video exactly when he said he would, and even sent me a free pic before and after delivery, which just kept me on the hook! Do yourself a favour and contact him. - I will definitely be back begging for more!

to MarkFlexberg on 2 December 2016

I had my first video from Mark today, and it was mind-blowing!!! He has a fantastic athletic body - his beautiful face, sculpted muscles and flawless skin could be from a statue of a Greek God. It is a dream come true to watch him flex! He is eager to please and it was wonderful to watch him move from one pose to another.

He is a very kind and intelligent guy and he made my video very quickly. I've already asked for a second one, and I know I will be back for more!

to Jason Genesis on 30 November 2016

I had my first experience with Daddy a few weeks ago and it was just amazing. He looks even better than his pictures! Every muscle on his body is sculpted to perfection, and he definitely knows how to show them off!

He has a wonderful deep voice, and a dominant take-charge attitude which was exactly what I was looking for. He understood my wishes better than I did myself, and he exceeded my greatest expectations!

He is the nicest guy to deal with when asking for a custom vid - honest and responsive - and he delivers quickly.
He is great at role play - he can be as nice or as mean as you want him to be!

Don't hesitate to get in contact with Daddy - he's the best!

to Master AP on 7 November 2016

It has been a few months since I had a video from Master Apollo, but I hope to get more. He is the perfect muscle master - cocky, teasing, intelligent...

He really is godly looking, with a fit, muscled body, and a smile that drives me nuts!

Master AP replied...
Always good to hear from you. Cant wait to do our next video!

to Aaron the Muscle God on 7 November 2016

I'm sorry to have to leave a negative rating, but I asked for (and paid for) a video on October 6th and I still haven't received it. It's a shame, becasue I am a big fan!

to Riley Jackson on 31 October 2016

Riley is the first person I have received a custom video from, after I had two bad experiences with two guys here who took my money and didn't deliver. I was therefore a bit apprehensive when I contacted Riley. Fortunately, my experience with him was 100% positive - he really is totally trustworthy, understanding and accepting. He made and sent my video within an hour of me sending payment. He treats people very well.

The video He delivered to me was just amazing. He really does look fantastic, and he knows how to show off his sensational body. The way he moved his body to make each muscle group pop was awe-inspiring!

He was happy to take all my requests for the scenario on board, but he also knew what I wanted even better than I did myself. - He pushed every button I had!!! In fact, after watching this first video, I was hooked and had to immediately order a second!

He really is physical perfection, with masses of sex appeal and a level of confidence which will keep me returning to him again and again. The only question is whether I will order my third video right now, or whether I can hold out until tomorrow!

100% recommended!!!

Riley Jackson replied...
Thank you Fatty! I'm glad you liked them. You know I'm always down! I'm a hard guy to resist, I know haha


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