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to Michael Bradley on 27 March 2020

Just got to do a show with Michael. What an amazing experience. His body looks like it was carved out of stone and he really enjoys showing it off. His main focus is on you and that you are enjoying the show as much as he enjoys showing off. He is new to the scene but wont be long before he has many fans and great reviews..

to Dennis on 22 February 2020

After not seeing Dennis for a long while I got to see him today and must say no matter how long it was he is still in the best shape ever and the show was amazing. He really makes sure he does everything to make u enjoy the show and you can tell he actually enjoys doing this. It will definitely not be as long a time for my asking for another show

to Mr Latz on 21 November 2019

After losing touch with him for awhile got my chance to connect with him tonight and all i can say he is better than ever. His arms are bigger and more peaked and his forearms big and rock hard. as is whole physique Still puts on a great show and makes sure u r pleased

Mr Latz replied...
Thank you for the positive review my man Frankie. I know those biceps me feel weak. Just way

to Rippedreaper997 on 9 November 2019

Beginning of October I had a reallygr8 show with reaper as well and he really knows how to put on a good show intend to see him again soon

to Rippedreaper997 on 11 June 2019

Just saw him on cam and he put on a great show

to MuscleGod11 on 11 June 2019

Been a pretty long while since i saw him last but happy to say he is looking better than ever and still gives u a gr8 show

to DarioDeMarco on 3 March 2019

Finally after trying to find him online same time as I am I got to see him in all his muscular glory. His body is that of a muscle god and he knows how to show it off and makes sure you are having a great time .Amazing rock hard vascular biceps & forearms and knows how to flex them. I have got to say an amazing show..

to craving4power on 30 January 2019

A very accommodating man he will wake up to do shows with you if you are in different time zones A nice guy with lots of muscle especially arms and and forearms and exceptional strength who really enjoys showing off. Not a clock watcher and does what you request, his main purpose being making sure you have a satisfying and happy experience

craving4power replied...
Thank you so much man, really appreciate it!

to King Traps67 on 16 October 2018

Just had a live show with him. Really gr8 guy friendly and not a clock watcher. His main aim is to make sure u r satisfied. He has a fantastic body rock hard muscle and though he hasnt really demonstrated it yet he seems extremely powerful as well. He is not all business and more concerned with doing whatever you enjoy. Someone to be seen more than once.

to Tommy Flex on 20 August 2018

It's been awhile since I saw Tommy no fault of his just work and personal stuff on my end kept me from doing webcam show with him. All I can say is wow. He has gotten bigger, added some size to his arms and forearms and harder than ever and yet hasnt gained a pound just looks like he has.I guess what he says is true its all in knowing how to flex and bring out the best in your body. Another amazing experience for me and looking forward to our next meeting

Tommy Flex replied...
So awesome to link up again my man!

to Tommy Flex on 22 June 2018

It's been awhile since I've done a show with Tommy only because of time scheduling. But finally got to see him tonight and am extremely happy I did because he is looking better than ever bigger, more powerful and more muscular. Still puts on a fantastic show and his main goal still is that he showed you a good time and did everything u were hoping for.

Tommy Flex replied...
Always happy to hear you are fully satisfied my man! I’ll always provide you with excellence!!

to Tommy Flex on 5 May 2018

Been alittle over a month since I was able todo a cam show with Tommy. And I'm happy to say that he has, put more size on and more important as rock hard and muscular as ever. Still one of the best flexers out there and im hoping to see some challengers vs him in a flex off

Tommy Flex replied...
Always on my A game my man! Glad to see you enjoyed!!

to Jay Felix on 6 April 2018

Had another webcam show with Rick As usual i enjoyed it. Main purpose of the show was to show his strength and he is even more powerful than he was in last show and also more vascular and ripped. You can read my last review on 2/11/18 to see the props he used to show his strength. Anytime I want to see unbelievable strength he's the man.

Jay Felix replied...
Love showing the strength Frankie ! Thanks for being a great loyal customer and fan!

to Tommy Flex on 3 April 2018

Well Tommy's done it again!! Another flex off with a guy 90 lbs heavier and muscular and yet he was able to flex against him and nvr losing his breath in each intensive flex. By the end of the show somehow he got his arms and forearms to pump up in size looking equal to his opponents. He never ceases to amaze

Tommy Flex replied...
Thank you my man! Since day one these flex offs have been so fun!

to Tommy Flex on 18 March 2018

Another Tommy Flex amazing show. His body growing and harder than ever and each show ucan see the strength he possesses. He knows what u like and makes sure to give it to u. Every show better than the last

Tommy Flex replied...
Thank you Frankie!! Wait until you see the upcoming weeks!!

to Tommy Flex on 12 March 2018

In a change from our usual solo and competetive flexing We decided on a strength and endurance show. Tommy had dumbbell weighing abt 60 lbs and proceeded to curl for most of show with just small break to flex. He definitely is as powerful as he looks maybe moreso than uthink

Tommy Flex replied...
It was great trying new things for you! I’m glad you enjoyed it my man!!

to Tommy Flex on 9 March 2018

another show with Tommy in a flex off as great as usual. Still amazed how he can take on guys 50 - 75 lbs or more in flexoff and get his body especially arms and forearms to actually match theirs. Cant wait 4 the next challenge

Tommy Flex replied...
Thank you so much!!

to Tommy Flex on 19 February 2018

Have already put up reviews of Tommy both for solo shows as well as flex off competitions with others. Had another solo show with him last night and want to reiterate how amazing he is. Each show is better than the last and physically he just keeps getting better.If u have time you can read my previous reviews to see how amazing he really is

Tommy Flex replied...
Thank you so much!!

to Jay Felix on 11 February 2018

Just finished a cam show with him and believe me the description is correct no exaggeration. He gives a great show and enjoys flexing. Also great in flex off with Tommy Flex as well. One thing Rick has not put in his profile is the unbelievable power he has.He squeezed heavy grips with 250 qnd 300lb resistance and isobar with 165 resistance for every body part Enjoyed the showandwill see many more

Jay Felix replied...
Frankiep my dude ! Thanks for the comment bro ! Love showing you real alpha muscle strength and domination ! Your a great client man it’s always a blast showing off for ya ! See ya sooner then later !

to Tommy Flex on 30 January 2018

I just saw another flex off competition with Tommy and the person he flexed with was actually best built to face him so far. But results pretty much the same overall body parts he was the winner and more important he showed his opponent how to stay in sync and flex with him really enjoying these flexoffs

Tommy Flex replied...
Thank you so much!!!

to MuscleGod11 on 28 January 2018

It had been a while since my last show with him due to time differential we were on at different times but was glad when he contacted me He had come up with a scenario he wanted to use and knowing how great he is at role playing i had said yes. Not only was he great at it his body had changed he was now bigger and more muscular and as usual great show

to Tommy Flex on 23 January 2018

Well after solos which i loved and my last review whereas I was introduced to another side of Tommy the competetive side taking on someone else in a flexoff he outdid himself.Besides giving a rematch to Rick he challenged 2 other guys toa flex off. Both heavier than him as was Rick though once he flexes somehow he gets his arms to match their size,He does put his all into these shows and instructing his opponents how to try their best to flex as hard and perfectly as he does. He is now 4 for 4 in the win column and cant wait to see more

Tommy Flex replied...
Thank you so much!!!

to Tommy Flex on 18 January 2018

I have watched a few solo shows with Tommy and as my previous review stated I loved it. But now he just out did hiimself by challenging Rick a 5'11" 240 lb muscular powerhouse to a flex off and though Rick looked great and was 4" taller and 90 lbs heavier you would think Tommy bit off more than he could chew you would be wrong as once Tommy and Rick started their flexing routine and comparing muscle and hardness you would think they were the same size and weight as Tommy does have a way of pumping those arms and forearms to match all bigger guys not sure if anyone his height and weight class could match him. Both guys put on a show to remember and left me wanting more.

Tommy Flex replied...
Thank you so much!!!

to HornyIrishStud on 3 January 2018

I requested a webcam show with him. He was very acommodating. Did whatever I asked for and was really interested in my enjoyment of the show. A great personality and even more important a really amazing rock hard muscular body that he enjoys showing off. Hope to see him as much as possible

to MuscleGod1995 on 29 December 2017

An amazing person. Big well built and powerful. Vascular as well. He listened to what I asked for and did it. Didnt rush and i can tell that he wanted me to have a good time. He enjoys flexing and showing off and it shows in his show. Definitely a keeper

to Niko on 28 December 2017

Had a great show with Niko. Amazing physique especially his arms and loves flexing and showing off. Makes sure you enjoyed the show and does whatever you ask. Excellent flexer and will see him again soon

to Jake Daniel on 9 December 2017

Just finished a web cam show with Jake. Amazing rock hard body and loves showing it off. Fantastic biceps forearms and chest. He is open to your suggestions and his main purpose seems to be that u are enjoying the show. Cant wait to see him again.

Jake Daniel replied...
getting even harder now. getting lean for my show. thanks for the review

to MuscleGod11 on 28 November 2017

I saw him for the 1st time yesterday and was completely impressed with his professionalism while also being friendly and doing everything he could to make sure you were happy and satisfied with him. He is not a clock watcher does not rush the show. Physically he has an amazing body and enjoys showing it off and open to any requests you may have. As I said I saw him for the first time but im sure it wont be the last

to Tommy Flex on 28 October 2017

Got to see my first show with Tommy Flex and what a great experience I am not new to the webcam scene but must say he knew how to make me feel special and like I was seeing one of the best. Great Biceps, triceps, amazing back and overall powerful muscles and he knows how to show it off also great personality and confident demeanor. Will be definitely seeing more of him

Tommy Flex replied...
Thank you so much!!!

to Mr Latz on 24 August 2017

Got to do a webcam show with him and it was an amazingly enjoyable experience. He was very friendly and seemed concerned that your requests were fulfilled. He has a fantastic physique and really knew how to flex every muscle. His arms are perfectly shaped and peaked rock hard cannon balls. Amazing forearms chest and a back when flexed shows why he is known as Mr Latz As I said a great personality as well and really concerned that he did everything you wanted and you were happy. At end of show he did not just end it and leave he made a point of thanking you and inviting you back again, which of course I will do,

to Italian Strength on 6 June 2017

I did webcam show with him and was amazed by how well built and muscular he is great arms forearms and best legs ever. Hewas very accomodating though he had to catch a flight in 2 hours. Did not feel rushed and he made sure i enjoyedmyself looking forward to another show with this muscle god soon

Italian Strength replied...
thank u so much

to Male Fitness Model on 17 March 2017

Had an amazing show with him. Due to time difference he had to literally wake up and get out of bed to do show. He has an amazing personality and extremely accomodating in what you ask for. His arms are big, hard and peaked as well and his vascular rock hard forearms are something to see and he definitely knows how to show off and get into a muscle worship scene. His main objective is to please you. Someone to be seen over and over.

to Jason Genesis on 24 October 2016

Saw him for the first time but you can be sure wont be the last. He is a mountain of rock hard vascular defined muscle. He really enjoys showing off and flexing and really seems to want you to enjoy yourself. Add to this a great personality and you have the perfect package.

to IronArms on 12 February 2016

Awesome man. Great body especially biceps. Very friendly and aims to please.

to rdy2flex on 11 February 2016

Very pleasant personality. Enjoys showing off his physique. Vascular and good peaked biceps

to The Beast King of Aesthetics on 6 August 2015

I saw him on webcam today. Amzing rock hard muscle. Especially arms. Pus on a great show

The Beast King of Aesthetics replied...
Thank you ;) Contact me again