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to Roland on 8 February 2020

I just had a cam show off with Roland. He is very hot and sexy. He did what I like to see and performed like a charm. All the poses with great endowment are easy for Roland to deal with. It makes for a great cam session.

Roland replied...
thank you :)

to Blondmuscle on 11 August 2019

This guy is very easy to deal with. I like the cool attitude. He did what I asked him to do during our cam show off session and he did them like a charm. It's great when he really likes doing them - making things easier for everyone. I would definitely come back.

to Marc105100 on 4 August 2019

English is not Gary's first language. It was odd that he needed to use translator tool. Any translations will never be perfect since languages have many different expressions and variations. I was worried at first, but it turned out fine. He did what I wanted to see or how I directed him. Some words just can't be translated. I will definitely come back. For the last three reviews, you should try to go back sort things out with him.

Marc105100 replied...
Friends I will always be honest with you, I will make a live show , or shoot a video) add to my Skype unknown10515 I will be glad to your attention, thank you)

to Viktor Baili on 24 September 2018

Anton is a cool guy. He looks better than these photos when I had a cam show off session. The photos here might be couple years old.

He did well what I asked him to do. He likes to flex and he likes to show off. I definitely will come back.

to Niko on 15 September 2018

Everything about Niko is beautiful. Watching him showing off on cam is watching the aesthetics overload. He aims to please and he will do what you desire.

to DarrenMichael on 29 July 2018

Time flies. I have known Andrei for more than 3 years now. Watching him showing off has always been reliable. It has been a blast.
He is currently working a summer job. Just watched him showing off while he was off. He knows well and enjoys showing off.

I agree with the majority of reviews here. I have a great time so I can't relate to very few that leave 1 star review. Andrei has been reliable.

to Andrewfitness on 11 December 2017

Usually when a profile is new, I wait until it has some reviews. For some reason, I went ahead and add this guy. We had a nice interaction that lead to a cam show off.

He has a smile that bring good aroma like the smell of a perfume (if I can put it this way). I was glad that he like the cam show off experience. I definitely would come back for him.

to MuscleGod11 on 9 October 2017

I don't address him as MG. I prefer to use a friendly nickname that we agree on.

Considering the positive flow of reviews here, J (I just use initial here) doesn't really need reviews. He's already great throughout. Anymore reviews definitely need to be plus plus plus.

J was very comfortable with my directions and he was confident with any, which makes the show off session smooth and productive. He was eager to please and seemed to enjoy every moment of it. I like his cool attitude, which is why he has been getting plenty of positiveness in his profile. There is no need to doubt that J is indeed REAL.

to Mike Jones Magic Mike on 1 October 2017

Mike aims to please. I just had a cam show off session with him. He did what I ask and he had a good time, which was great.

Mike Jones Magic Mike replied...
Thanks alot bro hope to see u soon :)

to Harry on 13 August 2017

My first review in the upgraded website.

Harry can become a model for a toothpaste commercial because of his great smile.

He has the talent to tease, but he has the talent to enjoy himself while showing off. It shows what he likes to do as his profile says. Would be back for more.

Harry replied...
Thank you my friend, hope to see you soon

to Rippedreaper997 on 16 July 2017

I noticed he is tall and he is the tallest dude I've cammed with so far. He did what I asked and I was glad that we had fun.

I want to say this to others. This guy is a victim of someone reporting him to Paypal for stolen account and whoever that person was really fucked his Paypal up by revealing his cam show off activity. Try as best as we can to prevent this from happening to any possible camguys that we love to watch.

Rippedreaper997 replied...
I'm glad that you had some fun, just like me. Thank you :)

to BeaztBoy on 6 November 2016

I just had this guy showing off for me and I love it. He did what I asked with no issues. Would love to see him again.

to DarrenMichael on 3 December 2015

Well, I'm not sure about negative review/comment below me. I had another camshow off over Thanksgiving weekend. This was the 4th time. As usual, he aimed to please and did it very well. I will come back for sure.

DarrenMichael replied...
Thank you for the review

to youngmuscles10 on 28 November 2015

I hope the positive reviews stay with this kid and this is another one.

All I can, this guy is HOT to look at. I definitely will come back for more show off.

to joeyvd on 2 August 2015

I've seen this guy's videos on both Powermen and MuscleHunks. He's also a regular on livemuscleshow. I am so glad that he made a profile here.

At first, I thought he's going to be expensive, but I try to get in touch with him through email and Skype. This guy is personable. He took his time chatting with me. It somehow leads to our cam session few hours later. We agree on a very sweet rate. I had a very good and sweet time. He looks great, FUN, very nice. So treat him well, people.

to Claudiu on 26 July 2015

Although there are 5 negative reviews, 1 of them is actually mixed or neutral.

I may sound like I'm defending Claudiu, but I will address 4 negative reviews.

- "I paid for a video from this guy but he never delivered and won't respond to me on Skype. Very unfortunate."
This is a common negative review that can be said by as many as other people. I don't have issue communicating with Claudiu. I never ask for any custom video. He does everything well in all webcamming session with him. Is it only 1 video?

"This guy is a fraud. He will steal your money and disappear. AVOID AT ALL COST!!!"
Somehow this is another common negative review that many people can easily say. The majority does not agree with this review.

"B E W A R E!!!!! This guy a con artist. Paid him for show on email thru paypal. he cheated me and run away with my money. No show I receive."
You may be very upset, but it is not very cool to reveal a Paypal address like this. I have informed Claudiu about this. This review (which I'm also guilty on reviewing myself) should be removed or at least the Paypal address part. I think there is an issue with the reviewer.

"what a fraud!! all the negative comments are true, and he replied it acting just like didnt do all of that. just send payment for his live show, and he never call me back and even reject my call!! what a jerk"
There are 4 truly negative reviews among all 23. One thing is obvious. This review is offensive calling someone a jerk. Somehow the other 19 reviews including me do not agree. I see a problem with this expression "he never call me back and even reject my call" Skype is not a cell phone or landline. There is something missing with this expression.

Let me add another satisfying experience:
My 4th time with Claudiu. He is very HOT, SEXY, HANDSOME, BEAUTIFUL and any equal words that can describe him in all caps. We communicated well. He never objects to my ideas or my instructions. Of course, all of them are doable. I will be back.

to JhonMuscleForFun on 20 June 2015

Jhon is a very playful guy. It's great to watch how he loves to show off every part of his body.

to daniel carter on 7 June 2015

I just had a cam show off with Daniel and I will be back. He loves to show off and he really loves complement as his profile is indicated here.

Let me address the negative reviews. He had a roommate (who also has a profile at this site - Tyler) who used his Skype when Daniel was not around and impersonated Daniel offering fuck shows/duo shows. He tricked people to send money through Google Wallet (he also had another Google Wallet account). I found out just now that they are no longer living together.

If you have been ripped off, come back and get in touch with Daniel again. Well, Tyler somehow tarnished his reputation here a little bit. If Tyler ripped you off, I am sorry, but he is out of the picture now.

Going back to Daniel, he is very HOT. He likes to fulfill your requests (as long as they are proper) and has FUN doing them.

to DarrenMichael on 15 February 2015

This is a reliable kid - scratch it. This is a reliable guy. He aims to please; he really did what I asked him to and had FUN. I would definitely come back.

DarrenMichael replied...
Thank you for review . I look forward to seeing you again. :)

to CuteCamBoi on 14 February 2015

Let all reviews stay positive.

I just had another good time with James. He is SOLID and of course in MIGHTY FUN WAY. Not much else need to explain: BEAUTIFUL, FUN, EXCITING, CHEERFUL, etc etc (whichever you want to name it). I definitely cannot wait for the next one.

CuteCamBoi replied...
Always love doing shows with you. That was best yet!

to CuteCamBoi on 24 November 2014

I had another cam show off with James few weeks ago. He was having sinuses at the time, but he was having a real good time with my style of play. He was very SOLID throughout. I look forward to a longer cam show off next time.

CuteCamBoi replied...
Thanks for another great review! Keep them coming!!

to CuteCamBoi on 14 September 2014

Cool J is AWESOME!!!!! He is the first guy from a country that I ever cammed with and he is SO COOL. Beautiful checked, Handsome checked, HOT checked, AWESOME checked, PRETTY checked, what else. Will be back for lots more.

CuteCamBoi replied...
Ha we had a great time. Let's do it again!

to Claudiu on 11 September 2014

I had cam show off sessions with him three times already. He did what I was looking for and he delivered. I will come back for sure.

I don't understand or am confused about commenting that this guy is a fraud or take away money without delivering. Maybe you were commenting on the wrong guy or you added the wrong Skype or who knows. I am sorry, but I had good experience with him.

to LightingLee on 24 August 2014

I just had another cam show off with Catalin. He is very HOT and sexxy - cannot get enough of him.

LightingLee replied...
Wow man, thanks for all the sweetest things that you said about me!

to LightingLee on 3 August 2014

I have a very good time with Catalinn. He aims to please and he does not disappoint. He has a great body overall. I would definitely come back again.

LightingLee replied...
Thanks, this is me, I don`t dissapoint! :)

to Roland on 29 June 2014

So far the consensus for this guy is positive and I will add mine. I just had a cam session with Roli. He's polite and aim to please. I will definitely come back.

Roland replied...
i wait you ! :) thanks Sir! :) ;)

to Musclelover on 14 October 2013

I had very good time with this guy. He aims to please and he enjoys every part of it. For sure, I will come back.

Musclelover replied...
Thanks â lot! Yes, i love to please and show off my big growing muscles ;) see you soon!




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