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to Elvis Martinez on 16 May 2020

Really professional and easy to work with, delivered within 12 hrs. His photos here don't do him justice - very very good looking guy. I'm a bit obsessed now so will definitely being going back for a lot more vids.

to Roy Morris on 7 July 2019

So I decided to take a chance despite negative reviews, and Roy reassured me a number of times to trust him. Unfortunately he has my money and has stopped responding to my messages. Maybe he is only scamming some of the time, but take it from me it is not a risk worth taking.....really unprofessional

to Claudiu on 4 July 2019

Ok - so I've had a few vids in the past - always great. This time he was late which was a bit annoying but then all forgiven because he over-delivered :) Genuinely good guy

to MarvelMan on 19 May 2019

no words - this guy is amazing - really professional and better than pics

MarvelMan replied...
thank you my friend!! hope to see u again

to Aanor muscle on 4 May 2019

Great guy - very quick and professional - literally delivered within the hour. Definitely going to come back for more. Physique better than in pics/ would recommend

Aanor muscle replied...

to GeorgeyG on 1 March 2019

took money - gone completely silent

to The1AndOnly on 20 February 2019

took the money, lots of excuses - now gone completely silent - very unprofessional

to Whiteshark900 on 26 January 2019

claims ex bf stole his skype account and took my money - now wants more money from me - crazy and unprofessional

to Whiteshark900 on 20 January 2019

still no response a week later - first he was abusive - now he is completely silent. avoid at all costs

to Whiteshark900 on 13 January 2019

I think this guy might be a scammer - took money & said he'd deliver within a few hours - and now no response
Happy to take this review down if he gets in contact / delivers - but for the moment I would say beware!!

to EvanHoti on 25 August 2018

really good guy - delivers quick and very professional - I've had several custom vids now which were all great. get the sense he is a nice honest bloke too.

EvanHoti replied...
thank you

to Tom H on 14 July 2018

So I am writing this feeling really conflicted as I have given Tom great reviews in the past and been very happy and found him to be a great if busy guy. I'm down two videos which I've paid for in advance and I have stopped getting responses to my emails so I don't know what else to do. I've been waiting for these vids for months. He did send me a couple of things a while back but those were pre-recorded vids I'd already had in the past and I explained that to him at the time.
I really hope Tom can respond to this and sort it out and I will change my review as I was and still am a big fan, but for the moment I don't know what else to do.

to JUNIOR LITALI on 2 June 2018

So I've used this site a fair bit and have been lucky enough not to have been conned to date - the other reviewers have helped on this. I'm afraid the other reviews for this guy must be fake as he took my money, said he'd get back to me within a few hours and then gave a few excuses and now nothing - no more responses. Seemed like a really reasonable guy to begin with too.
Maybe I'm naïve - I don't get it - he could have made much more money by not conning me in the first instance...ho hum

to Peter Russell on 23 April 2018

Really really nice guy - quick turnaround and professional - so good I went straight back for another custom vid. Can't recommend enough

Peter Russell replied...
Thank you! I always try my best :)

to AngelinoBoy on 16 April 2018

Great to deal with - really quick and professional. I will definitely be coming back to see how he is getting on.

to JacquesMiller on 16 April 2018

Got back to me really quickly and delivered within 2 days. Really professional & cool guy to deal with - will definitely get in contact again - highly recommended.



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