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to Ares God on 21 May 2020

It's been a month since I sent you the money. We had no problems. But it doesn't matter. Keep the money simple and treat your other customers fairer

to Ares God on 16 May 2020

No collaboration! If you are looking for someone who steals your money, abuses your trust. He is your man

Ares God replied...
first of all you didn t even pay me and i told you i can t do that because is too much for me.

to Joe Muscle on 25 April 2020

I like him. Answered quickly and great cooperation. Your physique is fantastic. I like his big muscles and he is really nice. Good work!

to Calin God on 4 April 2020

I ordered a lot of videos. Now over two years. Calin is more than trustworthy. He always does a good job. If you are dissatisfied, you can talk to him at any time. And you always come to a solution. And as a bonus, he has the best body here on the site!

to Jonny01 on 26 March 2020

I think he is new but the boy has a lot of potential. He is very nice . I am happy with my video.

Jonny01 replied...
Thank You!

to Bicep Bryce on 26 February 2019

I had amazing shows. Your physique is really unique in a fantastic shape! Yeahh great muscles, great show and great guy!!! I'll see you soon again because it's fun to see you posing! Very highly recommended

to Ripped Riki on 9 December 2018

This guy is incredible. And the show with him was a great experience. He looks awesomee and is mega ripped. I like its shape and how it shows itself. Always with the nicest smile and above all, he is super nice and honest.
Highly recommended!!

to craving4power on 18 November 2018

I had the first amazing show with him. And it's easy to work with him. He asks and is interested in what you want to see. That's awesome!
He looks huge. He looks strong. He looks good!!

craving4power replied...
Thanks buddy

to Calin God on 15 October 2018

I had my second show. And it was awesome! It's a lot fun with him. Fantastic physique...very insanely good body. Easy to work with him and very trusting!!

to Hades on 20 September 2018

I had an incredible show. Easy to work with him. He is nice very hot and trusting. Highly recommended. And his physique are so awesomeeeeeee. I give 6 Stars!!

Hades replied...
Thank you , The pleasure was mine ! Waiting you for another show ! :)

to Niko on 6 September 2018

I just had a amazing show. His physique and aesthetics are more then awesome.He is fair and really nice and very reliable!! I like that a lot and thank you for that!! For best positive and great experience!!!!

to michaelmuscle on 8 August 2018

Do not trust him unless you want to lose time and money. Scammer for sure!!!!! I bought a show weeks ago and he never has time lol. Terrible to work with him, really.

michaelmuscle replied...
Because you are a child fucker. I have read about it

to ClassicPhysique on 7 November 2017

This guy is amazing!!
For all who want to see a show with an athlete who has an incredible and beautiful muscular physique ask him!!!!
I have never seen a better shape his super plumped muscles looks awesomeeee!!!! He is really great! I like the shows so much and the flexing videos he make too!!
Don't be afraid to trust him. He is so nice and honest!!

to John Anderson on 18 September 2017

Be CAREFUL!! He's a fraud and swindler!! The same as at hasslbar.
I wrote to him and asked for a flexshow, up to this point very friendly. LOL
I paid via paypal and then never came back a message. No show and no skype he is a faker!!!


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