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to Arthur Herid on 1 July 2021

I had some shows with Arthur before on one of the cam sites and he always gave a great performance. It was great to see him again here and he was very easy to deal with and delivered my custom video on time, as promised. Once again very good at role plays and a great actor. Also made sure to capture multiple angles to show off his physique. Very good experience and I would definitely recommend. :)

to Rob Steel on 18 March 2021

Rob was super professional and very easy to set up a custom video with. I caught him at a good time and he recorded and sent my roleplay video pretty much right away. His physique is very impressive in motion and he looked great. Would definitely get another video from him. Highly recommended!

Rob Steel replied...
Cant wait to see you again gigator!

to Michael Bradley on 5 March 2021

Michael has the most prominent abs and bluest eyes I've ever seen. :) He's good at role plays and always delivers the video when he says he will. Always a pleasure. His physique seems to get better every time as well. Very much recommended!

to Drew Harper on 28 February 2021

Have lost track of how many videos I've gotten from Drew. He's always delivered as promised and is the most inventive and creative guy when it comes to role plays. He's got wrestling experience and is especially good with videos involving that. Glad I connected with him.

to Sid Shaw on 10 February 2021

Had a really good experience with Sid. I contacted him with a roleplay video request. He delivered the vid within only a few hours. I appreciated that during the process he asked questions to make sure he captured everything I wanted in the video. The finished video was excellent. Would definitely work with him again. Couldn't recommend highly enough.

to Riley Jackson on 22 January 2021

So far i've done a couple of videos with Riley and both times he was super easy to work with and delivered as promised. Contacted him for a role play vid yesterday. Riley delivered within about an hour. Great video quality and Riley looks like he's picked up some more muscle since the last time we did a vid. Very happy with the experience. Certainly recommended!

Riley Jackson replied...
Thank you man I appreciate it! I have added muscle: I'm 5'11" 194 now!! I was 175-180 a year and a half ago. Also much stronger

to Denis Cute on 31 December 2020

Had a great experience with Denis. Contacted him for a custom video and he made it pretty much right away. He has a very professional camera set up with dual angles and is clearly very well versed at creating cam shows. He asked the right questions to make the best video and listened to all suggestions. Aesthetically Denis looks great. He looks more muscular in motion than even in his pics. Overall, very happy. Would give him the highest recommendation.

to Father Ivan on 30 December 2020

The 3rd video with Ivan was the best. He really learned what I wanted and delivered it exactly. Very happy with the video I received. Ivan is great to interact with and delivered everything he said. He's a very good actor for role plays also. Very Highly recommended.

Father Ivan replied...
Thanks! I appreciate our work!

to Travis Maverick on 17 December 2020

Travis is a great looking guy and a very good actor for role plays. Had a very good experience with Travis from beginning to end. Great communication including letting me know pretty much exactly when he was going to make the video and he delivered as promised and on time. A pleasure to deal with. Would highly recommend him and look forward to the next time. Excellent!

Travis Maverick replied...
thank you

to CockyBoy on 17 December 2020

Alex is a nice guy. Very easy to work with. Delivered my custom video as promised and gave a very good role play performance. Recommended!

CockyBoy replied...
Thanks alot my dear, see you soon hugs

to Naughty Bootybuilder on 6 December 2020

Had a very good experience. Easy guy to work with and has a great physique. Shredded and his pics are very accurate. Requested a custom role play video and it was delivered as promised capturing everything I asked for. He looks good on cam and is a good actor for roleplays. Completely satisfied. Very highly recommended

to Drew Harper on 19 November 2020

Have done quite a few custom vids with Drew now. The most I've ever done with anybody. Always a great experience and super easy to work with. Earlier this week requested a duo roleplay show with Drew and Gunnar Stone. Both guys really gave a great performance. I only spoke with Drew to set it up so he communicated clearly to Gunnar the content of the vid. They even created a little "set" to film the video on. And it was delivered in less than 24 hours. So far every video I've bought from Drew has been fantastic and he delivers as promised. The best.

to Jason Genesis on 9 October 2020

Got a custom video from Jason yesterday and it was fantastic. It's been a while since I got a video from Jason but nice to know he hasn't changed. Jason makes high quality, excellent vids. He looks great, is a great performer and clearly puts effort into the videos he makes. Editing, multiple camera angles and all. Sexy guy, easy to work with and delivered as promised. Highly recommended!

to Vadim MuscleFlex on 5 October 2020

Vadim is a very easy guy to work with and he captured exactly what I wanted in the custom video I requested. He even incorporated some editing and multiple camera angles into the video which really increased the quality of the video. Also a very good looking guy and a very good actor for role plays. Certainly recommended!

to Bodyouwant on 30 August 2020

Received the second video from Alex as promised. Great performance in the video and captured exactly what I was looking for. He has an excellent physique. Aesthetically perfect you could say. Also very easy to work with. Overall very good experience and I'm glad I contacted him. Thanks Alex!

to Bodyouwant on 28 August 2020

Got a video from Alex earlier and was very impressed. Very good actor for role plays and very easy to work with. He's very good looking, obviously, but his physique is even better in motion. He asked if I could pay through Onlyfans and gave me the price based on that. I will say I'm normally a bit wary of Onlyfans but i feel like his is actually worth it and am glad i joined to see his physique from all angles. :) Great experience, delivered the video as promised and already working on a part 2. Highly recommended!

to Drew Harper on 28 August 2020

Drew's one of the best guys i've ever had the opportunity to work with. Have done 4 vids with him so far and each time gets progressively better than the last one. He's a great actor and very open minded. Looks great on cam and even pays attention to switching up the camera angles to get you the best video. Oh and every video has been delivered earlier than promised. Great guy and very professional. Couldn't recommend him enough. 5*++

to Father Ivan on 16 August 2020

Second video with Ivan was better than the first one. Obviously he is a very good looking guy but also a very enthusiastic performer. Delivered everything as promised and was trustworthy in our interactions. Recommended!

Father Ivan replied...
Thank you Bob, I’m glad working for you!

to Airon on 11 August 2020

Airon delivered as promised and looks very good on video. Other than a difference in wardrobe choice from what we agreed on, the custom video he made is perfect. Very good actor for role plays and easy to deal with. Recommended.

to Michael Bradley on 28 July 2020

One of the easiest guys to work with and has a great physique. Highly recommended.

to Drew Harper on 24 July 2020

Got kinda addicted to Drew and bought two videos back to back. :) Drew is a great actor for role play vids so if you're into anything like that he'll do a great job. Also very creative and easy to work with. Good communication and delivered everything as promised. Will definitely be back for more.

to Father Ivan on 24 July 2020

Good looking and good actor for roleplays. Delivered my video on time as promised.

Father Ivan replied...
thank you for ordering!

to Tatted Athlete on 22 July 2020

Just bought another video from Jay/Tatted and once again one of the easiest guys to work with. What I like the most about Jay is he's Alpha and yet still a professional. He's a business man and treats his services as such. You don't have to chase him around reminding him about the videos. He delivers exactly what he promised exactly when he says. Caught him online and have had both of my vids in about an hour. The videos get progressively better too. He understood exactly what I was looking for each time and delivered. He looks great in pics but better in action and 10/10 on the performance. Highest recommendation. And if you're into fetishes his Onlyfans is great.

to Drew Harper on 16 July 2020

Drew was super easy to work with. Requested a role play video and it was Delivered within hours. He also took the general idea I gave him and made it way better in the actual video. Added in his own ideas and all were totally in line with what I was looking for. Looks great and gave a great performance. Couldn't recommend enough. One of the best.

to Handsome Buck on 23 April 2020

Hate to have the first bad experience but he promised the video within 5 hours if I sent the money right away, which I did. That was 5 days ago.

He doesn't completely ignore messages but he just promises to make the video "today" and leaves me hanging. No follow up communication. Nothing.

Sucks If he's already scamming. If I ever actually get a video from him I'll update but I'd stay away.

to Michael Bradley on 2 April 2020

My experience with Michael was fantastic. Very easy guy to work with and exceeded all my expectations. Ordered a custom video last night and it was Delivered early this morning as promised. The first thing to notice is Michael's physique looks even better in motion than in photos. Eight pack abs with deep cuts, bright eyes and one of the most aesthetic bodies I've seen on this site. He delivered an excellent role play performance and even exceeded the length we originally agreed. I'd recommend Michael to anyone and especially while he's in his current condition. Exceeds 5 stars.

to Christian Stark on 15 March 2020

Had a great experience with Chris. Requested a custom role play video from him. Very easy guy to work with and understood exactly what i wanted. He delivered the video less than 30 minutes after payment and really sold the scenario i requested. Looks excellent on cam and gives a great performance. Highly recommended. 5*+

Christian Stark replied...
gigator39 i really appreciat your kind words. I am glad we had a pleasant experience together. I aim to please and the satisfaction of my customers satisfies me most. Looking forward for future requests. Best regards and all the best. Christian.

to Tatted Athlete on 22 February 2020

In our first interaction he was one of the easiest guys to work with. Understood exactly what I wanted and delivered me a vid within like an hour. Looks great in motion and better gave a great performance. Would definitely recommend and I plan to hit him up at some point for a follow-up. 5*++

to David Soldier on 29 December 2019

Requested a video from David and he delivered within only a couple of hours. Perfectly captured what i was looking for. Great performer and very easy to work with. Definitely recommended. :)

David Soldier replied...
Muchas gracias con mucho amor para mis fanaticos un fuerte abrazo

to Alexander Steel on 18 December 2019

A truly discouraging experience. He'll promise to deliver your video over and over and leave you hanging every time. He's done this to me no less than 8 times in a row. Chasing him around for the videos is a pain. If you manage to get a response to a message, which is rare, he'll act like you're bothering him. Mostly he ignores all follow-up messages on Skype. I'll give him that he gives a good live cam show within the confines of a cam site like flirt4free but if you send him money directly, prepare for a frustrating experience. Would not recommend.

to Daniel_fit on 10 December 2019

Got my second custom video from Daniel/Dmitriy and it was even better than the first. Role play custom delivered an hour after payment. I don't know if it was good timing or what but he even had somebody to hold the camera for dynamic angles during the video. One of the best experiences and most professional models on tbf.

to Daniel_fit on 9 December 2019

Bought a custom video from Daniel and he delivered within only a few hours. He suggested to join his Onlyfans and normally I don't join those sites. It's usually a bunch of short 2 second videos and censored photos but his is one that's actually worth it. He has a lot of content and there are actual videos not 2 second clips. Hard to believe but Daniel looks even better in motion than in his pics. Highest recommendation. Already working on another video.

to Iceman18 on 30 November 2019

Fantastic! I contacted Iceman18 for a custom role play video. He delivered the vid within 24 hours. The custom I wanted required some acting and Iceman18 was great on that too. He delivered a great performance and completely sold the scenario. He looks great in pics but better in motion. Was a big fan of his wrestling videos and even more now. Definitely 5 stars +.

to Kanyebieber on 30 September 2019

Bought two separate custom videos this week from Kanye and they were great. Very fun and easy guy to work with. He delivered both videos within only a few hours and did a good job of acting in both. He looks as good as his pics or better in motion. Very highly recommended.

Kanyebieber replied...
Thank you for taking the time to write all this, thank you for choosing me and trusting me and creating this bond of trust. I hope to continue to please you.

to MuscleGod7 on 15 August 2019

Had a great custom video experience with MG7. Quick delivery and he really exceeded my expectations in the video. Excellent shape obviously but his personality really shines through in the video too. The maximum number of stars. :) Highly recommended.

to Caleb on 20 March 2019

Caleb has almost 200 five star reviews... :p. All well deserved. I don't know what else I could say. He's still easy to work with and great performer. He always looks great. Always an excellent experience. Amazing!

to Clark Kent on 13 March 2019

After our first show, Clark had a great idea for a second one. Custom video number 2 was even better than the first. He took the basic idea I gave him and ran away with it. Can't recommend Clark enough. Amazing!

to Clark Kent on 6 March 2019

Wow. Just received my custom video from Clark after contacting him for the first time this morning. (!) You never know how a custom video will go but Clark exceeded expectations in all categories. One of the easiest guys to work with. He looks great in his pics but somehow even better in motion on video. The video I requested required some acting and he took the scenario and added things to make it better the what I initially asked. Awesome. Clark is one of the rare guys that I would give 10 stars if I could. Highly, highly recommended.

to Alpha Kade on 16 February 2019

Very happy with the custom video that I received from Dalton. He's new to tbf I think, but we were able to work out the details of the custom video I wanted pretty quickly. Very easy guy to deal with and I had the video within a few hours of payment. The video itself captured what I wanted. Glad to be one of his first customers. :)

Alpha Kade replied...
I greatly appreciate your review! Thank you for working with me, I had a great time! Hope to hear from you again soon! Take care!

to Tyson Carter on 7 January 2019

Bought a great custom video from Ty earlier today. He captured what I wanted and delivered very shortly after our initial contact. Really impressed with the turn around and his professionalism. Ty looks great in action, at least as good as his photos and he really sold the scenario I asked for. I'd definitely do more shows with him in the future. Strongly recommended!

Tyson Carter replied...
Thank you! I’m glad I got you what you needed. I had a blast hooking you up homie.

to Musclelover on 6 July 2018

I just got my second custom video from Musclelover. This one was even better than the first. Again very professional and smooth transaction. He's a very trustworthy and professional guy. Not to mention an awesome performer. Wonderful to interact with.

Musclelover replied...
Hey! thank you! I'm happy you enjoyed the vid! see you soon.

to ScottAmbrose on 5 July 2018

I decided to purchase a custom video from Scott earlier this week just based on his pics, before any other reviews were posted. He responded within a few hours of my initial email and maintained great communication throughout. The video I wanted required some acting ability and Scott did a fantastic job pulling it off. The performance got even better as the video went on. I was really pleased with how it turned out. And i was really impressed by his level of professionalism and the fast turn around. Great guy. I would definitely recommend him.

to Peter Russell on 17 March 2018

Got a custom video from Peter not long ago. The video was great. He understood what I wanted and delivered and I could tell he really cared that I was getting what I asked for, which I appreciate. There was a little bit of a delay as he let me know he was traveling when I initially contacted him. He let me know the wi-fi was worse than expected in his temporary location and the video was very large. He kept me up to date on any delays from his original provided date and still got it to me very quickly. Peter is seriously ripped and looks great. Also an A+ performer. 5 stars and highly recommended.

Peter Russell replied...
thank you for the review and your patience!!

to Musclelover on 13 March 2018

I got a custom video from Musclelover a little bit ago. He came through and did exactly what I asked and created a great video for me. Honestly better than I even imagined. He's very easy to work with and had great communication and a fantastically fast turn around. If you haven't done a show or video with him you definitely should asap. 5 stars no question. I'll definitely be back for more in the future!

Musclelover replied...
Hi! Thanks a lot for the nice review! I'm super happy you enjoyed the video. Can't wit for more! See you soon!

to Jason Genesis on 2 February 2018

Had Jason do a custom role playing video for me and I was really happy with how it turned out. He took the scenario and put his own spin on it which was cool and he really sold it with his improvisation. He seems very easy going and easy to deal with. Recommended. :)

to HornyIrishStud on 4 January 2018

Was really happy with the first custom video so i decided to get another one right away, which is definitely not something i consider often. Says a lot that I would think about getting another one so soon.

The second video was even better than the first. I can say now after messaging back and forth a bit, he was really concerned with making sure the experience was enjoyable and making the video exactly what I wanted. He seems like a very laid back and honest guy. The time difference between us made it so I asked him to do it not long before I went to bed. He promised to have the video done by the time I woke up and he did. :) He mentioned he pushed his gym session back to get it done on time.

Niall looks great, has an easy-going personality and is very easy to work with. A++

to HornyIrishStud on 2 January 2018

Got my first custom from Niall today and i have to say i was really impressed. We went from first message to finished video in only a few hours. Really awesome turnaround.He looks as good as his pictures but even better in motion. Great performance too. The video i wanted required some acting ability and he really delivered there as well. He also went above and beyond on working with me on payment methods which he really didn't have to. Already thinking about the next one. Highly recommended.

to Caleb on 21 September 2017

Got a second custom video by Caleb and it was even better than the first. He really goes all out. Superfast turnaround. Always looks great. Can't say enough good things about him. His bio is no lie. He is the best actor in roleplay I've ever had the pleasure to interact with. I'd give him 10 stars if i could. Highly recommend.

Caleb replied...
10 stars ! Thank you ! ;))

to Caleb on 8 September 2017

Got a custom video from Caleb and it was great. Definitely glad i contacted him and made the request. Good looking guy, great body, good attitude and a pleasure to work with. 5 stars for sure.

Caleb replied...
Thank you !! :)



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