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to AlexBoons21 on 13 December 2019

For anyone reading through these reviews trying to make a decision, if you read the 1 star review from the dude below me, just click on his name first so you can see his profile. He leaves only 1 star reviews on almost everybody! And they are mostly for models he didn't even get shows with. Ridiculous. You can't demand someone give you a "deal" and then leave a negative review for not getting a deal. Get off this site bro; your reviews are meaningless. Especially since I've worked with AlexBoons for so long and he's never given me nor anyone else problems. So I'm just leaving another awesome review due to the several shows I've gotten without reviewing.

AlexBoons21 replied...
It’s very annoying to deal with people like that individual. Thanks for speaking the truth.

to AlexBoons21 on 13 December 2019

You have got to check out big Alex here. I've gotten a couple more shows from him over the last few weeks, and they were fukn amazing. He is really easy is to work with... we always get started with a show in less than 10 minutes after first bringing it up. It goes without saying that he looks amazing; honestly can't get enough!!

AlexBoons21 replied...
Thank you bro:)

to AlexBoons21 on 18 August 2019

Got 2 live Skype shows with him yesterday, and he delivered!! The shows were fukn awesome; he's a laid back dude and easy to work with. Took less than 5 mins from first communication to getting the show started, no problems at all. Bangin' body.

AlexBoons21 replied...
You're a chill dude too, thanks man

to JR Jamiez on 30 July 2019

Got a show from JR. This dude is freaking amazing. Banging body, knows how to move and show it off. Unforgettable experience; will definitely be coming back for more!

to Apolllo on 7 April 2019

Had an awesome experience from this dood! Hit him up for a Skype show, and within minutes we had figured it out and started. It was top notch. Also chatted with him for awhile on webcam before the show and he's super fun to talk to. I hiiiiighly recommend.

to Tommy flex on 14 July 2018

Brooooooo. Just got a live show from him. Tommy is the fukn man. Amazing body, good interaction during the show. I had a shitty internet connection at my house for some reason, and he gave me extra time on the show because of the bad connection problems. Can't wait to get another from ths beast!!

Tommy flex replied...
So glad you enjoyed the show my man! I’m always aiming to give it my absolute best! Never worry about connection issues, it happens sometimes however I got you and will always provide the absolute best!!!

to Teenmuscle18 on 31 October 2017

Got another awesome show from him yesterday. Always quick to respond and we usually arrange and do the show right away. Top notch!! Highly recommended! I've gotten a bunch of shows and never had a problem.

to JR Jamiez on 9 September 2017

Damn, this guy is a fukn stud, and has the biggest dick I've ever seen (and he's only 19??) Highly recommended, show was awesome

JR Jamiez replied...

to Teenmuscle18 on 9 September 2017

Breh... the show I just got was fukn awesome. I was a little hesitant because of the bad reviews below, but I had literally NO problem. Hit him up, talked about a price, I paid, and within 30 seconds he was calling on Skype. I don't know what you guys did to piss him off, or if you guys were real flakey or whatever, but don't listen to the poor reviews below. Seems like a bunch of people ganging up on him that all know each other.
The show was top notch; he's got a banging physique and was a super good sport about everything. Will be getting another very soon!!

to Natural on 3 September 2017

Got a cam show. This guy is fukn awesome. Very positive experience; will definitely be getting many more shows from him! Awesome form, awesome body, even attractive in the face. Great physique. I highly recommend this guy!

Natural replied...
Thank you very much :)



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Looking for sugar daddy to do meet ups

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The limit is mental, the limit does not exist for me.

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The real Superman. Alpha muscle god.

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Country boy that loves to lift

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Iam the youngest flexer out der, Youngest flexer on the mother fucking planet bitchhh

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