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to GOLIATT on 26 July 2018

yes he is a fraud, from me he also got money for a visa in return he wanted to show skype / pose and lift weights. but that never happened. He also sends videos of others

GOLIATT replied...
WTF I DONT EVEN KNOW YOU?! Are you crazy guys???

to GOLIATT on 3 September 2017

oh i had a camshow. well he is big but unfortunately his muscles hang ... he used to be more fat and now he is slim.
he has heavy dumbbells, but he does not get them really high.

to Teenmuscle18 on 9 February 2016

not good

to Tom H on 25 November 2015

I had a muscle show with Johnny. He is just gorgeous. Great with super muscles and strong. He can even 120kg buddy lifting above his head. His muscle in tight shorts show was very impressive


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