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Justin King

LOVE MUSCLE 2023 - Always Shredded with Justin King

Verified review

OMFG‼️ Let's hear it for the boys who may not be bodybuilder huge but nevertheless work out and diet just as hard to develop truly beautiful physiques. Justin is one such muscle dude who is indeed always shredded and has created an awesome video showcasing his FLAWLESS muscle bod. Video is a perfect presentation of his etched abs and serratus, ripped pecs with luscious pink nipples, and huge V tapered lats. Love when a dude is so muscular that his huge veiny bis and tris still pop even in an oversized t-shirt! If you make it nearly to the end, you will also pop when he picks up the camera for some uber hot closeup POVs of his pecs and abs. Absolute muscle perfection❣️💪🏼🔥🤤

19 Feb 2024

Leo Banck

Sweaty Home Workout and Flex with Leo Banck

Verified review

Leo's jerk off videos are legend, so potent are his orgasms that he regularly covers his torso and even his beard with his eruptions. What makes it all over the top sexy is his ripped muscle bod, which is entirely the focus of this supremely hott video. There's no working out, just some serious muscle flexing to the max to the point that he's soon glistening and dripping with sweat. Not sure if Leo competes or not but he's got all the poses down perfectly, including many from bodybuilding’s golden era. There are closeups galore as he poses away, veins and striations popping. It's all uber sexy and makes me want to explore even more of his posing videos for viewing pleasure‼️💪🏼🔥🤤

18 Feb 2024


Handsome Hunk Strip and Pose with BeardKing22

Verified review

Beardking is back in business! He's upped his muscle weight prepping for a contest and he's clearly ready to do some damage on stage! He's already getting shredded but hasn't yet shaved his body hair so @harlanny and the rest of us can all revel in the sexy fur defining his pecs and abs. Dude's V taper and muscular proportions are all on point as is his gorgeous back. He's as handsome as ever and I also love his long hair. This real BestFlex super stud’s comeback is most welcome‼️💪🏼🔥🤤

18 Feb 2024

Hercules Desires

Beautiful Muscle Hunk with Hercules Desires

Verified review

So many videos with beautiful in their titles that I've purchased recently! Rightly so as TBF is full of so many beautiful men made even moreso because of their enhanced muscularity that they revel in showing off for our lustful pleasure. Hercules is also such a man who takes his sensuality over the top in this video with closeups galore of his stunning pecs, abs, and arms as he flexes to the max, at times making his veins really pop. Our desire is also amplified, as much for his muscular superiority as his incredibly handsome face with such gorgeous eyes and a come hither smile that make this video a real muscle lover's treasure‼️💪🏼🔥🤤

13 Feb 2024

Jeff B

Huge Hairy Bodybuilder with Jeff B

Verified review

Jeff pumps out so many videos that even as an uber fan I can't keep up with purchasing so I decided to limit my buying to his videos that showcase his upper body only. I get that these dudes want to show off how they work their entire bodies and plenty of us are hype for quads and calves, but I'm a pec man to my core so that's all I need to really get jazzed up. And all I need from Jeff is his hot upper body flexed to the max as he displays his sheer muscle control nonstop in so many seductive ways. Though not his super hairy self here, his vascularity is even more prominent than ever. I'll always lustfully enjoy Jeff's absolute muscular perfection as long as he's in the game❣️💪🏼🔥🤤

12 Feb 2024

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