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to TarzanTheMan95 on 29 October 2020

Very speedy delivery on the video, and was exactly what I asked for. Looks incredible as well, thank you again! :)

to Mr Latz on 28 October 2020

Brought custom videos many times from Mr Latz but today I had my first live show and it was even better! Thanks again :)

Mr Latz replied...
I enjoy making custom videos for you. It was nice to do something different and do a live show this time. Looking forward towards the next one.

to ClassicPhysique on 17 May 2020


Great video thank you! (Forgot to leave this review sooner).

to CockyBoy on 17 May 2020


Forgot to leave a review earlier but the video was amazing... will buy more when I can!

CockyBoy replied...
Thank you <3 xoxo

to AestheticsBoy on 17 May 2020


Forgot to leave a review sooner but the video was great and delivered very fast!

to CaptainFlex on 1 April 2020

Absolutely perfect video! Delivered super fast, I haven’t even watched the full thing yet and I’m leaving a review because I can already tell how good it is, definitely recommend.

to Timothy Addleman on 26 January 2020

Perfect! Very quickly done, definitely going to be buying more :)

to Joshua on 5 September 2019

Didn’t really do what I paid for (plus extra, I’ll add) but still was a decent half show. Asked for more money to finish the show that I already paid for though..

Joshua replied...
I don't know who you are and for sure you not have any show with me.

to Mr Latz on 13 January 2019

Brought multiple videos now and he never disappoints! Amazing.

to HornyIrishStud on 7 November 2018

Forgot to leave a review for my most recent purchase but thank you again! 3rd video I’ve had and they’ve all been great.

to Caleb on 9 July 2018

By far the best video I’ve purchased so far and looking forward to buying another already! Thanks again

to Mr Latz on 29 March 2018

Had a video from Mr Latz and I’m so impressed. Guy is a true alpha and I know where all my moneys going now ???????? Thanks again!

to Tyson Carter on 8 March 2018

Literally the best video I’ve ever received and can’t wait to buy more.

to JERSEYSHOREGOD on 27 January 2018

Thanks again!


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