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to Vadim Bright on 24 May 2020

Just received a 10 minute custom video from Vadim and it was great! He's an absolute sweetie and so beautiful to watch. Even though I don't really expect a video within 24 hours, he was apologetic that it took longer. Again, a total sweetie! Knows how to display his body. Could watch him all day.

to Diesel Derrick on 10 January 2020

Just got my second video from Derrick. Once again, he turned the sexiness meter to HIGH. This guy knows how to show off his beautiful, developing bod and will make you wish you were in the room with him.

to Master Of Subs on 7 January 2020

This guy is pure hot chocolate! One of the most beautiful bodies I have ever seen. Lean but incredibly muscular. Carved out abs but a huge chest. Don't know how he does it. A vision of perfection who is so sweet to work with and wants to please.

to Diesel Derrick on 30 December 2019

This young muscle dude did a great job of getting a video to me in a timely manner. He has a natural comfort in front of the camera that you'll enjoy. Everyone be nice to him as he's newer to this but doing an outstanding job of showing off his physique. He's a great investment.

to Anthony Romeo on 16 December 2019

This guy is so sweet! He aims to please and will do whatever it takes to make you happy. Has impressive guns and pecs and a beautiful smile. Give this guy a try and know you will get your money's worth.

to Aanor muscle on 13 December 2019

Ordered a video from him and received it very quickly. Has one of the most impressive physiques on this site. Has amazing muscle control and will satisfy your every longing.

Aanor muscle replied...
Thank you !

to Riley Jackson on 5 December 2019

I ordered a video from Riley last night and received it in under an hour. Record time! He doesn't mess around. Does a great job of showing off his nice physique while being incredibly charming. You can't go wrong connecting with this guy.

Riley Jackson replied...
Thank you man I appreciate it!! I'm glad you liked the video and me! I'm always down for more!

to Jaysen Warner on 20 November 2019

Just received another video from Jaysen. He is a super sweet guy and wants to make the customer happy. He literally followed my plan to the letter. How can you argue with that? His body is amazing and his prices are fair. You can't go wrong by giving him a chance!

Jaysen Warner replied...
Hey, the plan was fun and different! Enjoyed making it happen for you!

to Joseph Brown on 25 September 2019


Not only did I order a video from this muscleman yesterday, but I received it within a few hours. He gets better and better each time I see him. He could rule the world with those pecs of his. Super sweet guy who really really wants to please.

to Musclelover on 24 September 2019


Received my latest video from this sexy guy yesterday, and it was amazing. He was very accommodating and did his best to get the video to me quickly with the terms I asked for. I could watch his pecs all day. I even love the sexy way he simply looks into the camera. His prices are SO reasonable. You can't go wrong connecting with him.

Musclelover replied...
Hello! thank you very much for your kind words! see you soon!

to Jaysen Warner on 21 September 2019

I recently got my second video from Jaysen. I asked him to feature his pecs in it, and he didn't disappoint. His pecs are unbelievable and on full display in the video. Enjoyed every second. He's a sweet guy who aims to please.

Jaysen Warner replied...
Thanks, man! Glad to show off my pecs for you anytime!

to Bradley Summers on 21 September 2019

Just got my second video from Josh yesterday. Incredible! Showed off all his amazing muscles and assets to perfection. It was also a quick turnaround from payment to receiving the video. This guy is sexy no matter what he does.

to daniel carter on 15 August 2019

If you've ever wondered, "Is it possible for someone with a perfect body to also be the nicest guy in the world?" with this man, the answer is YES! You won't find someone more kind and muscular. Winner and still champion!

to Bradley Summers on 8 August 2019

Whatever you do, you MUST connect with this man...and I do mean MAN! Just received an amazing video from him and enjoyed every second. This guy is the real deal - muscular, sexy, and gorgeous. Believe me, you will thank yourself.

to daniel carter on 26 July 2019

What can I say about this dude that hasn't already be said? He never fails to satisfy in every way. He puts his all into every show. If you haven't reached out to him yet, what are you waiting for? Do yourself a favor.

to Master Of Subs on 26 July 2019

Just received another video from this stud. So hot hot hot! He took it up a notch on this video and only left me wanting more. Whether a show or custom video, you will not be disappointed.

to Musclelover on 23 July 2019


Received my video from Musclelover today. Talk about Christmas in July!! This guy’s pecs are the 8th wonder of the world! For 15 minutes he flexed and bounced them, and I was hypnotized and enthralled. This guy is SO sexy. Gave me exactly what I wanted. I will definitely be a repeat customer.

Musclelover replied...
Hi! Thanks a lot! Im' super happy you enjoyed my big pecs! hope to see you soon!

to Jaysen Warner on 23 July 2019

Got my video from Jaysen today, and it was worth the wait. His amazing pecs were on full display. Of course, he has lots of other muscles to enjoy as well. Something tells me that future videos will only get hotter.

Jaysen Warner replied...
Thank you for that great review! Enjoyed doing your video for you!

to Master Of Subs on 21 July 2019

Ordered a video recently from him. Received it in two days, and it was super sexy. He's a sweet dude and great to talk to. He aims to please and will do a great job for you.

to Joseph Brown on 21 July 2019


Ordered my first custom vid from Joseph. Not only did I receive the video the same day, but he was his usual sexy self. The pecs were in full effect! This guy does not disappoint.

to daniel carter on 19 July 2019

Can't believe I waited this long to get a video from this guy! Outstanding and beyond my expectations. Don't wait any longer. Give Daniel a chance to rock your world!

to Jack King on 7 May 2019

Just received my first custom video from Jack. It was fantastic. This guy has that rare combination of incredibly muscular and absolutely adorable. His muscle control flexing is off the charts. You'll be glad you made a financial investment in him.

to Mark Magnus on 16 July 2017

This guy is the real deal! Huge muscles with more to spare. If you love pec shows, this guy is for you. He aims to please. All I wanted was pecs, and that's exactly what I got. I'm sure I'll be seeing more muscles in the future, but he was so kind and sexy. You will not be disappointed.

Mark Magnus replied...
uhmmm I enjoyed with u so much and i hope to see you soon. my big pecs r waiting for you.

Sexy Pec Flex and Worship For You

to Sexy Pec Flex and Worship For You featuring CockyBoy on 5 December 2019


As a pec fan, Cockyboy is one of the best. And this video puts his pecs on full display. This guy reeks sexy! You will love this video. If only he could have gone another 10 minutes:)

Cum Together

to Cum Together featuring CockyBoy on 5 December 2019


Wow!!! Can't believe I waited so long to get this video. How can you go wrong with Cockyboy doing his sexy thing for over 20 minutes! This is definitely one of his greatest videos.

Ultimate Pecs

to Ultimate Pecs featuring musclebeach on 30 November 2019


This man's pecs are the stuff of legend, and this video proves it. He shows them off in every possible way, and you still can't get enough as a fan. Amazing pec display all the way around.

Young Sexy Oiled Up Hunk

to Young Sexy Oiled Up Hunk featuring Leo Santo on 30 November 2019


Wow! Leo is hot! So thick and proportioned and a beautiful face as well. The camera loves him. I hope he does a video featuring his pecs. Amazing! I also hope he shows us how to connect for chats and videos. Can't wait to see what he comes up with next.

Superman Under Your Control

to Superman Under Your Control featuring Caleb on 21 July 2019


No other way to say it: Caleb is the man. This video proves it. One of the longer videos on this site. Can't get enough of him!

Flex and Cum

to Flex and Cum featuring Joseph Brown on 15 June 2019


Just purchased this video and WOW! This guy is amazing. He's big all over;) Trust me. Watching Joseph is an experience you won't forget.

Camshow Flexing

to Camshow Flexing featuring Joseph Brown on 27 May 2019


Loved this video! Joseph is a massive dude who loves to show off. His pecs are huge! They deserve their own zip code! He should do a video exclusively spotlighting his pecs. Also hope a nude video is offered soon. This guy is the real deal.


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