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to Handsome Fit Stud on 18 November 2020

Had a number of great shows with him but have had 3 over the last year that were just ridiculous. Each time set up a cam show then he said he had to reschedule after paying. Either “I’m not home” (so why did you have me send the money) and then waited months to get the show. Crazy excuse after excuse for months. He still owes me a show but he can keep the money. Great physique but just not reliable or trustworthy and that been his MO for the past 10-12 months.

to TarzanTheMan95 on 6 November 2020

This guy is way bigger than his pics !! Crazy massive rock hard muscle built more like Hercules than Tarzan !!! Huge steel solid muscle and great fuken attitude and role plays. Try him if your looking for strong alpha muscle. You won’t be disappointed.

to SuperShape on 7 October 2020

Went in for round two and this guy drained me !!! Had me exploding in minutes with his role play ; couldn’t resist

SuperShape replied...
You are strong man ???????????????? Come back soon

to SuperShape on 5 October 2020

this guy is basically what a current Greek god would look like...hard as stone, perfect muscle bellies, from quads to traps this dude is perfect muscle and symmetry. then put on top, confident, chiseled jaw and dominate - please try him ; never saw him before but I will be seeing him again :)

SuperShape replied...
Can’t wait to challenge you at lockers room, Bring your best dude !

to Damien Bentley on 27 September 2020

This dude is a stacked shredded cocky god. Tried him for the first time and he had me breaking within minutes !!! Easy to work with, great dense carved hard lean muscles. Tell him the type of show you want and he will accommodate!!!

to Kevin Muscle on 12 September 2020

great biceps like fuken rock and great attitude...try him you will love it !!!!

Kevin Muscle replied...
Ty So much !

to MuscleBoyBG on 31 July 2020

One of the best, if not the best physiques I’ve ever seen. If you like rock hard muscle and flexing this guy is THE guy to go to. Did a cam show and he was great

to MuscleBoyBG on 31 July 2020

One of the best, if not the best physiques I’ve ever seen. If you like rock hard muscle and flexing this guy is THE guy to go to. Did a cam show and he was great

to Arthur Herid on 4 July 2020


and again this rock solid tough confident guy kills it !!!! had me weak and breathless. tell him what you want and he will deliver and give you your moneys worth !!!!!

to Arthur Herid on 29 June 2020

Confident, tough and sculpted like a statue this guy will flex you in to exploding !!! I was at work at he had me weak af. You will not be disappointed try him !!!!

to HornyIrishStud on 28 June 2020

this dude put on serious muscles and the quads and biceps are gonna destroy you !!! peaks and cockiness that will have u drooling and begging...come see his new swole look..great show and will be back

to Jon Fisher on 21 June 2020

Dude has gotten harder, more shredded and alpha af. Had me admiring and exploding in minutes. Try a show and you won’t be disappointed !!!

to RichyLift on 9 June 2020

simple cocky flex show ; agreed to the show ; sent payment ; then ghosted


to Armani Flexxx on 15 May 2020

PLEASE TRY THIS DUDE !!! One of the few guys that looks EVEN BETTER during Covid !!!! For the past few months his shreds and confidence are better than most dudes I’ve seen and he has been dominating and flexing me in to exploding every fuken time !!!! You will not regret trying this shredded rock hard god.

Armani Flexxx replied...
Thanks for the review

to Jon Fisher on 3 May 2020

this dude has gotten harder and more shredder and cockier every week...fuken had me exploding with his show with eaaaase

to CaptainFlex on 6 April 2020

This dude destroyed me again !!!!! Had me total under control with those muscles, dripping and begging to be released !!!! This guy knows what he's doing and has had years of experience using his muscle to make everyone worship. Will be seeing him again and again. Takes pride in his work and treats this like a business and loves his customers

to CaptainFlex on 21 March 2020

Dude was an absolute beast !!!!! had me fuken admiring within seconds...huge jacked pecs, baseball biceps and quads are great !!! give this new guy a one wants to be first but im so glad I gave him a try. you will not regret it !!! btw he's been doing this for years so he knows what he's doing - confident, cocky, and treats this like a job - custom oriented and a good dude you will not be disappointed also blessed with more that just a physique and looks :)

CaptainFlex replied...
Thanks my man!!

to MuscleGod11 on 15 March 2020

a fuken god. he used his muscles to make me drip so hard and I resisted and he still broke me in half...muscle god

to Jon Fisher on 14 March 2020

this dude is getting bigger harder and tougher by the week. he will have you begging for more. shredded and hard as steel and cocky too

to Jon Fisher on 5 March 2020

shredded rock hard and cocky as hell. this dude keeps getting better !!!!! sculpted

to Diesel Derrick on 25 February 2020

getting bigger harder and more dominant and playful each week. dude is killing it at the gym and on cam

to Jon Fisher on 24 February 2020

Muscle like fuken steel and confidence and cockiness along with shredded abs/obliques chest and biceps to have you rolling and exploding in minutes...give him a try you will not be disappointed !!!!

to craving4power on 5 February 2020

Made me cum in under 4 minutes and i just lost control. Muscles like fuken steel and aesthetics and peaks. Try him you will explode

craving4power replied...
That's probably one of the best reviews so far haha, thanks man

to Ryan Williams on 26 January 2020

This dudes confidence and attitude had me breaking in minutes !!! Great show and rock solid physique. I will be baaack

Ryan Williams replied...
Thanks man. It was nice breaking you again today, in 6 minutes again, and talking to you after.

to Timothy Addleman on 21 January 2020

dude put on a about 15 lbs of rock solid muscle since he first started here. Had me drooling and fighting not to bust in the first few minutes. Confident, tough, rock hard god

to Armani Flexxx on 13 January 2020

Jan 13 2020 this dude has surpassed his conditioning and is a rock hard shredded statue. Bicep peaks, horse hung abs and face of a god. Ask for what you want and you will have a new muscle god.

to Armani Flexxx on 13 January 2020

Jan 13 2020 this dude has surpassed his conditioning and is a rock hard shredded statue. Bicep peaks, horse hung abs and face of a god. Ask for what you want and you will have a new muscle god.

to DannyRockmore on 11 January 2020

quads are shredded and biceps and chest are like rock ; had me exploding before I knew what was happening

to Diesel Derrick on 24 December 2019

Lat spread and chest will have you dripping and submitting but his confidence and cockiness will have you exploding. Try this dude. You will not be disappointed !!!

to Caleb on 24 December 2019

He’s back and bigger and just as shredded as ever !! This dude has been my go to guy for years and now he is competition ready. Huge quads and biceps almost softball size now. Hard as steel and he will fuken dominate the strongest dude. Give him a try or see him again. You never saw him like this before !!!!

to Nick Masterfield on 24 December 2019

It’s been months since i paid for a cam show and excuses and then silence. I paid for a show and he said give him a minute. Then he was at his parents house. Then driving back. Then let’s do it tommorow. Then a few more excuses over the next month. Then no response for months. Smh

to Ripped Hall on 8 December 2019

got half a show then he had to go. paid $20 more for another and he sent me a video that I didn't want instead. I said I wanted to do the show I paid for and he said no ill have to pay again for that. I decided to quit while I was behind haha

to benmuscle23 on 7 December 2019

top to bottom this dude is a bad ass and has the sickest bicep peaks and knows how to use em !!! always a great show and good energy with this muscled beast

to Armani Flexxx on 5 December 2019

this dude is a fuken beast!!! entire body is rock hard and muscles are shredded and full - new pics up show current condition and he aims to please. you will not be disappointed. have had only great shows with this killa

Armani Flexxx replied...
Thanks again man

to KevinMuscle12 on 25 November 2019

Had shows with Kevin a number of times over the years. NEVER DISAPPOINTS !!! Bad ass, cocky rock hard muscle that will have you exploding to him in no time. I never worry bout what a show with this guy will be like. Consistent af and great attitude and muscle control. JUST DO IT !!! You won’t be disappointed

KevinMuscle12 replied...
appreciate it

to Diesel Derrick on 14 November 2019

Had a bunch of shows with this alpha already. He will get into your head and flex you into exploding effortlessly. If you like his look give him a try cause he has never disappointed !!!

to Diesel Derrick on 2 November 2019

This dude was awesome !!! lean shredded muscle and able to get in to the cocky alpha role without being a douchebag !!!! try him out...good dude and great show !!!

Diesel Derrick replied...
Thanks man come for more

to HornyIrishStud on 6 October 2019

The muscles and confidence on this guy are perfect !!! Hard as a rock, tough and totally in to creating a show that will get you dripping !!!! Try him !!! You will not regret it !!!

to Armani Flexxx on 23 September 2019

I see this dude on Skype pretty often. bicep peaks like rock, traps are huge and solid as steel...hung like a horse and shredded quads. ask him to make you cum...he will have no problem making you explode

Armani Flexxx replied...
Glad you enjoyed man ;)

to Armani Flexxx on 5 September 2019

get about two shows a week with this dude- his muscle mass and density keep growing and he's cocky as fuk.....totally worth it so stop by and give him a try. money well spent

Armani Flexxx replied...
One of my favs!

to benmuscle23 on 2 September 2019

this dude made me cum hard with those biceps. Fuken awesome

to Caleb on 27 August 2019

been getting shows from this dude for years. more reliable than my local pharmacy and unreal muscle shape. peaks, quads and the most alpha shows ever. if you haven't tried him, do yourself a favor, he will have you exploding

btw I'm the 200 review !!!!!!! I don't think he has a bad review in all 200

to Armani Flexxx on 7 August 2019

Had about 6 shows with this shredded rock hard aesthetic dude. He has had me on my knees cumming every time. Physique is a lean aesthetic hard muscle and looks a bit better than his pics !!! Try him you won’t be sorry

to themind on 25 July 2019

Two months later still no response. Set up a show then he disappeared

themind replied...
Please give me a add and message. I dealt with some issues and now i am back.

to ToBeWorshiped on 24 July 2019

Rock hard biceps and chest ; can flex forever and doesn’t get tired. Great attitude and great look

to JR Jamiez on 19 July 2019

Huuuuge cock !!! Crazy big. His physique however looks nothing like a guy who lifts. Not close. If you like the verbal abuse and stuff and don’t care if he’s out of shape, he might be for you. I was looking for a lil bit of muscle. Dick was huuuge though. Also he’s not the youngest flexed here. We have unreal shredded jacked dude here who are 19/18.

to Jimmy Blue on 18 July 2019

run don't walk to get a show with this dude...he is twice as jacked and ripped as his first pics and vid now!!! muscled huge quads and baseball biceps. thick shredded chest...u will be finished before he's even started...ask him for what you want and he will deliver. have had about 10 shows with this dude or more. every one great

Jimmy Blue replied...
Thanks a lot brother appreciate your support

to Lijunfan on 16 July 2019

damnnnn had a good show with him then booked another and he bounced came here and read the reviews haha fuuuuk I got scammed....good looks though cause everyone is posting and alerting everyone

to Armani Flexxx on 16 July 2019

back again twice in 24 hours : shreds on the glutei and rock hard ass, huge package, quads and bicep peak. you will be leaking and busting whether you want to or not...close to classical godly muscle aesthetics

Armani Flexxx replied...
Thank you!

to Armani Flexxx on 12 July 2019

This dude got the aesthetic ripped shredded muscle !!! hard as rock, cocky and bad ass. come get destroyed by this aesthetic freak

Armani Flexxx replied...
Glad you enjoyed the show!

to AestheticsBoy on 28 June 2019

muscles of a god....had me dripping and destroyed ; biceps like mountains

to Tatted Athlete on 23 May 2019

Gone back to this guy 3 times this week. These pics don’t show the sick bicep peaks or the shreds he’s got. Tell him what you want and sit back and get ready to have a new favorite

to Tommy Flex on 21 May 2019

destroyed me !!!!! crazy muscles huge dick he shits on most of these dudes

Tommy Flex replied...
Haha hell yeah!!

to Tatted Athlete on 18 May 2019

dude got shredded hard muscle and is alpha af - you wont be disappointed - give him a try - aesthetic and godly af

to KevinMuscle12 on 13 May 2019

I don’t break easy but this god had me jizzing like a fuken fountain. Crazy shape, conditioning and muscle and the attitude to make the strongest cum

KevinMuscle12 replied...
what did you expect?

to JhonMuscleForFun on 7 May 2019

This guy had me dripping and cumin before i knew what was happening !!!! Great energy great muscle great show

to Jimmy Blue on 26 April 2019

dude got muscle of steel. He will flex you in to an explosion without a doubt...give him a try you won't be sorry

Jimmy Blue replied...
The man right here

to Bryan Long on 14 April 2019

this dude had me leaking like a faucet and busting like a broken pipe

to Bryan Long on 6 April 2019

This dude can do a number of things VERY well !!! Muscle is high quality solid rock hard and dominant. Quads of steel, sculpted upper body and huge biceps that will have you busting all over yourself. Give him a try,,,you will no be disappointed. Let him know what you want and sit back and watch what he can do :)

to Salvo Flex on 4 April 2019

great shredded hard muscle ; perfect biceps; great energy and very good English.....definitely a must try !!!!

Salvo Flex replied...
Thanks a lot mate, i flexed for you with pleasure! :-)

to Jack King on 28 March 2019

This dude will toy with you with his biceps and then his shirt comes off, you see the muscle control with his chest, and you explode. Muscle god...period

to themind on 19 March 2019

ugh scammed !!! sent him the payment after a few min convo then he stopped responding smh shame on me should have checked here first

themind replied...
Please give me a add and message. I dealt with some issues and now i am back.

to Calin God on 6 January 2019

Just like tallg I was pretty bored with the show. Great body but pretty much just sat there and flexed and didn't say much. Not dominating or tough at all, just flexing ; great body though

to Seb Muscle on 1 January 2019

Had a great show about a year ago but then hit him up again for a show and after I paid he said he wasn't ready and would be home in a few hours. almost 6 months later and not able to schedule a show with him over a 6 month period

Seb Muscle replied...
You did get a money back next day. I didnt have time because I had to do something. Sorry but I just did cant do it.

to Niko on 1 January 2019

just had a new years show with this guy and he is in the best shape I've seen him in two years Quads and bis are huge and ripped and hard. Cocky, strong and shredded. You won't be disappointed

Niko replied...
Thank you, Happy New Year!!!

to Jhony on 2 December 2018

Great muscles and can flex for hours !!!!!

Jhony replied...
Thank you Jay ! It was a great show and hope next time to win :)

to Caleb on 18 September 2018

this dude is my go to guy. NEVER had a bad show with him. Always swole and ripped and aesthetic. You will not be disappointed. and as of sept 2018 this kid is in the most dense, ridiculously aesthetic shape he's ever been in

to KevinMuscle12 on 17 September 2018

Muscle and swag and confidence is what its all about with this dude. Has gotten bigger, denser and beater over the past 4-5 months without a doubt. If you like cocky muscle that can flex you to explosion this is your guy!!!!

to Tyson Carter on 29 July 2018

Thinking he might just do videos. Been over two months of contact but unable to set up a cam show.

to Mr Latz on 21 May 2018

huge peaks, rock solid bodybuilder quads and cockiness that will make you drip and cum in minutes.

to KevinMuscle12 on 10 May 2018

Just got a great flex show from Kevin !!! Peaks are crazy !!! Quads are sliced up and mammies are popping !! Great chest too. Awesome flex/domination show. Give this dude a try you wont be disappointed !!!

KevinMuscle12 replied...
Thank YOU! Anytime

to Mr Latz on 21 March 2018

with his new physique with quads like a pro bodybuilder and bicep peaks and chest shreds, this guys made me nut in about 3 minutes !!!!! Go see this animal so he can destroy you. The cam show was awesome

to Tommy Flex on 13 March 2018

rare to find someone of this caliber who takes such pride in the quality of his work. The sculpted peaked physique and proportions would be enough to make any one happy, but the attitude, consideration and ability to fulfill any request takes the cake. Not just another fool saying "look at my bicep. it is great" A master of his craft

Tommy Flex replied...
Thank you so much! I appreciate you as a fan greatly!!

to Forbidme on 27 February 2018


He destroyed me in 3 minutes. I had no chance.

to Forbidme on 27 February 2018


Again and again this guy is a sculpted shredded peaked muscle god that will put you over the top in a matter of minutes. Size, diamond hard, symmetrical and unbeatable

to Niko on 27 December 2017

Natural sculpted statue muscle !!! This guy is the real deal, hard as stone and muscle control and posing ability to have you drooling in under a minute :)

to MuscleGod11 on 22 December 2017

This guy totally destroyed me !!! tried to resist the muscles but he dominated and flexed and made me explode !!! Great show and great interaction !!!!!

to johnnynutz on 1 December 2017

This dude is man new favorite !!! Scuplted, rock hard muscle and muscle maturity at 25 years old. Lean, shredded, dense muscle. Friendly, cool, alpha, playful and a bad ass. If you like muscle try this dude- you wont be sorry!!!!

to Malachifit on 28 November 2017

This guy destroyed me with his biceps, quads and huge alpha hammer :-) great show - swole - alpha

Malachifit replied...
I can't wait to throw down again bro!

to Cameron Walker on 14 October 2017

this dude will flex you into oblivion !!! Peaked softball biceps, granite hard chest - check this dude out and you will be happy you did

to Flex Master on 28 September 2017

Swag, shreds and great attitude. This dude is more than a dominant master type guy. He will be for you what you want and will be honest and upfront with you. be polite, respectful and not a douchebag and TELL HIM WHAT YA LIKE and you will have a great time !!!!

to Caleb on 23 September 2017

these pics don't really do this muscle god justice. I have had about 10 or more show with this guy and the muscle, the confidence and ability to fulfill multiple requests and fantasies is top notch. I have never had a bad show from him and only had stellar shows. Couldn't recommend him for highly. Very personable, very professional and a muscle god who has symmetry, swag, size and conditioning

Caleb replied...
Thanks bro! :)

to Tommy Flex on 9 September 2017

this dude has biceps like baseballs and muscles that will make you see weak that you will just start dripping like a fuken leaky faucet. Then when he turns up the heat, you will explode at his command...done !

Tommy Flex replied...
Thank you so much!

to Mr Latz on 9 September 2017

again this guy had me dripping and exploding like a hose.

to Forbidme on 27 August 2017

THIS DUDE IS AWESOME!!!! truthfully this dude destroyed me in about 2.5 minutes !! I got a ten minute show and was ready but I was no match. As of today, 08/27/17 his physique is huge, sculpted and hard as concrete. Muscle control and peaked biceps will have you dripping and you probably won't last by the time he shows you the quads. One of the best Ive ever seen.

to Davidflex07 on 16 June 2017

if you like latino muscle and huge quads this is your dude. Had me dripping the entire time then make me explode like a piñata !!!

to MuscleGod11 on 13 June 2017

this guy flexes hard and has great symmetry !!!!! do yourself a favor and go see him

to Mr Latz on 18 May 2017

this dudes quads are unreal. More like an old school bodybuilder than a physique guy. Tell him what you want and if its muscle, then your in luck. He will have you leaking like a faucet

to Caleb on 3 May 2017

have had so many shows with this dude and have to give him the top rating ever. This guy is my go to go. Always gives his best and is worth every penny. Very reasonable prices and great shows and crazy physique. Very good looking guy as well. Rock hard conditioned muscle. See him now; you will never regret it

Caleb replied...
Thanks bro! 💪🏼 Always win flexin on you ;)

to Logan Lowe on 9 March 2017

After skipping with this muscle god, I decided to buy his latest muscle domination video. IT WAS INCREDIBLE. It was like a muscle worship show that keeps you "hard and dripping " (as Logan would say) for the entire time !! Then I decided to meet up and all I can say is 100% awesome time. Fun, exciting, gorgeous muscle god - every inch rock solid and had me exploding like a volcano. Un reservedly recommend this guy - a pleasure to work with and fun to be around and worship A MUST TRY IF YOU ARE IN TO ALPHA MUSCLE that will have you weak from beginning to end

Logan Lowe replied...
i had a great time too !! Always happy to handle you like my personal faucet, turning ya on and watching you gush til you got nothing left

to Logan Lowe on 24 February 2017

UNREAL !!! THIS GUY IS A MASTER AT MUSCLE WORSHIP !!! Biceps like baseballs and a rock hard chiseled physique that won't quit. I feel like this guy gets it !! He knows what you want and he gives it to you !! Just did a cam show with him and Im going to get a video next. He's competing in the next month and I will try to meet up with him in NJ or NY. You cantt go wrong with this guy if your in to muscles and a true alpha !!

Logan Lowe replied...
Thank You !!! when we meet Im going to to the same thing for you but will take my time making you cum

to Handsome Fit Stud on 22 February 2017

rock hard muscle great condition alpha attitude i highly recommend

to Caleb on 7 February 2017

super alpha bad ass - just did my 4th show. Kid is an aesthetic beast

Caleb replied...
Thanks J. What am I 3-1? ;) 💪🏼😋

to Bobby on 6 February 2017

same negative experience as a few other guys here. A few great shows with Bobby but then one day, we set up a show and "oh my roommates home can't do it til later" then it was "can't do it tonight" then he never answered my Skype again. Its been about 6 months now. He has said everything from I never got the money (even when I show him the receipt) to just not answering. Its crazy cause I would have continued to do shows with him if he wasn't so grimy. Opportunist at best. Try him if you have the money to lose I guess

to Caleb on 3 February 2017

kid is a muscle god. Alpha as fuk. Try him - fuken thick peaked muscle. Great attitude, cocky and alpha - 10 out of 10

Caleb replied...
;) thanks !

to Caleb on 26 January 2017

got my second show with this kid. Fucken awesome !!! First, every pic he currently has up, is smaller than he is now. He is bigger now and just as lean if not a bit leaner. His quads are huge. Biceps are perfect. Great attitude. GET A SHOW you will not regret it

Caleb replied...
Hell yeah. Still growing baby 💪🏼💪🏼

to DylonSC on 22 January 2017

shredded and rock solid !!! great show, great english, excellent communication and aesthetic as fuck !!!

to Caleb on 11 December 2016

jacked up, rock hard god. totally recommend !!!!!

Caleb replied...
💪🏼 thanks bro!!!

to Malachifit on 31 August 2016

this is dude is jacked !! True muscle alpha who will take control and make you explode. Try him, you won't be sorry. Crazy muscles and swag

Malachifit replied...
Thanks brah

to Handsome Troy XXL on 1 August 2016

to be honest this dude is jacked, hard and shredded head to toe. huge chest and bis, quads like a pro bodybuilder and diamond calves. you will be drooling like a bitch so try a show now !!!

Handsome Troy XXL replied...
thank you

to DarioDeMarco on 20 April 2016

this dude is for real !!! contest quality muscle and shreds and confidence and alpha quality show. will be sure to return to this guy !!! you will not be disappointed

DarioDeMarco replied...
waiting you bro anytime....lets flex hard you know

to AnthonyFlex on 12 March 2016

swole as hell !!! awesome show very nice dude!!! try him you won't be disappointed !!!!

to daniel carter on 14 December 2015

One of the sickest bodies available on webcam !!! On season or offseason this dude is the fucken KING !!! Try him and you will be amazed at the physique, the aesthetics and the nicest dude ever...never a dick always friendly

daniel carter replied...
you da man jay;)

to Muscle God Mike on 8 August 2015

this dude is jacked and his show was great. Great muscle, peaked bis, ripped abs and rounded rock solid quads. You won't be disappointed



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Mr Latz


13 March 2020



8 December 2019

Armani Flexxx


18 August 2019

Golden Boy

made me cum like a faucet

27 January 2019


dude has been the BEST most respectful guy I've dealt with in the real or virtual world.

22 November 2018


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