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to Ale Nature muscle on 13 May 2017

I asked him about show prices --told me I was taking his time and this was just about routing people to his cam website. He's not interested in Skype shows. Then he deleted me. This guy is just using TBF to advertise for another cam website.

to Revalyx on 19 March 2017

John is always very fun, sexy, and easy to work with. I've never had any problems and love playing with him. He's very open to requests. He gets bigger and bigger, more defined every time I see him - Love, J

Revalyx replied...
kiss my lovely babe :* love uu :*

to benjamin kline on 1 February 2017

Says he's available. You pay for a show. Then he says, "ok 1 moment" --then nothing. I even suggested he send me a video instead. No response. Avoid.

to Malachifit on 2 November 2016

Great show..Malachi's sexy and fun. He's bulking up but still defined in all the right places: chest, shoulders, arms. I'll def be back.

Malachifit replied...
Aww thanks jeni 😁

to Blackz on 9 August 2016

The third b&w photo is probably the best representation, but he is bigger and more defined. Incredibly sexy, aesthetic, and fun. Very good show...muscles everywhere. :* - jeni

to Forbidme on 28 June 2016

Love him. He is perfect. Honest, sweet, huge arms. Hope I get to play with him again soon

to Revalyx on 21 February 2015

Amazing show. He has amazing pecs and he loves to show-off. Seems to genuinely like to perform, and just sexy all over. He's quick to respond, open to quick previews, so overall great. :)

Revalyx replied...
thank you love :*

to muscle dave on 3 January 2015

He led me to believe I was going to get a show, but then I warmed him that I wasn't sending paypal without a preview. He said he verified and he wasn't expecting to be asked to do that. Then he said he was doing "a show on another website." I asked which one, and he disappeared. Draw your own conclusions.

to JacquesMiller on 30 November 2014

I had a sexy show with him yesterday and it was very fun. Toned body with amazing shoulders/pecs. Very fun. :)

JacquesMiller replied...
Thanks ^_^

to DarrenMichael on 22 November 2014

Just had a fun sexy show with Darren --he's very big for 18. Huge traps, pecs, and biceps. Very defined abs, obliques. Hot all over. He's very sweet too. Thank you!

DarrenMichael replied...
You are welcome and i I hope to see you again . I had a good time !

to Shady on 31 August 2014

For a younger guy, he is very ripped. Great chest and huge legs. Totally sexy. Had a very fun show with him. :)

Shady replied...
Thank you very much jeni , big kiss :*

to AlexHunk on 5 August 2014

Crazy sexy, amazing body (incredibly ripped, shoulders down) and efficient. Ready to go as soon as I added him! High recommendation .

AlexHunk replied...
thank u :*

to MuscleInkAndrew on 29 June 2014

Sexy, fun guy! I love sleeves, and he's really cute too.

to Claudiu on 29 May 2014

I've had at least 5 shows with Claudiu, and they were all sexy and fun. He's very direct and honest, and have never had any problems with him whatsoever. He's always ripped and ready to play :P

Claudiu replied...
thank u ! and i can;t wait to meet again

to Mr Rogers on 16 May 2014

Very cute, fun and open to creative ideas. :D I've had a handful of very awesome shows. Does not disappoint. Ripped, aesthetic...

to Kevin Conrad on 26 April 2014

Sexy show today with Kevin. Huge, fun guy :)

Kevin Conrad replied...
tnks Jeni!

to Adryano on 4 February 2014

Had an amazing show with him this weekend. He's incredibly big and sexy.

Adryano replied...
thanks :)

to MarkFlexberg on 2 February 2014

Very sexy, fun show --pictures here don't do justice.

to Nick B on 28 January 2014

Lots of fun, every time. Nick is sexy all over! :)


Always so ripped!

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