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to Max Master on 16 June 2021

Incredible bodybuilder

to jean paul on 23 May 2021

My new (star)(star) review.... Why 2 stars? Unfortunately, you are an incredible bodybuilder

WARNING to those wanting a custom video from Jean Paul! You all must know; I have never done any business with this bodybuilder. Originally, I left a ONE-star review in solidarity to those that left a ONE-star review considering their comments about Jean Paul. Nevertheless, he responds to my review, in which I appreciated, so I took the review down and posted a FIVE-star review in replacement to my ONE-star review this also has since been removed. I now felt confident in reaching out to him for a custom video. I was looking for a Classic Physique bodybuilder to work with biweekly for custom videos indefinitely. He wanted to charge $150 per video. Over and over, I tried to explain how ridiculous $300 a month was for two 10-minute videos. I wanted to start at $80 per video biweekly…. $160 per month with possible increase in funds pending quality of video. After bantering back and forth about price I gave up. NOTE…. This guy maybe the strangest businessman in existence. He is willing to throw away $160 because he says, he makes more on OnlyFans. He shows me a graph (which as no notation of the graph) on what he is earning on OnlyFans? Guys he has only 125 posts at 19.99 per month membership. I do not understand why he would ignore $160 per month for only 2 ten-minute videos…. This makes no sense. So, I go back and review his ONE-star reviews. Previously on these reviews, he wants to charge different fans the following: $75.00, $50.00, and even $35.00 for a custom video??? Yet, he quotes me $150.00. ONLY buy is videos though the BestFlex…. BUT BEWARE doing business with him solo! Fortunately, I did my due diligence before purchasing a video from this dude. I just ask all of you to be careful before doing business with this dude. I am confident he will respond like I am a disgruntled fan. BestFlex members read all my review for other bodybuilders. I have never given less than FIVE-stars. My reviews also show I follow a bodybuilder for a long time. Jean Paul is not genuine! BEWARE! Just buy is BestFlex videos…. It is safe…. No funny games! All said, he is an amazing bodybuilder! Too bad he throws shade!

to Andy Fit on 3 May 2021

I been working with this bodybuilder since late summer 2020. My review of Series 3; Episode 1 .....

The 4 superficial back muscles on your physique are very, very developed! These four muscle groups are most noticeable to the human eye. The back is made up of 40 different muscles and most of these muscles are hidden under other muscle or fat tissue.

Your trapezius, levator scapulae, rhomboid major / rhomboid minor and latissimus dorsi muscles have become so well developed over the last 6 months. By far the trapezius muscle group is your most prized possession on your physique. You now have visible vascularity on the rhomboid major muscle. Bro, you got veins on the back!!!! Your traps dominate the entire appearance of the physique. Probably some of the BEST traps in bodybuilding…. No joke!!!

Your latissimus dorsi (the lat muscle) is extremely tapered from the deltoid to the lower back. Your wings on the back have increased immensely! Incredible look on your small waist.

Your triceps anatomy has become very developed over the last 6 months. The lateral head, long head and medial head of the triceps have mass and are nicely striated. I even see veins forming on the long head of the triceps.

Incredible work…. Astonishing bodybuilding on your back and triceps.

to Andy Fit on 27 February 2021

Bro is a FREAK! This guy will inspire you like no other on the BestFlex! Every few weeks you can see a difference in his physique! The work he puts into detailing and sculpting the muscle will keep you coming back! The mass he has stacked on to his frame is nothing but PRO fucking bodybuilding! Buy and support this MONSTER!!! Help him take and wreck future competitions!

to Andy Fit on 2 February 2021

Coolest BB on TBF! Epic videos on TBF and custom.... Hands down all motivating! His physique will push you in the gym

to Andy Fit on 14 January 2021

Afit is a BOSS!!! Coolest motherf***** on The BestFlex!

to Andy Fit on 3 January 2021

Series 1, Episode 7: BACK

Your rear delts tie into the teres major perfectly. Compete separation of the two muscle groups.

Lat Spread: The trapezius, teres major, rhomboid major and scapula are all present when flexing a lat spread. Each muscle mass is perfectly present with incredible separation. The latissimus dorsi are THICK and V tapered…. Perfect bodybuilding!!!! The center of the latissimus dorsi muscle mass is thick AF. Your proportion and symmetry is incredible bodybuilding!

Trapezius: Your traps dominate the entire region of the upper back. There is clear and present separation of the teres major and latissimus dorsi from the trapezius!

Abdominals: You are genetically blessed with incredible abs! Each of the tendinous intersections are clearly present separating all 6 of your abdominal muscles. Even in off season! Your serratus anterior are present with separation from the latissimus muscle. Your obliques are cut and striated even in off season. Your Apollo’s belt (Adonis belt or iliac furrow) is so distinctive! You are a genetic freak bro!

to Andy Fit on 25 December 2020

Added a video to Series 1.... overall torso..... current condition!

This dude is astonishing! His gains are on fucking point! Offseason and ripped! Andy is FULL, striated, vascular and still ripped while building mass! Buy and support this bodybuilder! He may not be the biggest on TBF...... BUT..... he is the MOST impressive on this site!!!! Follow and support this upcoming bodybuilder!

to Andy Fit on 23 December 2020

Series 1 Episode 4..... Delts...... Another fucking epic video from Andrew!

You are right…. Your shoulders are bodybuilding competitive! You are ripped as fuck….. brother…. This series gets better and better! Absolutely ripped! Your shoulders are fucking crazy! All three heads are present and showing incredibly! Striated, vascular and all heads present like a champ…. You are show ready and ripped! God damn! That said, the entire torso looks outstanding! Everything POPS! Hands down, you look DOPE AS FUCK! Symmetry and proportions look unreal! I don’t know if you are ready to compete or not!!!! What I see is nothing but ALL CLASSIC competition! The front delts explode on your most muscular! The rest of the delts are nothing but competition ready! Remarkable Andrew! The entire torso ripped and striated! Look forward to continuing our series! Hands down….. you look better than ever! BEST condition yet!!!!!!

to Andy Fit on 13 December 2020

CHEST vid...

Your entire pectoral muscle illustrates all four muscles in the video. Some of the pectoral muscle groups show better than other muscle groups. Your pectoralis major most profound AF. The sternal head explodes when engaged (flexed). The clavicular head is visibly separated from the sternal head….. this is badass bodybuilding Andy!!!! Your subclavius muscle that pops when hitting most muscular. Your subclavius perfectly present separating your front delts from your pecs. Probably the most impressive is the inner sternal head…. Ripped as fuck! Striated like a CHAMP bodybuilder! Your pectoral minor and serratus anterior are present but not profound until complete shredded.

to Andy Fit on 7 December 2020

Serious 1..... Custom vids: Traps:

The trapezius is a large paired surface muscle that extends longitudinally from the occipital bone to the lower thoracic vertebrae of the spine and laterally to the spine of the scapula.

Andy showcased the muscle perfectly.... Rippin striated muscle and poppin Vascularity! 100% muscle motivation! Exceptional muscularity on them mounds!

to Bernard on 4 December 2020

Incredible bodybuilder!

to Andy Fit on 21 November 2020

Custom Video ….

(BICEPS & FOREARMS) Either AndyFit’s biceps are pumped, or his off-season condition is immensely of a PRO Classic bodybuilder. The muscle bellies bow outward when the biceps are engaged on the front dbl bis pushing a well-developed PeAk. Them fuckers are extremely developed laced in vascularity and striated like a motha fuckin CHAMP! I can almost see a split between the long head and short head of the bicep on both GUNS! Perfect symmetry!!!! It is hard to tell the size of the arms cause of the size of his chest and delts. I would not have guessed 19”

His palmaris longus muscle extrudes on the forearms. The entire brachioradialis muscle is very well developed. Them forearm muscles are all genetics! Not sure if he ever measured his muscles before, them forearms must be damn near 15”+

(TRAPS) When he fuckin rip a most muscular, the trapezius muscle extrudes up into the middle neck (splenius capitis). These muscles are extremely developed, THICK, striated and the front explodes with vascularity. The Rhomboids minor and major on the upper part of the back are clearly developed.

(TRICEPS) The brachii medial head and brachii long head are extremely present on the front DBL BI and fuckin ties into the armpit (almost tapered) …. INCREDIBLE! The separation between the bicep and triceps is clear and well defined! And, when he extends his arm …. The horseshoes explode! When he hits a front dbl bi…. Them triceps bow equally to your peaked biceps

(CHEST) The entire mass is extremely developed. It is nothing but of an elite bodybuilder that can tie the upper pectoral into the front delts. When relaxed them lower pecs stand full and create a shelf over the abdominals. Them pecs are all striated! 100% MOTIVATION!!!!

(DELTOIDS) Cannonballs homie ….. YEP! This muscle group is probably his secret weapon on a bodybuilding stage! He is fuckin HUGE …. I have never flexed or seen any motha fuckin human being flex all three heads of the delts simultaneously. His medial deltoid is the fuckin Cannonballs. Rounded and very well developed. The posterior deltoid is ripped and striated. Clear lines separating the deltoid to the back. The anterior deltoid is extrudes clearly separated from the medial deltoid when hitting a most muscular. All three heads are a BADASS example of a exceptional bodybuilder! I cannot wait to see these bad boys flexed before competition ready!!!

AndyFit 100% symmetry! Proportion is on point..... MASS is present.

to Andy Fit on 24 June 2020

Received my first custom. Andy nailed it! This bros physique is sick af! incredible video! Honored my request. He is great showman, bodybuilder and ez to work with.

to CockyBoy on 20 June 2020


Buy and Support CockyBoy another EPIC video

CockyBoy replied...
WOW! thank you buddy hope all good on your end! stay safe and lets get in touch soon <3

to Airon on 20 June 2020

Airon you are incredible!!!! Your physique screams stage presence! You are blessed with Mass, Symmetry, Definition, Proportion and Stage presence! Honestly a total package. Most important is the optical allusion in size. Dude…. Your proportion and definition give you an advantage in size. We have the same size biceps 48cm….. However, you look much larger. The definition, cuts and detail in your muscle is nothing but PRO status! You are so fucking gifted in this sport! 100% motivation! By the way, I bought your BestFlex video on bending rebar steel…. Unlike most bodybuilders, probably including myself, you are strong as fuck! I attempted to bend rebar steel…. It took longer than 10 minutes to get into a loop. You are no joke! Strong as fuck with mass, proportion and definition. Incredible bodybuilder!!!!!

to Airon on 7 May 2020

This dude is incredible! One of the coolest dudes on TBF! NICE GUY!!! His leg and bicep video is stellar as fuck! His rectus femoris, vastus lateralis, vastus medialis and adductor all present when quad is engaged! Lines, cuts, striations and deep separation on all on all leg muscle groups! Them fucking quads are all MASS and developed like a great bodybuilder! I look forward to seeing the vascularity come out when prepping! His glutes are MASSIVE! Calves look like diamonds!

Leg proportion to torso is on point! He has a complete package and clearly understands bodybuilding. Airon is a GREAT bodybuilder! He is not the biggest bodybuilder on The BestFlex ….. BUT ….. He looks the biggest! 100% motivation! I am following a future PRO bodybuilder!

to Airon on 24 April 2020

This bodybuilder just took over The BestFlex! His debut video took him to the top bodybuilder on The BestFlex. This dude is cool as fuck and delivers a PROPER custom video! Airon is so fucking gifted guys! He can display a physique like a PRO BB. His genetics and know how in the sport will inspire the novice and allure the muscle worshiper!!!! Calling all bodybuilders and muscle fans, we should buy and support this FREAK!!! The detail and MASS on his physique allows him to wreck most stages! Just wait …. Two years from now (if he continues to build muscle) he will take PRO in bodybuilding

P E R I O D #fanforlife #thebestflextodate

to CockyBoy on 23 April 2020


Alex fuck yesssss! Incredible job on the frame bro! During this crisis you have maintained your mass like a PRO! And, your muscle proportion is better than ever! Great tie in from delts to pecs. Your pecs are fuckin massive and now proportioned nicely with all the other muscle groups. Your compulsory poses look on POINT. During your bulk, the detail in the traps, delts, PECS, triceps and biceps are incredible!

Most improved is your back by a fuckin milestone, FREAK! The mass you built in the lower trapezius muscle just below the traps on them shoulders are striated, full and detailed even in off-season. The rhomboid minor, scapula, teres major is clearly defined when hitting a back dbl bi…. Your lat spread is WICKED as fuck! The muscles in the upper back are separated and clearly present when flexing a lat spread. The serratus posterior development is nothing but PRO my dude! Your rear delts separate from teres major and separate from the latissimus muscle.

CockyBoy replied...
Thats AN AMAZING REVIEW thank you for been so detaild in it and thanks for being here with me xoxo and hope your safe and all good HUGS

to Peter Russell on 16 April 2020


Hands down, you have some of the BEST fuckin wheels in bodybuilding! Them fuckin trunks are so god damn massive, vascular and striated. You got lines everywhere and them calves are nothing but diamonds! So fuckin awesome Peter!

Peter Russell replied...
“Wheel Appeal” thanks bro!!

to Airon on 16 April 2020

Without a doubt, Airon has to be a top five bodybuilder on the TBF! Picked up my first custom video from this FREAK, and hands down, one of the best bicep videos ordered to date. His vascularity becomes more and more predominant the more he flexes the guns. His most muscular is incredible with veins throughout is pecs! I prefer bodybuilders to take their time making a video because a video tends to be fuckin sloppy when delivered quickly. Airon sent the video in 2 hours. I was skeptical…. NOPE! The video was stellar AF! Up close vascular flexing with a PUMP! Buy and support Airon

to Peter Russell on 8 April 2020

Peter…. Your shoulder video was EPIC!!!! Unbelievable yet not surprised the job shooting your shoulders…. These pumpkins were DOPE AF! All three heads with BADASS representation! Striated and vascular like a fuckin PRO! All that said…. Them fuckin traps were damn near Olympia status! Never seen your traps (both sides) laced in veins like present! Them FUCKIN CANYONS hovering over them cannonballs!!!!!! The back of the traps when pullin shrugs was so fuckin DOPE. 100% motivation! That muscle is so fuckin developed that it defines the back minus the wings! Your confidence when flexing is nothing but amazing!

I have seen every muscle group 5 to 10 times over….. I never get tired of seeing your gains and muscle development…. I am sure you are tired of showing the same muscle groups over and over and over again…. BUT…. I want to continue to explore your gains and development. I will try to come up with different flex vids…. I appreciate you more than you know!

Balance training and bodyweight training does work build muscle while getting lean. That said, only the over developed physique with years of bodybuilding training could master this technique! Peter…. Although enhanced, your genetics is nothing but incredible! VERY FEW MOTHERFUCKERs can do what you do and represent like you! PERIOD!

Peter Russell replied...
My man! You know I’m not playing! Thanks for the continued motivation to bring my best..means so much to me!

to Peter Russell on 22 February 2020

My review to Peter's latest custom video....

First and foremost, I want to thank you for the exceptional…. NO…. EXTRAORDINARY filmmaking. I really appreciate that you took the time to show me what your physique looked like after eating pancakes! It was fuckin epic to see the physique change after feeding. The different locations and scenes have always been a bonus in the vids you shoot. THANK YOU, PETER! Your demeanor and script while shooting was outstanding! Completely matched the physique I was watching. You are nothing but AWESOME man!!!!

Fuckin JACKED in your t-shirt! Vascularity rips right through the shirt. Detail on every muscle group shows through the shirt. Zipper effect on the triceps! Jesus fuck brotha! Your most muscular has been enhanced by a factor of 10. Clam shell effect is more noticeable then EVER since working with you! Not just looking at striations…. I fuckin see FIBERS! Your delts are truly shaped like fuckin cannon balls. The anterior deltoid is extrudes clearly separated from the medial deltoid when hitting a most muscular, and all the veins in your upper torso come to life. Your fuckin veins got veins NOW! All three heads are a BADASS example of an experienced and exceptional bodybuilder! The front delts look so fuckin cool and tie into the upper pecs. MASSIVE development on the bad boys! One of your BEST developments are the deep cuts and striations on them traps! Them fuckers are more vascular then I have ever seen before.

The mass you built in the lower trapezius muscle just below the traps on them shoulders are striated, full and detailed as fuck in prep. The rhomboid minor, scapula, teres major is clearly ripped and striated when hitting a back dbl bi…. Your lat spread is WICKED as fuck! The muscles in the upper back are separated and clearly present when flexing a lat spread. The serratus posterior development is nothing but PRO my dude! Your rear delts separate from teres major and separate from the latissimus muscle. You are a PRO bodybuilder for a god damn reason!!

Your secrete weapon my man is your WHEELS! I honestly cannot think of another bodybuilder today that has the development in the legs like YOU! Your MASS, deep cuts, lines, striations and vascularity out weight any other motherfucker in bodybuilding today…. In my opinion. You truly deserve the name 'Quadzilla'. Fuckin diced quads with every muscle represented in them wheels, bulls’ balls calves and cinder block glutes…. You have a fuckin GIFT that most can not stand up to in bodybuilding!


Motherfucker….. YOU explode! The vascularity is so fuckin incredible! With your thin skin and carb load them veins increase 1 to 1.5 mm in size! After eating your traps were laced in veins. The size of the veins in your forearms looked incredible! Including your chest, biceps and triceps. Homie, veins were popping from the center of your back! The density of your muscle looked RAD AS FUCK! EVERY fiber increased in size!

Peter Russell replied...
My pleasure to show you what I got! We just getting started!!!! Thank u!!!

to Shawn on 7 February 2020

Dude is ripped AF! Every muscle on his frame is exposed! Including superficial muscle tissue. This iron brother needs not to pump and pose.... SHREDZ like a ready competitor! Cool AF and willing to work with you on an epic vid!

Support this Iron Brother!

Shawn replied...
Thanks bro. You can count on me for more

to Gunnar Stone on 31 January 2020

You may not be competitive bodybuilder, BUT you are sure fuckin conditioned like one. Fuck off season bulking… looks like you are prepping! The detail and lines look incredible! Proportion, Mass and Symmetry are on POINT! G… you pose like a bodybuilder! You know how to engage the muscles most important to the pose you rip. Your genetics have to be incredible!

The last video was dope…. This clip you sent is stellar AF!

to AestheticsBoy on 24 January 2020

Picked up my first custom video from AestheticsBoy.... Request: "Bicep Assault - Pump and Pose"

This mens physique competitor ripped muscle flexing on the biceps like a Classic Physique Bodybuilder! The Definition, Proportion, Symmetry and Mass of his biceps are outstanding! Ask him to rip a mostmuscular! His chest is so striated and diced; every muscle ties into every other muscle seamlessly. 100% aesthetic hence the name!

Most important his kickass and BADASS demeanor! This dude is cool AF! Buy and Support this CHAMP! Follow him to his next competition

to Gunnar Stone on 20 January 2020

DOPE AF custom video from this dude! Check this brotha out for quality dense MASS! Gunnar is down to earth and honors your direction (requests) for the vid! Honestly, triceps are triceps..... This dude.... RIPS HORSESHOES. I don't think he is a competitive bodybuilder..... BUT, if he is, he will wrecks stages!

#proportion #MASS #symmetry #genetics #bodybuilding #custom video

to CockyBoy on 14 January 2020


Boys... Buy and support this BADASS bodybuilder! Dude is incredible! Soon he begins his prep! Custom videos are DOPE AF! And, he is COOL AF!

It has been almost 3 months since our last session with an intermediate delt workout since the beginning of November. The mass you have acquired in a short time is SICK AF! Every bodybuilder has a muscle group that is a favorite. A muscle that is well developed, all MASS and proportionate in size and strength. Mine are my biceps with sculpted peaks. Yours are the PECS! You my friend have some of the BEST pecs in bodybuilding P E R I O D! A fuckin showstopper! These fuckers are so massive while striated in off-season… incredible. The symmetry of the upper and lower pectoral is damn near perfect. Most important, you can flex both upper and lower pec independently. Lots of dudes in our industry cannot do this!

CockyBoy replied...
The most amazing reviews i got !!! Thank you apreciat it xoxo bro

to Peter Russell on 3 January 2020

BIG P is a fuckin BEAST! This dude delivered yet another EPIC custom video like no other can do on The BestFlex! “Mirror Mirror on the Wall” is without a doubt one of his BEST performances! The video was a ‘Pump and Pose’ video…. The request was a leg and bicep video. This iron bro completes a leg workout (off cam) then rips muscle with legs laced in veins. Them veins ran throughout the quads and calves like lightning bolts, and when he hit a pose them veins POPPED! The calves are perfect diamond shape with the largest untrained carats on The BestFlex…. Muscle Maturity! Peter’s hammies tuned so tight that you can see the five-muscle makeup striated AF! His glutes (aka ASS) is ripped! The striations on the glutes so defined that one would think walnuts! This brother’s money maker is the biceps with PeAkS like no other, but his PRO stature is absolutely in his legs and back! This bodybuilder showed every angle of his PeAkEd biceps… Vascular as fuck and triceps that bulge from both sides of the arm… Again, laced in veins. While he pointed out new gains like the split bicep, I noticed them peak upon peak before he pointed them out. Boys there is no other person on this site that can perform, flex and showcase PRO MUSCLE MASS like BIG P. Do yourself a fav…. Ask Peter to FLEX! Buy his videos and support this incredible bodybuilder.

Peter Russell replied...
OVER THE TOP!! thanks again sooooo much. We. Ain’t. Done. YET!!

to CockyBoy on 28 December 2019


Nothing but respect for this FREAK! PRO contender in 2020! Buy and Support this BADASS BODYBUILDER

CockyBoy replied...
Hey there bro oh thank you apreciat the review and hope to make more !!!! xoxo hugs and kiss and thanks again !!

to CockyBoy on 30 November 2019


Probably the BEST on the BestFlex! To follow a bodybuilder from bulk to contest prep is incredible. I just started to follow the results.... CockyBoy has just begun but soon will rip his physique to contest condition. 100% MOTIVATION boys.... Follow and Support this dude! Cool as fuck and his vids are DOPE as fuck.... Best of the BEST

CockyBoy replied...
Hugs brotha ! thank you

to Peter Russell on 30 November 2019

BIG. P…. I want to thank you for your commitment in providing stellar flex vids on demand! You are an artist in several ways. One, the requested content is exactly what is provided. You are a brilliant videographer, cinematographer, showman and director. The play on light, sound and direction of the video is nothing less then professional! You never hold back and always provide BADASS impeccable content video after video. Two, the physique you have sculpted is nothing less than PERFECT and an example of hard work, dedication and knowhow in bodybuilding. 100% MOTIVATION homes! Finally, your art in posing is simply PRO! The way you engage each muscle to flex with perfect precision showing off striations, lines, separation, MASS, definition and vascularity is your prized possession!

Like the caps read…. BIG. P – BADASS – PERFECT – MOTIVATION – PRO – MASS!

Bathroom Blitz is one of your BEST posing videos to date! Again, the way you engage each muscle group on the traps and wheels is fuckin mind blowing! You engage each muscle group while showing off the best example of each muscle. The detail that each muscle can do while engaged and ripping striations, lines, separation, vascularity while showing off MASS is nothing but ELITE! No other motherfucker can do what you do P E R I O D ! ! !

Peter Russell replied...
These reviews are over the top! Thanks so much man!!!

to CockyBoy on 11 November 2019


Buy from and support this fuckin BADASS bodybuilder! Be apart of his journey and GOAL to PRO! CockyBoy is the real DEAL!

CockyBoy replied...
Hugs brotha` super fun and thank you alot

to Peter Russell on 11 November 2019

appreciate the “Hulks gym T-shirt” brotha…. righteous! However, you could fuckin wear whatever the you want, and it would be legit! You are a FREAK! Your back is absolutely one of your BEST muscle groups…. The detail, composition, lines and separation are like Dorian Yates. The entire muscle group is laced in veins! Your hammies are like NO ONE else diced and lined like a PRO! Your adductor, semimembranosus, biceps femoris and semitendinosus are superior to most! The mass, density, detail, and cuts are cray!


When flexin double bis…. Your triceps are laced in veins…. The abs and obliques are so fuckin cut and detailed… jesus fuck bro! STAGE READY! I could go on and on Peter! Traps, delts, pecs, bis, lats, quads, hammies, glutes, calves!

You are my fuckin #hero! All gains, every day, every minute…. A fuckin GREAT bodybuilder. I will support you to the end…. What is your end? Cause… I will still support!

I start training next week! Doc released me, but I am still in physical therapy …. Here I GO! Need you more than EVER!

Peter Russell replied...
Peter “smash!” THANK YOU!!

to CockyBoy on 6 November 2019


Exceptional off-season physique! I can tell you are eating clean and keeping fatty tissue completely under control! Every muscle group is completely separated with lines and even showing striated muscles when engaged. BEST thing about this video was watching your bicep and chest pump by the end of the video.

The separation in the arms is fuckin remarkable. Clearly divided between the bicep peak, brachialis and tricep when flexing a outer bicep pose! The striations in the upper and lower pectoral is clearly present when hitting the most muscular! And, the traps explode..... When not flexing the pecs hang like a shelf over the abs. I appreciate the video content man like ripping the shirt and up close flexing showing off the detail. Vascularity was present by the end of the video!

CockyBoy replied...
Another amazing review and your words are music to my ears ! hugs brotha`

to Peter Russell on 4 November 2019

On your first video in February, you probably could have walked on any local bodybuilding stage and placed. What you bring now is NEXT LEVEL! Your personal prep has you ready for qualifier status! You are absolutely 100% motivation ….. And, your entire physique is nothing but sexy! You are a FREAK!

I wanted your physique relaxed because I wanted to see the muscular size. The perception of MASS quality with proportion, definition and symmetry is incredible! The PROPORTION of muscular development in comparison to each muscle group is spot on! Your DEFINITION reveals every fuckin muscle on your body…. You have deeper lines, striations and muscle separation because of the absence of subcutaneous body fat. And, your abdominals and obliques are proof of elite definition! Your vascularity has always been present but now is truly incredible. Your veins got veins! Your SYMMETRY is nothing but perfect! This is what separates a novice from the PRO’s. Your PRESENCE in front of the camera completely illustrates your charisma, poise and skin tone when you rip muscle flexing. You displayed your physique to its maximum potential! Complete Package

Peter Russell replied...
My pleasure to share the experience and journey with you! Not. Done. Yet!!

to Peter Russell on 31 October 2019

Calling all bodybuilders and muscle lovers! I been working with Peter since February 2, 2019, he has altered his diet several times in the last 10 months putting on MASS. It has been cool AF to watch the transformation from muscular MASS to ripped and diced! He is not done yet guys. He continues to improve the physique while looking stage ready! Honestly, I look forward to the final package!

In one scene, he takes off his hat and adjusts his hair to styled. While fucking with the hair, the conditioned, full MASS and density of his physique (not even flexing) is nothing but STELLAR! MASS, full, and vascular muscle in the pecs, biceps and triceps and all RIPPED when he does flex in the video! The entire physique is incredible from the calves to the traps! Nothing but aesthetic!

You looking for muscle in the Back, Legs (checkout the calves….CRAZY), Chest, Shoulders, Traps, Forearms, Triceps or his infamous PeAkEd biceps…. Peter is the BestFlex P E R I O D ! This bro is cool as fuck and will supply an EPIC video! Buy and Support Peter Russell!

Peter Russell replied...
Bro you bet your ass NOT DONE YET! Thanks again for being part of this process!! In it to WIN IT!

to Peter Russell on 18 October 2019

At first look of the video, I thought goddamn look at the pump on your physique. You looked incredible. Extremely muscled! Every muscle group PRESENT with lines and striations! I thought, okay no pump room, however, the physique looks sick! Then, I learn…. This was a preview before hitting the gym and pump room. The difference between pre and post workout was exceptionally noticeable. How full you were after lifting was incredible! This is now the BEST video you ever shot! How you can manipulate your physique after a workout or meal is incredible. This is nothing but PRO! You are the BEST fuckin showman on cam today! No other fucker can even remotely compete with you and your physique!

(BICEPS & FOREARMS) So, it has been two + weeks from your last video. Your condition has improved immensely. The muscle bellies bow outward when the biceps are engaged on the front dbl bis pushing well-developed PeAkS as usual. But, post workout, the fuckers are so goddamn enlarged that every cut and line enforce your PUMP to Olympia stature (fuck PRO bro)! Them fuckers are extremely developed laced in vascularity and striated like a motha fuckin CHAMP! Perfect symmetry!!!! Perfect PeAkS!

Your palmaris longus muscle extrudes on the forearms. The entire brachioradialis muscle is very well developed. Them forearm muscles are all genetics my man!

(TRAPS) When you fuckin rip a most muscular, the trapezius muscle extrudes up into the middle neck (splenius capitis). These muscles are extremely developed, THICK, striated and the front explodes with vascularity. The Rhomboids minor and major on the upper part of the back are clearly present Peter….. Probably the best traps next to Ronnie Coleman!

(TRICEPS) The brachii medial head and brachii long head are extremely present on the front DBL BI and fuckin ties into the armpit (almost tapered) …. INCREDIBLE! The separation between the bicep and triceps is clear and well defined! And, when you extend your arm …. The horseshoes explode! I have never noticed how them fuckers hang with arm straightened cut, striated and laced in veins.

(CHEST) The entire mass is extremely developed. When you pose most muscular, the upper pectoral splits and umbrellas over the lower pectoral. It is nothing but of an elite bodybuilder that can tie the upper pectoral into the front delts. When relaxed them lower pecs stand full and create a shelf over the abdominals. 100% MOTIVATION!!!! The entire muscle striates when posing a lat spread…. Separating lower, middle and upper pectoral! This muscle folds and bends like mature fuckin muscle!

(DELTOIDS) cannonball ….. YEP! This muscle group is probably your secret weapon on a bodybuilding stage! You are fuckin HUGE …. But your shoulders separate an experienced bodybuilder from a PRO bodybuilder! Your medial deltoid is the fuckin cannonball. Rounded and very well developed. The posterior deltoid is ripped and striated. Clear lines separating the deltoid to the back. The anterior deltoid is extrudes clearly separated from the medial deltoid when hitting a most muscular. All three heads are a BADASS example of a exceptional bodybuilder!!! When you hit a back double bi…. The delts are like a softball glove…. Look like a bunch of bananas peaking over the back! Dude better than Nasser El Sonbaty, Dexter Jackson, Flex Wheeler, Victor Martinez, Kevin Levrone!!!! Absolutely …. 100% …. STELLAR AS FUCK!

Fan4Life… honored to know you!

Peter Russell replied...
Now THIS is a #100 review done over the top! I’m humbled and inspired. Glad to know you as well!!! Thanks again so much for the compliments and MOTIVATION. No. Days. Off!!

to CockyBoy on 17 October 2019


Calling all bodybuilders to follow and support this machine! 100% Motivation!!!!

CockyBoy replied...
Thank you brotha` apreciat it

to CockyBoy on 17 October 2019


[4:19 AM, 10/17/2019] Jason Kunzer: First, looks like you are leg pressing 900lbs. / 408kg. Did I see this correctly?

Second, the mass you built in the lower trapezius muscle just below the shoulders is WICKED AF! The rhomboid minor, scapula, teres major is all present when hitting a back dbl bi…. To see this in offseason is incredible! Your wingspan on the latissimus dorsi when engaged… Goddamn christmas tree! All the muscles in the upper back are separated and clearly present when flexing your lat spread. On the center back, you showcase the serratus posterior development perfectly. The rear delts separate from teres major and separate from the trapezius muscle like a fuckin baseball glove!

Third, your guns are fuckin perfect man…. You called it and it is so! Absolutely incredible form and symmetry on them biceps. Honestly, your current condition for offseason is nothing but bodybuilding 101 in offseason. You are on track to PRO brotha. I can see this especially in your abdominal condition. You are keeping shit clean! Keep working on them PeAkS bro!

Finally, your pecs are full as fuck! The separation and striations between the upper and lower pecs are spot on. The cable flies, cable crossovers or pec deck in your pec routine has created a deep striation along the entire sternum…. and DEEP! The way your lower pecs shelf over your abdominals is insane Alex.

Your most muscular is probably one of your best poses next to your double bicep! Side chest pose is on point! Vascularity, while hidden mostly, still POPS in the right places considering offseason.
[4:20 AM, 10/17/2019] Jason Kunzer: THANK YOU BRO!

CockyBoy replied...
I remember this one !!! you made my mouth drop !!! when i read it and i was like DAMN YOU REALLY LIKE MY WORK ALOT thanks brotha` hugs you alot <3

to CockyBoy on 5 October 2019


If you really appreciate muscle, you need to check out CockyBoy! We all search for the contest ready bodybuilder. Who has the deepest cuts, vascularity and biggest muscles. A bodybuilders offseason is probably an offseason for The BestFlex. I am quite certain bodybuilders support drops drastically when in offseason.

You wanna see something fuckin SPECIAL while he is in offseason? Purchase a video from CockyBoy! This dudes best attributes are the wheels, chest and biceps. And, we all love to see these muscle groups flexed with veins and striations..... In bodybuilding, it is the construction of the entire body including the muscle groups not recognized or secondary muscle groups at first glance....

I was truly surprised by his traps!!! Them fuckers engage PERFECTLY when he threw them forward! The striations and detail are PRESENT even in offseason. The work he puts into them traps is nothing but of a great bodybuilder!

Also, I appreciate how the upper chest ties into his front delts.... Again, an example of meticulous bodybuilding and a complete attention to the detail.... Obviously, he understands his own body and what needs improvement! Most important.... It is obvious how much he likes to flex and show his gains in this sport. If you ask him.... He will make your ears bleed with admiration and/or motivation to self improvement... Or, probably you may blow a nut! LOL ... Regardless, support this bodybuilder to PRO! The BestFlex offseason bodybuilder on The BestFlex


CockyBoy replied...
Thank you brotha for this amazing review apreciat the chats/videos/help/motivation ... everything xoxo

to Sergei on 4 October 2019

Just picked up a custom from this BADASS bodybuilder! Calling all bodybuilders and muscle fans to support this FREAK! Dude is about ready to compete and his physique is GNARLY! He is cool AF! He is honest to delivery time and requested content! Currently, he is striated and vascular with dense muscle MASS on each muscle group! Honestly, can't wait to see what he brings off season! Dude is a genetic FREAK!

Sergei replied...
Thanks! Much appreciated!

to CockyBoy on 1 October 2019


Buy and Support this fuckin BADASS bodybuilder! Future PRO

CockyBoy replied...
Thanks brotha` keep up the good work!

to Roland on 16 September 2019

To watch is guy shredded AF.... Striated and vascular like few on The BestFlex is completely impressive.... His muscle composition and detail to muscle is like few

To see this bodybuilder on off season is IMPRESSIVE! I will say this, Roland's off season physique remains lean and full like few on The BestFlex. The detail he maintains is SICK! I reconnected with him after a year or so, and his gains are incredible! He started with his shirt on and stretched the sleeves with his biceps like a CHAMP! His shirt off revealed the BEST off season physique one can note in bodybuilding. This dude is cool AF and wants to provide AAA material! His verbiage has come along way as he talks you through his competition physique! I personally would like to see him continue through his off season and then SHRED THE FUCK out his physique!

I am following a future PRO Bodybuilder!

Roland replied...
Thank you so much friend!:)

to CockyBoy on 16 September 2019

Had the opportunity to receive a custom video from this dude! It was STELLAR! His off season physique is PROPER AF..... Keeping his physique clean and lean. His muscle stature is prime for off season.... Full as fuck with flexing definition, lines and BULK! MUSCLE FANS.... This guy is a serious contender in the bodybuild arena! NO JOKE! I reconnected after buying one of his custom vids years ago..... Dude has grown like a CHAMP! Nice guy.... wants to please his supporters and puts on a fuckin SHOW..... Fucker made my ears throb with his words! Cool AF!

Xoxo Cockyboy.... be in touch soon!

CockyBoy replied...
Hey there, heheh thanks this review is DOPE !!!! see you soon and keep in chat brotha`

to Peter Russell on 16 September 2019

Calling all muscle worshipers and bodybuilders! There is NO fuckin dude on The BestFlex or any other site that performs like Peter! This guy is a perfect example of the male form!!

I have been in contact with this guy for about a year now..... Each video on The BestFlex or custom video is fuckin incredible!

His detail to shooting a vid and body composition is like no other bodybuilder on the scene today! Dude is easy to work with and appreciates those that admire muscle.... Truthfully, He will flex like the PRO he is with confidence and verbally fuckin blow your mind!

His physique is incredible..... Always lean AF with striated muscle, vascularity and PUMPED MUSCLE..... There is no other like Peter Russell!!! Seriously!!! Support this FREAK so he can continue to fuckin build muscle

Peter Russell replied...
You are one of the reasons I love what I do my man! Thanks again for the support. I know you all have many choices and I appreciate that you choose me ;)

to Dennis on 15 June 2019

FIRST SESSION VIDEO..... Pump and Pose! You all need to check this video OUT!

WTF Denis…… The video was STELLAR! I never thought you would take me through a partial arm workout in the gym. A snap shot of excellence man P E R I O D ! Perfect example of dedication and knowhow. You lift heavy with perfect form! No cheating on movement and focus all on the bicep. GREAT BODYBUILDER! I appreciate the exercise with the EZ bar. You alternate full movement with partial movement …. Half way down and explode up to squeeze the FUCK out of the bicep…. Kind of your own version of 21’s. Definitely gonna incorporate this into my arm sessions. Alternating double curls, preacher curl and single arm dumbbell curls all complete with precision without sacrificing the total destruction of your bicep.

I have to admit bro….. your genetics is CRAZY…. Your brachialis is so fuckin developed!!! When curling single arm dumbbell curls ….. the separation from your brachialis and tricep gave an illusion of a flexed tricep on the side of your arm (horseshoe affect) as you curled the dumbbell. Look back at the video man to see what I am talking about….. CRAZY!!!!

Honestly, you could have been a model in my Human Anatomy and Physiology class…. Every fuckin muscle is so developed I can name each muscle group! Your Anterior, Medial and Posterior Deltoids are each defined on the most muscular. You got the pumpkin effect (looks like the ribs on a pumpkin). Your Back dbl bicep pose showcases all the superficial muscle groups on the back: Rhomboid major, Teres major, serratus anterior and trap. Again, the entire deltoid ripped and striated to CHAMP level! For your body frame, honestly, you got some of the biggest pecs in the business! Your pectoralis major and minor are separated on the most muscular. The fuckers are so developed that the sternum is like a canal between the two slabs of MUSCLE! The icing on the cake….. You are laced in veins bro!!!! Look like lightning bolts when you pose. God Damn Google Maps bro. The veins run up and down the six pack abs too.

You are a GOAL!

to Dennis on 10 June 2019

First, let's get this out of the way..... Apanda [with only 110 Loyalty Points] on 26 May 2019, does not understand how to communicate with the models. He is probably too aggressive, and he apparently does not build a relationship with the bodybuilder. More than likely, he asks for too much!!!! BTW, Apanda says this, "never really leave reviews unless they are pleasant, this is my 1st negative one ever." I call BS.... Look at his profile and he has only left two reviews.... BOTH 1 star!

NOW my review for Dennis.... This bodybuilder is exceptional! I have been following Dennis's career on the web including on The BestFlex for a couple years. I have never reached out until recently. Dennis is not the biggest bodybuilder on The BestFlex..... BUT..... Dennis is the most conditioned and probably the most dedicated bodybuilder on The BestFlex! I know he lives the bodybuilding lifestyle. One can see this from his THICK and complete physique. This dude's muscle density is SICK! One can see that he lifts heavy, and his focus is on building each muscle group deliberately. His attention to detail on building muscle is apparent. He does not focus just on the major muscle groups. He also concentrates attention to the secondary muscle groups like the brachialis (well developed and POPS the bicep PeAk). Dennis is a true Bodybuilder.... Not a person with just big muscles that flexes. His muscle symmetry and proportion are of a CHAMP! Again, one of the most conditioned bodybuilders on the scene today! Very little bodybuilders can maintain shredzzz and build muscle at the same time..... Dennis does and has proven this throughout his career. I am not sure what % his body fat index runs..... But again, he runs it low and still builds muscle! Calling all bodybuilders or muscle fans.... bear witness to this phenomenon that is Dennis! This dude is striated and vascular. You can see his muscle fibers while flexing! His muscle separation on major muscle groups is SICK! This dude, overall, is a GREAT BODYBUILDER! Dennis and I are working together on a series leading up to his fall competition. We are going to explore prep, diet and posing routines. I suggest all muscle fans take part! Support this CLASSIC physique to weight title and OVERALL Champion!

Dennis, I implore you to shoot a video on The BestFlex for all to witness. Dude is an intentional MONSTER.... He is cool as Fuck and will teach the novice how to FLEX.... Buy, Support and LEARN!!!!! Guys don’t waste his time with chatter! I acknowledge that he like to show off his gains! True showmanship! Put your money where your mouth is….. Support this bodybuilder. Ask Dennis for a most muscular (crab pose) and watch the veins, striations, muscle fibers, muscle separation and density EXPLODE!

to Peter Russell on 8 June 2019

You know.... I am not sure if you brought the BEST concentration of any muscle group... with diet or focus on lines, striated muscle or PUNP! What I do know is you brought your BEST overall with stellar flexing and confidence (VERBIAGE) like a CHAMP physique! The ripped arms in your ride was the fuckin TOP performance EVER in a video..... No words can truly describe the AWESOME muscle you pack on to your frame! I love the fact you are massive enough to shred and bulk on a dime! 100% GOALS! 100% MOTIVATION..... MUSCLE is EVERYTHING! Your back dbl bis is truly what separates the PRO from the novice! Rear delts, traps, upper back, lats and back in general are PRO MATERIAL! Fuckin glutes and calves are so God damn developed .... its shows your true GENETICS! Your front symmetry is INCREDIBLE! That cross is stage perfection!

Biceps, pecs, front delts and chiseled abdominal is carved like fuckin ROCK!

And, those wheels definitely separate a bodybuilder from the low life! Them calves bulge from side to side! Perfect example of a PRO bodybuilder. Plus an EGO to match the MUSCLE

Everyone wants to be us P E R I O D!

All you muscle lovers buy his BestFlex vids and custom videos! Support this true CHAMP to BIGGER than life!

Peter Russell replied...
Thanks again man! Putting in the work!!

to Peter Russell on 26 May 2019

There is NO dude on The BestFlex that can provide a custom video or BestFlex vid like Peter Russell P E R I O D!!!! His physique is of a PRO (Earning his card), and his showmanship overshadows all other performers! Truthfully, The BestFlex is showcasing some GREAT male physiques…. Bodybuilders that are competitors. I follow and know a few in the bodybuilding arena, and some guys that so conditioned have to be a competitor. Nevertheless, only one dude takes his competitive physique and showcases through thoughtful showmanship. This bodybuilding brother is Peter Russell. Let me define of “thoughtful” ….. Russell allows you to direct the video. He honors all your suggested direction, BUT he does it with a twist…. HIS WAY! NOTE – be patient cause it takes a minute to create a PROPER video! You want a turnaround video go elsewhere and be less than satisfied. I am competing in my first show this summer, and Peter has been all MOTIVATIONAL! He indirectly (but intentional) has helped me on flexing and showmanship! Buy The BestFlex videos! Support this BEAST and purchase custom vids….
What can you expect with a Peter Russell vid? His fuckin calves bulge like two nut sacks (DIAMONDS) guys. The veins laced on his physique are like lightening bolts that POP when flexed. His bicep peaks are WICKED as FUCK and the veins that trace along the top of the biceps are prevalent. His quads have that zipper affect while his FAT cock suspends between the trunks. Ask him to POP a mostmusclar (crab pose), cause again, veins run through the pecs, delts, bis and traps. He can vacuum the abs with ease and POP the six pack to a washboard. His back is like a fuckin christmas tree…. Or, ask Peter to roll his pecs…. Striated like a motherfucker! Gents….. this dude is a brick wall…. SOLID MUSCLE! Most importantly, request verbiage….. He will talk to you like he was PRESENT…. Russell is all MOTIVATION, a great bodybuilder, showman and all around a good dude! He is honest to his word and demands ALL EYES ON GREATNESS….. PETER RUSSELL! Buy video content and support this exceptional bodybuilder!
If you are intolerant to MUSCLE, Peter is not for you! But, the question is ….. Why the fuck you on The BestFlex?

Peter Russell replied...
Wow! Now that’s a review!! Thanks for being part of my journey!

to Tommy Flex on 8 April 2019

I have ordered custom vids from Tommy flex in past including videos from the BestFlex, and his flex is PROPER AF! For the first time, I threw down for a cam show. This brotha is a master at showmanship! His flex is nothin but incredible! It was awesome to interact with this bodybuilder. When I requested PeAkS, Tommy POPPED his biceps to a point! He rolled his pecs upon request. I was shocked by his weight and the size of biceps by measurement. This dudes physique is a optical illusion. While he looks like a light heavyweight, he is a SOLID middleweight bodybuilder...... Blew my fuckin MIND! And when he talks to you while he flexes, your ears will fuckin bleed by his words! Boys.... support this BB! You boys love MUSCLE ..... TommyFlex is your dude!

Tommy Flex replied...
Hell yeah thanks my man! I’m acutely a light weight or even bantam weight lol my aesthetics and illusion of size is second to none. See you again soon!

to Peter Russell on 26 March 2019

Peter Russell custom vid #8.... BIG MUSCLE FLEX

BUY and support this BB. First, this dude creates the best vids on the BestFlex PERIOD. He takes direction extremely well and delivers a PROPER fuckin vid! Second, Peter has a conditioned and an award winning physique like NO OTHER on the BestFlex! Third, if you are a bodybuilder, Peter will provide tips and know how in the bodybuilding arena. Fourth, his MUSCLE is conditioned and shredded like a true competitor. Finally, Peter's vascularity is like a goddamn google road map. His toros and wheels are laced in veins. His diet exacerbates the vascularity as he pumps his MUSCLE!

Striated, Grainy, Separation & Lines all surround sculpted MUSCLE on his physique. 100% MOTIVATION for bodybuilders!

Gentlemen..... no matter what you are looking for in a vid.... There is nothing like a video from Peter Russell! This motherfucker with rob you of any preconceived notion of bodybuilding and it's meaning to build MUSCLE! His posing is EPIC and he flexes HARD! Every fiber intended to POP at the correct instant that he rips his muscle in a flex! I ramble .... but, I know what is PROPER stage presence....

Just ask PR to rip some leg shots and/or POP his veins.... He will verbally assault your ears as he RIPS MUSCLE! Support Peter Russell.... You will not regret it!

Peace homies

Peter Russell replied...
Always trying to get better!! THANK YOU!!!

to Peter Russell on 20 March 2019

Peter Russell custom vid #7.... FULL AF!

I am not sure of your end goals bro? But, you get leaner and better by the week.... u are not competing cause you still have hair on them pits.... Like a fuckin BEAST.... you are better than the last vid!

You are a fuckin BADASS!

Your lower pecs are RIPPED AF when you tweek the pecs.... ur back is PRO MATERIAL dude!

Them calves are..... SERIOUSLY... some of the best lookin BULLS in bodybuilding! Fuckin DIAMONDS

Calling all bodybuilders.... I am tellin you... you will learn! Posing, diet and the tricks of the trade!


those homies that worship MUSCLE! Fuck the rest! Peter will blow you away!

Peter Russell replied...
“Pump city” ;) thanks again!!

to Peter Russell on 14 March 2019

Peter Russell custom vid #6 Veinsanity

Never have I felt like I been in the presence of GREATNESS until I watch your vids! I watch one vid before every workout. You are a flexing example of DISCIPLINE and 100% MOTIVATION!

Damn right you mention Branch while posing mostmuscular. I see Shawn Smith when you smash mostmuscular! The front delts and traps POP, and the separation in your pecs is at a winning level….. But, them outside bicep peaks are nothing less than PRO. I cannot believe the density of that brachialis muscle man!

Them rear delts, supraspinatus and infraspinatus muscles fuckin rip when flexing a back double bi. And, that bicep peak towers over the arm! All the cuts, lines and separation on your side arm bulge on a back dbl bi and the tris fuckin hang BRO!

Them top level quadriceps…. Jesus Fuck man! You lookin like Paul Demayo bro. Them quads showin all 4 Heads and laced in veinsanity. How the fuck did you get that zipper look on rectus femoris? That zipper effect on them quads is fuckin sick as FUCK and the BADDEST motha fuckin striations I have ever seen. Peter…. You got them genetics and proven by them 2 bulls…. Them fuckers are made up of 4 cut diamonds not even measurable in carats.

And finally, the way you look in a tank and ball cap is BOSS AF! Your comments and statements while flexing are words to lift by. The way you point out the features of your physique while flexing is DOPE AF!

Peter Russell replied...
Thanks dude! The pump is the cure!

to Peter Russell on 12 March 2019

Peter Russell custom video #5.... Let me say this and no offense to any member to this site, I am not the normal to theBestFlex. I follow and support P Russell cause he delivers the BEST of theBestFlex. No other bodybuilder can deliver a video like Russell! This bodybuilder is PRO material with no expectation for a title.

My request was the following: show unpumped muscle (bis and tris) flexing..... then.... workout and show the PUMP! This bodybuilder is so shredded that a pump looked flat; however sit massive unlike others. I will say his veins were full and LARGE! No doubt a contender by no fault. This homie is PRO material....

For the vid.... His veins laced the entire inner bicep and tricep. You can see the pumped vein run over his bicep as it peaks to a POINT! Motherfucker is a goddamn road map. laced in veins and stage ready... Judge criteria.....
Stage Presence
Peter Russell meets all criteria.... I am following a future PRO!

Buy his vids, ask for custom vids and just support! Bodybuilder at his BEST

Peter Russell replied...
Video #6 on the way! VEINSANITY!! ????????????????

to Peter Russell on 11 March 2019

Custom video a last week #4. No words can describe the motivation Peter is bringin to the cam.... Calling all bodybuilders to seriously follow and check out Russell's current condition! No disrespect to the dudes that just love muscle.... Really no disrespect..... However, you fuckers that are building muscle day by day...... Peter is your fuckin ticket to a G O A L ! This guy wrecks all on the BestFlex ....... He represents the BEST in bodybuilding P E R I O D! Fucker is competition ready with no plans to compete..... WTF.... Ask this dude to verbally describe his present condition.... Calling all bodybuilders to look and witness your goal! That said, all you dudes that love muscle..... your eyes will bleed! This dude is fuckin JACKED AF with a stage present physique! My first show is in July.... I look fuckin pathetic when I look at Peter's non ass competitive physique! Peter, much respect with the physique you built and conditioned! Truly, you are a GREAT BODYBUILDER! For the guys, that love muscle should support and follow this BEAST. If you are a bodybuilder, you are dumb not to subscribe! Just fuckin BLIND! Real fuckin deal!!!!

Peter Russell replied...
Muscle school is in session! lol thanks again man! You motivate me to motivate all of you!!

to Peter Russell on 22 February 2019

Peter Russell custom MOTIVATION Flex. My 3rd custom vid – Calling all bodybuilders or MUSCLE lovers…. Check this dude OUT! So, I sent Peter a couple requests, however, I left the direction to Peter. Homie honored my few requests and provided an EPIC flex video at his own direction…… His condition is 100% competition bodybuilder, although, he has no current plans to compete. His pecs are ripped, striated and roll until his fuckin VEINS POP throughout the chest, traps and delts. Just ask him for a mostmuscular! His delts and back of a CHAMP, and his wheels of a PRO! Okay, Peter has constant veins in his guns and them fuckers are ripped to a PeAk. Note the brachialis muscle in the arms developed like no other! The muscle sends the peak almost to a point! Russell is genetically gifted with a fuckin cool demeanor. Criteria of a winning bodybuilding like Peter: MASS (CHECK), Definition (CHECK), Proportion (CHECK, Symmetry (CHECK) & Stage Presence (CHECK). I am following a PRO!

Let me say this, it is the stage presence, or (video content he provides) and MASS that sets him apart from the rest on the BestFlex! SO….. STOP clownin around and support this brotha to PRO!!!! He is the best of the best on the BestFlex!


Peter Russell replied...
BOOM!! Tell em brotha! Seriously, thanks a lot. I love muscle too!!

to Peter Russell on 9 February 2019

Second custom vid....

Russell is a FREAK of nature boys! If you are into MUSCLE and/or a bodybuilder, order your custom video NOW! This dude honored every request, and he provided exceptional additional content with zero instruction. He is theBestFlex only on point performer of MUSCLE! Plus, if you want verbiage in the custom vid,….. your ears will bleed with wanting more chatter. Russell admits he has zero contests scheduled. If he would step on a stage tomorrow (no prep) he probably would wreck the fuckin stage! For the muscle…. His vacuum, bicep PeAkS, vascularity, teardrop quads (with veins), diamond calves, V-tapered lats (fuckin christmas tree boys), traps and delts laced with VIENS ….. ORDER NOW! This BB is exceptional…. Watch his vids before a workout cause he is 100% motivation. You guys into slender (physique competition dudes) Russell is NOT for you! Suggested not for dudes wanting a twink bodybuilder! For the skeptic, Russell is down to earth, easy to work with and fuckin GREAT at his trade! ORDER NOW!!!! The BEST muscle on theBestFlex! No other matters……

Peter Russell replied...
Fuck man! One of the nicest and best reviews EVER! Thank YOU so much!!!!!

to Peter Russell on 3 February 2019

Ordered a cam show from Russell.... Guys on this site should do the same and take a lesson! So should YOU! First, he is cool AF and very easy to communicate with. Second, he honored my requests to a fault and exceeded expectations. Third, he has a world class physique. Russell is a bodybuilder that can compete and WIN his class. My first show is July 2019. I told him this via convo..... This dude finishes with mandatory poses.... If I was a bodybuilding judge, I would score him high on: Mass, Definition, Proportion, Symmetry and stage presence! If you love MUSCLE or a bodybuilder looking for motivation..... NO dude on the BestFlex can deliver a better cam show! P E R I O D Buy and support this bodybuilder! I maybe following a future PRO!!!!!!

Peter Russell replied...
"Quarter turn to the right gentlemen....." LOL Thanks man! My pleasure!!!

to Master Traps on 24 November 2018

Ordered my first custom video from Master Traps..... This brother is awesome! His cocky verbiage is PROPER AF! If this dude continues to set personal gains, he will rock the bodybuilding world S E R I O U S L Y. If you want muscle worship..... STOP and order a custom video. Most importantly..... dude is cool as FUCK! Support this upcoming BB! Great dude and will buy future material from Traps..... Oh, and serious, his PRO like traps are defined in his name.... Ask him to hit a mostmuscular..... Veins POP in his upper pecs and delts! Yo guys.... follow and support this BB!!!!

to Mike AK-47 on 16 November 2018

Calling all bodybuilders.... follow this BB's! Voyeur's will enjoy him too. Mike is PROPER AF! This dude is on point. Mike is 21 years old, but has a physique of a 33 year old. Very MATURE muscle for his age! Probably someone to watch for in future bodybuilding competitions. If he continues on this path, I see a PRO! Dude is ripped to the bone! He must have just showed, because his skin was like paper! Vascular like a 'road map' ..... like lookin at Google maps... Not kidding! Separation in his delts, pecs, traps while hitting mostmuscular is sick AF! His veins fuckin POPPED (chest, bis, delts and traps)! Veins in the arms.... get it, but his vascularity in the delts, upper pecs and traps are sick as FUCK!!!!

For his frame, his mass, definition, proportion and symmetry are ON POINT! If he kills stage presence, he would win his class and probably overall! I do not know who his competition is..... But, my guess would be.... AK-47 would WRECK the stage!

Mike AK-47 replied...
very thanks bro!! glad hear it! i hope see soon again!

to Tommy Flex on 2 September 2018

Need to Shout Out.....

TFlex is probably the most impressive dudes on The BestFlex! His aesthetic physique and VERBAL motivation is SICK! For those that lift or like MUSCLE, Tommy Flex is damn near PERFECT..... PeAkS on the bi, horseshoes like a PRO and upper/lower pec separation = bodybuilder!

U lift..... TFlex is 100% MOTIVATION! You love MUSCLE..... TommyFlex is MUSCLE..... Follow & Support this physique!

Tommy Flex replied...
Thank you my man! I’m glad I motivate you!

to Tommy Flex on 30 August 2018

Just took in my first live cam with Tommy Flex..... Three words.... OFF THE HOOK!!!! Homie just threw down some awesome poses!!! Triceps like horseshoes and Bicep peaks like baseballs! His upper/lower chest separation is SICK AS FUCK!!! For those dudes that train..... TFlex is 100% motivation! P E R I O D

Tommy Flex replied...
Hell yeah my man! I’m glad you loved it!! See you again soon!!

to Tommy Flex on 8 June 2018

Just be you cause you are good at that FREAK!

Tommy Flex replied...

to Tommy Flex on 8 June 2018

There is a reason why Tommy Flex has 242 reviews with a perfect 5 stars status! Let me say this….. If you are looking for video content for pleasure, or you are a true bodybuilder, STOP and look no further! Tommy is 100% motivation and his body is sexy AF! Because muscle is SEXY as FUCK! This dude truly illustrates what bodybuilding is all about. As a bodybuilder, you feed and gain, feed and gain, feed and gain…… then rip the shit out of your physique. I have bought vids from the BestFlex of Tommy and ordered custom vids. No matter what you dudes are looking for in FREAK…. Tommy flex is the man!!!! Most important, the dude is cool as fuck….. SERIOUSLY! You can chat about bodybuilding because he GETS IT! PLEASE do not waste is time just chatting. This guy has a product, and he has proven to be a GREAT bodybuilder so invest in the product. Honestly, I would take training and nutrition advice from this dude! Sure, It is true some of the dudes on the BestFlex are bigger….. BUT….. If you wanna follow an authentic bodybuilder that knows what is up…… BUY TOMMY FLEX VIDS!

TRUTH – Just purchased a new custom video from Tommy dude! His videos are my go to pre-workout cause he will verbally whip lash you to submission….. He will tell you what the FUCK is up! 100% back this FREAK! Buy and support this upcoming bodybuilder!!!!

Tommy Flex replied...
You are appreciated my man! Thank you for all your words! I will continue to outdue myself when it comes to your videos. I pay high attention to detail to ensure your satisfaction!

to Tommy Flex on 10 May 2018

Follow review from my last post: The custom vid is DOPE AF!!!! BiG T has MASTERED creating CUSTOM VIDS...... P E R I O D!
My man is 100% MOTIVATION!

Tommy Flex replied...
Thank you my man! Having the muscle is one thing, knowing how to properly display is is another which I highly focus on! See you again soon!!

to Tommy Flex on 9 May 2018

Not even gonna wait for Tommy to finish the video.... I know this video is going to be EPIC! Dude is so fuckin cool! The BestFlex is lucky to host this BEAST!!!! Waitin on:

Slow flexing focusing on bis, chest, traps and delts..... becoming more pumped by the end of the vid..... most important.... make my FUCKIN EARS BLEED with cocky talk!!!! Lots of PEAKS and lots of Mostmuscular..... Fucker is gonna blow my mind!!!!!

Tommy Flex replied...
So awesome of you to say these things!! I appreciate your confidence in me!!

to Hungry beast on 9 May 2018

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

To Bodybuilders and those that follow Bodybuilders …. FOLLOW and SUPPORT the HUNGRY BEAST!!!! This f*ucker is 100% MOTIVATION for BB’s that compete!!! For those peeps that follow bodybuilders…. the HUNGRY BEAST is the REAL DEAL! I have been following the BEAST via Instagram, YouTube and theBestFlex for years. This guy’s transformation over the years is SICK AF! Honestly, the BEAST is the BEST BB on theBestFlex! Minus the vids available on theBestFlex, his custom vids are PROPER AF! He takes direction like a CHAMP and delivers a grade A product. A one stop shop GENTS! This BEAST is the RIGHTEOUS! Also, this dude is kind AF…. Never met a nicer dude P E R I O D

#veins #PeAkS #pecs #MOSTMUSCULAR #delts #traps #back #backdoublebi #wheels #teardrops #diamonds #separation #striations #100%MOTIVATION #BEAST

to CockyBoy on 26 April 2018


Dude is WHAT'S UP! Nice guy and f*ckin HUGE!

CockyBoy replied...
Haha thank you ! Xoxo

to Zeecko on 26 April 2018



to JERSEYSHOREGOD on 1 March 2017

JSG.... Dude you are a FUCKIN MONSTER.... all motivation! I'm 6'1 @ 219... And, You tower over ME! RAW as FUCK.... Killer physique.... pumped as FUCK by cams END! Thanks for the convoy at the end!

All you fuckers into HUGH MONSTER MUSCLE.... JERSEYSHOREGOD is your DUDE! Check out this BEAST... Support... NOW!

to daniel carter on 18 November 2016


M O N S T E R ! ! ! ! !

BIG D …. This is your best video YET! Veins POPPIN like you were contest READY my man !!!!! Blew my fuckin MIND when you said, you had not even been to the gym????? YOU’RE PUMPED AS FUCK…. DAWG, YOUR BULK is MOTIVATION! Lean as best one can be while bulking just like MOI !!!! YOUR GUNS LOOK LIKE THEY ARE 21’s ….. DUDE, you flexed as hard as I have ever seen you flex so hard you were shakin!!!!! And, your TRUNKS are BADASS man….. HUGE!!!!! I strongly believe you would do well as a CLASSIC BODYBUILDER! Fuck PHYSIQUE….. YOU ARE A GREAT BODYBUILDER!!!!

I can’t wait to see what you bring in 2017….. Your dedication is my motivation…. KEEP GROWIN FUCKER !!!!!!

The muscle waste on The BestFlex can learn a thing or two from YOU !!!!!!

Watching this VIDEO, I want to be in the gym NOW !!!!

Ur #1 ….. MASON

You MUSCLE LOVERS..... ONE stop SHOP! Support this guy.... Buy his vids, Buy custom vids and CAM with him !!!!

You will not be disappointed....... S U P P O R T Daniel !!!!

And for them dudes with 9 negative reviews ...... Reach out and support.... YOU FUCKERS will never go elsewhere!

to Jason Genesis on 17 November 2016

Dude is 20 yrs old and BUILT!!! 100% PURE motivation! great show and a nice guy..... Fucker is JACKED. He was kind enough to let me know I needed to mute my microphone and turn off my cam before the show.... I was cool with that. He was receptive to every request and talked through the cam show.... Rating 1-5, he gets a SOLID 7.... Support this BB.... Cam with him... looking forward to requesting a vid in the near future!

to HornyAlphaBoy on 10 November 2016

What can I say!!!! This dude is exceptional. I took in a show months ago. When I reached out for another show, He remembered all my preferences! His physique is SICK!!!! Fuker is a BEAST.... If you like veins, ask for a most muscular! Dude POPS! His PEC separation is nothing but AWESOME! Delts and traps are LARGE! Magic Stripp is a fuckin B O S S ! ! ! ! SKYPE MAGIC STRIPP NOW

to daniel carter on 20 July 2016

Not sure why I have never posted a review for Danny boy.... Follow this BB, support this guy.... Buy his videos on the best flex, buy his custom videos and cam with him..... Your looking at a future NPC PRO!!! SUPPORT HIM! Dude has been inspirational, motivating and a mentor in building my own body! Nothing but good from this guy!

send your S U P P O R T !!!!

daniel carter replied...
your great man! miss you dude! be safe:)

to CockyBoy on 9 July 2016

There is a reason why Cockyboy has zero negative reviews.... He is AWESOME! GREAT, down to earth and nice guy! He is a great Bodybuilder.... You can see the detail and work in his MUSCLES! I will definitely cam with Alex again! I intend to seek training from him too.... Oh, BTW Alex is EZ on the eyes! Follow him on YouTube Alexandru Fitness!

CockyBoy replied...
HA well i always tried my best !!! and happy to done with you too see you soon bro !

to AnthonyFlex on 19 June 2016

If you like MUSCLE, you all should SKYPE AnthonyFlex! This 20 year old BEAST is a demiGOD. His size, attitude and presence is overwhelming. Anthony a true exhibitionist loved showing off. He honored all requests and flexed well over my allotted time! His Fuckin biceps are of a dude in his mid to late 20's. If you love veins, Anthony represents! I would definitely recommend a second look for all those that posted a negative comment. Anthony is a fuckin

M O N S T E R!!!!

AnthonyFlex replied...
Thank you. My skype name is Jerryhulkman

to MaximusSteel on 6 April 2016

This guy is HOT... SKYPE THIS MUSCLE GOD if you like BIG Fuckin MUSCLE!

MaximusSteel replied...
thanks and god bless the muscles X

LOVE MUSCLE - Touch My Hard Muscles

to LOVE MUSCLE - Touch My Hard Muscles featuring Sammy SEXY on 12 June 2021


Conditioned like a fucking competitor

Close Up Flex Show

to Close Up Flex Show featuring Andy Fit on 2 June 2021


Just picked up this vid! Afit is probably the top bodybuilder on this site! his conditioning and MASS continue to impress! Dude is a TRUE active bodybuilder enhancing his physique in the sport of bodybuilding. I am following a future PRO bodybuilder! Order a custom video muscle fans! Support the future of bodybuilding!

LOVE MUSCLE 2019 - Truly Huge Muscle God

to LOVE MUSCLE 2019 - Truly Huge Muscle God featuring Zeecko on 11 February 2021


Elite bodybuilder! Most likely the top BB on the BestFlex per division! Ultimate muscle

Handsome Hunk Wet Shirt Flexing

to Handsome Hunk Wet Shirt Flexing featuring Andy Fit on 13 December 2020


Outstanding vid.... Homie is a great classic bodybuilder and showman! Andy's physique is nothing but WICKED! All motivating

Oiled Up Muscle Flexing

to Oiled Up Muscle Flexing featuring Airon on 7 December 2020


Bros PeAkS are incredible. He is working his way to that stage in which he will wreck! The gainz he has put on that frame is nothing but contender! Proportion, Mass, Symmetry and Definition thus far are IFBB/NPC National recognition! I am following a future PRO bodybuilder

Beautiful Sweaty Hunk

to Beautiful Sweaty Hunk featuring Andy Fit on 7 December 2020


Probably the BEST condition to date on TBF! Andy's Full as fuck..... He really demonstrates perfect form, striated muscle, vascularity and proportion! Some of the BEST muscle groups flexed are: Chest, biceps, traps and back and bi's. We get a glimpse of the diamond calves. Them wheels are blessed with genetics! This video best showcases Andy's competitive physique! Dude is astonishing!

Beautiful Pump Up and Flex

to Beautiful Pump Up and Flex featuring Andy Fit on 20 November 2020


Another fantastic vid by AndyFit. Brother pumps up his biceps and rips muscle. Andy has incredible PeAkS, veins like ropes and is striated. DOPE AF bodybuilder!!!

Shredded Hunk Flexing

to Shredded Hunk Flexing featuring Samp on 4 August 2020


The BEST classic bodybuilder on TBF P E R I O D!!! This vid of Samp is nothing but incredible classic physique flexing! Dudes bicep PeAkS are split and toned to shit! Incredible: lines, muscle separation, lines and striations.... Vascularity is badass too!!!!

Close Up Muscle Perfection 2

to Close Up Muscle Perfection 2 featuring Bernard on 4 August 2020


One of the BEST competitive bodybuilders on TBF! In this video, he is getting ready to wreck stages! If you like most muscular, buy this vid.... Striated, vascular and all MASS! Dope AF!

Massive Muscle Show

to Massive Muscle Show featuring Bogdan on 4 August 2020


One, if not the top, bodybuilders on TBF! In this video Bogdan is RAW as fuck! Almost comp. ready, this brotha flexes his gainzzz! His proportion, mass and symmetry is BADASS!!!! Veins like GOOGLE MAPS

High Intensity Flexing

to High Intensity Flexing featuring Andy Fit on 4 August 2020


Incredible Flex .... Although a bodybuilder, this iron bro is a showman too!!!!! Quality muscle as always.... This flex is HARD and NASTY!!!!!! AndyFit POPs veins and rips MUSCLE.... Attitude and All.....! Buy this vid!!!!

Powerful Hunk

to Powerful Hunk featuring Airon on 20 June 2020


Airon is INCREDIBLE and Stong AF!!! BUY THIS VIDEO guys

Tight Shirt Oiled Up Muscles

to Tight Shirt Oiled Up Muscles featuring Andy Fit on 10 June 2020


Andy's physique is gnarly af. Incredible detail in the traps and delts. Vascularity on them biceps are constantly present. Another great video added to the Andy fit collection.

Oiled Up and Chained Up Muscle Power

to Oiled Up and Chained Up Muscle Power featuring Airon on 25 April 2020


Incredible bodybuilder and showman! This video is FLY AF!

Totally Massive Muscles

to Totally Massive Muscles featuring Zeecko on 16 April 2020


Whether off season or prepping for a competition, Zeecko has a TOP physique on TBF! This dude flexes his pecs in with perfect camera positions! This video is a must BUY!!!!

Close Up Shredded Muscles 3

to Close Up Shredded Muscles 3 featuring Bogdan on 16 April 2020


To date the best video in this series! Vascular as fuck and his mass and proportion is PRO bodybuilding! Dude is so fuckin grainy too!

Beautiful Biceps

to Beautiful Biceps featuring Andy Fit on 16 April 2020


INCREDIBLE! The cephalic vein is thick as fuck and tops the pEaK when flexing the biceps. Perhaps one of the most aesthetic torsos on TBF. When he hit a most muscular all muscle groups tie into each other. Bicep peaks are prevalent on a back double bi. Dude is an exceptional bodybuilder.

Shirt Rip and Pump Up

to Shirt Rip and Pump Up featuring Airon on 13 April 2020


BEST shirt ripping scene on TBF! The vascularity on Airon's arms is incredible! The musculature MASS, density and proportion on his physique is awesome. One of the best muscle vids on the TBF

LOVE MUSCLE 2020 - Sweaty Shredded Hunk

to LOVE MUSCLE 2020 - Sweaty Shredded Hunk featuring Steven C on 12 April 2020


MUST BUY!!! Dude is Striated, Vascular and MASSIVE as fuck! In your face extreme flexing and drenched in sweat. Definitely one of The BestFlex TOP bodybuilders.

Crawl To Your Muscle God

to Crawl To Your Muscle God featuring Max Wood on 18 March 2020


ust picked up your latest vid.... Again, I stand corrected, "fuck yeah" is your tag and yours only!!! You look show ready bro! Your proportion, MASS and symmetry is unfuckin real! If you are competing..... Them other fuckers are in trouble cause you will destroy!#JACKED#shredz#symmetry #proportion#flexing

Morning Wood

to Morning Wood featuring Peter Russell on 9 January 2020


BADASS BODYBUILDER! His muscles GOT muscles. Peter has a rockin physique in this carved muscle vid! And, nice cock too

Shredded Hairy Hunk

to Shredded Hairy Hunk featuring Bogdan on 8 December 2019


His vascularity is STELLAR! Boys you like veins.... BUY! Even with body hair, he rips striated and defined MUSCLE! The PeAkS on his biceps are INCREDIBLE! His wheels are PROfound! Sliced and diced fellas! DOPE fuckin video

Close Up and Oiled Up 3

to Close Up and Oiled Up 3 featuring Bernard on 8 December 2019


This Iron brother is a few years younger than me.... I will say this.... for his age, this dude has some mature muscle! Striated muscle, Vascularity with muscle separation! DOPE AF vid of quality MUSCLE! Wish he would show the face while rippin muscle.... All said and done, he is up and coming! I look forward to a custom video

Cocky Nude Physique God

to Cocky Nude Physique God featuring Max Wood on 8 December 2019


Dope AF video.... I appreciate his STELLAR physique so I bought the vid! I soon realize It was a custom video that I already purchased.... LMAO! I should realized this was an older vid considering his current physique has more MASS!

Massive Vascular Biceps

to Massive Vascular Biceps featuring Muscle Diamond on 30 November 2019


Close to the BEST vascular physique on The BestFlex! I wish this brotha did custom vids.... This video is next to none! RIPPED, VASCULAR, STRIATED and DEFINED like a CHAMP

Big Hairy Stud Hulks Out

to Big Hairy Stud Hulks Out featuring Max Flex God on 11 November 2019


DUDE is BACK in the game boys! This video is BADASS off-season muscle! He is keeping his physique lean! Really knows how to show off his physique in this TOP muscle video! Buy and support this FREAK!

Bicep Perfection

to Bicep Perfection featuring Niko on 5 February 2019


Dudes biceps started out cold.... No PUMP! By the end of the video them fuckers were full AF! Biceps are PeAkEd and laced in veins! Niko is gonna be a FREAK if he maintains a career in bodybuilding.... You guys like biceps.... Checkout Bicep Perfection

Huge Shredded Bodybuilder

to Huge Shredded Bodybuilder featuring Tomas Mach on 3 February 2019


This video probably the best conditioned bodybuilder on the BestFlex! Mach is ripped, striated, vascular, ripped bodybuilder in this video then any other on this site. True competitor and one of the BEST on the BestFlex! PERIOD

Handsome Hunk Flexing

to Handsome Hunk Flexing featuring BeardKing22 on 3 February 2019


one word..... MUSCLE! His striations and veins will fuckin MOTIVATE your ass to LIFT! Dude is a winner

Massive Powerful Hunk

to Massive Powerful Hunk featuring Peter Russell on 3 February 2019


You dudes lookin for MUSCLE? Massive Powerful Hunk is the vid for you. Russell is the BEST on the BestFlex .... PERIOD! You dudes into VEINS? Buy this video! Russell is vascular AF! Like damn Google Maps..... LOL... You can find your crib on his body! WARNING: For those that are intolerant to muscle, you may experience light headed, shaking, a rash, heart palpitations and painful eye discomfort. Only view Russell if into muscle and/or a bodybuilder.

Pumped Up Biceps

to Pumped Up Biceps featuring Peter Russell on 3 February 2019


Pumped Up Biceps is a must see. Russell will fuckin amaze you with his PeAkEd bis..... His incredible mass and definition is like no other on the BestFlex P E R I O D. If you you love biceps and/or a bodybuilder, he will impress and MOTIVATE your ass to the stage! buy this vid boys....

Young Hunk Flexing

to Young Hunk Flexing featuring Daniel_fit on 25 November 2018


Just picked up this vid from Daniel_fit. BB looks fantastic! Vascular arms..... Bro has nothing to say..... not a verbal cocky flex.... However, his physique is incredibly AWESOME! PEAKS, VASCULARITY and SHREDS are worth a LOOK!!!!

Muscle Worship Oiled Up

to Muscle Worship Oiled Up featuring JohnnyMusclex on 24 August 2018


Smithy.... WELCOME to TBF!!!!!! Dude is a MONSTER! Smithy's veins web across throughout his upper torso like a GD roadmap. Hope to see this dude flex after a clip.... VEINS will POP. TOP 3 giants on this site P E R I O D

Jerk Off While I Flex

to Jerk Off While I Flex featuring Tyson Carter on 11 August 2018


First time purchase 'Jerk off while I Flex'.... Dude is aesthetic AF! BB is only 19..... and, the future is his if he continues! Holy ####! I can't wait to see this dude at 25! Currently he is lean, striated and vascular..... BUT, his most powerful tool is his VOIX.... He verbally puts out what he is showin off! Not only a BB, he is a master in filmography..... Serious... Just watch and see!

Close Up Flexing

to Close Up Flexing featuring Hungry beast on 11 August 2018


I picked up 'Close Up Flexing' by Hungry Beast ..... and PROPER AF! The Beast is forever hungry for GROWTH! Guys..... If you are into bodybuilding CHAMPS, raw fuckin HUGH muscle..... look no further homies! If you are a bodybuilder like I, buy his vids.... Buy his custom vids (btw really cool dude). While many of these dudes on the BestFlex probably compete, Hungry Beast is all CLASSIC bodybuilding! Definition, bulked lean, veins, striations and the separation of muscle is RAW! Wish he talk more while flexing, but I am not going to take away that star...... BUY HIS VIDS! BB is an inspiration in bodybuilding!!!!! P E R I O D. Follow is progress and be inspired!

Shredded Hunk Flexing

to Shredded Hunk Flexing featuring Bernard on 10 August 2018


Just picked up 'Shredded Hunk Flexing' by Bernard. This dude is FUCKING AWESOME! He throws down the TOP physique on The BestFlex! This brotha is HUGE AF! His chest development is simply FREAKISH! His veins like a Fuckin ROADMAP! You like BIG dudes? Pick up one of his vids!

Camshow Flexing

to Camshow Flexing featuring Roy Morris on 19 July 2014


Roy will always be my favorite... Perfect body.... veins POP when his muscle moves..... veins like a road map

Andy Fit

abs and obliques are incredible.... Afit looks stage ready!!!

9 July 2021

Andy Fit


5 July 2021

Andy Fit

BEST fuckin traps in Bodybuilding!

25 June 2021

Andy Fit

All classic Bodybuilding

24 June 2021

Andy Fit

Guys..... buy and support this FUTURE PRO!

16 June 2021

Andy Fit

Now at 19" biceps! Brother is growing! Incredible shot Andy

6 June 2021

Andy Fit

Full as fuck! 100% BULK in progress!

2 June 2021

Andy Fit

Wheels are lookin DOPE! Each pic looks more and more Classic

20 May 2021

Andy Fit

Incredible muscle separation! Distinctive lines throughout the entire torso! Proportions are nothing but PRO bodybuilding! The entire torso is sculpted with muscle separation, symmetry, dynamic proportions, striations and vascularity.... Afit is a on the cusp of PRO level!

14 May 2021

Hungry beast

Grainy af

11 May 2021

Andy Fit

Thick AF

11 May 2021

Andy Fit

Nothing but ALL Classic Bodybuilding! Incredible tapper

5 May 2021

Andy Fit

A Fit is bodybuilding! He has added incredible mass to his physique

2 May 2021

Andy Fit

Incredible work on the pecs! Both upper and lower pecs are now striated af! The traps and delts are next level!

28 April 2021

Andy Fit


27 April 2021

Andy Fit

Brother getting better and better weekly

25 April 2021

Andy Fit


25 April 2021

Andy Fit

Dude is nothing but mass, lines, muscle separation and vascularity

12 April 2021

Andy Fit

This is bodybuilding CLASSIC at best!!!!! Afit is a champ

31 March 2021

Andy Fit

Holy fuck boys!!!! He keeps packing on MASS!

27 March 2021

Andy Fit

Brother is detailed like CHAMP

13 March 2021

Andy Fit

@alain6901 not an incredible shape! The Shape that defines Classic Bodybuilding! Absolutely no person on this site compares!

5 March 2021

Andy Fit

Damn.... striations in the traps are badass!!!

2 March 2021

Mr Latz

Prep looks incredible!! You shred up like a CHAMP

1 March 2021

Marco Pinotti

Thick AF

25 February 2021


Guys! X frame is cray! MASSIVE BACK

23 February 2021


Best vascularity on TBF!

22 February 2021

Muscle Max Freak

So gross it is righteous!

2 February 2021

Peter Russell

Superior MUSCLE

2 February 2021

Peter Russell

Dope AF

2 February 2021

Muscle Max Freak

the detail and mass is awesome! What bro has legs like this on The BestFlex?

30 January 2021

David Biceps


29 January 2021

David Biceps

Shoulder tie ins.... looks Awesome ????

29 January 2021

David Biceps

Tight AF

29 January 2021

Andy Fit

Afit is a genetic FREAK!

29 January 2021

Andy Fit

Afit is the most muscular

16 January 2021

Andy Fit


13 January 2021

Andy Fit


13 January 2021

Andy Fit

Afit is ALL Classic

30 December 2020

Andy Fit

The BestFlex is the Most Muscular. Andy Fit is the BestFlex

30 December 2020

Jaco Silva


25 December 2020

Andy Fit


23 December 2020

Andy Fit

dope as FUCK

23 December 2020



4 December 2020

Hungry beast

Incredible bodybuilder

3 December 2020

Andy Fit

Dope AF

21 November 2020

Andy Fit

FUCK guys.... look at them calf diamonds and bicep PeAkS!

21 November 2020

Andy Fit

Rippin Muscle..... All striations! All vascular!

20 November 2020

Andy Fit

perfect S Y M M E T R Y

20 November 2020


Diamonds ????

15 September 2020

Aesthetic Body


15 September 2020

Aesthetic Body


15 September 2020



15 September 2020



15 September 2020


Dat PeAk

12 September 2020

Andy Fit

Holy Fuck!!!!!

4 August 2020

Andy Fit

Clam shell pecs

20 June 2020

Andy Fit

3 visible heads on delts .... Christmas tree and PeAkS

20 June 2020

Andy Fit


20 June 2020

Andy Fit


26 May 2020

Andy Fit


26 May 2020

Jake O'Connor


23 April 2020


Who ever gave MostMuscular less then 5 ***** for this pic, does not get bodybuilding!

8 April 2020

Max Wood

Dude is wreckin stages!!!

6 April 2020

Max Wood

Wood's physique is PROPER AF! Muscle tie in perfectly..... CHAMP!!!

6 April 2020

Max Wood

100% Aesthetic! Max your proportions are DOPE! Vascularity is fuckin awesome!

6 April 2020

Andy Fit


6 April 2020

Max Wood


5 March 2020

Gunnar Stone

Upper pec striations! AND clear separation from upper and lower pecs... Dude would be a threat on STAGE

22 February 2020

Gunnar Stone

observe the split in the traps.... NO HOW motherfuckers! This is bodybuilding! And yes, DOPE af mostmuscular

22 February 2020

Gunnar Stone

Dude has gains for days..... Every fuckin time he flexes.... Something new displayed

22 February 2020


THIS IS BODYBUILDING! Bro is incredible

22 February 2020



2 February 2020

Peter Russell


20 January 2020

Gunnar Stone

Brotha is THICK

20 January 2020



14 January 2020


Laced in VEINS

19 November 2019


Striated pecs.... BADASS

19 November 2019


Thick MASS added to the traps and chest is fuckin INCREDIBLE... Dude is TALENTED AF!

19 November 2019


This dude has put on SOLID MUSCLE since joing the BestFlex

19 November 2019


Dope AS FUCK shot

12 November 2019



13 October 2019


Probably the best fuckin stringer on a FLEXED bodybuilder

2 October 2019

Bicep Bryce


2 October 2019

Bicep Bryce


2 October 2019


The vein running down his right pec almost looks like striated muscle! BADASS BODYBUILDER

10 June 2019


Exceptional Bodybuilder..... just save to my fav!

10 June 2019


PERFECT mostmuscular

9 June 2019



9 June 2019


Split bicep

9 June 2019



9 June 2019

Peter Russell

BADASS bodybuilder

26 May 2019



11 April 2019

Peter Russell

Serratus, Oblique, 8 pack abs all developed and PRESENT! Look at that Apollo belt the 'V' under his abdominal's. This is all GENETICS boys!

19 February 2019

Peter Russell

Look at the development of the brachialis muscle! Pushin that bicep PeAk up and up! This dude is an exceptional bodybuilder P E R I O D

19 February 2019

Peter Russell

The separation is insane! Deltoid posterior, lateral & anterior is all PRESENT! His ripped ass poppin the medius, minimus & maximus gluteus muscles!

19 February 2019

Peter Russell

Simply the BEST on theBestFlex

19 February 2019

Peter Russell

Veins like GOOGLE MAPS!

17 February 2019

Peter Russell


17 February 2019

Peter Russell

Pro if he WANTED!

17 February 2019



16 November 2018



9 May 2018


Veins like a road map!!!!!

9 May 2018


Owns the mostmuscular

9 May 2018

Beautiful Keith

Fuckin WHEELS!!!!!

28 September 2017


Moris Charles

Young Muscle Man

22 y/o

172cm (5'8")

93kg (205 lbs)


welcome to my Garihale page, here you will see beautiful flexion, posing ???? and a dry, venous and relief body ????????????

23 y/o

178cm (5'10")

81kg (178 lbs)


25yo IFBB ELITE PRO Bodybuilder

25 y/o

178cm (5'10")

124kg (273 lbs)

Jaco Silva

muscular body / horse legs

32 y/o

177cm (5'10")

98kg (216 lbs)


DiShow ye

26 y/o

169cm (5'7")

85kg (187 lbs)

Naughty Bootybuilder

Ripped Muscle God

29 y/o

183cm (6'0")

103kg (227 lbs)


Physique , bodybuilder , teenager, shredded , young ,

20 y/o

179cm (5'10")

95kg (209 lbs)

Andy Fit

Nothing but ALPHA muscle displayed! I can educate or honor most any fantasy scripted

28 y/o

170cm (5'7")

83kg (183 lbs)


British Muscle stud

24 y/o

171cm (5'7")

86kg (189 lbs)



25 y/o

177cm (5'10")

102kg (224 lbs)


Real Live Guys on Cam