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to Tommy flex on 8 April 2019

I have ordered custom vids from Tommy flex in past including videos from the BestFlex, and his flex is PROPER AF! For the first time, I threw down for a cam show. This brotha is a master at showmanship! His flex is nothin but incredible! It was awesome to interact with this bodybuilder. When I requested PeAkS, Tommy POPPED his biceps to a point! He rolled his pecs upon request. I was shocked by his weight and the size of biceps by measurement. This dudes physique is a optical illusion. While he looks like a light heavyweight, he is a SOLID middleweight bodybuilder...... Blew my fuckin MIND! And when he talks to you while he flexes, your ears will fuckin bleed by his words! Boys.... support this BB! You boys love MUSCLE ..... TommyFlex is your dude!

Tommy flex replied...
Hell yeah thanks my man! I’m acutely a light weight or even bantam weight lol my aesthetics and illusion of size is second to none. See you again soon!

to Peter Russell on 26 March 2019

Peter Russell custom vid #8.... BIG MUSCLE FLEX

BUY and support this BB. First, this dude creates the best vids on the BestFlex PERIOD. He takes direction extremely well and delivers a PROPER fuckin vid! Second, Peter has a conditioned and an award winning physique like NO OTHER on the BestFlex! Third, if you are a bodybuilder, Peter will provide tips and know how in the bodybuilding arena. Fourth, his MUSCLE is conditioned and shredded like a true competitor. Finally, Peter's vascularity is like a goddamn google road map. His toros and wheels are laced in veins. His diet exacerbates the vascularity as he pumps his MUSCLE!

Striated, Grainy, Separation & Lines all surround sculpted MUSCLE on his physique. 100% MOTIVATION for bodybuilders!

Gentlemen..... no matter what you are looking for in a vid.... There is nothing like a video from Peter Russell! This motherfucker with rob you of any preconceived notion of bodybuilding and it's meaning to build MUSCLE! His posing is EPIC and he flexes HARD! Every fiber intended to POP at the correct instant that he rips his muscle in a flex! I ramble .... but, I know what is PROPER stage presence....

Just ask PR to rip some leg shots and/or POP his veins.... He will verbally assault your ears as he RIPS MUSCLE! Support Peter Russell.... You will not regret it!

Peace homies

Peter Russell replied...
Always trying to get better!! THANK YOU!!!

to Peter Russell on 20 March 2019

Peter Russell custom vid #7.... FULL AF!

I am not sure of your end goals bro? But, you get leaner and better by the week.... u are not competing cause you still have hair on them pits.... Like a fuckin BEAST.... you are better than the last vid!

You are a fuckin BADASS!

Your lower pecs are RIPPED AF when you tweek the pecs.... ur back is PRO MATERIAL dude!

Them calves are..... SERIOUSLY... some of the best lookin BULLS in bodybuilding! Fuckin DIAMONDS

Calling all bodybuilders.... I am tellin you... you will learn! Posing, diet and the tricks of the trade!


those homies that worship MUSCLE! Fuck the rest! Peter will blow you away!

Peter Russell replied...
“Pump city” ;) thanks again!!

to Peter Russell on 14 March 2019

Peter Russell custom vid #6 Veinsanity

Never have I felt like I been in the presence of GREATNESS until I watch your vids! I watch one vid before every workout. You are a flexing example of DISCIPLINE and 100% MOTIVATION!

Damn right you mention Branch while posing mostmuscular. I see Shawn Smith when you smash mostmuscular! The front delts and traps POP, and the separation in your pecs is at a winning level….. But, them outside bicep peaks are nothing less than PRO. I cannot believe the density of that brachialis muscle man!

Them rear delts, supraspinatus and infraspinatus muscles fuckin rip when flexing a back double bi. And, that bicep peak towers over the arm! All the cuts, lines and separation on your side arm bulge on a back dbl bi and the tris fuckin hang BRO!

Them top level quadriceps…. Jesus Fuck man! You lookin like Paul Demayo bro. Them quads showin all 4 Heads and laced in veinsanity. How the fuck did you get that zipper look on rectus femoris? That zipper effect on them quads is fuckin sick as FUCK and the BADDEST motha fuckin striations I have ever seen. Peter…. You got them genetics and proven by them 2 bulls…. Them fuckers are made up of 4 cut diamonds not even measurable in carats.

And finally, the way you look in a tank and ball cap is BOSS AF! Your comments and statements while flexing are words to lift by. The way you point out the features of your physique while flexing is DOPE AF!

Peter Russell replied...
Thanks dude! The pump is the cure!

to Peter Russell on 12 March 2019

Peter Russell custom video #5.... Let me say this and no offense to any member to this site, I am not the normal to theBestFlex. I follow and support P Russell cause he delivers the BEST of theBestFlex. No other bodybuilder can deliver a video like Russell! This bodybuilder is PRO material with no expectation for a title.

My request was the following: show unpumped muscle (bis and tris) flexing..... then.... workout and show the PUMP! This bodybuilder is so shredded that a pump looked flat; however sit massive unlike others. I will say his veins were full and LARGE! No doubt a contender by no fault. This homie is PRO material....

For the vid.... His veins laced the entire inner bicep and tricep. You can see the pumped vein run over his bicep as it peaks to a POINT! Motherfucker is a goddamn road map. laced in veins and stage ready... Judge criteria.....
Stage Presence
Peter Russell meets all criteria.... I am following a future PRO!

Buy his vids, ask for custom vids and just support! Bodybuilder at his BEST

Peter Russell replied...
Video #6 on the way! VEINSANITY!! ????????????????

to Chad on 11 March 2019

So it goes like this in Physique bodybuilding.... Fighter Physique, Beach body Physique and then Physique (stage ready). I caught a show with this homie.... I thought he was a competitor..... NOPE! He just wants to keep a beach body which is a competition in itself. NOTE this.... He should be a NPC physique competitor.... However, one thing you can not bring when competing in a physique competition is..... over developed muscle..... This homie disqualifies cause his legs are bodybuilding! He is 100% Classic Physique! Bro will rock your goals with his top edge physique! MUSCLE on MUSCLE! His verbal description of his muscles are like no other..... Why? cause he is a fuckin BEAST! 100% bodybuilding MOTIVATION! Built like a brick wall and lets you know why!

Definition in his torso..... (lines, cuts and definition) This fucker is for REAL!!!! Buy and support this dude.... He should compete, and he is all genetics! I kill myself to look like ME..... He does it with ease! ALL GENETICS.... Check this BEAST OUT!

to Peter Russell on 11 March 2019

Custom video a last week #4. No words can describe the motivation Peter is bringin to the cam.... Calling all bodybuilders to seriously follow and check out Russell's current condition! No disrespect to the dudes that just love muscle.... Really no disrespect..... However, you fuckers that are building muscle day by day...... Peter is your fuckin ticket to a G O A L ! This guy wrecks all on the BestFlex ....... He represents the BEST in bodybuilding P E R I O D! Fucker is competition ready with no plans to compete..... WTF.... Ask this dude to verbally describe his present condition.... Calling all bodybuilders to look and witness your goal! That said, all you dudes that love muscle..... your eyes will bleed! This dude is fuckin JACKED AF with a stage present physique! My first show is in July.... I look fuckin pathetic when I look at Peter's non ass competitive physique! Peter, much respect with the physique you built and conditioned! Truly, you are a GREAT BODYBUILDER! For the guys, that love muscle should support and follow this BEAST. If you are a bodybuilder, you are dumb not to subscribe! Just fuckin BLIND! Real fuckin deal!!!!

Peter Russell replied...
Muscle school is in session! lol thanks again man! You motivate me to motivate all of you!!

to Peter Russell on 22 February 2019

Peter Russell custom MOTIVATION Flex. My 3rd custom vid – Calling all bodybuilders or MUSCLE lovers…. Check this dude OUT! So, I sent Peter a couple requests, however, I left the direction to Peter. Homie honored my few requests and provided an EPIC flex video at his own direction…… His condition is 100% competition bodybuilder, although, he has no current plans to compete. His pecs are ripped, striated and roll until his fuckin VEINS POP throughout the chest, traps and delts. Just ask him for a mostmuscular! His delts and back of a CHAMP, and his wheels of a PRO! Okay, Peter has constant veins in his guns and them fuckers are ripped to a PeAk. Note the brachialis muscle in the arms developed like no other! The muscle sends the peak almost to a point! Russell is genetically gifted with a fuckin cool demeanor. Criteria of a winning bodybuilding like Peter: MASS (CHECK), Definition (CHECK), Proportion (CHECK, Symmetry (CHECK) & Stage Presence (CHECK). I am following a PRO!

Let me say this, it is the stage presence, or (video content he provides) and MASS that sets him apart from the rest on the BestFlex! SO….. STOP clownin around and support this brotha to PRO!!!! He is the best of the best on the BestFlex!


Peter Russell replied...
BOOM!! Tell em brotha! Seriously, thanks a lot. I love muscle too!!

to Peter Russell on 9 February 2019

Second custom vid....

Russell is a FREAK of nature boys! If you are into MUSCLE and/or a bodybuilder, order your custom video NOW! This dude honored every request, and he provided exceptional additional content with zero instruction. He is theBestFlex only on point performer of MUSCLE! Plus, if you want verbiage in the custom vid,….. your ears will bleed with wanting more chatter. Russell admits he has zero contests scheduled. If he would step on a stage tomorrow (no prep) he probably would wreck the fuckin stage! For the muscle…. His vacuum, bicep PeAkS, vascularity, teardrop quads (with veins), diamond calves, V-tapered lats (fuckin christmas tree boys), traps and delts laced with VIENS ….. ORDER NOW! This BB is exceptional…. Watch his vids before a workout cause he is 100% motivation. You guys into slender (physique competition dudes) Russell is NOT for you! Suggested not for dudes wanting a twink bodybuilder! For the skeptic, Russell is down to earth, easy to work with and fuckin GREAT at his trade! ORDER NOW!!!! The BEST muscle on theBestFlex! No other matters……

Peter Russell replied...
Fuck man! One of the nicest and best reviews EVER! Thank YOU so much!!!!!

to Peter Russell on 3 February 2019

Ordered a cam show from Russell.... Guys on this site should do the same and take a lesson! So should YOU! First, he is cool AF and very easy to communicate with. Second, he honored my requests to a fault and exceeded expectations. Third, he has a world class physique. Russell is a bodybuilder that can compete and WIN his class. My first show is July 2019. I told him this via convo..... This dude finishes with mandatory poses.... If I was a bodybuilding judge, I would score him high on: Mass, Definition, Proportion, Symmetry and stage presence! If you love MUSCLE or a bodybuilder looking for motivation..... NO dude on the BestFlex can deliver a better cam show! P E R I O D Buy and support this bodybuilder! I maybe following a future PRO!!!!!!

Peter Russell replied...
"Quarter turn to the right gentlemen....." LOL Thanks man! My pleasure!!!

to Master Traps on 24 November 2018

Ordered my first custom video from Master Traps..... This brother is awesome! His cocky verbiage is PROPER AF! If this dude continues to set personal gains, he will rock the bodybuilding world S E R I O U S L Y. If you want muscle worship..... STOP and order a custom video. Most importantly..... dude is cool as FUCK! Support this upcoming BB! Great dude and will buy future material from Traps..... Oh, and serious, his PRO like traps are defined in his name.... Ask him to hit a mostmuscular..... Veins POP in his upper pecs and delts! Yo guys.... follow and support this BB!!!!

to Mike AK-47 on 16 November 2018

Calling all bodybuilders.... follow this BB's! Voyeur's will enjoy him too. Mike is PROPER AF! This dude is on point. Mike is 21 years old, but has a physique of a 33 year old. Very MATURE muscle for his age! Probably someone to watch for in future bodybuilding competitions. If he continues on this path, I see a PRO! Dude is ripped to the bone! He must have just showed, because his skin was like paper! Vascular like a 'road map' ..... like lookin at Google maps... Not kidding! Separation in his delts, pecs, traps while hitting mostmuscular is sick AF! His veins fuckin POPPED (chest, bis, delts and traps)! Veins in the arms.... get it, but his vascularity in the delts, upper pecs and traps are sick as FUCK!!!!

For his frame, his mass, definition, proportion and symmetry are ON POINT! If he kills stage presence, he would win his class and probably overall! I do not know who his competition is..... But, my guess would be.... AK-47 would WRECK the stage!

Mike AK-47 replied...
very thanks bro!! glad hear it! i hope see soon again!

to Tommy flex on 2 September 2018

Need to Shout Out.....

TFlex is probably the most impressive dudes on The BestFlex! His aesthetic physique and VERBAL motivation is SICK! For those that lift or like MUSCLE, Tommy Flex is damn near PERFECT..... PeAkS on the bi, horseshoes like a PRO and upper/lower pec separation = bodybuilder!

U lift..... TFlex is 100% MOTIVATION! You love MUSCLE..... TommyFlex is MUSCLE..... Follow & Support this physique!

Tommy flex replied...
Thank you my man! I’m glad I motivate you!

to Tommy flex on 30 August 2018

Just took in my first live cam with Tommy Flex..... Three words.... OFF THE HOOK!!!! Homie just threw down some awesome poses!!! Triceps like horseshoes and Bicep peaks like baseballs! His upper/lower chest separation is SICK AS FUCK!!! For those dudes that train..... TFlex is 100% motivation! P E R I O D

Tommy flex replied...
Hell yeah my man! I’m glad you loved it!! See you again soon!!

to Tommy flex on 8 June 2018

Just be you cause you are good at that FREAK!

Tommy flex replied...

to Tommy flex on 8 June 2018

There is a reason why Tommy Flex has 242 reviews with a perfect 5 stars status! Let me say this….. If you are looking for video content for pleasure, or you are a true bodybuilder, STOP and look no further! Tommy is 100% motivation and his body is sexy AF! Because muscle is SEXY as FUCK! This dude truly illustrates what bodybuilding is all about. As a bodybuilder, you feed and gain, feed and gain, feed and gain…… then rip the shit out of your physique. I have bought vids from the BestFlex of Tommy and ordered custom vids. No matter what you dudes are looking for in FREAK…. Tommy flex is the man!!!! Most important, the dude is cool as fuck….. SERIOUSLY! You can chat about bodybuilding because he GETS IT! PLEASE do not waste is time just chatting. This guy has a product, and he has proven to be a GREAT bodybuilder so invest in the product. Honestly, I would take training and nutrition advice from this dude! Sure, It is true some of the dudes on the BestFlex are bigger….. BUT….. If you wanna follow an authentic bodybuilder that knows what is up…… BUY TOMMY FLEX VIDS!

TRUTH – Just purchased a new custom video from Tommy dude! His videos are my go to pre-workout cause he will verbally whip lash you to submission….. He will tell you what the FUCK is up! 100% back this FREAK! Buy and support this upcoming bodybuilder!!!!

Tommy flex replied...
You are appreciated my man! Thank you for all your words! I will continue to outdue myself when it comes to your videos. I pay high attention to detail to ensure your satisfaction!

to Tommy flex on 10 May 2018

Follow review from my last post: The custom vid is DOPE AF!!!! BiG T has MASTERED creating CUSTOM VIDS...... P E R I O D!
My man is 100% MOTIVATION!

Tommy flex replied...
Thank you my man! Having the muscle is one thing, knowing how to properly display is is another which I highly focus on! See you again soon!!

to Tommy flex on 9 May 2018

Not even gonna wait for Tommy to finish the video.... I know this video is going to be EPIC! Dude is so fuckin cool! The BestFlex is lucky to host this BEAST!!!! Waitin on:

Slow flexing focusing on bis, chest, traps and delts..... becoming more pumped by the end of the vid..... most important.... make my FUCKIN EARS BLEED with cocky talk!!!! Lots of PEAKS and lots of Mostmuscular..... Fucker is gonna blow my mind!!!!!

Tommy flex replied...
So awesome of you to say these things!! I appreciate your confidence in me!!

to Hungry beast on 9 May 2018

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

To Bodybuilders and those that follow Bodybuilders …. FOLLOW and SUPPORT the HUNGRY BEAST!!!! This f*ucker is 100% MOTIVATION for BB’s that compete!!! For those peeps that follow bodybuilders…. the HUNGRY BEAST is the REAL DEAL! I have been following the BEAST via Instagram, YouTube and theBestFlex for years. This guy’s transformation over the years is SICK AF! Honestly, the BEAST is the BEST BB on theBestFlex! Minus the vids available on theBestFlex, his custom vids are PROPER AF! He takes direction like a CHAMP and delivers a grade A product. A one stop shop GENTS! This BEAST is the RIGHTEOUS! Also, this dude is kind AF…. Never met a nicer dude P E R I O D

#veins #PeAkS #pecs #MOSTMUSCULAR #delts #traps #back #backdoublebi #wheels #teardrops #diamonds #separation #striations #100%MOTIVATION #BEAST

to CockyBoy on 26 April 2018


Dude is WHAT'S UP! Nice guy and f*ckin HUGE!

CockyBoy replied...
Haha thank you ! Xoxo

to Zeecko on 26 April 2018



to JERSEYSHOREGOD on 1 March 2017

JSG.... Dude you are a FUCKIN MONSTER.... all motivation! I'm 6'1 @ 219... And, You tower over ME! RAW as FUCK.... Killer physique.... pumped as FUCK by cams END! Thanks for the convoy at the end!

All you fuckers into HUGH MONSTER MUSCLE.... JERSEYSHOREGOD is your DUDE! Check out this BEAST... Support... NOW!

to daniel carter on 18 November 2016


M O N S T E R ! ! ! ! !

BIG D …. This is your best video YET! Veins POPPIN like you were contest READY my man !!!!! Blew my fuckin MIND when you said, you had not even been to the gym????? YOU’RE PUMPED AS FUCK…. DAWG, YOUR BULK is MOTIVATION! Lean as best one can be while bulking just like MOI !!!! YOUR GUNS LOOK LIKE THEY ARE 21’s ….. DUDE, you flexed as hard as I have ever seen you flex so hard you were shakin!!!!! And, your TRUNKS are BADASS man….. HUGE!!!!! I strongly believe you would do well as a CLASSIC BODYBUILDER! Fuck PHYSIQUE….. YOU ARE A GREAT BODYBUILDER!!!!

I can’t wait to see what you bring in 2017….. Your dedication is my motivation…. KEEP GROWIN FUCKER !!!!!!

The muscle waste on The BestFlex can learn a thing or two from YOU !!!!!!

Watching this VIDEO, I want to be in the gym NOW !!!!

Ur #1 ….. MASON

You MUSCLE LOVERS..... ONE stop SHOP! Support this guy.... Buy his vids, Buy custom vids and CAM with him !!!!

You will not be disappointed....... S U P P O R T Daniel !!!!

And for them dudes with 9 negative reviews ...... Reach out and support.... YOU FUCKERS will never go elsewhere!

to Jason Genesis on 17 November 2016

Dude is 20 yrs old and BUILT!!! 100% PURE motivation! great show and a nice guy..... Fucker is JACKED. He was kind enough to let me know I needed to mute my microphone and turn off my cam before the show.... I was cool with that. He was receptive to every request and talked through the cam show.... Rating 1-5, he gets a SOLID 7.... Support this BB.... Cam with him... looking forward to requesting a vid in the near future!

to HornyAlphaBoy on 10 November 2016

What can I say!!!! This dude is exceptional. I took in a show months ago. When I reached out for another show, He remembered all my preferences! His physique is SICK!!!! Fuker is a BEAST.... If you like veins, ask for a most muscular! Dude POPS! His PEC separation is nothing but AWESOME! Delts and traps are LARGE! Magic Stripp is a fuckin B O S S ! ! ! ! SKYPE MAGIC STRIPP NOW

to daniel carter on 20 July 2016

Not sure why I have never posted a review for Danny boy.... Follow this BB, support this guy.... Buy his videos on the best flex, buy his custom videos and cam with him..... Your looking at a future NPC PRO!!! SUPPORT HIM! Dude has been inspirational, motivating and a mentor in building my own body! Nothing but good from this guy!

send your S U P P O R T !!!!

daniel carter replied...
your great man! miss you dude! be safe:)

to CockyBoy on 9 July 2016

There is a reason why Cockyboy has zero negative reviews.... He is AWESOME! GREAT, down to earth and nice guy! He is a great Bodybuilder.... You can see the detail and work in his MUSCLES! I will definitely cam with Alex again! I intend to seek training from him too.... Oh, BTW Alex is EZ on the eyes! Follow him on YouTube Alexandru Fitness!

CockyBoy replied...
HA well i always tried my best !!! and happy to done with you too see you soon bro !

to MaximusSteel on 6 April 2016

This guy is HOT... SKYPE THIS MUSCLE GOD if you like BIG Fuckin MUSCLE!

MaximusSteel replied...
thanks and god bless the muscles X

Morning Muscle Tease

to Morning Muscle Tease featuring Chad on 3 March 2019


Gonna give Chad ***** cause his physique is DOPE AF! BB would be a CHAMP in the NPC.... Brotha is sculpted from granite! Check out this quick vid if into Ripped and sculpted muscle.... Brother has a future in bodybuilding !

Bicep Perfection

to Bicep Perfection featuring Niko on 5 February 2019


Dudes biceps started out cold.... No PUMP! By the end of the video them fuckers were full AF! Biceps are PeAkEd and laced in veins! Niko is gonna be a FREAK if he maintains a career in bodybuilding.... You guys like biceps.... Checkout Bicep Perfection

Huge Shredded Bodybuilder

to Huge Shredded Bodybuilder featuring Tomas Mach on 3 February 2019


This video probably the best conditioned bodybuilder on the BestFlex! Mach is ripped, striated, vascular, ripped bodybuilder in this video then any other on this site. True competitor and one of the BEST on the BestFlex! PERIOD

Superman In The Mirror

to Superman In The Mirror featuring Forbidme on 3 February 2019


Buy this video boys.... MUSCLE hidden under the shirt and you can see the mass. You like a tease with BIG MUSCLE with veins.... look no further! Forbidme is a MONSTER!

Handsome Hunk Flexing

to Handsome Hunk Flexing featuring BeardKing22 on 3 February 2019


one word..... MUSCLE! His striations and veins will fuckin MOTIVATE your ass to LIFT! Dude is a winner

Young Hunk Flexing

to Young Hunk Flexing featuring Willy on 3 February 2019


Great video.... Wigren's words are on point. Young BB probably my age. This dude demonstrates a great and upcoming physique in bodybuilding. If you love biceps, a great video to add to you repertoire... No.... if you like the male physique, a must purchase

Massive Powerful Hunk

to Massive Powerful Hunk featuring Peter Russell on 3 February 2019


You dudes lookin for MUSCLE? Massive Powerful Hunk is the vid for you. Russell is the BEST on the BestFlex .... PERIOD! You dudes into VEINS? Buy this video! Russell is vascular AF! Like damn Google Maps..... LOL... You can find your crib on his body! WARNING: For those that are intolerant to muscle, you may experience light headed, shaking, a rash, heart palpitations and painful eye discomfort. Only view Russell if into muscle and/or a bodybuilder.

Pumped Up Biceps

to Pumped Up Biceps featuring Peter Russell on 3 February 2019


Pumped Up Biceps is a must see. Russell will fuckin amaze you with his PeAkEd bis..... His incredible mass and definition is like no other on the BestFlex P E R I O D. If you you love biceps and/or a bodybuilder, he will impress and MOTIVATE your ass to the stage! buy this vid boys....

Young Hunk Flexing

to Young Hunk Flexing featuring Daniel_fit on 25 November 2018


Just picked up this vid from Daniel_fit. BB looks fantastic! Vascular arms..... Bro has nothing to say..... not a verbal cocky flex.... However, his physique is incredibly AWESOME! PEAKS, VASCULARITY and SHREDS are worth a LOOK!!!!

Muscle Worship Oiled Up

to Muscle Worship Oiled Up featuring TheJohnSmithy on 24 August 2018


Smithy.... WELCOME to TBF!!!!!! Dude is a MONSTER! Smithy's veins web across throughout his upper torso like a GD roadmap. Hope to see this dude flex after a clip.... VEINS will POP. TOP 3 giants on this site P E R I O D

Jerk Off While I Flex

to Jerk Off While I Flex featuring Tyson Carter on 11 August 2018


First time purchase 'Jerk off while I Flex'.... Dude is aesthetic AF! BB is only 19..... and, the future is his if he continues! Holy ####! I can't wait to see this dude at 25! Currently he is lean, striated and vascular..... BUT, his most powerful tool is his VOIX.... He verbally puts out what he is showin off! Not only a BB, he is a master in filmography..... Serious... Just watch and see!

Close Up Flexing

to Close Up Flexing featuring Hungry beast on 11 August 2018


I picked up 'Close Up Flexing' by Hungry Beast ..... and PROPER AF! The Beast is forever hungry for GROWTH! Guys..... If you are into bodybuilding CHAMPS, raw fuckin HUGH muscle..... look no further homies! If you are a bodybuilder like I, buy his vids.... Buy his custom vids (btw really cool dude). While many of these dudes on the BestFlex probably compete, Hungry Beast is all CLASSIC bodybuilding! Definition, bulked lean, veins, striations and the separation of muscle is RAW! Wish he talk more while flexing, but I am not going to take away that star...... BUY HIS VIDS! BB is an inspiration in bodybuilding!!!!! P E R I O D. Follow is progress and be inspired!

Shredded Hunk Flexing

to Shredded Hunk Flexing featuring Bernard on 10 August 2018


Just picked up 'Shredded Hunk Flexing' by Bernard. This dude is FUCKING AWESOME! He throws down the TOP physique on The BestFlex! This brotha is HUGE AF! His chest development is simply FREAKISH! His veins like a Fuckin ROADMAP! You like BIG dudes? Pick up one of his vids!

Biceps and Veins

to Biceps and Veins featuring Georgi on 19 July 2014



Camshow Flexing

to Camshow Flexing featuring Roy Morris on 19 July 2014


Roy will always be my favorite... Perfect body.... veins POP when his muscle moves..... veins like a road map

Jack King

Dope AF

11 April 2019



11 April 2019

Peter Russell

Serratus, Oblique, 8 pack abs all developed and PRESENT! Look at that Apollo belt the 'V' under his abdominal's. This is all GENETICS boys!

19 February 2019

Peter Russell

Look at the development of the brachialis muscle! Pushin that bicep PeAk up and up! This dude is an exceptional bodybuilder P E R I O D

19 February 2019

Peter Russell

The separation is insane! Deltoid posterior, lateral & anterior is all PRESENT! His ripped ass poppin the medius, minimus & maximus gluteus muscles!

19 February 2019

Peter Russell

Simply the BEST on theBestFlex

19 February 2019

Peter Russell

Veins like GOOGLE MAPS!

17 February 2019

Peter Russell


17 February 2019

Peter Russell

Pro if he WANTED!

17 February 2019



16 November 2018



9 May 2018


Veins like a road map!!!!!

9 May 2018


Owns the mostmuscular

9 May 2018

Beautiful Keith

Fuckin WHEELS!!!!!

28 September 2017


Jack King

Best Natural Biceps Around

29 y/o

182cm (6'0")

81kg (178 lbs)

Steven C


29 y/o

185cm (6'1")

97kg (213 lbs)

Peter Russell

Smile! You're alive!

29 y/o

164cm (5'5")

92kg (202 lbs)



29 y/o

189cm (6'2")

107kg (235 lbs)

Master Traps


29 y/o

179cm (5'10")

85kg (187 lbs)



29 y/o

186cm (6'1")

102kg (224 lbs)

Calin God

Im the definition of next level of dominance,in that world are 2 types of person who domine and who is dominated,and i am the best dominator

29 y/o

190cm (6'3")

117kg (257 lbs)


The real Superman. Alpha muscle god.

29 y/o

180cm (5'11")

96kg (211 lbs)

Mike AK-47

Mike 21 old, ripped junior

29 y/o

177cm (5'10")

94kg (207 lbs)


American Hairy Masculine Hot Muscle Stud

29 y/o

176cm (5'9")

107kg (235 lbs)


The only muscle master you'll ever need ;)

29 y/o

180cm (5'11")

84kg (185 lbs)

Tommy flex

New video update 4/23/19

29 y/o

174cm (5'8")

68kg (150 lbs)



29 y/o

173cm (5'8")

75kg (165 lbs)


I am bodybuilder that compete in bodybuildyngs shows..Looking for a sponsor in bodybuilding.

29 y/o

181cm (5'11")

103kg (227 lbs)

Hungry beast

young muscular handsome bodybuilder

29 y/o

175cm (5'9")

104kg (229 lbs)


Live:WEBCAM:shows & CUSTOM-VIDEOS in Skype

29 y/o

180cm (5'11")

80kg (176 lbs)


Massive & Growing . Massive bodybuilder always in shape

29 y/o

190cm (6'3")

119kg (262 lbs)



29 y/o

177cm (5'10")

102kg (224 lbs)

Beautiful Keith

Worship these muscles

29 y/o

190cm (6'3")

123kg (271 lbs)