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to Muscle hunk 3 on 17 November 2019

This guy is just a massive, thick, confident, masculine fucking tank of a human. The kind of guy you don’t forget seeing if you’re lucky enough to cross paths. Definitely knows how to get into the mental aspect of muscle worship. He started to realize what I was into and took it to a good spot. Definitely a guy worth spending some time with. The experience grows! Much like this stud.

to John Muscles on 30 August 2019

Just had my 1st interaction with this guy and DAMN!!! Stud from head to two. Tall and Built like a tank. Deadly combo. Up for some fun stuff too. Overall just a crazy sexy man.

to Jimmy Blue on 17 May 2019

Another 10 out of 10 exchange with this guy. Shredded and confident. Knows how good he looks, which I like. Still real easy to talk but that cocky essence bleeds through. A real good balance. But I’m positive he would totally dominate when he turns it up.

Jimmy Blue replied...
You're the man

to Jimmy Blue on 4 May 2019

Another great experience with this dense muscle stud. A chest that turns heads for sure, in and out if a shirt. Best part is he knows how good he looks. He knows that the work he puts in is deserves to be admired. There’s something about that mysterious muscle. Stud plain and simple

Jimmy Blue replied...
Big love

to Jimmy Blue on 27 April 2019

Pecs of steel on this guy!!! Quick to respond and delivery some quality muscle. Going to be thinking of that chest for a while. That thick dense muscle sits perfect on his frame. Another guy who puts in the work.

Jimmy Blue replied...
My man

to GeekPhysiqueZeke on 18 December 2018

Stunning guy. Plain and simple. Purchased some pics and he got those out to me as soon as I requested them. Arms that should never be covered with sleeves and just a overall really handsome dude.

to Bicep Bryce on 17 December 2018

Damn Bicep Bryce. . . Has been an absolute dope experience. This guy’s built! And he knows it. I always like to start off with a few pics to see where to go next but Bicep Bryce amped up the experience from the start. You can tell he really picks up on the vibe of what your into then takes it there without being asked. Super responsive and easy to chat with. Which is just icing on the cake.
I could written a whole review on just how massive those arms are but i’ll Let you guys find that out on your own.

Thanks man, looking forward to the next set!

to Tommy flex on 13 December 2018

Damn this guy just took me for a ride! Built like a stud, perfect chest and triceps that I still can’t wrap my head around. Always takes it do another level even before the show starts. Knows hows what he’s doing. Exactly What he’s doing

Tommy flex replied...
Hell yeah my man! I know exactly what my fans like and I deliver absolute perfection! See you again soon!!

to Pedro Alpha on 1 December 2018

I messaged this Beast and went on the ride of a lifetime. I have been into muscle worship for a long time, so I had some fantasies built up that Pedro took to another level. I thought I just wanted to buy some pics and ended up doing my first meet up. Once in person I knew I as in the presence of muscle deserving of worship. he’s built like a TANK. amazing experience from beginning to end.

to Pedro Alpha on 2 September 2018

Okay so today a lot of things changed. I have encountered a MuscleGod. There are a lot of incredible builds on this site. But Pedro has that muscle MASS that commands a presence in a room. You can feel the power pouring off him. There's no other option than to see this muscle in person in order to appreciate what he's built. Made me realize not to sit on fantasies but to make them happen!!!

Pedro Alpha replied...
See you soon in Los Angeles!

to JR Jamiez on 14 July 2018

Had a great experience with Jr. Fantastic build, easy to talk to and very responsive. Good cocky attitude combined with that muscle lead to a great experience.

to Jake Daniel on 8 December 2017

This guys body is in another level. A chest that will make you forget to breathe. Quick response time, specific with request, this kind of guy turns heads all day. Highly recommend!!!!

to Tommy flex on 4 December 2017

This man is a fucking KING. He took my muscle fantasy to another level. Heart pounding, body shaking, next level experience. Built like a beast and verbal skills that sent chills down my spine. Going to remember tonight for a real long time. Shows not even over!!!

Tommy flex replied...
Thank you so much!

to Tommy flex on 20 November 2017

This guy's a STUD. Quick to response and had my order out to me quickly. Muscles on muscles on muscles. Body of a KING

Tommy flex replied...
Thank you very much!!

to Jason Genesis on 24 May 2016

I was curious as to why people call him Daddy and by the end of the video I definitely understood. This guy is an Alpha Stud by nature. No pretending here, he knows his power over people. Also ordered some photos in which he went up and beyond. Super quick with delivery and responses. If your looking for and Alpha Stud this is where its at!

to juicedmuscle1981 on 24 April 2016

Just had a show with this guy that was amazing. He's a muscle beast. Knows he deserves to be worshiped. Puts a lot of effort into his performance. Very Verbal and dominant. Also, very easy to talk to and delivered a show that was exactly what I asked for. Overall a fantastic experience.

juicedmuscle1981 replied...
Thank you bud...i really enjoyed flexing and showing off for you. Hope to flex again


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