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to Muscle Jackson on 19 February 2020

Received a Great custom flex video from Muscle Jackson. He was easy to deal with, provided exactly what I requested, and looked absolutely amazing - highly recommended!

Muscle Jackson replied...
Thank you my man

to Muscle Armi on 7 February 2020

Armi is a friendly guy who provides great custom Muscle Flex videos. He really gets into flexing and showing off on cam. A Guy you can trust who provides quality muscle flexing!

Muscle Armi replied...
Thank you for your review Jim Stevens, I appreciate you kindly. Absolutely Im not shy to do it, I will do anything that you request me to do.

to the BARBARIANGOD on 7 February 2020

Thanks for a great Custom Video! Barbarian is a very trustworthy guy who has BIG muscle, and loves to show off in custom videos and provide exactly what you request.

the BARBARIANGOD replied...
Thank you.. look forward fir more custom videos..

to Benw1976 on 9 January 2020

I received a great custom video from this Big Guy. Highly recommended, and I'll definitely be requesting muscle flex videos from him again!

to Dillon Steel on 5 January 2020

I just received a great custom video from Dillon! He was easy to deal with, friendly in communication, and delivered just as he said he would. Most importantly he is a HUGE dominating muscle man, who knows how to create a great custom flex video - very highly recommended!

Dillon Steel replied...
Thank you so much for the positive review, Jim. I’m glad your experience was podia day you enjoyed the video!

to Renan on 3 January 2020

Just received a great video from this ripped Big Man! He was very friendly in communication, and quickly turned around a great custom video. A trustworthy guy who also produced a very hot custom muscle flex video - highly recommended!

to LDeMao on 18 November 2019

Great experience getting my first custom video from LDeMAO. The video was sent quickly, and he looked excellent - will definitely be requesting more custom videos from this Big Muscle Man!

to Max Wood on 17 July 2019

I've purchased several videos from Max, including very recently, and always had a good experience. The custom videos were delivered fast, and displayed attention to the specific content I requested showing off his powerful hairy muscles.

to Muscle Ricky on 15 July 2019

Just received an awesome video from this Big Muscle Man!
Ricky, was friendly to deal with and took the time to provide exactly the role play Muscle Worship video I requested. I highly recommend Custom videos from Muscle Ricky, and I'll be requesting another myself soon!

Muscle Ricky replied...
Hello there LM, it was great making the video EXACTLY as you wanted it, and I can't wait to try some more of your ideas! Enjoy! TBM

to quadgod on 1 July 2019

Received an amazing video from Quadgod - he was easy to interact with, and very quickly sent me such a hot video with Awesome flexing. His Quads are great, but so are the Pecs and Biceps - I'll definitely request another video from this Big Man soon!

to JohnnyCreator on 24 June 2019

Just received a great custom video from Johnny. He was friendly in communication, listened to my request, and delivered a very hot video with outstanding Muscle Flexing!

JohnnyCreator replied...
Thank you very much for the feedback. It was nice to work with you. I hope to see you again.

to Doogiebanks on 15 June 2019

This Big Man just sent me another custom video, and it was even better than the first! He knows how to perfectly combine the roleplay of my fantasy with the flexing of his powerful muscles. He is also quick to respond, and always very friendly in communication but still knows how to deliver as a powerful Huge Muscle Master in the video - Highly Recommended!

to Doogiebanks on 10 June 2019

Just received such an amazing video from this Big Muscle Man! He was powerful, hot, dominating, and very responsive to my muscle worship fantasy request. I'm very glad I contacted him, and will be requesting another video very soon!

Doogiebanks replied...
Jim: you provided a great script I could sink my teeth into. Love being worshipped!!!!

to Delz on 9 June 2019


Just received a great custom video from Delz! He looks amazing, but was also pleasant to interact with and turned around a fantastic video very quickly. I'll definitely be looking to get another video from this Hot Muscle Man soon!

Delz replied...
Thank you!!


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