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to FITStudent on 6 May 2021

Another video from Mihai and his body and definition continue to get better and better. His commentary is so sexy and he knows just how to finish!

to FITStudent on 27 March 2021

Mihai continues to get better and better. His body is lean, his attitude is sexy and he is responsive and reliable.

He’s so young and yet so mature- I just wish he lived closer so we could meet in person!

FITStudent replied...

to FITStudent on 6 January 2021

Had a cam show with Fitstudent today. He was amazing- his body is very defined and he bulges in all the right places!

He has a great attitude and is a real alpha. I would recommend him!

FITStudent replied...
Thank you!

to JamesFlex on 23 February 2020

I had a cam show with James and it was amazing. His body was outstanding and he’s a really lovely guy to deal with. He’s very open minded and big in all the right places!

to Tyson Carter on 28 October 2018

Tyson is really easy to deal with, prompt and responsive. He does a great show and his body is outstanding. He's a nice guy but responds to requests as well - well worth spending some time with!

to CockyBoy on 7 February 2018

He gives great shows, has excellent english and is very friendly. Oh and his body is just incredible. Always reliable, and is one of the best guys on this site.

CockyBoy replied...
Thank you buddy, apreciat the time with you and review xoxo Alex

to theangeldevil on 21 July 2016

I paid this guy for a show. He told me over Skype that has lost several paypal accounts (I wonder why!) so had to pay via western union. Needless to say that he hasn't done a show as paid for and is not responsive to requests for it. Hope that no one else makes the same mistake I did!

theangeldevil replied...
this is a good one said that you don t wanna pay via paypal becouse u had problems in the past with people that withdrowed the money seconds after u payed and you want western union.i gaved you my name for western and ave checked after 25 min.the money were sent,but i double checked it again after 30 min and u declined the transfer...u canceled you wanted me to gave you the show for zero $.cut the bullshit couse i have good reviews.c ya

to Roland on 31 July 2015

Roland is the best guy on here - very respectful, responsive and a great show!

Roland replied...
thank :P see you soon ;)

to Roland on 28 April 2015

Roland is the best on here - incredible body, very honest and a lovely guy.

Roland replied...
thnk you sir !:)

to Aesthetics on 12 April 2015

I bought a video from Jason - he's the real deal. A nice guy, just the right level of attitude and an amazing body. Don't wait - go for it.



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