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to ClassicPhysique on 16 June 2019


Great show :)

to Clark Kent on 28 April 2019

Another custom video commissioned and another great, powerful and fantastic video delivered.

Well done!

to Clark Kent on 21 April 2019

Ripped, muscular, fantastic. I have commissioned a video from this guy, well, what to say, absolutely amazing. What I've asked he put into real life. A very trustworthy guy. Pain, created and delivered the item according to the time he promised :)

Very well suggested muscle god.

to Marco Vegas on 15 April 2019

I thought I might be able to trust this guy but it was not like that. I've paid twice a service because it seemed that for one way of payment his account was frozen, I then decided to pay him once more, thinking that I could believe in what he said. After I paid, he promised the video that was supposed to be delivered last Friday then on Saturday then, he completely disappeared.

to Roberto on 24 November 2018

I have given him a second chance but again he failed. I paid 100 EUR, twice %0 in order to see him and another guy from The Best Flex but nothing, he disappeared. I was able to cancel a payment of 50 EUR. The most unreliable guy in this website.

to Kane on 18 November 2018

I had a cam show with him and because I could not stay online because of some duty from my side, we agreed with Kane to record the video. He delivered me the video in about 20 minutes what exactly I had asked. This guy is amazing. Friendly and very good looking added to the beautiful body. Highly recommended.

to Kane on 18 November 2018

Very funny guy, very cheerful, full of life, he does whatever you ask him and always with a smile!

to BrutalMuscleGod on 18 November 2018

What to say, he is absolutely a muscle god, huge and sexy. I had a cam show, simply amazing :)

BrutalMuscleGod replied...
Thank you

to AlexTopaz on 18 November 2018

This guys is amazing. He is pure cockyness when he poses, I love this guy, he grunts, he is proud when he poses, he is the essence of bodybuilder...he knows how to satisfy you :)

AlexTopaz replied...
Thanks you

to Beautiful Keith on 17 November 2018

Absolutely an amazing guy, patience, beautiful, huge...he surpassed by expectations. Looking forward to another one :)

to Roberto on 17 November 2018

Very bad experience with this guy. I have sent the money via skrill, I have asked him to check and he told me he has not received any, though, I could see the transaction completed on my side, well, he closed the communication via Skype. The guy thinks he might be smart. Case opened with skrill if it won't work, I will open a Chargeback :). 0 Stars not even half!


Oh wow, amazing body!

22 November 2018


Imagine them wrapped around your waist, squeezing and him teasing you..."the more you move, the more I squeeze"

19 November 2018


Pretty face, clean but with two freaking huge legs that can break your ribs if wrapped around your waist :)

19 November 2018


you are absolutely handsome :)

19 November 2018



18 November 2018


Oh wow :)

18 November 2018



muscled english guy now take circle pay

23 y/o

185cm (6'1")

95kg (209 lbs)