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to MadMax25 on 21 May 2019

I bought a video off this guy he is really nice to deal with and has an awesome body and he knows how to show off his muscles. Will certainly be back for more.

to Jack King on 15 March 2019

Had an awesome show. Great guy and fantastic muscles but needs to invest in a HD cam lol x

to Viktor Baili on 1 September 2018

Bought two great videos off this guy. Great to deal with.

to FrenchShapeUK on 27 January 2018

Bought a vid off this awesome guy yesterday. He's a real nice dude to deal with and very fast with the sending the vids. He has a great physique and I will deffo be back for more !!

FrenchShapeUK replied...
As always ,I am honest person and reliable , thank you very much mate for your kindness ,hope to make more videos for you !

to Jonnylepo on 30 November 2017

Just bought a video absolutely awesome guy and great to deal with.

to Jonnylepo on 14 October 2017

I have had many shows with Jonny in the past and I have had nothing but excellent service. He is a proper musclegod and has an awesome physique and a nice guy. I would recommend a show with this guy any time.

to leanyoung on 2 September 2017

Bought a vid off this guy, really good nice to talk to as well a real character

to frazermusclegod on 28 May 2017

Just bought a couple of vids off Frazermusclegod, wow he's back to his best and I would even say better than like 5 years ago. Amazing physique and as always been with me a real friendly honest and genuine guy just out to be the best he can. Great Value for money aswell x Stunning body wow !!!

frazermusclegod replied...
Thanks chap, yep next few months will be the making of me before i go professional competing abroad.

to MuscleGod11 on 2 April 2017

Yeah just bought yet another video off this guy, yet again fantastic service and hot quality video xxx

to MuscleGod11 on 27 March 2017

Yeah recently purchased a video, great guy to deal with, hot body and was very accommodating to my requests. Will definitely be using this guy many times in the future.

to BlackTANK on 14 January 2017

SCAMMER !!! be aware, yeah unfortunately had a real good and friendly discussion with this guy thought he was the real deal, but NO he just took money off me and now will not reply to my messages. Be warned people that's all I can say. I am quite annoyed at this guy because he took a fair some of money off me with no remorse.

to theSituation on 9 November 2015

Wow, I am already a big big fan of this guy, but just recently bought some new vids and he is looking stunning, his body is ripped and sexy. He is also a very nice guy and very reliable, he does what is says on the tin and that's all any of us can ask. His prices are very reasonable aswell. All I can say is give him a go, you wont be disappointed folks !!

theSituation replied...
Thank you very much :)

to Apolllo on 7 November 2015

Just bought a vid off this guy, awesome dude to deal with, down to earth and polite easy going guy to deal with. Highly recommend him to anyone. Looking forward to a future show when I fix my internet issues.

to theyoke1337 on 30 October 2015

Recently bought a vid off this guy, absolutely awesome physique and a real nice guy to deal with. Highly recommend him, will be buying a lot more from this guy.

to Alec possum on 26 October 2015

Recently bought some vids off this dude, all I can say is awesome !! Great vids quick delivery etc.

Alec possum replied...
cheers mate

to theSituation on 16 October 2015

Real nice guy, sexy muscly body, will be buying vids off this guy as long as he keeps selling. He is genuine, doesn't rip u off and aims to give his best all the time. Class act.

theSituation replied...
Thank you very much ;)



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