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to Aaron Jay on 20 November 2019

Ordered a custom from Aaron and he delivered it fast and exceeded my expectations with the requests! Not only is his body incredible, he really appreciates every fan he has and takes the time to make us submit and crave more from him. Huge everywhere! just in awe still can't wait to order again!

Aaron Jay replied...
Thank you so much I had a lot of fun with your video request, looking forward to doing more! :)

to Jacked Jake on 28 July 2016

almost 5 months and still no video; he's happy to update his status about being online... people wasting his time, etc.

Avoid at all costs. Truly disappointed.

to Jacked Jake on 18 April 2016

Sad that I have to post this... two months and no video as promised. Same deal of saying he was busy and needing some time. Hasn't replied to my messages since. Demanded that I send payment ASAP to show that I wasn't wasting his time; then stops talking. He has some great reviews and others with similar issues to me. I'm still waiting. Will gladly change this review if I ever receive what I paid for and was promised.

to daniel carter on 7 March 2016

Amazing amazing AMAZING show!!!! body is off the charts huge and ripped. Totally helped me with my fetish and was perfect head to toe. alpha muscle god! Can't wait for our next show :)

daniel carter replied...

to hotathlet on 5 February 2016

just had a show... in awe. HUGE EVERYWHERE! quads and arms made me melt. very nice. very alpha!

hotathlet replied...
tks kenem

to Whiteshark900 on 2 December 2014

amazing body!! very friendly one of my favorite to watch flex!!

Whiteshark900 replied...
Thanx kenem!

to Bobby on 2 December 2014

Bobby was very nice!!! amazing body and just enough cocky attitude to make me melt. great muscle god!

Big Kenny


2 February 2020


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