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to Niko on 18 August 2019

this guy just keeps getting better and better.Perfect body, easy to work and delivers super fast. The best atitutde ever. He will give you what you want

to Niko on 7 April 2019

I have bought twice custom vids from this guy and he never had disapinted me. His muscles are perfectly proportioned, his cocky atitude great and the camera angles always on point ! This guy works really good and delivers fast!

to Niko on 8 November 2018

This guy is amazing... incredible body, great attitude, easy to talk and works really fast! Tell him what you want, Give him all the details and he will make it happen!!



Natural bodybuilder and sportsman

22 y/o

180cm (5'11")

85kg (187 lbs)


Not your average powerlifter

22 y/o

183cm (6'0")

89kg (195 lbs)


The real Superman. Alpha muscle god.

22 y/o

180cm (5'11")

93kg (205 lbs)

Hungry beast

young muscular handsome bodybuilder

22 y/o

175cm (5'9")

104kg (229 lbs)


young male bodybuilder

22 y/o

169cm (5'7")

89kg (195 lbs)