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Shirt Rip Hunk with DiShow

Verified review

This is the 4th video of DiShow and it's the best so far. I love how he talks so alpha at the end, I wish he would talk about his biceps that way too ! DiShow you're awesome dude !!! Keep being alpha and talking.

11 Oct 2021


Oil Up Flex and Cum with FITStudent

Verified review

This is an awesome video. FitStudent shows he is the teacher & we are the students. His body is just perfect...especially his arms. More videos of this man please

27 Sep 2021

Leo Banck

Hard Sweaty Flexing with Leo Banck

Verified review

One of the best athletes on TheBestFlex !!!! Super nice guy. This video is amazing and well worth purchasing

4 Aug 2021


Shredded Hairy Hunk 2 with Bogdan

Verified review

Bogdan finally flexes his arms a lot...and it's OMG ! Buy this video !! For biceps lovers, it'a must

8 Jul 2021


Close Up Shredded Muscles 4 with Bogdan

Verified review

This man is simply a GOD walking on Earth. Nothing more need be said, he has it all. Muscles (and mounds of it), pulsing veins, hairy chest, huge thick arms and legs, a chest that looks like it can repel bullets....he has is all and enjoys showing it off. Buy this one you'll love it

16 Jun 2021

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