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to ShreddedAF123 on 25 May 2020

Had my first show with this guy, definitely worth it, amazing body that he knows how to show off, and very accommodating to requests. Will definitely be back for more.

to Nik Fit on 8 January 2020

Had a great show with this guy, amazing body and did everything we agree on, and more, would highly recommend

Nik Fit replied...
Thanks for the review my man , i am glad you liked what you got from me :) hope to see you soon again

to Viktor Baili on 31 July 2018

Great show with this guy and reasonable prices, enjoys showing and had fun in the show :) would definitely recommend

to James Branson on 31 December 2017

Had a show with James a few days ago, he's a great guy and gave an amazing performance on cam. I echo all the comments made in other reviews, not much more I can say :)

to Body and Soul on 31 October 2017

Had my first show with this guy the other night, he delivered on everything we discussed and agreed upon. Highly recommend him, he has a few problems when it comes to getting payment (if you're outside the US), but he's aware of it and is willing to prove to you he's not there to scam anyone.

Body and Soul replied...
Thank you for the great review! I enjoyed our time together the other day, and hope its the first of many

to Ragingbeast on 20 August 2017

Just had a show with this guy and he delivered everything I asked for, he looks great on cam, matches his photos and will do everything you ask for (within reason of course). I would definitely recommend him, affordable prices too which is always a bonus on this site.

Ragingbeast replied...
thanks man

to Bradley Summers on 11 April 2017

Great show from an amazing looking guy, did everything I asked for and did not disappoint one bit. Took a while to set a show up, but it was well worth the wait :) Would definitely recommend.

to MuscleGod11 on 26 February 2017

I withdraw my previous negative review, I did get the video I asked for and it was worth the wait. This guy isn't a scammer, he just had a few problems and sorting the video out took a little longer than first anticipated by him.

to mrnaturalmuscle on 1 February 2017

Just had an amazing cam show with this guy, do not hesitate to contact him, he will do everything you ask and more :) great prices and a super easy guy to talk to, it's a shame more cam guys aren't like him. 10/10, I highly recommend him.

to Elliott on 5 January 2017

This guy is genuine, he put on a very good show for me. He can just be difficult to get hold of and when he is chatting not as responsive as you may like, if you give him a chance and you're patient though, he won't disappoint.

Elliott replied...
Thank you for the kind words!

to BeaztBoy on 7 November 2016

Had a great show with this guy, very eager to please and enjoys showing his body off. Easy to talk to and good prices :) would definitely recommend

to SexySpartan616 on 2 November 2016

Just had my first show with this guy, he's amazing, would definitely recommend. He loves showing off and is eager to please and fulfil your every request. Full HD cam and very reasonable prices make him a perfect all round package.

SexySpartan616 replied...
Thanks for the support ;)

to HornyIrishStud on 30 August 2016

Amazing show, willing to please and very honest. Knows how to put on a performance and looks just as good on cam as in his photos. Very reasonable with prices also. Would definitely recommend :)

to Keith Rocky on 5 August 2016

Had a great show with this guy, looks amazing on cam and followed all requests. Would definitely recommend :)

to Tommy on 4 August 2016

Amazing first show with him, loves showing off and is eager to please, would definitely recommend. Not a clock watcher and definitely went above and beyond for me :) And if you're lucky enough to catch a glimpse of his face, he's handsome too ;)

Tommy replied...
thank you for your review man! and thanks for being my first customer! feel free to come back for more!

to Roland on 3 July 2016

Second show with this guy, just as amazing as the first. Eager to please and huge all over, cannot recommend highly enough :)

Roland replied...
thanks :P see you soon in the third ;)

to Malachifit on 24 June 2016

The reviews some people have left on here are completely untrue. It took me a few days to arrange a show with this guy as he has a life outside of camming, but never once did he lie to me or promise something he didn't do.

to Shady on 20 June 2016

Had a great show with him, he doesn't give previews and doesn't like being repeatedly asked. But trust me, he is genuine and once you've paid for a show, he more than delivers.

to Malachifit on 19 June 2016

Just get a show with him...amazing, you will not regret it. Gave me the perfect show with everything I asked for, will definitely be back for more.

Malachifit replied...
Thank you so much ;)

to Roland on 31 May 2016

Could not recommend this guy enough, his cam shows are amazing. Very reasonable prices and he looks even better on cam than in his photos. And trust me, he is most definitely huge all will not be disappointed ;)

Roland replied...
Thank you! :) see you next time ;)

to Exequter on 29 May 2016

Words cannot express how amazing this guy looks on cam, his body is to die for...his ass is just perfect and he really is huge all he knows it ;) Grab a show with him if you can, you will not be disappointed

to YoungRipped on 25 May 2016

Eager to please and very reasonably priced. He looks exactly the same as in the pics, would definitely recommend him. He even pushed his boundaries for me and gave me some free extras :)

YoungRipped replied...
thank sir can wait next time ;)

to alexlondon on 24 May 2016

Perfect show with him, he does everything you ask for and is eager to please, looks amazing on cam. Ask him to play with his nipples as well, if you like that ;) he certainly loves it

to GeorgeyG on 21 May 2016

Perfect show, did everything I asked for, couldn't have had a better show with him. And I even got an extra free 5 mins. Will definitely be back for more :)

GeorgeyG replied...
Cheers mate, I'm pleased that you enjoyed it! Give me a shout soon man :)

to JayFlexCole221 on 19 May 2016

Great show, gave me exactly what I asked for and very reasonably priced. Plus he's also open to suggestions and even gave me a little added bonus ;)

to Aesthetics on 18 May 2016

And now he's blocked me for asking questions...and I wasn't even rude, I'll show any one the convo if they want proof

to Aesthetics on 18 May 2016

Don't know whether this guy is for real or not, but I know the pictures look amazing...he asked how I found out about him and then wanted £300 for a video without telling me anything about it...needless to say I didn't buy it

to Jason Genesis on 14 May 2016

Great show, gave me exactly what I wanted and more, plus he doesn't clock watch which makes him even better. One of the best performers on here and most reasonably priced :)

to Dreamcaster234 on 12 May 2016

Perfect show, he does everything you ask and looks amazing on cam. Plus he's also just as big downstairs as is the rest of his body... ;) You won't be disappointed

to Revalyx on 9 May 2016

Great guy to cam with, sends video quick and responds to messages. Definitely one of the better guys on this site. And like the person below me said, he does have a big 'tool' that he is happy to show off for you ;)

Revalyx replied...
thank you..i am glad u apreciate me (y) big up!!

to AnthonyFlex on 9 May 2016

I can only echo Ozsport63, he gave me a great first cam show, as shown by my first review. But getting a second show out of him was near impossible. I asked for a custom video and only after constantly messaging him for an update did I get one, and it wasn't what I'd asked him for. I asked if he could send another with what I was looking for and he just asked for more take caution with him, he gives an amazing first cam show, but that seems to be about it.

to AnthonyFlex on 5 May 2016

So I know there are a lot of negative reviews here, but all I can say is this guy gave me exactly what I wanted in a show. He didn't clockwatch and just made sure I enjoyed the show. I was dubious about paying him with the bad reviews on here, but all I can say is, trust me, it's worth it. If you're not a jerk to him, he won't be a jerk to you. And yes, he does go all the way and it's absolutely worth it ;) He knows some of us are looking for more than just flexing...


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