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to AestheticsBoy on 12 May 2019


Great flexing performance ! good balance between mass and definition and very nice presentation of aestheticboy`s remarkable physique. Keep it going !

to AestheticsBoy on 9 March 2019


Aestheticsboy made a video for me. He put on some muscle mass and gave a good show of his great physique. Great work ! Highly recommended !!
Looking forward to his physique after some cutting. But it looks like he is sensational in every phase of training.

to Niko on 17 October 2018

I got the second and this time custom video from Niko. Absolutely amazing !! very nice poses, well defined muscles. Conversation is always very friendly and very much on the point. Highly recommended !

Niko replied...
Thank you my friend, I do my best as always:)

to Niko on 11 October 2018

I purchased the first flexing video from Niko. He is very polite and reliable in the comversation. In the video he shows his stunning physique and flexes and shows every muscle. There is never a negligent flexing and pose. Everything is well executed and breathtaking. Highly recommended

Muscle Seduction

to Muscle Seduction featuring David King on 13 March 2016


Absolutely stunning guy,great physique, very nice flexing, good close-ups. Very hot video !! Looking forward for more vids

Muscle Encounter

to Muscle Encounter featuring David King on 13 March 2016


Hot guy, nicely build physique, a lot of good close-ups, looking forward to see more of this hot ripped boy !


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