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to HornyIrishStud on 6 January 2018

Wauu, what a great video that this guy has custom to me.
He looks even better than in the pics, he do exactly as i asked to him.
He es also very cool and an honest guy.
I will ask you for a new video probably very soon.

Very recommended!!!

to AlphaTopModel on 28 June 2017

Nice guy, very good shape, an an extra attitude
i will come back for more

AlphaTopModel replied...
You are an awesome guy and I enjoyed having fun with you, we will catch again soon

to Young Markus on 28 June 2017

this guy do it for me a great show!! recommended

Young Markus replied...
Thank you!

to KindForCash on 27 June 2017

this guy do it for me a great show, he looks better that in the pics, he is very cool, well shapped, very muscled and with a lots of BIG things , he looks terrific, and with a great attitude, just very recommended

to mahdy on 25 April 2017

Mahdy do it for me a great show, he looks betrer than the pics, he is very friendly and natural, very recommended

mahdy replied...
thank you soooooo much :) you are so nice :)

to Edmond on 28 February 2017

this guy do it for me a gret show , very sexy and hot, i will comeback :P

to Denzel Smith on 8 October 2016

this guy do it for me a great dshow, he is very happy to please all my asks. great body extra hot and handsome, very recommended :P

Denzel Smith replied...
Thank you very much! Tryin' to do all my best! Hope to see you around again!

to Jason Genesis on 29 May 2016

A DREAM COME TRUE!!!! better than in the pic's, willling to please, i will not forget that amazing, hot show,very recommended

to handsomeguy on 26 May 2016

Great shapped, muscular,willing to please man, better than in the pic's, he do it for me an amazing show.Really RECOMMEND

to Rafa Martin on 28 April 2016

Rafa do it for me a great flexing show, he is better that in the pictures, very gentle, and very sexy too, i will come back for more very son ;)

Rafa Martin replied...
Thanks so much for the positive review! Look forward to flexing for you again soon. :D

to Boris on 28 February 2016

this incredibleguy do it for me a grat show, he's big, muscled handsome, willing to please and so sexy, very very recommended

to Teenmuscle18 on 22 February 2016

this guy do it for me a great show, he have a big muscularbody, very young and in big progres

to Mediterranean31 on 5 February 2016

This guy do it for me a unique extra show, he is very wiling to please, so big and in great progression. Very recommended

to Alec possum on 28 September 2015

I buy 3 vids to this guy he looks as in the pics

Alec possum replied...
thanks mate :D

to Mike Milan on 2 August 2015

Finally he do a great show for me, he has a ripped and muscular body,all in Mike is very big and pumped :)

to Mike Milan on 2 August 2015

Finally Mike come back to me,apologize, explains me he had a problem with her laptop, and do an excellent show

to Mike Milan on 2 August 2015

i paid for a show and he never do it

to Leo Banck on 28 July 2015

this dude do it for me great show.Great attitude, extra well ripped, super good shape and he say's not totaly in form right now, he look's amazing now, that's will be just incredible next. very recommended

to Flexstud269 on 21 July 2015

very cool guy, he sell me some pics of him posing andshowing his incredible back muscles, abs veins and very big more ;)

to Perho1 on 18 June 2015

this guy do it for me a great show, he has very impressive muscled for his age, recommended

Perho1 replied...
Thanks a lot !

to AdonisHunk on 13 June 2015

this guy d it for me a great amazing show, he delighted to me showing her wrestler body , he has great wide shoulders and back, perfect glues, and he's really hot. Very gentle and open to do all i ask. Very Recommended

to silverback on 8 June 2015

Silverback do it forme a great show, flexing all that incredible massive muscled body. he has an amazing good shape, he is also very cool and weling to please, I recommended

silverback replied...
thanks mate great chatting to you

to BygHercule on 14 May 2015

this big muscular massive dude do it for me an amazing show, he's very gentle and welling to please, verry very recommended

to Predator2015 on 21 April 2015

Matti do it for me a great amazing show, that may be sounds incredible but he look even better than her pic's, he's massive muscled, ripped, so close from the competition he looks 99% close to the perfection, very polite, guys i really recommed it :)

Predator2015 replied...
Thnak you some much :) you people are really great. just tell me what you like to see and i will do my best to make your dreams come true ;)

to AmazingBlaze on 21 April 2015

This guy do it for mea second show, he's bigger, stronger, and ..hotter than the last time, ripped, muscled, and very polite and cool

AmazingBlaze replied...
had a lot of fun with you :)

to dickcode on 21 April 2015

This handsome muscled dude, do it for me a great show, so hot and close to the perfection, i'm still perturbed ;), very recomended

dickcode replied...
Thanks a lot :*

to Nathan Jones on 13 April 2015

This massive muscled dude , give me a great flexing show, all his body is enormous muscled and perfect, great attitude, very recomended

Nathan Jones replied...
Thank you so much!

to RomeoHotBoy on 6 April 2015

i buy a great flexing video, i'm very satified, i will come back :)

to BigYoungBoi on 25 January 2015

Great massive young muscled man, i think he will become an enormos muscled man. very gentle and welling to pleasse. very reccommended

BigYoungBoi replied...
Im glad you liked it.

to muscle dave on 3 January 2015

that guy takes the money and don't do the show

to Andro Muscle on 10 November 2014

Incredible massive muscular dude, he do it for me a great awesome show, he done for me all i can expect in a perfect show, really very very recommended

Andro Muscle replied...

to 21cmBigcock on 10 November 2014

This guy do it for me a great show, showing for me all her great muscle and sexy body, he's welling to please me , that was a just great show , very recommended

21cmBigcock replied...
thank you.

to MostMuscular84 on 30 October 2014

amazing, big muscular , ripped, good shaped very polite, and very sexy too, he do for me a wonderfull show

to HairyMuscles on 28 October 2014

Great massive muscular guy, very gentle, very big muscles, he do it for m an excellent show, so sexy and hot i will remember long long time :) , very recommended guys

to Andrei Black on 17 September 2014

Andrei do it for me a great flexing show, his massive muscled ripped body is just perfect, and when he's naked is just like a dream

to Chelseeadams on 9 September 2014

this latin guy is just extra hot in shows, he do a show for me, that was just incredible with hisextra large shoulders and other sexy parts of his body he could get crazy everywhere!

Chelseeadams replied...

to LionKid on 7 September 2014

This guy do it for mea great show, he's so well ripped, just like in her pictures, very recommended

LionKid replied...
I am really glad that you are happy with it! If i can help you again sometimes just pm me on skype

to AlexSantee007 on 25 August 2014

Alex, is a great muscled sexy ripped gu, welling to please, hedo for me a lot of incredible, flexing and sexy show, very recommended guys , you will no regret

to Shady on 24 August 2014

Shaddy do it for me a vid, flexing his routine with music, really so sexy and hot, guys he's the one :)

Shady replied...
thank you my friend! :) see you soon ;)

to Shady on 18 August 2014

Shaddy do it for me a great show, he play her competition routine, in the rhytm of exellent music, and after that, he show me all perfect body without clothes, and and WOW!! , he's really extremely good shaped. Guys, i highly recommended

Shady replied...
ohhh ... Thank you man :* !

to Raiman on 17 August 2014

This guy do it for me 2 excellent shows, he has good shape, wide shoulders, good abs. He is alose extra sexy, and very welling to please, highly recommended guys !

to AmazingBlaze on 27 July 2014

This guy do it for me a great shoow, he's riped, mescled, he's really plesed to show his great body, recommended

AmazingBlaze replied...
thnx man, glad you like it.

to LightingLee on 26 June 2014

great guy, muscular, welling to please, he do ashow for me

LightingLee replied...
Thanks Libert!

to markusshowcam on 25 June 2014

great massive, big, muscular guy, he do a show for me, very wiling to pleas, very recommendd

markusshowcam replied...

to mikestar on 4 June 2014

This massivebig muscled guy, do it for me a great show, very recommended


I payed this guy for a picture and he never sent it . Don't be confident with this guy, is just the best way to loose your money

Please skype me ASAP so i can resolve this situation, Aaron

to CockyBoy on 20 April 2014

this guy do for me a perfect show, he has an extremely muscular ripped body, he is also so col and welling to please, and the cam quality and light was simply perfect

CockyBoy replied...
Oh,amazing words so happy that you liked the time spent with me and hope is not going to be the last time.See you soon!

to Nick B on 12 April 2014

After the 2 show his guy do forme, he takes the money for thethird and never do the show be carfull with this guy

Nick B replied...
That`s a lie

to hotathlet on 10 April 2014

Very big and massive body, muscular , ripped, this guy do it for me a flexing show I will remember long time, hot and sexy, very recommended

hotathlet replied...
Thank you , Libert !

to Addictivebody on 9 April 2014

ripped , massive guy, hedo for me a fkexing show so welling to please highly recommended

to sexyjohn on 31 March 2014

i see this guy in a flexing camshow, he's very ripped and muscular guy very wiling to please and very recommended

sexyjohn replied...
yes,i have repeed muscular body and i like too flex my muscles and strip.I waite too give u greate show.kiss bby

to MaximusSteel on 16 March 2014

very big muscular buddy, he do it for me an exelent flexing show, very recommended guys

to Sergiu on 15 March 2014

great guy with big muscles, very polite, recommended

to IronArms on 23 February 2014

muscled guy like a fitness model, he really like to please, very recommended

to Nick B on 16 February 2014

i come back to an other show with this guy, he still natural muscled, sexy and hot, He allways aims to please

to MarkFlexberg on 31 January 2014

a muscular fitness body, very nice show, a guy allways welling to please, i must come back for an other show :)

to Nick B on 24 January 2014

very nice aguy col and muscular , recommended

to BreezyMuscle on 25 November 2013

This guy look's just amazing, muscular and athletic, very very cool , very big recomandations

to RimondMuscleArt on 14 November 2013

This guy is amazing, very big volumes , big muscles, very polite , very recomended for a show

to theyoke1337 on 12 November 2013

Very muscular chest, shoulders trapezoids, nice and cool guy.

to AngelinoBoy on 11 November 2013

A guy with a muscle boby very nice wide chest , big biceps, nice dorsals. The show was cool and full of hapiness. Very recommended

to Johnny V on 18 October 2013

Exellent body, wide shoulders, so ripped, just amazing and soo hot

Johnny V replied...
Thanks, big guy! I appreciate the compliments!

to Musclelover on 7 October 2013

This guy is just amazing, a big fitness bod with defined muscle, big shoulders, amazing pecs
Very polite, and he want to be satified.

Musclelover replied...
Thank you very much for your kind words and support! Hope to see you soon!


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