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to Calin God on 5 May 2021

I have been using Calin since 2018, there have been a few difficulties over the years but he would deliver good content. That was until now.

He approached me with an idea with a specific time scale (the last two weeks) he sent one poor clip at the gym then nothing.

With the new quality guys now on BestFlex there is no need to tolerate this kind of behaviour anymore. I’ve lost my cash this time because I trusted him to deliver - he basically doesn’t give a damn.

If he can screw over a long time loyal fan like myself (look back and see my previous positive reviews) then he would happily screw over anyone.

So he is relegated to the block and forget pile. He stole this cash but he won’t get anything more from me now. I suggest you all avoid.

to Tim Nash on 3 May 2021

Mr Nash is quite an addiction! Another great custom.

Thank you!

Tim Nash replied...
Thank you)))

to Predator Jay on 11 April 2021

I felt Jay knows my likes well enough now that I let him go ‘off road’ and come up with a custom totally of his own creation around my likes.

The result was a video I would never have thought to ask for which nailed my likes and pushed it in an unexpected direction.

It is refreshing to be able to have enough trust in a guys understanding of your likes to just let them weave a story which is a total surprise when it arrives. Jay did this with his usual thought out well executed ease.

He is a hot boy wonder! Try him.

Predator Jay replied...
Much appreciated, review !

to Kanyebieber on 13 March 2021

Great custom from this Latino stud. In awesome shape right now and also has a much better cam space for filming. Good guy, good custom!

to CockyBoy on 13 March 2021


A big 50 thank you to Alex for a perfectly made custom as always. A true gentleman to deal with and smoking hot to watch.

Thank you my friend

to Vadim MuscleFlex on 13 March 2021

A big 50 thank you my friend. What can I say, your body is flawless and you know just how to tease and flex to show it of perfectly.

As always the superbly edit custom you delivered exceeded expectations and was a true delight to watch.

You are a lovely guy to chat with and the details you get through in the customs, because you take the time to understand your clients, is exceptional.

I cannot recommend you highly enough.

to Predator Jay on 13 March 2021

A big 50 thank you Jay for yet another awesome custom. I think Jay does more than any other guy on BestFlex to weave a custom idea into a true mini story.

His edits are superb, and I am impressed that he devotes so much of his time to create something really special and memorable in his customs.

Thank you again my friend

Predator Jay replied...
Lets evolve in something beautiful.

to EvanHoti on 13 March 2021

A big 50 thank Evan for a superb custom. I really loved it. I love talking ideas with you and the results always pay off in the custom.

A handsome gentleman giant with a smoking body.

Throughly recommended

EvanHoti replied...
Big thank you

to Tim Nash on 13 March 2021

Big 50 thank you for a great custom, there is alway’s such a crazy happy vibe in Tim’s videos. His hot body and demeanour are infectious.

Gentlemen to deal with and always delivers are brilliant video.

Thanks for the 50th hot spot!

Tim Nash replied...
Thank you very much...I’m happy you like it

to Niko on 11 March 2021

A big 50 thank you Niko, The duo custom with Dante was hilarious and hot in equal measure - exactly as requested lol

Handsome, and that body, just damn....loved it!

Thanks big guy

to Dante on 11 March 2021

A big 50 thank you Dante, The duo custom with Niko was hilarious and hot in equal measure - exactly as requested lol

Handsome, hot and crazy as always - loved it!

Thanks big guy

to Xander on 11 March 2021

Big 50 thanks Xander, a great and funny video as requested, really nice change of tone and as always you are a pleasure to watch and deal with.

I wish more guys put the effort into editing and creating a truly immersive custom video.

Party on big man!

Xander replied...
Happy Birthday little boy! Happy 50 yo!

to Father Ivan on 11 March 2021

A big 50 thanks Ivan, a really fun and unique custom today, loved it.

ALWAYS a pleasure to see that killer body, killer smile and great personality.

Father Ivan replied...
Happy birthday my dear ????

to Xander on 7 March 2021

Part two smashed part one! If you haven’t tried Xander yet then give him a go, you’ll be very impressed.

Xander replied...
Appreciate your trust!

to Xander on 7 March 2021

Another awesome custom from Xander. He always delivers a excellent video to exactly your request with some added flare of his own.

I have complete trust in this hard working and dedicated guy, and enjoy dealing with him very much.

Xander replied...
Thank you little boy!

to Shawn on 6 March 2021

Great first show with Shawn. Amazing body and a true pleasure to work with. Great quality custom delivered exactly as promised. Very happy, thanks big man.

Shawn replied...
Thanks to you my friend for getting to work with me. Many more to come.

to Jacked Jake on 1 March 2021

Agree with the last reviews, I gave up on the custom (he chased me for to make) so I've only lost a small deposit. He has one of the best bodies on here but sadly also one of the worst work ethics.
He is double the average cost of other guys.
He is very poor on communication.
He just goes silent on for months once he has your cash.
He also sells on customs on this site, a practice I disagree with as customs should remain private. For this reason I also removed previous positive reviews for ones he 'on sold'.
So put simply block him and use decent guys that do deliver as promised. It is a shame, if he put a fraction of the dedication he clearly puts into the gym into providing decent videos he would make a fortune, as it is steer clear and maybe only buy videos posted here. At least that you you do actually get a video if you really want one.

to Tim Nash on 25 February 2021

My second custom was better than the first, Tim worked well with the idea and delivered an awesome video. I like his playful style and, well the pictures speak for themselves. He is a very hot guy and a joy to deal with.

Tim Nash replied...
Thank you so much. nice doing business with you

to Predator Jay on 13 February 2021

Another customs smashed! Awesome work again from Jay. Every video gets more in tune with your likes as he develops your ideas with you, adding surprises of his own that he knows you’ll like.

Seriously his customs are productions, no record for ten minutes and send. It is a thought out edited mini movie each time.

This beast is one to watch, and more importantly one to order from.

Predator Jay replied...
Very kind and respectful, thanks for your support.

to Tim Nash on 11 February 2021

My first custom with Tim was a really great experience, he is a handsome guy with a stunning body and he really delivered on the custom request.
He is polite and very easy to deal with as well, so for sure I will be approaching him again for another custom.

Tim Nash replied...
Thank you very much. I’ll be waiting

to Xander on 7 February 2021

Another awesome custom, Xander truly is a rising star on BestFlex.

Enough said, try him, seriously, you’ll love him.

Xander replied...
Thank you for trust!

to Predator Jay on 4 February 2021

Jay gets better with each custom, he learns fast what each custom wants. Give him your idea and he will seriously work some magic for you. Awesome guy

Predator Jay replied...
We killing it !

to Predator Jay on 28 January 2021

It is always a bit of a punt to take a chance on new guys joining BestFlex, but I thought given the great pictures and highly positive reviews he has had so far it was a risk worth taking.

Well let me tell you risk paid off. Jay is one of the new elites of BestFlex. He doesn’t simply ‘make a custom’ he turns a custom into a mini movie tailored to your idea. The beauty of this is that it allows him merge his own ideas with yours to deliver something better than expected. I think as he grows on here and learns more of what makes different buyers happy this creative side will blossom even more.

Add to this that he is smoking hot AND great at communicating in a friendly and detailed way makes him a true asset to the site.

My custom arrived on time and in good quality, it is a given that I will be ordering again from this great man.

Take a punt yourself, I think you’ll be happy!

Predator Jay replied...
We both are looking forward to make some great productions. Thanks for the kind words.

to Xander on 10 January 2021

New custom was excellent, was blown away by the body (of course!) but also the attention to detail Xander takes to ensure the custom is perfectly tailored to your desires.

He has become a firm favourite with me now, a real ‘go to guy’

Xander replied...
Thank you for trust bro!

to Father Ivan on 10 January 2021

Father Ivan burst onto the BestFlex scene only last year, but already he has cemented himself as one of the hottest, honest and super friendly guys on the site.

I have been using him now for some time and I feel 2021 will be a GOOD year for him on BestFlex. If you have not yet had the pleasure of a show or custom from this Russian stud then send him a message. You won't be disappointed.

Happy new year Ivan, see you again soon!

Father Ivan replied...
Thank you Adrian! I will continue to delight you with my videos!!

to Vadim MuscleFlex on 28 December 2020

An amazing first custom arrived from Vadim today. Really nice guy to deal with, easy going and wanting to listen to ideas to create a great video.

Video was delivered on time and in great quality (edited as well which is a nice touch and rarely done). It surpassed my expectations. Love Vadim's smooth accent and piercing blue eyes. Add those to a killer body and handsome looks and it's a certainty that I will be back for more.

to Niko on 12 December 2020

Exceptional show from Niko, as always super professional and super hot.

Always willing to listen to ideas and craft a video to your requirements. If you have not had the pleasure of a video from this muscle god then contact him now.

to Xander on 11 December 2020

Received my first custom from Xander today. He was a delight to deal with, quick in responding, super friendly and very eager to listen and provide you with a perfectly tailored show.

His setup to record is clear, bright and in great quality. Add to that he looks bloody stunning and you can't go wrong. We are already speaking of the next show.

Many thanks big guy

Xander replied...
Thank you very much for your trust!

to Father Ivan on 15 November 2020

Another great custom from this impossibly handsome man.

Great work! See you again soon. ????????

Father Ivan replied...
Thanks you! See you later :)

to AestheticsBoy on 4 November 2020


Awesome Aesthetics, awesome attitude, awesome videos.

Joy to deal with!

to The Titan on 4 November 2020

Titan is one of my go to guys, great videos, awesome attitude and damn he is BIG!!!!!!

to EvanHoti on 4 November 2020


Evan, wow, I love his videos.

Great guy, great body, extremely professional and a joy to deal with.

EvanHoti replied...
Thank you so much :)

to CockyBoy on 4 November 2020


Another awesome custom from Alex. One of the top guys on BestFlex. Charming, attentive to requests and a stunning body.

Even better now with an exceptional quality camera.

Thank you big guy

CockyBoy replied...
Thank you alot so amazing review and always amazing work with you! hugs

to Handsome Fit Stud on 1 November 2020

Kemik if your experience of him is good - great - mine used to be. But every below was said by him AND has been forwarded to Dan at BestFlex to review. If you check my profile you can see that I have left many reviews for many models and 99% of them are positive and well deserved. If you think the below comments are acceptable then go ahead and use him - I do not.

“ Fuck u .. I dont care abouth yourreeiwe .. But u just a fucking gilr.. I sent u videos for the money even if was not the videos u orrder.. U your mother your family can suck all my dick .. die bitch .. I hope your family members will die one by one.. And u will remember me. ????????????”

“ Good byeeee.. I will also say true thigs abouth how h sau video without pay for it.. U ask video for free and h abuse me.. dont come to me and go to your mom and fuck her.. let her pregnet .. suck my dick”

Handsome Fit Stud replied...
U can stop speak here ? Stop the rewiew. U aredy did one.. unfondate.. so stop

to Handsome Fit Stud on 1 November 2020

You said alll those things, and I only asked for pre-made videos because you were unable to get it up for the custom I had ordered.

A full transcript of the chats are available for BestFlex to review. I do not care about the cash but I do care about death threats and homophobic abuse.

Totally unacceptable. Your profile should be removed.

Handsome Fit Stud replied...
Same person give me 5 rewiew for not give u free videos.. for somone who watch this.

to Handsome Fit Stud on 1 November 2020

So this was his email response.

"U can suck my dick with your mother.. U couldant waite.. u are just a gay who diserve to die.. "

Steer WELL clear

Handsome Fit Stud replied...
He ask free videos..asking me to sent free videos in change of let me bad rewiew. I never sayd those thigs .. He give me all bad rewiew in one day

to Handsome Fit Stud on 1 November 2020

So it has been six weeks since I posted my review. In that time I have been in contact with HFS. His biggest concern was that I removed my review as it was affecting his business- well that IS the point of a poor review to warn other buyers of bad conduct. I gave him six week (ample time frankly) to fix the situation and as mentioned I would remove the review and update.

In those six weeks he has been on holiday, been sick, been busy working on his house, the list goes on. The only thing he didn’t have time for was a 10 minute custom video.

He did owe more than that but I wanted it dealt with so I agreed to some pre -mades as well. No custom or even the pre-mades materialised, despite him pleading as recently as yesterday that it would be resolved.

So he is confined to my forget and block list. I lost cash to him, don’t to them same. Once he has your money you become totally unimportant so my advice would be only do cash on delivery OR buy pre mades from BestFlex OR even better use one of the trusted hotter guys on here that do deliver.

Handsome Fit Stud replied...
He is try to aks me video for free without paying or he will give me vad rewiew here.. Dont lisent to this guy .. He let bad rewiew to almost all #muscle guys.. He just try to take for free..

to EvanHoti on 26 October 2020

Another great show from Evan. He has to be one of the easiest guys to deal with. Always professional, always in time and always keen to make sure you receive a video you will love.

It also helps that he is 120kg of hot handsome muscle stu lol. If you have not had a show with him yet you really should give him a try.

EvanHoti replied...
Thank uou:)

to The Titan on 15 October 2020

Another great custom in the bag from Titan, one of the best guys on BestFlex, he always delivers and each custom gets more laser focused on your kink as he learns your likes and desires.

See you very soon big guy

to BrutalMuscleGod on 13 October 2020

Just received my first custom video from Igor and he seriously delivered. The guy is HUGE and has a perfect dominant alpha attitude that is incredibly great to watch.

He is courteous and friendly to deal with, really listening to what you want in order to deliver a video you will love, AND sent it on time as promised.

For sure I will be using again, thank you Igor

BrutalMuscleGod replied...
Iam always hungry . Be in touch )

to Niko on 12 October 2020

Just received a great duo custom (with Viktor Baili). The guys have a good chemistry and worked well together to create a nice take on my idea.

Both guys are always polite and easy to deal with, and the video was delivered when I asked for. Very happy!

What beats one muscle guy? TWO lol.

to Viktor Baili on 12 October 2020

Just received a great duo custom (with Niko). The guys have a good chemistry and worked well together to create a nice take on my idea.

Both guys are always polite and easy to deal with, and the video was delivered when I asked for. Very happy!

What beats one muscle guy? TWO lol.

to Father Ivan on 12 October 2020

A great first custom from Ivan, my videos take a bit of understanding and he made an excellent job of delivering what I asked for, and in a new way which I liked very much.

Extremely easy to deal with, good quality video and delivered on time, as promised, which is very important to me. A superb addition to BestFlex, if you have not yet dealt with Ivan, make a point of arranging a show or custom - he will not disappoint.

Father Ivan replied...
Thank you Adrian :) See you again

to Handsome Fit Stud on 16 September 2020

Been waiting months now for my custom, Skype change was the first of many disappointing delays. He has delivered great videos in the past but messing about with loyal customers is naive. If he delivers all he owes I will of course remove this review and post a new one. But after all this time I shall not hold my breath.

Handsome Fit Stud replied...
You can give rewiew after rewiew... U will have to pay for shows..not asking for free.. U ask video for free in change on good rewiew.. so u can suck my dick .. U not get noting for free

to Asmodeus on 11 September 2020

Great first solo custom from Asmodeus. Extremely easy to deal with and very attentive to making sure you get the video you want.

Handsome guy with a stunning body. A real alpha stud that like to show off that killer body. I will be ordering again soon.

Asmodeus replied...
The best customer out there !!! See you agin littlelunch !

to EvanHoti on 4 August 2020

Just received another great custom from Evan, I am very surprised at some of these low rating reviews. I have used Evan now for a few years and he has always been one of the most honest and reliable guys on here.
If you have not tried a show with this handsome man mountain then you really should.

EvanHoti replied...
Thank you so much :)

to EvanHoti on 3 August 2020

Just received another great custom from Evan, I am very surprised at some of these low rating reviews. I have used Evan now for a few years and he has always been one of the most honest and reliable guys on here.
If you have not tried a show with this handsome man mountain then you really should.

EvanHoti replied...
Thank you so much ))

to The Titan on 23 July 2020

Great to see you back, and in amazing form. ???????????????????????? Thanks for the custom from your fanboy macro man lol

to Airon on 2 June 2020

First custom video with Airon and he did a great job. Very easy to deal with, responsive, open to understanding your ideas and creating a video tailored for your tastes. He delivered within 24 hours a high quality video showing that smoking body off extremely well!

to AestheticsBoy on 16 March 2020


Great first video, makes me wonder why I haven't had a custom earlier!

Viktor was friendly and easy to work with, my videos need some understanding and he took the time to listen to my requests..

Very importantly to me he delivered exactly as and when promised so for sure I will be ordering again soon. I recommend you do the same if you haven't already - great guy.

to EvanHoti on 1 March 2020

Ivan always delivers a great video, we have a perfect understanding now of my likes and dislikes and he always gets my heart racing with his handsome looks and hot body. A pleasure to work with and he never fails to deliver on time which is really important for me. If you have not used Ivan give him a go, really good guy.

EvanHoti replied...
Thank you)

to Kanyebieber on 30 December 2019

The second custom built on the excellent first. This Latino stud is a real breath of fresh air. Super hot and very keen to make your fantasies come true. Both videos arrived as promised and were excellent adaptations of my ideas.

If you are into hot muscled Latinos then look now further, he will impress you.

Kanyebieber replied...
Thanks you so much my little much, i hope you come back ;)

to Kanyebieber on 24 December 2019

I just received my first custom, always a risk with a newer guy that has not yet built up a solid base of reviews. But WOW did he deliver! My customs are not the easiest to understand or film but he did an amazing job. He is open to your ideas and extremely easy to deal with.

The custom arrived quickly and in great quality. He is even more handsome in video that the pictures show, and has a great alpha presence about him.

I was impressed enough to be ordering again in a few days and I'm sure his customs will improve each time.

Thanks Big Guy!

Kanyebieber replied...
Thank you for always trusting me, I hope to continue providing you with my quality services, I hope you like your personalized video

to CockyBoy on 18 December 2019


Again Alex wows me. Super guy, amazing videos, which is why I keep coming back for more!

Thanks big man

CockyBoy replied...
Hey there buddy oh thank you apreciat the review!

to The Titan on 18 December 2019

RR is a consummate professional who is a joy to work with and always delivers when promised. Super friendly and very observant of what you want out of your show. Then when the cam starts the gloves are off, he will impress and have you needing more. Super tall, super alpha and super built. Next show already in planning! Thanks big guy

to craving4power on 17 December 2019

Another superb custom from Cezar, as well as having a stunning body he has a natural charisma that flows through his videos to place them on another level to most. He is always a joy to deal with, delivering a custom just as discussed (with his own natural flair added) on time every time. Thank big man, impressed as always!

craving4power replied...
Thanks lot lil buddy

to CockyBoy on 27 November 2019


Another awesome custom from CockyBoy. He is always a pleasure to deal with, and really amazes with each request.

Many thanks!

CockyBoy replied...
My perfect meal THANK YOU ALOT and so happy to have you my food !

to EvanHoti on 26 November 2019

Great custom from Evan as always. He never fails to make me smile with the hot content.

Thanks big guy

EvanHoti replied...
Thank you)

to HornyIrishStud on 26 October 2019

Another great video from Niall. He always delivers a great show on time and does a great of interpreting your idea to produce a hot video you’ll watch again and again.

to Niko on 9 October 2019

Another great video from Niko. Handsome built stud that always impresses. Thank you!

to HornyIrishStud on 6 October 2019

Another great custom from Niall. He is always the consummate professional to deal with. He really listens to your ideas and goes to great lengths to make your muscle fantaises a reality.

Add to that his sexy accent and smoking hot body and you have one of the top guys on BestFlex. If you have not yet ordered from Niall then you are missing a trick.

Thanks as always big man.

to Calin God on 24 September 2019

I just received my video from Calin, Damn you can see why he won a medal this weekend that body is simply stunning. A really built alpha guy that aims to please in each transaction.

He produced a great video as always. Following the idea through and added his own ideas in too.

Thanks big man

to EvanHoti on 13 August 2019

I have had trouble getting into contact with, Evan he was not answering messages. Eventually I got hold of him via WhatsApp and it turned out his old Skype had been blocked. The new one is listed here in the contact info. He delivered another great video as always, damn he is in great form. Look him up again if you’ve lost touch he is a great guy.

EvanHoti replied...
My old skype blocked. my new one is recorded in the main profile information. Or you can find me:

to The Titan on 8 July 2019

Ripped Reaper continues to deliver top class videos for me and has become a real ‘go to guy’ for my customs. He is exceptionally easy to deal with and really listens to your requests to assist him deliver an outstanding cam show or custom video. If you haven’t already let this 6’5” muscle beast flex and amazing you!

to KevinMuscle12 on 8 July 2019

Got my first custom video from Kevin yesterday and he did a great job. He took the time to understand what I was looking for and delivered as promised. Very easy to deal with, and a good quality video. He is a handsome guy that is a credit to BestFlex AND OnlyFans judging by previous comments!

KevinMuscle12 replied...
thank you

to HornyAlphaBoy on 3 May 2019


I have always had a pretty good relationship with Sergio, not without issue, but good. In the past I had been ok with him selling personal customs on his BestFlex affiliate site fantasyflexing. This practice from some guys (not on BestFlex) has become increasingly annoying for me and when the fourth video appeared in March I messaged him about removing all my content. He said he would in April after a promotion had finished which was fine with me. Despite numerous requests, which he ignored, the videos are still on his site in May. I made contact with Dan (admin of BestFlex) asking him to speak with Sergio. He said he can contact Sergio but has no power to get him to remove the videos. I find this disappointing as Fantasy Flexing is affiliated with BestFlex so if this practice is allowed there it draws concern for BestFlex profiles acting the same way. So am doing as Dan has suggested numerous times both here and in the forums, leaving a factual review to warn buyers of issues with guys on the site.
Sergio has proven himself to be untrustworthy. For me Sergio has had his day, there are many younger, hornier and honest guys on BestFlex who are far more deserving of your hard earned cash. If you do order from him don’t be surprised to see your private customs on his site OR sold on privately to other buyers. To him a custom is fair game to sell on. If you also disagree with this practice then kick him to the curb and block him as I have.

to David Soldier on 27 April 2019

I’ve now had two customs from David and he has made a great job of them. He is extremely attentive to your requests and really delivers a great video. For sure I’ll be using again.

David Soldier replied...
Thanks my Little Bro, <3 You are agradable Guy, Im have Gratefull

to The Titan on 21 March 2019

A great first custom from RippedReaper. He is very easy to deal with and really did great with my custom idea. Delivered on time and with a high quality video it terms of him AND the definition lol

Thanks big man

to CockyBoy on 9 March 2019


Another first class custom from one of the best on BestFlex, Alex proves yet again what a consummate professional he is.

A dream to look at and a pleasure to deal with.

Many thanks Alex x

CockyBoy replied...
AMAZING review apreciat it alot and hope to see you soon !!! SUPER MUSCLE HUGS

to Niko on 25 January 2019

Great Custom again from Niko, Stunning Body that he shows off amazingly well and a certain level of cheekiness which is very endearing!

Thanks again my friend.

to HornyIrishStud on 24 January 2019

Niall is as charming as he is hot! Yet another custom smashed out the ball park. He really love to show you beautiful body that has taken real dedication to chisel. Add in the accent and the good old Irish charm and the man is a true giant on the site.
Fun and easy to work with, tell him your dream and he will flex it into reality.

to AlphaJ0n on 21 January 2019

I write this review two months after receiving it. It is not my first video from Jon but it will be my last.
The custom he did was so appalling bad it is one of only two that I deleted, and believe me I order plenty.
He agreed to re-make and now two months on when pushed he said yes he will make again. The deadline I gave has expired so on top of the poor show he has no idea of how to treat a paying customer with any respect.
He has a great body and attitude in show (as proved in the first video which I gave a great review for) but the wheels totally fell off with this transaction and there won't be any more from me.
Another model to be blocked and forgotten, there are far better on here.
(I gave two stars as, shit as it was, he did make a video. For me one star reviews are for people that can't even to that)

to Tommy Flex on 20 January 2019

Tommy delivered another awesome video.

This alpha muscled stud excels at delving into your fantasy and producing results on film that you will watch time and time again.

My advice, speak with him, be honest and detailed about your desires, I’m sure he has heard everything by now so don’t hold back lol.

He will weave a show for you that will hit buttons you didn’t know you had.

Tommy Flex replied...
Thank you for your words! See you again real soon!

to Flexmode on 20 January 2019

Not many guys have to presence to make me want two customs in a week but this German Muscle Beast did it with ease. His pictures say it all, but check out the pre made videos, his voice and dominant attitude of casual power is profound.
The fact that he is also a true gentleman to deal with is the icing on the cake. Give him a message it's one you will never regret.

to musclebeach on 20 January 2019

Another great custom video from this handsome muscle man. A true pleasure to work with, many thanks!

to Dante on 16 January 2019

Great first video Dante. Love the dominant attitude works well with his great accent. He has a really amazing body that he loves to show you. I will be ordering again!

to Viktor Baili on 15 January 2019

I just received a video from Anton. He has a great lean muscle body and did a sweet job with the video. He was also very easy to deal with, polite and responsive, which is always a pleasure to see.

Many Thanks Anton

to EvanHoti on 10 January 2019

Evan is a great guy, charming and reliable with a stunning body.

He is very keen to deliver a show exactly how you want it and nails it each time. Every show is getting better, roll on the next one!

Thanks Evan

EvanHoti replied...
Thanks, Ad....

to Clark Kent on 10 January 2019

Another great video from Clark, a great addition to BestFlex.

He aims to please with each video, really listening and delivering on your expectations. Looking forward to the next one!

Clark Kent replied...
Thank you so much man! It's a pleasure

to Clark Kent on 29 December 2018

I just had my first custom from Clark and he did an amazing job. His body is incredible, love the tattoos and deep sexy accent. Even more importantly he really took the time to understand what I was after and delivered an incredibly good video. He was polite, easy to deal with and delivered a high quality (in both resolution and content!) exactly as he promised. Absolutely give him a go, it's a show you will not regret for a heartbeat. A real life superman!
Thanks Big Guy

to musclebeach on 27 November 2018

Great custom video from this very hot muscle guy, he took the time to understand my idea and produced a really good video.
He delivered in on time and was a pleasure to deal with.
Highly recommended.
Many thanks big man!

to Niko on 25 November 2018

Just received my first custom video, and have to say this young muscle guy is impressive. Great natural body with a polite and open nature who really listened to what I wanted and delivered a great video on time and well made. Great English and a natural performer.

A pleasure to work with, and I will be ordering again. Thank Niko

Niko replied...
Thank you my dear friend! Nice to meet you there!

to MarkFlexberg on 21 November 2018

Another great custom from Mark, the more he does the more he gets what like to see. Always a pleasure to deal with, super sexy and super polite. Thanks Mark.

MarkFlexberg replied...
Thank you! :)

to biceptoris on 21 November 2018

Another great custom from this muscle champ! Always great fun to work with, thank big man!

to Calin God on 21 November 2018

Just received my custom from Calin and he did a great job with my odd ball likes! He has a great body and is very polite and easy to work with. A great addition to Best Flex. Thanks Calin.

to CockyBoy on 21 November 2018

I love Alex, he is such a nice guy to deal with, super hot, super reliable and always comes up with great custom videos. One of the best guys on Best Flex. If you haven't spoken with him yet then you are missing out! Thanks Alex

CockyBoy replied...
Hey there my friend, yes we known each other for a long time, always my pleasure and so fun with you, hugs and kisses

to Tommy Flex on 21 November 2018

Yet again Tommy delivered a faultless custom. He always has your fantasy focused in his mind to deliver, well whatever floats your boat lol! A chiselled piece of muscled perfection that as always was a pleasure to deal with. Thanks Tommy!

Tommy Flex replied...
Thank you my man, glad you enjoyed it, until next time!

to HornyIrishStud on 21 November 2018

Another great custom from this Irish Stud. Sexy man, sexy accent and always a pleasure to work with. Thanks Niall

to EvanHoti on 24 September 2018

My second custom with this hot man. Evan worked on the ideas and suggestions after the first video and made great improvements. It is good to see a guy listen to a client and help deliver their personal fantasy with ease. I'll be back for more!

EvanHoti replied...
Thank you

to CockyBoy on 24 September 2018


What's better that one stunning man?, well two of course!

CockyBoy and HotFighterRaul are excellent guys to deal with, both handsome with perfect bodies. Put the two of them together and well, the magic was happening, these guys are clearly great friends and that synergy plays well in the brilliant custom they put together for me. We are already planning part two!
Many thanks gentlemen x

CockyBoy replied...
Haha, we hud so much fun making this video for you!! Lets cya again soon for more Crazy hungry stuff!!

to EvanHoti on 10 September 2018

I just received my first custom from Evanhoti and he did a great first job. It always takes a while for a guy to find the likes and dislikes of a new client but he really nailed the idea.

He was polite and quick in responding to messages and the video was delivered exactly when he said, that in itself puts him above many others!

It’s great to see a tall and handsome guy on the site with a strong full muscled body. Very impressive and for sure he will do well.

EvanHoti replied...
Thank you

to biceptoris on 2 September 2018

I have just received my first custom from Biceptoris and he pretty much totally nailed what I was looking for in a custom on the first go, which is pretty rare. He took the time to listened to what I wanted and delivered an amazing video, for sure there will be more.

The video arrived within hours (again a rare thing!) and he oozes alpha male with a hot accent and a stunning body which he knows how to show off. Give him a go, you won't be disappointed!

biceptoris replied...
Thanks man! Was my pleasure.

to Roland on 31 August 2018

Recently received another amazing custom from Roland, each one just gets better an better.

His current form is as stunning as his huge cock lol!

He has always been both polite and efficient on delivery of his videos for me.

Keep up the good work big man!

Roland replied...
thank you my friend :)

to MarkFlexberg on 27 August 2018

Mark sent me yet another great video. He quickly learns your likes and dislikes then never fails to produce awesome content. He is a really nice guy who has always delivers as promised. Well worth a look in every sense!

to CockyBoy on 15 August 2018


Another great custom from Alex. He takes the time to make sure he gets every detail right and delivers a stunning video every time.

Always great to deal with and always accurate with time for delivery. He is a sexy and very safe pair of hands for Cam Shows and Customs. Highly Recommended!

CockyBoy replied...
Thank you bro, much apreciat this review and defently had a good time makin the video!

to daniel carter on 15 August 2018

After buying a bunch of Daniel's videos on BestFlex I decided I really wanted to try a custom with him despite the recent poor reviews.

Guys I gotta say I was really impressed. You need to be careful as there is a scammer out there with an almost identical profile (it has a . at the end) but once we were connected on Skype he was keen to do a video call to prove his identity.

From there it just got better, he was a friendly professional guy who listened and brought to screen what I had asked for with his own cocky alpha flare. I will absolutely be getting another custom in the future from him.

Make sure you get the right Skype profile and you won't be dissapointed.

daniel carter replied...

to AlphaJ0n on 14 August 2018

Just got my first custom off this young muscle giant, he has the alpha going on and what's not to like about that stunning body!
He was fast in responding and I received the video on time and to expectations.
Nice one big man!

to CockyBoy on 9 August 2018

Another great custom from Alex, he is a very friendly and professional guy who produces amazing videos that really reflect your request. He takes time to get the details perfect. Plus man what a sexy accent and wow with the body!

CockyBoy replied...
I simply like to work with you and accept your challanges. Alex xoxo

to Ultimate God on 9 August 2018

I found MUG through another alpha and I purchased a few premade videos along with a custom. He was prosfessional and ozzing alpha with my video in the inbox within a few hours.
I have since found his BestFlex profile and looked back over the reviews, of course he may be to intense for some people, but isn’t that the point of asking straight guys to do these videos?
I found him to be very willing to cater to my oddball tastes and he made a superb first custom for me. There will be more.
Oh and looking at the premades, there’s no repressed gay man there, just a thoroughbred horny muscular str8 guy that loves the ladies and is good enough to let us take a peek too.

to IronArms on 15 July 2018

Just recieved another great custom. He is a friendly and charismatic guy who really goes to great effort to get in every detail of your fantasy. He delivers on time and in great quality, well worth a chat to so he can deliver an awesome show for you.

to MuscleGod11 on 4 July 2018

I just receive my first custom from MuscleGod11. He went to great efforts to bring in every detail of my idea and delivered an excellent video. It's good to find a guy that can bring more than just muscles to the table. He really put some passion and thought behind it, and it was refreshing to see.

Add to this he is extremely gracious and polite to deal with plus he keeps to the schedule promised when I ordered, something that has been lacking of late with other models.

A great first video, there will be more!

to Jay Felix on 3 July 2018

Just received another custom from Ricky. He is not only a pleasure to deal with but a pleasure to behold. Damn he is built! He really listens to your requests and does an amazing job turning fantasy to reality.

Thanks big man!

Jay Felix replied...
Hell yea lunch my pleasure !!!

to Tommy Flex on 7 May 2018

Another well thought out and well executed custom from one of the top guys on BestFlex. Tommy understands a clients desires better and better with every custom and always delivers high quality excellence. A pleasure to watch of course, but also to deal with.

Tommy Flex replied...
It was my pleasure to film for you! I will continue to do so with excellence!! I appreciate you my man!

to HornyIrishStud on 4 May 2018

Recently had a custom made by Niall who took my idea and gave it his own spin with awesome results, a great guy to watch and deal with. Polite and friendly, responsive with a quick turnaround on the custom.

A quality stud and a credit to the Flex, thank you!

to Jay Felix on 4 May 2018

I recently recieved my first custom from Ricky. And! His body is stunning, amazing to watch, add to this a dominant alpha attitude with a damn sexy accent and you have a great video in the making.

He listens and delivers your fantasies in the video, plus both friendly and professional to deal with, it won’t be the last custom I’ll be asking for!

Thanks big guy,

Jay Felix replied...
Thanks so much lunch!, had a great time making the video for you !

to IronArms on 4 May 2018

I was little dubious as there has not been a review on here for him for some time but I was very happily surprised. He was both friendly and very open to details for the custom, which he delivered the same day. I have to say it was one of the best 'first attempts' at my kind of video that I have had and I'll certainly be looking for more in the future. A handsome toned guy with great quads and sexy accent! Give him a go!

to Roland on 16 April 2018

I recently received my first custom video from Roland. I found him charming to deal with, extremely polite and he really endeavoured to deliver my idea. I was very happy with the result, with a second custom on order.

He is a handsome man and built in all the right places!

Thank you Roland

Roland replied...
thank you sir :)

to Tommy Flex on 3 April 2018

I received my first custom from Tommy today. He was very attentive to my oddball asks, and not only delivered a superb video on a quick turnaround but also worked with my ideas and grew it into a surprisingly awesome first custom.

I'm certain the next custom will develop further as he is clearly an open and friendly guy that strives to provide clients with whatever fantasy they ask for with eager professionalism.

If you want a safe and sexy pair of hands to venture into customs Tommy is your man, and damn his package is the stuff of dreams lol.

Tommy Flex replied...
I’m highly attentive when it comes to my vids however odd requests are slightly more focused on, I have to capture every single detail as well as leave room for me to improvise and add that final touch! Glad you enjoyed and I am already ready to hear your new request!!

to Tommy Flex on 2 April 2018

I picked up four of Tommy’s videos, honestly the masks put me off buying before, but the stunning body and alpha attitude that oozes from this stud washed away any doubts.

Thanks for some great videos Tommy, I’ll be ordering a custom soon.

Tommy Flex replied...
Thank you so much for taking a chance to experience my work.

to Jason Genesis on 28 August 2017

I've now had a few custom videos by Big Alpha Daddy, as well as purchasing some of his videos. He is very attentive to giving you the video as you envisioned it. If you want cocky and dominant then he is your muscled man.

Fast and reliable turnaround of the videos and a great communicator.

He is a very sexy muscle god that you have to spend some time with.

Jason Genesis replied...
Much appreciated! Hope we do more soon ;)

to MarkFlexberg on 1 August 2017

Mark has now done a few custom videos for me now, and he is always easy to talk with and listens to what you want. The results videos were well worth the cash.

to HornyAlphaBoy on 13 February 2017

Not sure how I haven't seen this guy a long ago but, I'm damn pleased I've found him now. He is a stunning muscle stud that knows exactly how to please his fans. I'm seriously considering a custom after buying a few of his videos and reading these other reviews!

Muscle Giant

to Muscle Giant featuring Predator Jay on 26 March 2021


Perfect viewpoint of this hot giant!

Muscle Shopping Experience

to Muscle Shopping Experience featuring Father Ivan on 22 March 2021


An inventive and cheeky little video from Ivan. Who wouldn't want to follow him into the changing room for a sneaky peak at his outstandingly hot body.

Great fun video.

Muscle Duo Oil Up Naked

to Muscle Duo Oil Up Naked featuring Andy Fit on 22 March 2021


Ah man......I'm jealous of Andy getting his hands all over Tim's smoking body! Great video from two hot guys!

Hot Young Stud

to Hot Young Stud featuring Vadim MuscleFlex on 22 March 2021


Vadim is simply stunning. He has a smoking hot body and KNOWS how to show it off to full effect. Great flexing video from this rising star.

Muscle Worship and Cum 2

to Muscle Worship and Cum 2 featuring MarkFitt on 22 March 2021


Two is one indeed! and cool idea, being caught by a buddy as you get horny. He doesn't care and is happy to massage those tired muscles for bit. I liked the way this did not get in the way of the porn lol. And then a nicely filmed cum scene at the end, it made for a fun little video. Highly recommend.

Mighty Flex and Cum Show

to Mighty Flex and Cum Show featuring MarkFitt on 22 March 2021


A great video, Mark is clear a fit guy, with a playful attitude in video which I like. Some great close up shots in this and a very happy ending! Awesome video.

Hot Muscle Stud In The Shower

to Hot Muscle Stud In The Shower featuring Father Ivan on 20 December 2020


Great little video, just a shame the underwear didn’t slip down a little lol

Muscle Giant Cum Show

to Muscle Giant Cum Show featuring Roland on 30 November 2020


Always great to see a HUGE in EVERY way guy like Roland towering over you. Very hot video!

20 Minute Flex and Cum Show

to 20 Minute Flex and Cum Show featuring musclebeach on 30 November 2020


Great Flex from this muscle stud, A hot watch with a very happy ending!

Watch Me Grow Like A Giant

to Watch Me Grow Like A Giant featuring Jacked Jake on 16 November 2020


Been a long time since Jake did a giant style video, and it was worth the wait.

He is looking damn fine, great video!

Muscle Friends Flex Battle

to Muscle Friends Flex Battle featuring Father Ivan on 16 November 2020


Great video, Ivan and his buddy bounce off each other well, plenty of muscle and plenty of cocky talk.

Nice one ????????

Bodybuilder Apple Crush and Flex

to Bodybuilder Apple Crush and Flex featuring Jeff B on 2 September 2020


Ah man......Jeff has a simply stunning body, I loved this video. The apple never stood a chance against those muscles! Handsome guy, one of the best bodies on here, well worth a purchase.

Muscle Giant And His Tiny Slave

to Muscle Giant And His Tiny Slave featuring craving4power on 14 April 2020


One of the best guys here if you enjoy giant/tiny related stuff. He knows how to please in both these pre mades and customs, if you want your fantasy more tailored.

Good work.

Cocky American Hunk Flex, Shower and Cum

to Cocky American Hunk Flex, Shower and Cum featuring Apolllo on 14 April 2020


His arrogance knows no bounds it's hot, but on the verge of you wanting to punch him lol. He knows he is hot and proves it in this video. If you like cocky alphas then this is your kinda video.

Shower Flex and Cum

to Shower Flex and Cum featuring Daniel_fit on 14 April 2020


Sexy body, sexy boi, nice video.

Muscle Giant Gets Naked

to Muscle Giant Gets Naked featuring Niko on 14 April 2020


Always fun to explore Niko's perfect body. Good vid!

Muscles To Make You Smile

to Muscles To Make You Smile featuring AestheticsBoy on 14 April 2020


This video certainly brightened my day. Viktor always delivers a great show!

15 Minute Verbal Degrading

to 15 Minute Verbal Degrading featuring Max Wood on 24 December 2019


Really loved a lot in this video, great alpha male dominant talk and a simply stunning body.

I would really love to get a custom, but the poor recent reviews is off putting

Muscle Stud Popper Training

to Muscle Stud Popper Training featuring Jacked Jake on 24 December 2019


Jake just HAS the body, I mean damn.......Add to that the natural alpha dominance and he has you enthralled under instruction.

Flex, Workout and Jerk

to Flex, Workout and Jerk featuring Clark Kent on 24 December 2019


Great video, I liked the location jumps, always hot to se guys training. And nice messy ending!

Bedroom Hunk

to Bedroom Hunk featuring Rafael Muscle on 27 November 2019


Nice intro video, great body, but a shame it was silent.

Muscle Giant Eating You For Growth

to Muscle Giant Eating You For Growth featuring CockyBoy on 27 November 2019


I have had numerous custom videos from Cocky Boy in this genre, he really gets it and enjoys making them. If this is your kink as it is mine, then ask him for a custom, it’s a decision you won’t regret!

Wrestling Domination

to Wrestling Domination featuring daniel carter on 24 January 2019


I loved this video. Daniel is a force of nature and to see him reduce his fit buddy to a crumpled pile of defeated muscle was a site to see.
Nice work!

Cocky German Hunk In Tight Shirt

to Cocky German Hunk In Tight Shirt featuring Flexmode on 20 January 2019


Great video, you don't need to understand to know who the muscle boss is here. That sexy accent it's mother tongue is almost as hot as the muscles.

Nice work.

Neighbour Worship Session

to Neighbour Worship Session featuring Flexmode on 20 January 2019


Watching this stud at the gym THEN getting an up close and personal show from him just because he loves the worship. Most worshippers dream of that from a guy like this.

Really great video this man has a presence that is hard to describe, you gotta watch to understand.

Hairy Tank Top Beast

to Hairy Tank Top Beast featuring Flexmode on 20 January 2019


Wow, that chest is stunning, it's just desperate to free itself of the shirt. Guys that loves massive chests will faint at this.

His calm dominant attitude cruises you through 8 minutes of awesome chest flexing.

Naked Shower Flexing

to Naked Shower Flexing featuring biceptoris on 10 September 2018


Loved the upwards view seeing past those great glutes and quads to the flexing muscle monster above!

Great video!

Cocky American Hunk

to Cocky American Hunk featuring daniel carter on 13 August 2018


Another great video, Daniel is at the top of the game when it comes to alpha attitude and that body, bloody hell!

Nice work

Cum Together

to Cum Together featuring CockyBoy on 6 August 2018


This was an early video from Alex that I bought in a sale. He is much less muscular here, but the cocky boy we love is there for sure.

Flex and Cum - Oil

to Flex and Cum - Oil featuring CockyBoy on 6 August 2018


Perfect guy flexes and shoots a load, what's not to like! Nice one Alex!

Naked Flexing

to Naked Flexing featuring CockyBoy on 6 August 2018


i loved this video, so many ideas to take on for a custom. Ok no cum shot but watching a muscle god like Alex enjoy his body and play with his beautiful cock made for compelling viewing. I do agree with other reviews in that letting the hair grow even for a few videos would be great to see.

Pec Tease and Worship

to Pec Tease and Worship featuring CockyBoy on 6 August 2018


Alex has pecs to dream of....... often!, but for me the worship side doesn't work so great, it's personal choice though as clearly it's smoking for others.

Pec Tease and Oil

to Pec Tease and Oil featuring CockyBoy on 6 August 2018


Great vid for pec lovers, i wish i could follow the trail the oil does! Alex's pecs are a work of art.

Wrestler Dominates You

to Wrestler Dominates You featuring daniel carter on 6 August 2018


I was very impressed with this video, Daniel certainly get the alpha male vibe and totally nails it. I'll be buying more videos and would be tempted with a custom but his reliability for those seems a little uncertain judging by recent reviews. This video whoever is a must buy!

Reach Up and Worship Me

to Reach Up and Worship Me featuring CockyBoy on 6 August 2018


Liked the viewpoint, what view! great little vid. Not the biggest fan of the hands on approach, mainly because of jealously lol.

Superman Biceps

to Superman Biceps featuring CockyBoy on 6 August 2018


Who wouldn't want a super muscled Cocky Boy to save you. Looking super HOT in that top which barely contains your muscles! Great video!

Huge and Hard

to Huge and Hard featuring Roland on 27 March 2018


Sexy guy and monster cock. I loved the view upwards :)

Superman Flexing In The Shower

to Superman Flexing In The Shower featuring Tom H on 6 March 2018


Handsome guy, great build, nice video.

Huge Cum Shot

to Huge Cum Shot featuring CockyBoy on 6 February 2018


Great cocky dominant attitude, super fit body and a great cock. Add into that the massive load that fires over his shoulder and you have a winning video! Nice work.

True Alpha

to True Alpha featuring Jacked Jake on 6 February 2018


Early video, he is bigger now, but a great buy if you like a cocky dominant jock that's built like a muscle mountain.

Pure Domination

to Pure Domination featuring Jacked Jake on 6 February 2018


An older video that I used the sale to pick up. He is bigger now with more tattoos but the alpha jock dominance is shinning through. Good video

Cocky Superhero

to Cocky Superhero featuring Jacked Jake on 6 February 2018


Who wouldn't want a super hero jock like Jake coming to protect you! Nice work.

Pec Bounce Seduction

to Pec Bounce Seduction featuring Jacked Jake on 26 September 2017


Great video, something a bit different. As he says in the video, how could anyone refuse a date with him, oozing alpha dominance with every flex and pec bounce. Wanna be face to face with an alpha desperate to date you? pick this video up you won't be disappointed!

Massive Alpha Giant

to Massive Alpha Giant featuring Jacked Jake on 26 September 2017


Awesome guy that makes a great giant, if you enjoy macro theme videos then pick this up!

Vadim MuscleFlex


8 May 2021

Predator Jay

Know where I wanna be......

8 April 2021

Father Ivan


22 March 2021

Muscular Titan

Sweet view!

24 November 2020

Muscular Titan

Sweet view!

24 November 2020


Hot hulk out!

15 November 2020


Oh yeah, I know where I wanna be.....

12 October 2020


Relaxing Stud, great picture!

17 April 2019

Ultimate God

Alpha roar, very nice!

3 September 2018


Those arms are perfection ????????

2 September 2018


My kinda picture

10 August 2018

Ultimate God

Very nice!

9 August 2018



15 March 2018


Very Handsome, perfect body

5 February 2018


Young Bodybuilder

A young bodybuilder who does private shows and sells videos

23 y/o

167cm (5'6")

80kg (176 lbs)


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80kg (176 lbs)


Your Aesthetic devil ;)

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Blonde hair blue eyed all american stud

25 y/o

182cm (6'0")

105kg (231 lbs)


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27 y/o

164cm (5'5")

86kg (189 lbs)

Tim Nash

Modern Apollo. my ripped muscles, thick veins, and pretty face will drive you crazy.

29 y/o

181cm (5'11")

93kg (205 lbs)

Predator Jay

Ultimate fetish satisfaction

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Bryan Flex

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180cm (5'11")

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No words only acting

22 y/o

180cm (5'11")

97kg (213 lbs)

Muscular Titan

Muscle god

29 y/o

177cm (5'10")

90kg (198 lbs)

Jacked Jake

Young college bodybuilder who loves to show off

24 y/o

182cm (6'0")

100kg (220 lbs)

Ultimate God

The Ultimate Alpha Male

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180cm (5'11")

96kg (211 lbs)

Jake O'Connor

pro fitness model and actor.

20 y/o

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Calin God

Young bodybuilder looking for sponsorhip

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Alexander Steel


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Viktor Baili

Beginner bodybuilder

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Ben Busker

Worship my Sexy Muscles

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Professional erotic model

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180cm (5'11")

85kg (187 lbs)

Vadim MuscleFlex

Custom Videos and Flex Shows and Much More

23 y/o

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78kg (172 lbs)

Father Ivan


25 y/o

180cm (5'11")

85kg (187 lbs)


Cockyness, Bodybuilder, Worship and Porn

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The Titan

Available whole week, 24/7 :)

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Jeff B

muscle man

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Muscle hunk 3

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