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to Alec possum on 11 October 2015

Bought a series of videos, great guy to deal with, and VERY hot!

Alec possum replied...
Thank you very much!

to Dreamcaster234 on 11 October 2015

Bought another show, kept to the time, was great.

to Revalyx on 27 September 2015

Great Guy, just bought my second and third set of videos, great value, great vids

Revalyx replied...
thank you very much for apreciation ...i do my best in every single video :*

to KAIN on 19 September 2015

Just had my first show, exceptional! A really nice guy, great personality, great show and great body too!

to Apolllo on 8 September 2015

Just bought my first few videos, amazing. cant wait to have a show or two and buy some more :)

to FitChain on 31 August 2015

Just had my first show with this gentleman, he is very polite and is wonderful to watch. I would highly recommend

to DarrenMichael on 9 June 2015

Just had my first show, Very nice. Will be having one or two more soon

to CuteCamBoi on 8 June 2015

Just had my first Show. Amazing guy, really friendly and an incredible physique. To die for, well almost :)

CuteCamBoi replied...
First show with me of many I'm sure haha

to theSituation on 4 June 2015

Just had my first show with him, by god the live performance is far better than his videos:) Such a nice guy to chat with.

theSituation replied...
Thank you very much my friend :)

to theSituation on 1 June 2015

Still getting Videos from this Gent, I am still very impressed. A show or two next :)

theSituation replied...
Thank you very much, my business man friend :) Talk soon!

to Shady on 29 May 2015

Wow, just ordered, and received, my first video package :) very impressed. exactly as he said. Can't wait for my second set :)

Shady replied...
Thanks you for this . I told you that you can trust me .

to Aanor muscle on 29 May 2015

Well I just got the second through - My word it was better then the first! incredible

Aanor muscle replied...
Thank you !

to Aanor muscle on 29 May 2015

Well just got my first video and a small set of pictures, simply amazing. Really great definition and a great guy to deal with. Waiting for my second video now :)

to JhonMuscleForFun on 14 May 2015

Just had a really great show, Jhonas is very good. An amazing show

to Rob Mathis on 23 April 2015

Just had my first show with this Gent, wonderful. Really a pleasure to take his show, and i will be have a few more.
Really nice physique.

to Handsome Fit Stud on 21 April 2015

I have had many a great show with this gentleman. He is very accommodating and very fit.

Handsome Fit Stud replied...
tku Mark :*

to RomeoHotBoy on 5 April 2015

oh and his Skype is romeoboyhot :)

to RomeoHotBoy on 5 April 2015

What a wonderful guy, very good show, and an amazing chatty man. Will be seeing much more of him

to AestheticTeenTiger on 25 March 2015

I love this guy. I continue to buy his shows :)

AestheticTeenTiger replied...
Thank you so much!

to theSituation on 25 March 2015

Real like this guy, great material.

theSituation replied...

to AestheticTeenTiger on 13 March 2015

Just had my first show, simply amazing. Will be having many more.

AestheticTeenTiger replied...
Thanks a lot for this!

to AmazingBlaze on 13 March 2015

An amazing guy, had a number of shows with him now. Always great.

AmazingBlaze replied...
glad you enjoyed, will see you soon

to Revalyx on 23 February 2015

Just had a very good show, this guy is so nice and has a great natural body. Just how I like them :)

Revalyx replied...
thank you!!

to LightingLee on 22 February 2015

What a stunning guy, and honest too. Very good show

LightingLee replied...
Thanks for the review Mark!

to Andrew on 15 December 2013

amazing shows, wonderful guy

Andrew replied...
thanks men !

to CockyBoy on 18 September 2013

He is simply amazing, lovely man and great to chat with. His shows are great too

CockyBoy replied...
Tnks mark,your sweet see you soon!

Worship My Biceps

to Worship My Biceps featuring CockyBoy on 15 April 2014


Amazing video, and such a lovely attitude.

Sexy Cocky Flexing

to Sexy Cocky Flexing featuring CockyBoy on 14 December 2013


I love him, he is super hot and lovely around guy

Hardcore Flexing 3

to Hardcore Flexing 3 featuring BigXander on 14 December 2013


I do love him! great shows

Hardcore Flexing

to Hardcore Flexing featuring BigXander on 14 December 2013


as per usual if is great!


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