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to darkjack on 14 March 2016

This is my third custom video and he just keeps getting better. He is as massive as ever and really pays attention to detail for my requests. He is always so easy to deal with and will deliver your video on time and as promised. I will keep coming back for more. I fully recommend him!

to LuciusThehulk on 12 March 2016

He sent me a great custom video that I watch over and over again. Great physique and nicest personality I have met on here for awhile. He was quick to get my video done also! I fully recommend him.

to darkjack on 9 February 2016

Received my second custom video from this muscle monster and it turned out better than the first! I fully recommend him if you are looking for a huge bodybuilder!

to darkjack on 20 January 2016

Received an awesome custom video. His body is fantastic! He also gave me what I wanted and tried to get every detail. What makes it better is that he is a total professional and made sure I got my video through wetransfer. I highly recommend this muscle god.

to BygHercule on 26 July 2015

Paid for a video and he sent nothing and I have received nothing. He tried to turn it on my saying he sent it and to be patient. Then took me off his skype contact list. Save yourself the trouble and avoid this guy!

to silverback on 9 July 2015

I ordered a second custom video from this hairy muscle god and I was again very satisfied. I can not get tired of watching this hunk's showing off his massive body. I highly recommend him!

to silverback on 29 June 2015

I got an awesome custom video from this muscle god. He paid attention to every detail I wanted and his physique is incredible! His prices are very reasonable. He is a nice guy and true professional. I am already ordering my second video!

to Tom H on 7 June 2015

I ordered a custom video and he did a great job and gave me all that I asked for. He is physique is great and he pays great attention to detail. I am already working with him on my second custom video!

to TattoedMuscle on 4 August 2014

Hi all,

I have recently requested 4 custom videos from this guy and I am very happy with all of them! He has a great physique and a very friendly personality to match. He paid attention to all of my requests for my videos and delivered on every single detail, which was incredible! Make a special request and I am sure he will try to deliver what you want. I guarantee he will not disappoint you.

TattoedMuscle replied...
thank you, I wait for the next request!

to Alex on 13 June 2014

This guy is great and he really tries hard to please you and give you what you want for your custom video! You won't be disappointed.

Alex replied...
Thanks so much for the nice review!I do my best and im glad i made u happy! :)

to bigdudex on 28 May 2014

This guy does a great custom video! He has a great hairy muscular physique and he delivers his video fast! His price is also very fair and reasonable! I fully recommend this man!

to Damian on 28 May 2014

This guy was awesome! His physique was great and he gave me everything I wanted in my custom video and charges a reasonable price! Most importantly, he is a very nice guy and very easy to do business with. I fully recommend him!

to Joshua Armstrong on 28 May 2014

I fully recommend Joshua, he makes a great custom video because he follows your requested details to the letter. He has a great physique and excellent customer service. The fact he goes through great lengths to deliver makes him unique.

Joshua Armstrong replied...
i really do emphasise i will follow it TO the letter, i feel its very important

to RealMuscle on 18 March 2014

I fully recommend him! He gave me everything I wanted in a muscle worship custom video and more. He impressed me with with his professionalism and attention to detail. He really tried and gave me everything I wanted. I can't say enough about how happy I am with his video!

to the BARBARIANGOD on 8 February 2014

Really enjoyed the custom video he gave me. He delivered everything I asked for!


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