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to Growthfreakalan on 11 November 2016

Had a great show with him yesterday. Did everything I asked and had a great quality cam. VERY hot guy and he was HUGE!

Growthfreakalan replied...
I hope to get back there again bud. Come around anytime.

to Malachifit on 12 October 2016

Wow! Great show with this very nice and super hot guy. I won't go into details about my show, but it was amazing. Did exactly everything I asked for. Highly recommend!

Malachifit replied...
Thank you so much i apperciate it!

to Jhony on 23 September 2016

Had a great show with Jhony. He was responsive and did exactly what I asked. Highly recommend a show with him!

to Kevin Conrad on 25 August 2016

Amazing show! Great guy, very nice and I highly recommend a show with him

to CockyBoy on 19 July 2016

CockyBoy is awesome. Probably one of the nicest guys I have ever had a show with. Amazing body and does everything you ask. Looking forward to another show with him soon!

CockyBoy replied...
I tried my best and i hope i can see you soon, lovley time with you!

to Rafa Martin on 22 May 2016

I just had a show with Rafa and he was AMAZING! First, a very nice guy which is a huge plus. Second, did EVERYTHING I asked for and was so accommodating. He gets an A+++ in my book and I highly recommend him for a show!

Rafa Martin replied...
I enjoyed every minute of our show! Thank you!

to Mark Magnus on 5 May 2016

Mark was amazing. Had a show with him last night and first, he has a great cam and second, his show was super hot. Did everything I asked. I will be having another show in the near future!

Mark Magnus replied...
Hello Marylandguy.. thx for your words bb .. and I hope to see u soon and have good sex again

to HornyIrishStud on 22 February 2016

Just had a great show with him! It was fantastic and he did everything I asked. Had a great cam and also sound. Top quality at a fair price. Highly recommend and I will have another show soon.

to biceptoris on 9 February 2016

Just had a show with him today and it was amazing. He did EVERYTHING I wanted him to do and understood me perfectly. He was great and I will be having a show again with him soon!

biceptoris replied...
Any time ! Was my pleasure!

to daniel carter on 29 January 2016

I have had 2 recent video chats with Daniel and decided to write a review. I was shocked that anyone could ever write a bad review on this guy. Honestly, it must be haters and fake because this guy is the NICEST guy I have had a show with. First, he is jaw dropping gorgeous. I told him that if I saw him on the street, I would stop in my tracks. He has a body that was molded from a greek god! Second, he is so attentive to ensure you are getting exactly what you want. I even paid him a little extra as he was so accommodating with my request. I am very nervous about paying for shows sometimes as I have had bad experiences, but Daniel will not disappoint and will be worth EVERY PENNY! Thanks Daniel!

daniel carter replied...
thanks so much man! loved doing it for you;)

to HornyAlphaBoy on 13 January 2016

HornyAlphaBoy is probably my favorite guy. First, he ALWAYS delivers and does exactly what you ask. He is entirely worth every penny. I am never disappointed and have come back for multiple camshows.

to DannyRockmore on 17 July 2015

Had a GREAT camshow with Danny today. First, he is SUCH a nice guy and worth spending money on. Second, he does exactly what you want him too. I will be back for another show and highly recommend him.

to HornyAlphaBoy on 6 July 2015

He is one of my favorites. He does everything you ask and his nude shows are AMAZING! Love him!

to theangeldevil on 24 March 2015

Very good show. He did everything that I wanted

theangeldevil replied...
thx baby.

to Thomas Harden on 9 March 2015

OMG, Thomas was amazing. First, has a great cam and second, did exactly what I wanted. Very hot show and I highly recommend!!!!

Thomas Harden replied...
Glad you enjoyed the show, I look forward to working with you again :)

to Justin on 2 March 2015

Had a great show with Justin. Very hot and worth the extra money for a jerk off show!

Justin replied...
Thanks for the review hit me up any time.

to Roland on 4 February 2015

Had a great show with him on SKYPE. It was a great show and he did everything I wanted. Love when the performers actually listen to me! I will be back for more shows.

Roland replied...
Thank sir! i wait your requests ;) :)

After School Flexing

to After School Flexing featuring Jacked Jake on 6 July 2016


A-Fucking-Mazing!!! Love this guy


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