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to Jayden on 10 February 2020

Very professional and friendly and looks great!

Jayden replied...
Thanks man. Hope we continue working together

to Max B on 13 December 2019

Great video and good delivery. Nice to deal with Max. Thanks!

to Elijah Brooks on 11 November 2019

I just purchased a video from this young man, very professional and very fast delivery. And he has a truly amazing physique. Stunning! Thank you!

to Jeffs on 15 July 2019

I just purchased another video, and it really blew me away. He looks stunning and has an engaging personality, and very professional. Thank you.

Jeffs replied...
Thank you

to Jeffs on 1 June 2019

I just received a video from this guy, totally amazing, perfect build, amazing look and super fast delivery! 100%! Thank you!!

Jeffs replied...
thanks sir

to SmthDifferent on 3 November 2018

Very professional and amazing, super fast delivery of my videos! Amazing physique!

SmthDifferent replied...
Thank you for the review. Glad you like it.

to quadgod on 30 July 2018

I just purchased a custom video and I can't believe how quickly it was made, within the hour he made it and uploaded it!! The look is tremendous, superb muscularity and conditioning! Very professional!
Thank you.

to Rob Mathis on 3 April 2018

Just ordered a video from Rob, and he delivered very quickly and is most professional and trustworthy, and has a superb physique, a future champion for sure.

to MysteriousMuscle on 1 March 2018

Very prompt delivery of my video, and very professional attitude. Thank you.

MysteriousMuscle replied...
Thank you Matt

to Niko on 22 October 2017

Very fast custom video, only 30 minutes it was delivered. He looks goods and is easy to deal with. Very professional.
Thank you!

to Ale Nature muscle on 19 May 2017

Another cam show from him and just a great as the first! A really nice guy:)

to Ale Nature muscle on 12 May 2017

A very nice guy, very open and honest, who made sure that I was happy with the show. One of the best.

Ale Nature muscle replied...
thank you Matt,i ariciate you same

to DarrenMichael on 12 May 2017

Another amazing video form Darren, fast and really awesome. A star. Thank you:)

DarrenMichael replied...
Thank you ,Matt

to DarrenMichael on 21 April 2017

I just bought another video from Darren, and it was delivered very quickly and it really does show off his true potential. Amazing!
Thank you.

to DarrenMichael on 2 April 2017

Just ordered a video from Darren and he really was fast! Great video and superb quality! Thank you so much!

DarrenMichael replied...
you are welcome and thank you

to handsomeguy on 19 March 2017

Just bought a video and it was delivered promptly and just what I asked for. Superb!

to Andreastopali on 12 February 2017

Just ordered a custom video and he delivered within 30 minutes! He not only looks good, but is thoroughly professional.

to Harry on 1 September 2016

Still no video or refund after nearly 3 weeks. Reported to paypal for theft.

to Harry on 23 August 2016

I Paid for a custom video, and this person said that he never makes clients wait longer than 48 hours. Days passed, then he said that his internet connection had been bad. He then informed me that he would do it the next day. That was a week ago. He has been logging on to this site, so his connection is fine. No contact since then. Scammer.

Harry replied...
If you remenber Matt, I have refund you because the internet in that week was very bad and I couldn't the video in time. Hope you check better your PP acount. Best wishes. Harry

to Growthfreakalan on 8 July 2016

Very professional and honest, fast delivery of my video. Looks great as well! Thanks.

Growthfreakalan replied...
Happy to be of service! Thanks!

to rdy2flex on 20 June 2016

Just ordered a video from him, very professional and trustworthy. Easy to talk with and of course has a spectacular physique. It is easy to see why he is a champion. Thank you.

to Edmond on 22 May 2016

Very trustworthy, intelligent and did a video for me just as I had asked for.
Thank you

to Atlas on 10 December 2014

Adam is a kind and thoughtful man who puts so much into his physique. He deserves so much respect for his look. You won't be disapointed :)

to AlexSantee007 on 1 September 2014

I have just purchased a video from Alex and have to say that he is very genuine and friendly. Nothing was too much trouble,and he worked so hard in the video, as well as making it at once. Superb physique as well!


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