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to Armando on 13 April 2020

Have and a couple of great custom videos from this guy. Easy to deal with, delivers as promised. Has a great body and uses it well. Looking forward to many more with him. Highly recommended!

Armando replied...
Thank you! :)

to Vadim Bright on 1 April 2020

Probably the best video I've ever got from anyone on this site. Amazing body. Beautiful face. He went above and beyond expectations with his video. I hope get a lot more from this amazing guy.

to Steven C on 1 April 2020


Great body. Great guy. Just exceptional videos with him. I can't recommend more highly.

to CockyBoy on 1 March 2020

Just an update. Still awesome. Still great. One of the best.

to Roy Morris on 1 March 2020

Decided to give him a shot despite previous bad reviews. Got scammed. Avoid.

to GeekPhysiqueZeke on 1 March 2020

Took money. Stopped answering. No video. Will revise if he responds.

to Dom Master on 1 March 2020

Scammer. Paid. Got nothing. Avoid.

to Max Flex on 17 February 2020

Just received my first video from him and he did great work. Highly looking forward to more with this one.

to Muscle Nik on 19 January 2020

Great videos. Great body. Delivered just what I want.

to Wayne on 17 November 2019

Great guy. Easy to communicate with. Did a great video and exactly what I asked for. Exceptionally muscular body and great look. If you haven't got a video from him yet, you should right away. A 150% recommend.

to Max Hardy on 2 November 2019

Ok. So there are good guys. There are great guys. There are awesome guys. Then there's Max who is after my first time working with him in a category way ahead of the awesome guys. Incredibly pleasant to talk with. Great to look at. Just about the perfect guy on this site.

to Bicep Bryce on 19 October 2019

He floors me. I have never worked with better.

to Calin God on 28 September 2019

Got several vids from him the past. Decided to get some more. So we agreed to the work. I paid him nearly a month ago. First I got a bunch of excuses and I was willing to be patient. Stuff happens. Now no responses at all and like I said, it's been a month. So unless you're into losing money and enjoy frustration, go elsewhere.

to Roman Valintine on 28 May 2019

Paid for a video on Apr 11, 2019. After lots of correspondence, still don't have the fairly easy video I paid for over a month ago. Open to revisit review if this improves.

Roman Valintine replied...
I tried to contact you several times as well as give you my personal number and you still have not responded I am still open to helping you with your vid

to benmuscle23 on 28 May 2019

Had several experiences with Ben. Both live and recorded. Great body and attitude and highly recommend him.

to AngelinoBoy on 13 January 2019

Mind blowing body. Great guy. Photos do not even begin to do him justice. Amazing. Recommend beyond all things.

to daniel carter on 18 December 2018

Can't believe I waited this long to contact him. I just about fell out of my chair when I saw the videos he made for me. Did exactly what I requested. But then he did more. Sometimes that's an issue, but not here. He was exactly in tune with what I was looking for because he took the time to ask the right questions. Great communication. Great guy. Phenomenal video quality. Plus he's got that amazing body. Can't recommend highly enough.

daniel carter replied...
hell yes! this is what I love hearing! appreciate the review my man. hope to talk again soon:)

to AestheticsBoy on 18 December 2018


He delivered exactly what I asked for in the custom video. He's got a great body - these photos don't really do him justice. Great communication and easy to work with. Will definitely be back.

to Damoninferno on 6 December 2018

So I'm not sure what the situation was with some of the negative reviews, but my experience with him has been the exact opposite. We've done several custom videos together and they've always been exactly what I've ordered. He's been easy to work with and very up front about things. And this is all beside the fact that he's got a great body and is extremely hot. Highly recommend sending him an email.

Damoninferno replied...
Thx my loyal fan. I repeat it again for all those who did not understand. For a period of time, I didn't have access to my account. A former friend had manipulated and abused my accounts. Hence the negative reviews. Now, though, I'm back. The true alpha gentleman. Number one. Find out for yourself. Contact

to Damoninferno on 3 December 2018

Great video. I think I might be addicted to his body. He did fine work for me and really appreciated it. Looking forward to lots more!

to Calin God on 22 October 2018

Not sure how it's possible, but he is a lot hotter than these photos point out. Young. Great chest. Does what you want. Great guy.

to JR Jamiez on 17 April 2018

Great video. Delivered as promised. Nice young guy with great body.

to CockyBoy on 19 December 2017


This is my second set of custom videos from Alex. He's absolutely amazing. If you think you know how hot he is from those photos, you really don't. The videos are terrific and very much looking forward to many more from him.

CockyBoy replied...
Always good to hear good news from you my friend and so much fun i have making the videos! Xoxo

to jean paul on 19 December 2017

Contacted via the email on this profile. Discussed video work with him. Paid for it as requested and that was the last communication I had with him. Scammed by him. Contact and deal with at your own risk.


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