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to Caleb on 13 November 2018

Caleb’s videos are always the best. I had a strange request and he was more than happy to indulge. His prices are fair and his quality is above all. He’s very much alpha and you won’t be disappointed.

to Tommy flex on 13 November 2018

Tommy flex is always amazing. Saw the video where he ate like a beast. He’s large and in charge and if you’re not careful, you’re gonna be lunch. I’m always coming back to Tommyflex for his quality videos, body and acting. He gets into it as much as I am. Thanks again Tommy.

Tommy flex replied...
You got it my man! I’m always on point with everything!

to Tommy flex on 6 December 2017

This is a real man. My request may have been a bit abnormal but he delivered pretty well. He didn't need much direction to acheive what I asked. If your desire can be tailored L him, he'll nail it on the head. I look forward to doing another video with him. Check out some of his stuff and see for yourself. You won't be disappointed.

On another note, he's pretty timely in getting requests done and delivered, so if you're a busy individual, he'll be a good match. Thanks again, Tommy.

Tommy flex replied...
Thank you so much!

to Alex on 4 September 2017

Gaston took my unusual request and made it into a reality with ease. Without too much description, he played into the role I desired perfectly. I couldn't ask for more from him. I thank him for delivering even with his own life going on. I look forward to seeing him achieve any goals and getting bigger. Thanks again, Gaston!

Alex replied...
Hey youre welcome! it was absolutely my pleasure! im super glad we were in such sync for your video and it worked out so well. I really appreciate u reaching out to me and allowing me to do this video for u. Ill very much look forward to getting together again!

to Jason Genesis on 6 June 2017

Timely, awesome, and collected. I feel so at ease watching his videos, but simultaneously under his power. A true alpha isn't yelling at you to worship, he knows you will and he only needs to say it once in your ear or with a gaze. Bigalphadaddy is remarkable and earns the title Alpha. Be dominated by someone who has control over their surroundings without lifting a finger. Be dominated by Bigalphadaddy.


You look fantastic, Matt!

20 November 2017



22yr Old Military Alpha Stud! Open to everything!

22 y/o

177cm (5'10")

87kg (191 lbs)


The One And Only Irish Muscle God!

22 y/o

190cm (6'3")

95kg (209 lbs)

Tommy flex

Dominated this scene within less than a year of starting it, it’s been fun, take care! Videos only on indiebill & thebestflex

22 y/o

174cm (5'8")

68kg (150 lbs)


Superior Muscle God

22 y/o

177cm (5'10")

104kg (229 lbs)


Big things in the works!

22 y/o

179cm (5'10")

102kg (224 lbs)


Ginger Muscle

22 y/o

180cm (5'11")

98kg (216 lbs)