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to Mr Latz on 28 May 2020

Mr Latz never disappoints! His arms are massive his face is Greek god like and his attitude is superb. I love chatting about his muscles while chatting about fun stuff at the same time! He always is polite very positive and never leaves me feeling like I am getting a bad show!! I always look forward to our weekly cam sessions!!

Mr Latz replied...
Thank you my man. I am glad you like them. No one has sculpted arms like me. I always aim to please. Kindness and empathy always win. I look forward to draining you on the next show.

to Mr Latz on 17 May 2020

Had an amazing show with Mr Latz! His biceps bulge like huge mellons out of his tight shirt and look amazing. Best forearms I have ever seen and had that sexy dominant way about him that just makes me drip! He’s very nice genuine and easy to trust and always puts the most into a show. Can not wait to see more and enjoy time with this great guy.

Mr Latz replied...
It was a pleasure reconnecting with you. I enjoyed showing off for you immensely. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Just wait till I get bigger ;)

to Flexmanross on 14 April 2020

I love doing shows with this guy. He’s got the most ripped body huge arms ripped veiny muscles and loves showing them off. I get shows weekly from him because I can’t get enough and I don’t think he can get enough of showing himself off. Love his beautiful face and amazing body! The guy is a sweet fun nice person also. Love him!

Flexmanross replied...
You are so amazing thank you so much!

to MuscleBoyBG on 30 March 2020

I can’t tell you all how amazing this muscle man is. His arms are huge peaked like crazy!! The vascularity is unreal veins popping everywhere. When he flexes it’s like a explosion. His personality is one of the absolute best I have ever encountered and he knows how to make you get off! I can not recommend him enough and 10 stars would not be enough for this beast!

to Cgbprivate on 25 March 2020

Just got a custom video and show from him. His body is absolutely amazing and he was so quick and courteous to my requests. Didn’t have any issues. They guy is so nice and enjoys flexing more I feel than most on this site. I recommend 10 stars!

Cgbprivate replied...
Haha I’m glad you liked the show.

to Mr Vince on 31 January 2020

Mr Vince is a sexy big muscle god who is also kind and knows how to use his body to deliver an amazing show! Huge arms and chest sexy abs and big everywhere!!

Mr Vince replied...
Thanks bro!

to benmuscle23 on 9 October 2019

Ben is a bicep god!! His bicep peaks are so huge hard and round nothing can squeeze them hard enough. I can’t get enough of his massive peaks and that chest is thick and massive. Gorgeous face. Fun personality and loves to show off just because he can. Can’t gush enough at how big his arms are.

to JuicyJ on 23 September 2019

This guy is fantastic! His muscles are so ripped rock hard veiny and huge!! Those biceps are huge peaks and just amazing to watch bulge a tight shirt. Very nice guy to work with always aims to please and is not satisfied until you are. Can’t wait for more shows and videos from him!

JuicyJ replied...
thanks so much I love showing off for you

to JuicyJ on 28 August 2019

Very sexy huge muscles knows how to dominate you well!! Those peaks are brutal!

JuicyJ replied...
thank you so much can't wait to show off for you again

to Armani Flexxx on 17 July 2019

This guy is fantastic. His bicep peaks are amazing and he is also a nice person to deal with. Loves comments about his amazing muscles!! Will be getting more shows with him!

to FlexMasterJoe on 26 June 2019

This guy is a scammer so be aware he has stolen money from guys before. He scammed me for quite a bit of money back in January and never did a video or cam show. I would not trust this guy at all.

to Jay Felix on 19 February 2019

Jay is the best in the business. He is good looking his body is huge and he is jacked!!! Check out this guys monster biceps they will destroy you! His chest will squeeze your paycheck and rain it on his big shoulders!!! I can’t wait for more. Plus he’s the most honest guy around!!! Love this dude.

Jay Felix replied...
Yeaaaa buddy !

to Jay Felix on 19 February 2019

Jay is the best in the business. He is good looking his body is huge and he is jacked!!! Check out this guys monster biceps they will destroy you! His chest will squeeze your paycheck and rain it on his big shoulders!!! I can’t wait for more. Plus he’s the most honest guy around!!! Love this dude.

Jay Felix replied...
Thanks so much buddy ! Glad to be back at it flexing the muscle for all that’s worthy to see :)

to Mr Latz on 4 February 2019

Just had a hot dominate alpha show with this guy. His biceps blow me away. Peaks are insane and the forearms are so massive. I wish I could feel them in person and get majorly dominated by his powerful arms!!! Can’t wait for more!!!

to Calin God on 6 January 2019

Just had a amazing show with this guy. His bicep peaks are amazing and his domination is great. He is ripped and had the best personality. Love his beautiful face too. Can’t wait for another show

to Hayjay 8888 on 6 January 2019

This guy is a total scam. I paid him for a 30 min show. Said he didn’t like gays and told me to stop messaging him.

Hayjay 8888 replied...
i am not a scam, he refuse to pay me before show so i decided not o flex for him. he wrote false comment about me

to Mr Latz on 3 January 2019

I just had the best show with this guy. His vids are so hot and his biceps are destroying me at every flex. I love how he destroys me with his verbal domination and forces me to feel those huge guns. He’s super nice good looking and overall I can’t wait to have more shows with him. Fuckin love it!

to AlexTopaz on 15 December 2018

I love this guy. His body is so huge and his biceps are the best shape. Love every inch of him. Very handsome and he is so good to deal with on cost. I love dealing with him.

to AlexTopaz on 11 November 2018

This guy is insanely muscled his bicep peaks are huge and like baseballs. He loves to flex for anyone and loves to show off his huge body. I can’t wait to get more shows with him. I highly recommend him to anyone. He is fair and honest

to Mr Latz on 15 June 2018

All I can say is hot as fuck!! This fish peaks are so huge and his body is ripped as hell. I can’t wait to have him destroy me again.

to Tommy Flex on 12 June 2018

Tommyflex...this guy is a sexy beast. Omg blew me away with those peaks and his alpha talk makes you tremble in a good way. Can’t wait to have him destroy me again.

Tommy Flex replied...
Hell yeah! Once you mention peaks and domination it’s game over! See you soon!

to Mark Magnus on 10 February 2018

Fantastic, beautiful and hot muscle guy. His arms are huge and pecs are to die for. He is a absolute sweet heart also and does not disappoint. Hope to have more shows with him soon!

to Danbodybuilder on 16 January 2018

Have had 2 shows now with this guy he is so nice to talk to and his arms just bulge the shirts he wears! 20 inches of pure power. Can’t get any better than him.

to JR Jamiez on 29 July 2017

Sexy guy. Love his biceps and huge package. Will buy again

JR Jamiez replied...

to Roland on 11 June 2017

Fantastic flexing and huge everywhere. His biceps could move mountains! Wish I was there to worship them

Roland replied...
thank you sir! :)


This is such a great shot of you! Love it!

27 March 2020


Look at those huge biceps bulge on that heavy weight. Probably light weight for this strong beautiful guy

12 November 2018


Massive all over. Needs to be worshipped all over his muscles.

12 November 2018


Love this pic. He is so huge and muscled. I need more of his muscles dominating me on cam

12 November 2018


This is my favorite pose of his on live cam. He loves to show off his arms. Loves to show his strength and his sexy body. Always a great show

12 November 2018


Wow look at his huge pump. I need another show to see the huge biceps

12 November 2018


Look at how hot and beautiful he is. And that huge bicep just needs worship. I can’t want to do more cam shows with him. He never disappoints and is always Honest and easy to work with. Never scared to do a show with him

12 November 2018


Huge double biceps!! They bulge in tight shirts and some not so tight. He loves to flex on cam and is always so fun to do a cam show with. I never have to worry about a scam with him because he is so honest and always does what is requested.

12 November 2018


Love this guys biceps. He is the best for cam shows. Never disappointed. He is so honest and very reasonable. I am never worried about doing business with him

12 November 2018


This guy is rock solid omg I want to feel those muscles. Buy a show from this honest muscle god you won’t regret

11 November 2018


Huge bicep peaks. This guy deserves your business. He is perfect

11 November 2018


This body is hot as hell. Huge pecs and arms. Look at the legs too. Very sexy and worth the money

11 November 2018